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This is a fanfic a friend and I wrote years ago. These are character we would've thought would be good as Luffy's crewmates. Please note, this was before Chopper's intro, and would take place right after Sanji's intro. I also do not think Franky was introduced in Japan yet, but I didn't follow Japanese OP then. Slight modifications have been made so as to stay true to the original Japanese.

Several men are running through the forest. A large animal is seen running by. A boy is seen, jumping in the trees, following the men.
Man 1: Don't let that thing get away!
Man 2: Don't worry, we're gaining on it! There's no escape for it now!

The boy then leaps from a tree, raising his arms, we see that he has hooks for both hands. He latches onto a branch, swings around it once, then flies off, kicking the first man off his horse, causing the animal to get away.

Man 1: What is wrong with you?
Boy: I won't let you hurt that creature.
Man 3: What are you going on about!? That thing causes tons of problems for our village!
Boy: You can't prove that!

Man 2 grabs boy by hooks.

Man 2: That's it Kami, this is your final warning. Keep on interrupting the hunt, and there will be serious problems.

Kami is dragged on the ground behind Man 2's horse.

Kami: Hey! Let go!

As Kami is dragged off, a girl is watching from a treetop.


Elsewhere, we see the crew of "Going Merry" on a shore, their cheery vessel damaged.

Luffy: Way to go Nami! You got us shipwrecked! Some navigator you are!
Nami: You're the one who wanted us to go through that storm! Don't try and blame this on me!
Ussop: Hey guys, let's just settle down! I, the brave Captain Ussop, will come up with a plan!
Zoro: I see a town in the distance. Maybe we can find a repairman there.
Luffy: Allright! Let's go!
Sanji: I'll stay here and start preparing dinner. The hull may be damaged, but the kitchen is fine.

Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Ussop walk into town.

Repairman: From your description, I can fix your ship. Though it will be a little tough.
Ussop: That's great!
Repairman: But it's gonna cost you guys 50,000 Beli.
Nami: WHAT!? We don't have that kind of money!
Luffy: What happened to it?
Nami: YOU spent it all on meat! Remember?
Luffy: Oh yeah...

The 4 Walk Out Of The Shop

Ussop: We need to get Merry fixed! And fast!
Nami: Yeah, but we'll need money to do it. A lot more than we have.
Ussop: How are we gonna get 50,000 Beli?
Zoro: I think I know.
Luffy: What?

Zoro points to a "Wanted" poster, showing a picture of a large, ferocious looking fox. the reward is 100,000 Beli.

Luffy: That much for a fox?
Zoro: This'll be a piece of cake.
Ussop: Well what are we waiting for? Come my loyal crew, I, Captain Ussop, will-

Luffy, Zoro, and Nami are already wallking off without Ussop.

Ussop: Hey guys, wait for me!
To be continued.

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well i'll be the first to reply and so far i m liking it :)

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Here goes part 2. (By the way, this is before Arlong. I think I forgot to mention that.) And if ya like this, and have read it, respond! I like to hear critique. Just make sure it's constructive criticism and not something like "OMG U SUK YOU N00B XD111111 FU!" If you just wanna say you don't like it, please, be polite. Now like I said: Part 2

The strawhat crew (minus Sanji, who is back at the ship) entered the forest. After traveling for a long time, they come across a large fox, asleep.
Luffy: HEY! THA-
Nami covers Luffy's mouth.
Nami: Shh! Don't wake it up!
Luffy: Sorry.
Ussop: Think we should just kill that thing now?
Luffy: That's a great idea! Then we could eat it after collecting the reward!
Zoro pulls out his swords.
Zoro: Okay then, let's go.

Kami then jumps out of a tree, tackling Luffy. His hook hands are hidden under his sleeves.
The fox opens its eye slowly, but nobody notices.
Luffy: What are ya, it's owner!?
Luffy throws Kami off.
Kami: No, this fox is wild. I'm just the guy who knows this fox is innocent! WHAT RIGHT DO YOU HAVE TO KILL IT!? WHAT HAS IT DONE TO YOU!? HUH!?
Zoro: It's nothing personal, it's just buisness. And don't get in our way.
Kami: I won't let you do this!
Nami: How are you gonna stop us!? You're just an unarmed kid! Are you going to stop us with your hands or something?
Kami: I would...
Kami reveals his hooks.
Kami: But I don't have any.

Nami: He can't hurt us. He doesn't even have hands! (Kami gets infuriated) Luffy, don't even bother with this kid. Let's just collect the fox and-
The fox gets up on its hind legs and opens its mouth, speaking with a female voice, full of malice.

Fox: Shut up kid. I don't need your help. I can fight my own battles.
Luffy and Ussop: (freak out) IT TALKS!?
Kami: If you can talk, then you can definetely understand me. Get away from here. I'll stop these pursuers.
The fox turns into a girl, the one seen in the trees earlier.
Girl: I said shut it you dumbass. I don't need somebody else to fight for me!
Kami: But you're just a girl! Don't try to fight these people! I can tell they're strong! You'll hur-
The girl punches Kami's gut, sending him flying into a tree.
Kami: Gah... I can't move. That blow was paralyzing... Ugh...

The tree Kami hit suddenly begins to slowly fall right over Kami.
Kami: No! I still can't... no...
The Straw Hats turn around, and the girl turns back into a fox and runs away without them noticing.
Luffy: GOMU GOMU PISTOL! (knocks the tree away, saving Kami)
Kami: You... saved me.
Luffy: Um... yeah. I guess I did.
Kami: (gets up slowly and starts to approach Luffy) Thank you. I'm in your d-! (pupils dilate, and Kami collapses)
Ussop: He needs a Doctor!
Luffy: Maybe there's one in town. Hurry!
Nami: Luffy, why are we saving this kid?
Zoro: Isn't it obvious? He owes us now. Luffy just saved his life.

Later, Kami wakes up in his bed, eyes still closed as he gets up.
Kami: Man, what a dream. I thought I-
Kami opens his eyes to find Luffy, Zoro, Ussop, and Nami standing in his room.
Luffy: Hiya!
Kami gets up, and starts to hobble over to Luffy.
Ussop: Hey! You still need your rest!
Kami bows his head to Luffy.
Kami: My name is Kami. I live here on this island. For saving my life, I am in your debt.
Luffy: My name is Luffy. I'm a pirate. And these are some of the members of my crew.
Nami: I'm Nami.
Ussop: I am the great Pirate Captain Ussop! The bravest man to ever sail the seas!
Zoro: And I'm-
Kami: No way! Roronoa Zoro! You got the famous Pirate Hunter to join your crew!? You really are amazing!
Luffy: Of course I am! I'm gonna be King of the Pirates someday! (Kami starts to chuckle, angering Luffy) HEY! WHAT'S SO FUNNY!?
Kami: I'm sorry, it's just... I noticed your hat. It reminds me a lot of a Pirate I met once. Red Haired Shanks.
Luffy: Eh? You know Shanks too!? He's an old friend of mine! I'm watching this hat for him!

Kami: I know Shanks allright. (holds up hooks) He gave me these.
Ussop: WHAT!? Shanks is a Pirate, but he would never do that!
Kami: No no, you misunderstand. Shanks gave me the hooks. You see...
Kami tells his story, his voice echoes as the events that transpired are shown before our eyes.
Kami: I was born with a rare condition, which makes one's body extremely frail. Five years ago, when I was 10, my hands fell off my wrists. I was devestated. The doctors couldn't reattatch them, for it could cause further damage to my frail body. For the next two years, I was a pitiful handless lump. I couldn't do anything for myself, so I was under constant aid. It was terrible.
Ussop's Voice: That must have been mortifying.
Kami: You don't know the half of it. Of course, one day, that all changed. Like a gift from the heavens, over the seas, came the ship of the famous pirate Red Haired Shanks!
Shanks' crew had stopped in for some supplies. I wasn't quite sure whether or not it was safe to go near pirates, but I figured that my life was so miserable, I had nothing left to lose. Shanks was amazing. And sympathetic. His crew gave me these hooks. And with it, they gave me independence, and reborn hope.
I started training my body to be stronger. On occaision, it reverts back to its frail state, such as the case of when that fox girl hit me. But aside from that, I became strong.
The scene cuts back to the room, Kami heads to the corner and picks up a wooden backpack.
Kami: I discovered that the hooks were a little loose, so I put them to good use, and found a way to do all the things I was able to do with hands. I made... (opens the wooden pack, revealing it to be a cabinet full of a variety of artificial hands on rotatable wheels) Artificial Hands!

Luffy: WHOA! THAT IS SO COOL! Can I try?
Kami: Sorry, though I'm in your debt, these are made for me and only me. Besides, some of them...(puts on a strange item that looks like a small cannon on one wrist, replacing his hook, and presses a button, firing a small cannonball out of the window) are dangerous weapons!
Ussop, Nami, and Zoro: WHAAA!

Part 3 comes later. Like I said, review please!

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I m liking all the charachers you are using bu tmy 2 faves right now are Luffy + Nami