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[01-The name is Scheath]

A Space field surround me with a sunset split horizontally between like a mirror of it own. My feet touches no ground as if I’m levitating; something in front of me was a pink glowing jellyfish-like blob. Its was wandering around then before you knew, its charged at me, I want to closed my eyes until it’s over but my arms swings on it own, pushed back the blob. I look down at my hand, I realized that it’s not my hand, it’s statue looking and it has claws. Then it hit me, I’m not in my body at all, the blob charged at me once more, again my body moves on its own, swung a scythe and split the blob in half. At that moment everything fade into white, I got woke up in bed with sweats dripping, it seem that what I’ve saw was a dream but it look too real though. “It’s only a dream.” I said as in reminding myself.
It was seven in the morning and everyone were still sleeping except a cute small Blond husky sat on my lap wagging his tail and panting. “Hello Kiba, you’re up early.” I chuckled and patted his head while his drooping eyes looked at me.

Later after I dressed and ate breakfast, I went to school; I’m an upperclassman there even though it’s extremely boring in that school.
After the fourth class end, I’ve yawned in boredom until a huge clash of a patting hit my back, I have broke in tears because of the pain. “Hey Ryo! Watcha doing?” a voice shouted in eager. “Yawning, until you gave me a great deal of pain, Yamato!” I shouted. I was annoyed every time Yamato give me “spankings of a lifetime” but it can’t be avoid.
“Yamato is at it again, isn’t he?” a voice coming from by the entrance of classroom, I glanced at him in agreement. “Yes Taki, for 3167th times in the row (and it’s nothing to be proud of).” Yamato chuckled nervously, in his profile; he’s an energetic guy with positive thoughts and never feels down in drastic situations. “Well there’s no point in dwelling on it, is there?” He said while tilting his glasses and let out a smile, Taki is short for Takizawa and he is a total brainiac and popular with ladies however I consider him the closest, the only one who can understand me the most. “Hey Ryo, there has been rumors on BSS in “The World: R3”!” He Exclaimed. I look at Yamato with “about to fall asleep” attitude. “That again, you know me that I have nothing to with rumor.” I said, but Taki insisted me to hear about it.

We all went on the roof for Lunch, sat on the floor with foods spread out and Taki begin the story of those rumors. “There been evidences that whether or not it is true but there were some field areas that PCs or Pkers were killed by some extremely irregular monsters therefore they were put into comas after being killed in the game like the one that has happened ten years ago.” I nodded “That’s true, what about it?” Taki spoke in sustain tone. “It has been repeated, but in sense it was stronger than ever because some of the victims that were in comas were initially killed in real life after few months in hospital. My eyes widen, as it’s hard to be believe then my eyes went back to its normal state. “I see, however, such information like that wouldn’t be on BSS because all players would quit the game to save themselves, so you obviously found it on other sources then.” I point out the obvious so any time they would give in. “Well, you got me there, look like I can’t hide anything from you-“ Before Taki can finish his sentence Yamato interrupted “My friend from “The World” told me that his friend that got was in coma actually died in real life yesterday.” I look at him with sympathy. “I’m sorry to hear that but this point there nothing we can do though and I’m not even into “The World either.” Taki was in doubt against my words. “I feel it would be different soon, there could be a great deal expected of you in the future.” I shook my head. “I’m no savior, I’m just an ordinary guy.” Taki remind me about how I used to enjoy “The World: R3 ” but it’s only lasted almost a year and my character was a male twin blade at level 126 but I’ve stopped because what I was doing was the same routine and there no interesting twists in the game.

The lunch period was over, the class resumed; I was by the window looking outside then Taki’s words gotten to me. “I feel it would be different, there could be a great deal expected of you in the future.” Then Yamato’s word as well. “My friend from “The World” told me that his friend that got was in coma actually died in real life yesterday.” So I continues looking at outside. The bell ring and the school end, I left the room early before other get the chance, I head down the stair but before I could able to reach the end of it, a voice that sounded insecure but cute too, called out to me. “Hey…Ryo.” I turned around, looking a girl who little emo but that’s what eventually turn me on. ‘Wh-what is it Risa?”
Risa look up at me into my eyes then smile gently. “Are you leaving so soon?” It just hit me that I have nothing better to do but out of character, I told her this. “Well I gotta go home to take care my little sister because my parents out at works tonight.” I chuckled nervously “Oh… I see.” She looks at me with a small frown. “Don’t worry, I’ll be here every day.” I try to add a smile but it has appeared to be awkward. Risa shook her head and smile at me. “Will…you go out with me…sometime?” before I knew, we both blushes, my heart went pounding. Did she just?!
I feel like I was going to faint but I regain control of my self and said. “Sure, anytime, better yet, how about this weekend?” Risa look at me with joy. “Sure… I will!” So I take my leave and Risa bid me good-bye and head home.

There one thing that left me unanswered was my dream, what am I in there, better yet who was it that I was fighting with? I enter the house; my mother is in the kitchen, cooking, and my little Sister, Hikaru, is in family room, watching TV. “I’m home.” I said in flat tone. “Oh good, I’m almost done making dinner, your father will be home shortly.” I nodded and went upstair to my room; I dropped my backpack and lay on my bed for a moment to cool down. I look on my left; there a desk with a computer on it, there was my FMD next to my keyboard as well as my console. The thoughts of Taki and Yamato’s words were still on my mind because I begin to take interest of life-staking twists. I has the feeling that someone plotting in revenge or something but I can’t be certain, I sat by the desk and turn on the computer then log onto The World but as soon as I enter it’s said Username or Password are incorrect, try again. I realized that I have not play for two years, so they have the right to delete accounts that were inactive for more than half a year. “What a drag.” I muttered as I am pissed but it can’t helped, so I’ve created a new account then it lead me into the character creation section. It has opened another window, listing the options for the class type, I remember back then there are least 10 classes available.

I slowly scroll down the list; I notice the 11th class type. “Adapt Rogue?...There a new one?” So I pick that class type, and it said it’s confirmed but normally, it would just take me to the character design, so instead it went back to the class type list and this time the 11th class type is gone from it. Strange…
So I look again at the list then my memory flashes unconditionally, reminding me of the dream, I remember holding a scythe in my hand. There a class type called Flick Reaper in the list and something telling me that I should pick that class, so I did. I went into the character design section and set the race on Human, after I’ve done the design, it ask me to name the character. I suddenly heard a fainted raspy voice in my head saying “Skieth…Skieth...” I feel a cold shiver down my spine but without realizing I’ve typed in “Scheath” in the name log because I’m a bad speller for names, so it end up spelling wrong however it looks neat. I put on my FMD then log in The World; I was transfixed to a server, Mac Anu, the delta server. The place was still big as before, I look my character’s hands and arms and I smirked. “I’m back… After two years, heh.” Even though I’m back, I know my character is new to this server. Since I have no money and item, I turn around, a golden ring floating with an aqua like orb in between, there are players warping, leaving and arriving.
It feels nostalgic to see this place again; I took a moment looking at the Chaos gate, then an Edge Punisher player walk up to me, looking a bit creepy. “Hey you are a newbie, aren’t you?” I may look like a newbie because my character is level 1, that’s why he saying that but I know the role and button commands in the back of my hand. “Sorry, I’m not, I just created a new character, so there you go.” The player gave off a puzzling face. “How would I know if you’re not lying?” I had the feeling that he will say that. I escalated, “What, you don’t believe me?” “Well I could be wrong but I don’t want you going out, bragging how good you are without backing it up.” He Said. I laughed, thinking he thought I’m a hotshot. “That’s funny because I’m not, I’ve play this game for nine months.” That Player understand what I’m talking about, however he want to test if I’m correct so, he gave his member address and I invite him to my party. I opened up the destination menu. “Where are we going? The player ask of me, I look at his icon appear on my screen, his name is Nurame. “We’re going to Hidden, Impulse, Prairie.” I announced to him, the field level is 7 and Narume is level 13, so I pick this by our balanced level.

I line up the words and we warped to a prairie field, it was dawn there. I look around see a monster standing in place. “Are you sure it’s a good idea, you’re only level 1.” Naurme was pointing out the situation. “That what make thing interesting.” I said it with amuse tone. We’ve walked forward to 3 monsters, they are goblin shamans, we enter the battle, and I pull out my scythe its called “Shark byte”. A pretty catchy name for a shark looking scythe, I charged at the leading Shaman and swing a strike on it but it has slowly diminish its hit points, when it attacked me I immediately fend off the attack with my scythe. “Wicked Strike!” I called out my attack art on the shamans; I can attack all in the same time because my attacks are long ranged. Those shamans are long to defeat but I put into defense 2 seconds before they deliver blows. Narume was watching me and look somewhat surprise. I used Wicked Strike 14 times and the Shamans were all defeated and I remain untouched or so I thought, I receive 30 damages so my Hit Points is 2/3 of its total. In return, I’ve leveled up to 3 and my skill level went to 1 and a half because I used Wicked Strike so many times.
“That was impressive display you did there.” He praised me for a show. “Well look like I am able to back up my words.” I smirked. From that battle I receive items such as Heal potions and caffeine, I healed my Hit Points with it, and move on to the next battle.
After Narume and I clean off the field of monsters and collected many items there is, I grew to level 9 and my skill level is 3 and Learned Lotus Flower. So all there left was to open the chests to get “Judge’s symbol” in order to enter a temple that called “Symbol’s judgment.”

“I was wrong about you, you do gain great deal of accomplishments” Narume Said. I heard about that before with Taki. “Yeah but I’m no savior or anything.” I said by sticking a fact on him. We went in the temple and reach to Statue of god there laid a chest. I opened up the treasure chest and obtain a heavy armor. “So, it’s over…” I said. I look up, thinking back what it feels like to clear the field. As soon as I took a moment, I hear a weapon warping behind me I was a little disappointed. “I guess it’s not over until you get your prize, heh.” I chuckled I look back a little, seeing he readied his broadsword at me. “It looks like you’re too boastful, no… A little too arrogant to let your guard down.” Narume said. Narume appears have a lust for PKing however he is the fool. “So then, I’ll defeat you, if you’re 6 level higher than me, what the different that who is in total control.” I stated. “You talk too big for my taste.” He Smirked. His eyes widen as he getting ready. Finally, He charged at me and swung his sword vertically, I quickly warped my scythe and negate the attack but it’s appear that Narume was still too powerful for me.

Suddenly the gate door burst out, a black dressed blade brandier looking at us while we’re still fighting. “What going on?...” She asked with puzzling look. “Well let just say someone want to have my head on the wall.” I said to her Sarcastically “Joke when you’re not in hairy situation.” The Female blade brandier abruptly spoke, and then she rushes at us, a katana warped as she readied his assault. “Oh no you don’t!” Narume swing his sword and the girl close in with him, and then she vanished. “What the?!” Narume let his guard down and the girl appeared in front of him. “Edge Punishers, these days, are too slow.” She smirked, and then She slashes him with the black katana, his hit points dropped more than a half. Narume step away from her, and then I tapped at his back, he turn around. “Hi, remember me? Lotus Flower!” I used my newest attack on him, it has appeared to wipe out his remaining points, and I let out a sigh. “Thank you for your help, you really have my back there.” I praised. The girl looks at me and blushed then she turn around to hide her face. “You’re…you’re welcome.”

Out of nowhere, there was a clapping by the entrance. “Well done you two.” A voice spoke. It was a harvest cleric standing by the entrance with a soft smile. “Who are you?” I asked. The cleric walk down the path. “Renmai-sensei…” The girl called him. It does seem she is relieved to see him. “Now Mekha, there no need for such formally.” Renmai chuckled. He is in such comfort and Mekha respected him like a teacher or a master for some reason. “Sorry to spoil the moment but maybe we should go somewhere else, it’s getting a little stuffy here after my return here.” I chuckled nervously. “How right you are, let head back to Mac Anu but before that, what is your name boy?” I realized myself that I haven’t introduced yet. “The name is Scheath.”

OOC: if you think this story is only half of the full fanfiction? believe me, it's 1/16 of the story, hope you guys can bare it with me, as I'm writing. There could be a slim chance of sending the story to aurthor of .Hack//Another Birth that is open to new ideas now but I'll give it a try, I just need good feedback from any of you. XD

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You have trouble with your grammar there. You mix past and present tenses, it gets really confusing. You also use it wrongly; 'I has' instead of 'I have'. I'd point out one by one if I could. Your storyline's interesting, but work on the description more, like the face of Risa and the atmosphere of a place. Your story would be much better if you improve this plus your grammar. Good luck! =>

11-13-2007, 09:14 AM
thx, I hate when my grammer mixed up even though I know the past and present tense, I'll be sure to fix up that scene with Risa and Ryo. ^^ And the atmosphere... Maybe because I was just excite of writting details of action, stuff, I didn't completely given a thought about atmosphere for the place XD