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11-08-2007, 04:34 AM
Datu Maharlika was a young, we could say "worm". A student in a well-known institution, he was exposed to various ideas. As a pastime, he posts messages on various forums. His patriotism over his motherland has led him to many verbal tussles with other online forumers.

As he was particularly interested in the recapture of Sabah, which he believes is rightly his. However, his country has no means of such an audacious recapture. The enemy has MiG fighters... while they have none.

Datu Maharlika was upset. He cannot believe that the society in general, has forgotten what's theirs. They have forgotten the glory of their race and heritage. He asked himself, "Has 300 years of westernization neutered the once ferocious race that made even the Spanish tremble in fear?!"

From then on, Datu Maharlika vowed to himself. He would never stop until the Philippines become the undisputed, UNDISPUTED power in the region. By all means necessary.

A couple of years later, Datu Maharlika got his AB diploma in Philosophy and moved up the educational ladder. He got an opportunity to study law in the most prestigious law school ever. There, he learned about the documents and the legal transcripts that could potentially prove the claim to Sabah by his country.

That night, he posted in an anime forum his plan for the future conquest of Sabah. But some Malaysians were online and fired back. They told the Datu that Sabah is not his. However, due to the superior intelligence of the Filipino race, he was able to outmaneuver the Malaysian untermensch into submission. All it took was a written document signed by the British governor general in Malaysia that states that Sabah is to be leased to them by the Sultan of Sulu at a set price.

The Malaysians were dumbfounded. They were shocked because of the truth. Well, the truth hurts anyway. Some die hard Merdeka freaks tried to contest the authenticity of the document, but to no avail. Datu Maharlika told them to visit the archives and see for themselves.

At law school, Datu Maharlika became friends with Purificacion Tatlonghari, the local party leader for the ruling government coalition. He got her to include him in the party ranks. Datu Maharlika was satisfied. Now, Purificacion shared the same sentiments as him. She also thought that Sabah was Philippine property in the first place, but she was more pragmatic. She knew that without finishing off the Muslims in the south, their dream would never materialize.

Day and night, Datu Maharlika and Purificacion talked about the fateful day, the day in which their beloved motherland would regain the seat of power that it deserves. One day it will happen. One day.

Not long after, Datu Maharlika got a nomination in the national elections. Since his image is that of an unblemished, fresh youngblood with a passion for leadership, he was chosen to be the vice-presidential candidate for Macario Estanislao, the incumbent president looking for a re-election.

Macario Estanislao was an old, grizzled politician. He was a kind man who never stole even a single cent from the national treasury but he had a weakness. He wasn't strong with his policy. He was too kind. He yields to international pressure.

But he was loved by the people. He was loved because he helps the needy. And that's all what matters in a nation which thinks with its stomach rather than its brain. Estanislao and Datu Maharlika easily won the election by a landslide margin. They led by at least 15 million votes.

Datu Maharlika knows the weakness of Estanislao. He knows that if somehow, Estanislao is removed from power, he would become the President. Obtaining absolute power is easy. It only takes a simple manipulation and some dirty tricks.

11-08-2007, 10:22 AM
I'm having some trouble understanding what this is about, because you jumped right into the story, and didn't really explain.. well, what was going on.
I think you need more descriptions of the person, and what they're doing.

11-10-2007, 04:26 AM
Wow, isn't that a bit offensive to malays? I salute you for magnificent grammar and spellings but the subject matter is too political since it deals with REAL country. He sounds like some some evil king; tricky and dirty, on to world domination or something. I admit that it's a good story but I find it hard to like it.

11-10-2007, 02:42 PM
The Vice-presidency, like all other spare tyre positions is largely a nominal one. Datu Maharlika spent much of his time warming his cozy office chair doing nothing. Yes, there was the occasional dandy pose with dignitaries, but there's no real juice in his position.

By this time, President Estanislao was in talks with other ASEAN leaders in Bangkok, "officially" to discuss trade and security but since ASEAN is a paper tiger, the real purpose of the gathering was to advertise Thailand's has-been tourist spots.

Whatever the reason was, Estanislao was out of the country. Presidential power was transferred to Datu Maharlika for the time being. It was his chance. All he needs to do is act.

Datu Maharlika phones General. Teodato R. Gonzales, Chief of the military. He orders him to deploy an Army division to the capital under the guise of providing additional security. Datu Maharlika is a smart man. He knew that political power is based on military support. so he struck a deal with General Gonzales. He told him that once he assumes control of the government, a power sharing agreement shall be put into effect.

General Gonzales fell for the trap. He immediately sent troops to the capital and waited. Hoping that Datu Maharlika would make good on his promise.

There was one more thing... Datu Maharlika told General Gonzales to track down the woman who we only know as Purificacion Tatlonghari. He ordered the General to kill her if captured. Datu Maharlika cannot afford to have anyone else know his long term agenda.

President Estanislao was pushed by his counterparts to sign an economic free-trade zone treaty. One requisite of the agreement was the de-militarization of the Spratly Islands, another disputed territory that belongs to the Philippines. Personally, Estanislao disagreed with the treaty, but being outnumbered 9 to 1, he had to acquiesce. He ultimately signed the treaty.

Upon hearing of this from ChannelNews Asia, Datu Maharlika was furious. He was shocked that the President of the Philippines would betray his country. De-militarizing a disputed territory is like handing it over to the other guy, which is China. Handing over Philippine territory without a struggle? What could be more treacherous than that?!

That was the spark he waited for. In 2 hours, Datu Maharlika, with the help of most of the Officer Corps of the AFP, deposed President Estanislao. He placed the entire country under a state of emergency and placed all industry under government control. He then phoned North Korea, and made a deal to buy 5 nuclear warheads in exchange for economic aid. His next decree was to put all able bodied men under arms and to do this, he transformed the economy into a war material powerhouse. Forget about licensing, he ordered western firearms reverse-engineered and made Philippine versions of it. He ordered the F-15 and F-16 studied so that in 8 months, the air force would have their own indigenous jets.

Upon hearing the developments happening in the Philippines, Former President Estanislao boarded a plane back to his country. At the airport, he was arrested by the Military Police and was immediately placed in detention awaiting trial. The trial went swift. Estanislao was executed by firing squad 3 days later.

11-12-2007, 03:03 PM
Are you quoting newlines or something? Because that last thing just looked like a news report. I have a hard time you're even trying to actually write anything of substance here.