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Chapter One:Making the Team

An eighteen year old girl with long green hair in typical peasant clothing was in her yard, swingning around a simple sword about half the height of her body and less then half the width(with her being a normal sized girl)playfully Her typical peasant clohing consisted of black overalls over a red long sleeve shirt and blue boots. She sighed, wiping some pretend sweat off her face. An older man walked out of the house seeing her. "You're not actually going to attempt it, are you Karaka?" he asked.

"Of course I am dad. Fame and fortune await!" said Karaka. Her dad shook his head. "You're a girl Karaka, your place is either at work or home, not the battlefield" he said.

"No way, that's not where the money is" said Karaka.

"Karaka, you're forbidden by law from entering any combat duties. If they find you even attempting to try that they'll-

Karaka however had allready leaped over the fence and began running. "See you later Dad!" she said running with her sword in hand. The town was mostly paved with dirt roads rather then cement ones, smaller houses seen crowding the area. The downtown district had actual concrete pavement with many bigger buildings opened up. She retracted her sword, putting the handle in the back of her shirt.

She stopped running, well out of reach of her father. She couldn't surpress the knowledge he was right. As a female she was forbidden from combat duties. However she was detirmined to find a way. "It'll be hard but just think of all the money I'll make, how famous I'll be!" she thought with money allready in her sight as far as she was concerned. She continued forward, knowing the ones she was looking for were supposed to be in town that day on rest according to a rumor.

"Of course I can't let them know that's what I'm after. I have to look noble and brave, otherwise they'll never accept me" thought Karaka trying to keep a noble expression. Just then she heared a scream, looking over to see a woman being dragged out by a pair of men, one with his arm wrapped around her throat and a knife to it, the other holding the legs.

"Anyone tries anything I'll slit her like a pig!" said the one with the knife.

Karaka grabbed the handle of her sword, pulling it out. "Allright, wait until we get out of here so no one will attempt to strike, we'll kill her as soon as we're in a safe distance" said the one holding the legs said.

Karaka pushed the button on the handle, the sword coming out. She ran towards them, but stopped when two arrows went through the shoulder of the one holding the legs, blood spurting out of both and the man falling to his knees. The bigger one, distracted, loosened his grip, allowing the woman to elbow him in the face and run away. "Get back here!" he said. The one who was holding the legs one looked up, seeing the one who had stabbed him in the shoulders. He had short, blue spikey hair, wearing a red top, pants and boots, the top exposing some surrounding area on his neck, shoulders and arms. "You're one of those Mahados!" he said.

Karaka looked at him in shock. "One of the Mahados? This couldn't be any better!" he thought.

"I got the other one Megro!" said a much chubbier one with a thick grey vest covering enough os his upper body with thick dark green huntings pants and boots. "Sure thing Jerome" said Megro.

Jerome formed a spiral of wind in his hand, hitting it on the other man's chest, sending him flying into the building, then falling face first. Suddenly another one came down in a near flash, kicking the man with the stabbed shoulders across the face. He had short blue hair although much smoother, a uniform like Megro's only green. Karaka just stared with wide eyes. "I wish there was a third one, I could've shown them my stuff" thought Karaka.

The one in the green suit began kicking the wounded man mercilessly in the ribs. "Rivora that's enough" said Megro coming down. Rivora ignored him and continued kicking. "Rivora!" said Jerome running over. Megro looked at Karaka with that same, stone wall face. "What's wrong with you, a girl has no place holding a sword out in public, swords are for fighting" he said.

"C'mon Rivora, stop it, this is a bit excessive" said Jerome but Rivora didn't even acknowledge him.

"I tell you for your own safety to put the sword away" said Megro.

"If you want me to take orders from you make me part of your group" said Karaka. Jerome looked over at Karaka, even Rivora stopped his assault and looked at her like she had two heads. Megro's expression however remained the same. "Goodbye" said Megro.

"Hey, I'm serious!" she said. Rivora laughed. "We allready have a secretary thank you" he said.

"No, I want to be-

"A Mercenary? Absurd. There's laws that prevent that and good reason for them" said Rivora. Karaka got down on her knees.

"Please? Pretty please? C'mon, I really want to!" said Karaka.

"Enough. You're embaressing yourself and us by asking to join" said Megro. Karaka growled, getting up to her feet. "Hey listen, I've busted my hump for this moment and you have no right to just shoot me down!" said Karaka.

"The only team you should be part of is a knitting club" said Rivora. Karaka growled. "That's it, there's only one way to get in, I'll have to show them my stuff" thought Karaka.

"Oh yeah, well I'll show you a knitting club!" she yelled rushing at Rivora with the sword, Rivora's eyes widening as the sword came down towards him. An arrow launched past, scraping by the sword and causing Karaka to fall back into a sitting position. "Hey no fair I wasn't ready! What kind of opponent attacks someone unprepared, you should be ashamed of yourself! I hope-

Megro however was ignoring her rantings. "Even off guard Rivora should've been able to dodge that. At best he would've gotten away with a noticable scratch. I've never seen a girl with that kind of speed, and she handles the sword well" thought Megro suprised.

Karaka stood up. "Oh please oh please don't have him fight back! Please!" she thought. Rivora looked infuriated, Karaka gulping while trying her best to hide her fear. "That's it! The gloves come off!" said Rivora, his body flashing white and going right for Karaka, Karaka throwing herself back, hitting the ground, Rivora stopping. Karaka skid back. "Hey wait a minute, let's talk this over!" she said.

The whole public gasped, Rivora looking at Karaka in disbelief. Karaka immidiately got to her feet, Rivora's body flashing again. "Rivora stop!" said Megro. Rivora looked at Megro angrily.

"Don't look at me like that Rivora. This farce has gone on long enough" said Megro. Karaka sighed, then got back to her feet putting a confident face on. "So am I in?" she asked.

Jerome looked at Megro. "That was pretty impressive" he said. "I won't deny she's good for a female, but laws are laws. My awnser stands" said Megro.

"What! Screw the laws, I just proved myself didn't I?" asked Karaka. Megro ignored her, motioning for Rivora and Jerome to join him as he walked away. Jerome looked at Karaka with sympathy, shrugging and walking away, Rivora chuckiling. "Just accept realities, females have their place in the world but it's not in combat. Come across my path again, and I'll make sure no man ever wants to even look at you" said Rivora before joining Megro.

Karaka began walking after them. Megro could see this at the corner of his right eye.

The three Mahados were deep in the forest, bugs flying everywhere, having passed through swamp water and thick bushes. Karaka, hiding, whined quietly about the bugs, slapping them away. "Why is this so hard, I hate it!" she moaned quietly, none of the other three hearing her.

Megro stopped walking, prompting Jerome and Rivora to stop. "You can come out now" said Megro. Jerome and Rivora turned around, both gasping when they saw Karaka step out from the bushes. "She followed us, all this way!" gasped Jerome.

"Hmph, all the swamp, bugs, ugh! It's all so dirty and nasty, I expected you would live more in style!" she said.

"So how did you get here? I'm sure you used some kind of transportation" said Rivora angrily. "Negative, she walked here just like us. Are you really that detirmined to join us?" asked Megro.

"Of course! Why do you think I followed you all this way, of course I want to join!" said Karaka.

Jerome and Rivora stood in suspense, looking at Megro, stone faced as ever as he stood in silence. "Then you're stupid" he said finally. "What!" she said. Megro suddenly formed a bow and arrow, the bow becoming large. Karaka ducked, holding her hands above her head. "I knew it" said Megro releasing it, turning and walking. Karaka stood back up, realizing what she did. Angrily she continued walking.

Megro stopped, turning around. He did what he did before, creating the large arrow. Karaka was beggining to duck but stopped herself, pointing her sword at Megro. Two blue beams shot out towards Megro, Megro moving to avoid them, well away from Jerome and Rivora, Karaka running at Megro with her sword, Megro moving well before she got there and was behind her, creating a smaller arrow. She turned around and slashed the sword towards the arrow which was shot in the sky while Megro got back. The arrow came around going for Karaka.

"His heat seeking arrow. Is he really?" thought Jerome. Karaka swung at Megro again, who dodged, the arrow coming closer. Rivora smiled, Karaka shooting the beams out at Megro who sidestepped, Karaka swingning at Megro again who quickly got out of the way. "You fight extremely well, regardless of gender. However" said Megro, the arrow stopping just as it touched Karaka's neck, Karaka's eyes widening.

"You don't have a natural fighting instinct. Rivora, head back, we'll catch up" said Megro. Rivora shrugged, turning and walking away. A few moments later Karaka was tied to a tree, rope wrapped around the tree pinning her upper body there, her wrists bound behind the tree as well. Her sword was on the ground behind the tree. "Let me out! You can't just leave me here!" said Karaka.

Megro didn't awnser, him and Jerome walking away. Karaka growled, thrashing about trying to free herself.

"Don't you think that's a little much Megro? I mean leaving her tied up like that? She could die" said Jerome.

"It's her own fault. She shouldn't have followed us. Laws are laws" said Megro.

Karaka sighed, her struggles failing again but she continued anyway, then tired out, sighing. She remembered in class for the students to be asked what they wanted. "I'm going to become a Mahado!" said Karaka. The other students had all laughed, thinking she was joking.

"I was serious!" said Karaka to a boy she was walking with. "Even if it was legal, you wouldn't have a chance. You should aim for something more realistic, like becoming president or something"the boy had said.

Karaka was about to cry but shook her head. "No! I have to get out of this! I can't reach my sword, so I just have to keep going!" she thought rubbing her wrists vigourously, even when she started feeling pain. Finally she felt blood coming form her wirsts, which allowed them to slide out, now she waas able, after a struggle, to bring her hands in front of her and pull the knot there, freeing herself. She cringed from her bleeding wrists.

"No fair, no fair at all! I'm all alone in this nasty forest, I'm bleeding, I hate this!" she yelled. She took a deep breath. "I'll find them somehow" she thought.

They were all in a shed that night, relatively big with five rooms including a living room and a bathroom. Their thoughts went back to Karaka from time to time but it wasn't really a pressing issue to them. It was late at night, all of them having been asleep for at least an hour. Jerome however woke up, hearing footsteps outside. He got up out of bed, quickly throwing clothes on and heading into Megro's room, shaking him. "Someone's here" he said.

Soon enough the three of them stepped outside. "I'll head first. If it's an intruder, attack on my command" he said. A long black haired girl in a nightgown stepped out the door just then, yawning. "What's going on?" she asked.

"Go back inside Stanya, I think we may have an intruder" whispered Jerome. "Lovely, I'll make him some coffee" she said sarcasticly before going back in. Stanya was their secretary, in charge of storing files, handiling clients and such, and was allowed to live with them even though she wasn't officialy a Mahado.

They went to the corner, Megro peeking around to see who it was. "Well, who is it?" asked Rivora walking up anyway. "I don't believe this" said Rivora, jerome coming up too. Karaka was standing there panting, bleeding from the wrists still as well as having cuts across her chest and blood on her sword. "Not only did she make it all the way here, but it looks like she survived some wild animal attacks as well" said Jerome. Karaka fell to a knee.

"I hate this, I'm so icky and everything, and I'm not looking strong for them. I have to make myself more presentable" she thought standing herself back up. Rivora cracked his knuckles. "I'll take care of this" he said.

"No way!" gasped Jerome. "Hmph, you think I have anything against hitting a girl? You should know me, I'll beat up anyone I feel like, no one's off limits for me" he said walking up to her. "Megro, why aren't you stopping this? She can't fight him, especialy not like this!" said Jerome. Megro stood silent.

Rivora stopped in front of her smiling, Karaka barely able to stand. He slapped her, Karaka staggering, nearly dropping her sword. He then flashed and kneed her, elbowing her too, causing her to fall to a knee. "Now you see the difference between us" said Rivora, kicking her in her wounded chest, Karaka crying out while holding it.

"Stop it Rivora! She can't even defend herself!" gasped Jerome.

"You don't belong here girl. If women were meant to be on the same footing with men, they wouldn't be lacking the muscle and they would certainly be bigger. You were brought to this earth to bring babies, perhaps teach a school, get into some politics perhaps. In almost ever area of society you are as free as a man to do what you please but when it comes to combat, be it the milatary or mercenaries like us, I'm afraid you just weren't made for it" said Rivora, kicking her again. Karaka put her other hand back on the handle of the sword tightly, forcing herself back to her feet, She was dizzy, her eyesight becoming blurry. Rivora punched her across the face. "Megro, do something! Rivora has no right to be doing this! Do something or I will!" said Jerome.

"Just stand back" said Megro. Karaka saw this as all or nothing, swingning her sword at the same time Rivora went for a punch as his body flashed. The movement of Karaka's body caused Rivora's punch to miss her stomach and instead hit on of her arms, while Karaka's sword went into Rivora's shoulder, Rivora screaming, Two beams came from the sword, knocking Rivora down, Karaka dropping the sword and falling to her knees. "I don't have any strength leaft" she thought falling unconcious. Rivora held his shoulder. "I'll break both of those arms!" yelled Rivora angrily but a huge arrow shot in front of him, exploding and blowing Rivora back. Megro walked down, as did Jerome. Jerome rolled her over so she was facing up. "You okay?" she asked.

"So, how did I do?" asked Karaka weakly. "Laws are laws Karaka. If you join us, your role must remain anonymous, otherwise we'll have even more pressure onto us" said Megro. "S-sure" said Karaka before falling unconcious.

"Jerome, get Karaka's wounds taken care of before placing her on Rivora's bed" ordered Megro. 'Sure" said Jerome liftinf her up.

"You think I'm going to share a bed with her?" asked Rivora. "No, you'll be sleeping on the couch tonight. You attacked a wounded and near defenceless girl yet still managed to get a nice cut on your shoulder, not to mention you directly disobeyed my orders earlier to stop attacking" said Megro. He walked back into the cabin, Rivora holding his shoulder. "Damn you girl" said Rivora.

Karaka fell unconcious with a smile.


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Chapter Two:The Deadly Rage of Rivora

"Hey, wake up," said Stanya. Karaka's eyes fluttered open. The surroundings were immidiately unfamiliar to her but she could definetly tell, based on memory of the previous night, she was in the Mahado cabin.

"Who are you? Why are you here, didn't they disallow females?" asked Karaka.

"I'm not actually a Mahado, just a secretary. The name's Stanya, I'm in charge of handiling buisness affairs and such. It's hard to believe, I told myself the day they have a female Mahado is the day when the world dies. Guess I better prepare for the Apocalypse," said Stanya before leaving the room. Karaka sighed leaning back, then smiled.

"Yeah, I knew it! I knew I'd get in! Oh yeah, take that non believers!" thought Karaka.

Rivora sat outside the shed bitterly, a bandage wrapped around his shoulder. He had a scowl on his face, remembering his brief encounters the previous night with Karaka. He clenched his fist angrily, staring at the exact spot where he suffered his ultimate embaressment. "How is this possible? Even wounded and exhausted, she leaft me requiring bandages. This girl will die, I will not let her continue to exist and ruin me" thought Rivora.

He looked up, seeing Megro and Jerome walking back towards the shed. Rivora stood up quickly, running over to meet them. He saw Jerome holding a small sack over his shoulder. "You're kidding, that's all the breakfast you have for us?" asked Rivora.

"Jerome and I allready had our breakfast. If you want some get your own like we did," said Megro.

"Then who's that for?" asked Rivora. He recieved no response, the two walking past him. Rivora grumbled to himself before walking off into the forest himself. His scowl darkened even more, his eyes scanning around for anykind of prey.

Karaka layed back still relaxed on her bed when Jerome walked in. "Hm? Oh I remember you, you're the big one" said Karaka. Jerome almost laughed at the way she said it, not even sounding like an insult. He took out a huge chunk of meat, holding it out for Karaka. "For me? Awesome!" she said grabbing and taking a bite out of it. She quickly chewed and swallowed. "Thank you," she said.

Jerome sat beside her. "I just wanted to apoligize for what Rivora did to you last night. That wasn't right" said Jerome. Karaka swallowed again. She figured Rivora was the one who attacked her.

"What's his and that other guy's deal anyway?" asked Karaka.

"Megro? You can't take anything from him personally. They call Megro the Stonewall. He has the uncanny ability to hide his emotions, from facial expressions to body language, you would think he's emotionless. I can only guess you managed to win him over finally. Don't expect to ever have him tell you that even on his death bed, the only who knows his emotions are Megro himself. As for Rivora, he's just a nasty, hateful person overall. If Megro didn't intervene he would've killed you for certain. Just try to avoid him when you can" said Jerome.

Karaka ate more up. "So, am I really the only girl?" asked Karaka.

"As far as I know, you're the only girl mercenary," said Jerome.

Karaka sighed, continuing to eat. Jerome just sat looking at her. He still couldn't believe what Karaka had managed to accomplish the night before. "Well, it dosen't matter! Girl or not, I'm going to make a name for myself! I'll be rolling in money before you know it, you better believe it!" said Karaka. Jerome laughed.

"I'm sure you will. Hope you enjoy the meal. Also, allow me to be the one to welcome you to the Mahados!" he said.

She swallowed her next piece. "Thanks, I will. Karaka" she said.


Rivora stopped, listening for any animal that could be coming his way. So far only the sounds of rivers flowing could be heared. He waited longer, finally hearing light foot steps and a low growling sound. He turned around, seing a black fured chimera, drooling at the mouth and staring holes through Rivora. With a loud growl it leaped and swiped at him, Rivora sidestepping and kicking it down, the chimera getting back up.

A younger Rivora, about thirteen years of age was in his room when his father came in. "Hey dad" said Rivora rather unenthusiasticly. His father walked over, standing by the side of the chair Rivora was sitting in.

"Rivora, I need you to keep an extra careful eye on your brother and sister. You saw how they looked when they came home. If you see anyone ever trying that, you're to stop it, and then report it immidiately" he said. Rivora yawned, putting his hands behind his head and stretching his arms out.

"They have to learn to fight for themselves. I won't always be around to keep them safe" said Rivora.

"They're young yet, young enough where they need someone watching over them" said his father.

Later that night both his sibilings, his twelve year old sister and ten year old brother, oth lay bleeding on the ground, Rivora with the face of a madman kicking them, holding back screams until he covered his mouth and let out a horrendous shriek. He panted, looking down at his sibilings. "Clean yourselves up. Wasting my time with this nonsense. I'll make sure my time is never wasted again," said Rivora.

It was the talk of the town, finding the young bully of Rivora's sibilings brutally murdered. Rivora just felt relieved to have let that pent up rage out.

With his body flashing again, Rivora knocked the chimera back down, screaming before he began punching and kicking it brutaly, imagining the chimera being Karaka. The chimera kept trying to get up but Rivora was merciless. The chimera was bleeding from the mouthm Rivora not even noticing and wouldn't have cared. The chimera rolled itself out of the way finally but with a devestating kick he broke both of it's necks. "Hmph" he said. Like many animals in this region, the meat was warm and stayed warm for awhile after the animal's death.

He sat down there eating it. While he was eating, all he could think about was getting back at Karaka. "Both times she made me look weak. The first time she managed to dodge my attacks while almost hittintg me. The second time, even near death, she was able to wound me. There will be no excuses this time. I will shower her with my hatred, there will be no interference this time," thought Rivora.

Stanya sat in her bedroom alone at a computer, making a huge yawn. Megro walked in on her. "Nevermind knocking, too traditional," said Stanya sarcasticly. Megro ignored this, as he usualy did when she spoke so bitterly.

"Anything?" he asked.

"Nope, slow buisness day" said Stanya with another yawn. Megro hmphed before walking out. "No doubt increased rates may have an effect. Now that we have another member, we require more money. Still, not as much as other Mercenary groups. It shouldn't be this much of a blow, if they knew Karaka was here perhaps but they don't" thought Megro.

Megro saw Karaka watching the television, which like the computer ran off it's own electircal source without the need for plugs. Megro shook his head before heading back to his room. He passed by Rivora's room, noticing he hadn't returned yet. "What's he up to now? It couldn't have taken him this long for breakfast. I hope he hasn't gotten himself hurt" thought Megro with genuine concern, which of course failed to show on his face.

Karaka yawned and stretched out her arms, heading into her room that night. "What a boring day, nothing's happened at all," she complained. She layed back on her bed. "Not even a single day's pay," she thought bitterly. Looking out the window of her room, she saw a dollar laying on the ground, her face brightened up. "One of them must've dropped it! Dosen't matter who, it's mine now!" she thought. She snuck out of the shed, listening to make certain neither Jerome nor Megro were listening.

Once she made it outside, she ran right for the dollar, looking all around. A strong night breeze came by, Karaka quickly stepping on the dollar to keep it from flying away. Rivora watched her from the roof, coming down from behind her and hitting her on the back of the neck, Karaka falling to her hands and knees. Karaka held the back of her neck, rubbing it. "I knew you'd fall for it" said Rivora. Karaka stood up, turning around to face Rivora.

She gulped, stepping back. "Hey, if you want it, have it, I don't need the dollar" said Karaka fearfully. Rivora smirked.

"You're not backing out of this fight girl. Hmph, I still have plenty of anger to let out on you. You will not be a mercenary anymore, tonight marks your death" said Rivora. Karaka, trembiling, reached into the back of her shirt, bringning out the handle of her sword, Rivora rushing up and slapping it out of her hands, catching it.

"Give that back! No fair!" said Karaka. Rivora pushed a button on the handle, the sword coming out.

"This sword is your only means of survival, the heart of your fighting. Now I have your heart in my hands" said Rivora, Karaka catching him in the blink of an eye slashing that sword, Karaka throwing herself back to avoid it. She attempted to kick his legs out from under him but he jumped, stabbing downwards with the sword, landing beside her face, the sword going into the ground.

"Allright girl, try fighting without it" said Rivora.

"My name's Karaka!" she said getting up. Rivora sped up, punching her across the face twice, then kicking her in the stomach, Karaka falling on her knees. Rivora grabbed her hair, yanking it, Karaka grabbing the hand holding her hair. Rivora pulled the sword out of the ground with his other arm, shaking the dirt off it.

"A beautiful sword, it'll do wonders for me. You know, I've hurt a lot of people Karaka. I just have uncontrollable rages that I need to get out, and I've managed to kill or at least severely injure many people, but I've never had a sword. Just imagine how much more proficent I will be. I'll use this new gift on you" he said. Desperately, still in pain, Karaka pulled the hand holding her hair down, pulling her hair in front of her face. She then bit down on Rivora's hands, Rivora letting go of her hair. He shook out the bitten hand, still keeping hold of the sword. Karaka now gripped the sword as well, a beam shooting out hitting Rivora, causing him to let go while staggering back and falling, Karaka slashing her sword fown but Rivora flashed out of the way, Karaka going for a direct stab but Rivora stepped aside, going for a punch to Karaka's face but she ducked and went for the legs, Rivora jumping it.

Karaka sent two beams from the sword, Rivora dodging them and running straight for Karaka, who ran straight for him with the sword, Rivora ducking the sword and getting behind her, forming his hands in a clubbing formation towards the back of her head, Karaka spinning around with the sword still clutched tightly in her hand, the flat side facing up. Rivora pushed the sword down, kicking Karaka across the face, who fell down but she still held onto the sword with one hand, shaking her head. Rivora stepped onto the wrist holding the sword.

His smile widened, feeling the rage well up inside him. "I'm going to beat your brains in" said Rivora. Still holding the sword, she had a beam shoot out, Rivora getting off Karaka's wrist and dodging, Karaka shaking her wrist out before standing back up. Rivora jumped back on the roof.

"I can't seem to beat her in a fair fight. Oh well, if all else fails," he thought, some supplies on the roof of the shed. He grabbed them both and leaped down, Karaka running towards him when a powder was tossed in her eyes. Karaka screamed, dropping her sword and trying to scrape the stuff out of her eyes. Rivora then began swingning a rope with two metal weights attached on the end, throwing them at Karaka. They wrapped around Karaka's upper body, pinning her arms to her sides, and bringning her face first to the ground.

"Oh no, oh no!" she thought struggiling. "You cheat! You can't beat me yourself?" asked Karaka.

Rivora smirked, walking towards her, imagining the chimera, and the boy he murdered. He licked his chops, picking up Karaka's sword. She would be next.

"She's right" said Megro. Rivora turned around, an enraged expression seeing Megro and Jerome there.

"I'm not going to have this kind of disruption constantly. Either you stay and agree to get along with her, or you're out" said Megro.

"You would abolish me!" yelled Rivora, Jerome running over and sitting Karaka up. He inwrapped her.

"You allright?" he asked.

"Yeah, but I still can't see" said Karaka.

Rivora spat on the ground. "Allright, I'll lay off the Karaka girl for now. However don't think you're off the hook Karaka. As soon as everyone sees you holding us back, you'll be fired, and then I'll have all reigns to kill you" said Rivora. Jerome helped Karaka to her feet, Rivora walking back inside.

"You're something Karaka, to push Rivora that far" thought Jerome.

"Let's go inside" said Megro.

"I hope I made the right choice. I can't afford having those two fight during missions, especialy with those other guys out there" thought Megro.


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Chapter Three:Karaka's First Mission

Karaka screamed upon waking up, hearing loud noises from outside. "What the hell!" she gasped looking around. She got up and dressed immidiately, running outside. It was about seven in the morning, at least an hour before she was supposed to wake up. She ran out, everyone else standing there allready. "About time girl" said Rivora with a sense a satisfaction.

"What's this all about?" asked Karaka.

"We have a mission" said Jerome.

"You're telling me we were woken up for that!" gasped Karaka angrily. "We have to get a jump ahead of the Xegas" said Megro.

"Xegas?" asked Karaka. Megro nodded.

"Every sector has at least two mercenary groups, this sector has us, the Mahados, and the Xegas. They're lead by a white haired guy named Teyu. They used to outnumber us four to three but with you the numbers are even. Which means you will be expected to hold your own without anyone to help you" said Megro.

"Hmph, unlikely" said Rivora. Karaka looked at him angrily. "I held my own against you last I checked!" she yelled.

"This is a very high paying one so if we mess up Karaka, we will hold you responsible" said Megro. Karaka's insuing pouts went largely ignored.

"It's an assasination mission. We have to assasinate an old man,our employer a man named Loris Cundam. Our target can't fight against us, it's just a matter of getting to him and killing" said Megro.

"So why hire us? What a waste!" she said.

"It's believed Xegas was hired to assasinate our contractor. You see Karaka, there are rules to being a mercenary. One of them is that if the contractor dies or calls off the contract, the mission fails and we don't get any money. So now our mission has become something of a two step. We have be there for our contracted when the Xegas attack, then we have to take the Xegas out. Also, you're going to have to be stealthy about following us, just like when you followed us here. Unless a fight breaks out, you can't be seen" said Megro.

"No fair, why should I have to go through that again? I don't want to get dirty, icky and everything, you can't possibly expect me to go through that!" she yelled.

"Fine, you can stay behind then, and recieve no payment. Let's go" said Megro walking forward, Jerome and Rivora walking by his side. Karaka groaned.

"It dosen't pay to be a girl" she thought lowering her head.

A young man with long white hair in a lavish white uniform stood in front of an old man, shaking hands. "As leader of the Xegas, I, Teyu, assure you nothing but comeplete and utter destruction of your enemies" said Teyu. Two men of about equal age with black hair wearing white robes were behind him.

"These are the twins, Jean and Satre. Last but not least is our strongest, Methello," said Teyu, motioning towards someone his age with short purple hair, a white tanktop with black pants and boots.

"Megro" thought Methello.

Karaka moaned, slapping away mosquitos which were swarming her. "This is so degrading, I hate these things!" she said. Meanwhile, Jerome looked to Megro. "So how are we going to go about this buddy?" asked Jerome.

"You and Rivora handle the twins. Methello is their strongest, which leaves him to me" said Megro.

"Hold on, so you want Karaka to face Teyu?" asked Rivora. Megro nodded. "It's the only option. Karaka isn't experienced enough with our abilities for team work against the twins, and Methello would aniahlate Karaka. There's no other logical choice" said Megro.

A younger Megro watched Methello walk away. "Just hope we never cross paths. At your level, I'd hate to have to fight you" Methello had told him.

Megro felt a knot in his stomach tighten, thinking about facing down Methello again. However no one could even tell. "Hey Karaka, how you holding up back there?" asked Jerome. "You're paying if my complection is ruined!" she yelled.

"She's fine" muttered Megro.

A few hours later the three of them arrived at the address. "Hmph, not even waiting for us" said Rivora. Megro walked up and knocked at the door, waiting for someone to awnser. "You think he's been assasinated?" asked Rivora.

"Let's be patient" said Megro. As soon as he said that, the door opened. A man of about thirty was there with a thick grown in beared and a clear case of beer belly. "What a disgusting man!" thought Karaka hiding in a garbage can nearby, daring to peak out. The three of them went inside, Karaka moaning.

"Why did I even bother joining? I should've known it would've been like this for me, having to hide just because I was born this way, it's not fair at all. I have it worse then they do" thought Karaka trembiling.

The three took a seat on the couch, the man taking out a beer and gulping some down. He looked at Megro. "You in a bad mood or something? Least you could do is smile" said the man.

"I don't smile Mr Cundam" said Megro bluntly.

"Any food around here? We haven't eaten" said Jerome. Loris pointed to the fridge with his thumb, Jerome excitedly going over to the fridge. "I really hope we're ready for this. I'm nervous about putting Karaka up agaiunst Teyu. She's done well against Rivora, but is that enough? Meanwhile I have my own problems to worry about, Methello. I haven't really seen him since that day. He joined the Xegas just recently, I have no idea how I compare to him now, all I know is he's only gotten stronger since then I'm sure" thought Megro.

"Try to leave the fridge itself at least Jerome" muttered Rivora. Jerome began eating something on the way out.

"Where you going?" asked Colin but Jerome was allready out the door.

"He likes to eat in, privacy. Forget that though, when are those Xegas going to come to assasinate, I came here to kill" said Rivora.

"I wouldn't worry about that. Knowing that *******, he's going to have them come as soon as possible" said Colin.

Jerome knocked on the garbage can, Karaka popping her head out. He handed her some food. "Thank you. This is so degrading, why does it have to be like this? I hate it" muttered Karaka beggining to eat.

"Listen, Megro wants you to fight Teyu of the Xegas when they arrive. He's their leader, but not their strongest. Be careful" said Jerome. "Who's Teyu?" she asked.

"So what exactly is this whole situation about, while we're waiting" said Megro. Colin burped.

"******* owed me money from a card game, but he never payed it. I warned him if he didn't pay it soon I would be adding interest, but apparently he thought I was beneath him, so I charged the interest. He still refused to pay, so I warned him if he didn't, I would bring the matter to the authorities. That's when he made the biggest mistake of his life. He killed me son, the last remaining member of my family, and threatened to do the same to me. Now he's made it personal. I want him dead, I want his balls cut off and given to me as a trophy" said Colin, sounding somewhat solemn, dropping the bottle.

"I see" said Megro.

"I'll be doing the killing, I'll still have some rage stored away especialy for him" said Rivora licking his chops. Colin smiled. "I like you allready" he said.

Jerome came back in, patting his stomach. "The food's good, you guys sure you don't want some?" asked Jerome.

"It will do no good to starve ourselves, we may as well" said Megro.Colin got up.

"Help yourselves. I'm going to nap" he said staggering towards his room. Rivora and Megro helped themselves to a light and quick meal.

"Great food here, wouldn't mind being rehired by this guy" said jerome.

"Maybe you wouldn't, personally I could do without the smell of booze that this dump is laced with" said Rivora bitterly. Jerome stood up, stretching his arms out. "Where are you going?" asked Rivora.

"Stretch my legs a bit" said Jerome. "More like to flirt with that useless skank Karaka. Whatever" said Rivora. Jerome walked out without another word. Megro got up, Rivora laying himself out flat on the couch. Throwing wrappers away in a garbage can, he saw Colin through a crack in the door, looking at a picture.

"I promised your mom I'd never drink another drop, you know that son? I tried to keep it even after you died, but, I think it's the only thing keeping me from killing myself" he said before breaking down into tears.

Megro simply walked away before he could be seen.

Karaka sighed, sitting next to Jerome. "Jerome, can I ask you something?" asked Karaka.

Jerome burped. "Excuse me. Yeah, sure" he said, Karaka giggiling.

"Rivora and Megro seem to resent me, how come you don't?" asked Karaka.

"You weren't really nasty to me. A lot of people, girls and guys alike, they picked on me for being fat. Even my parents were ashamed that I brought them that kind of humiliation. You and Megro are about the only two people I met who never did that" said Jerome.

"I'm sorry to hear that" said Karaka.

"I don't think Megro resents you at all. I used to think Megro didn't like me, but like I told you before, he hides his emotions. He may not necessarely think of you as a friend, not yet, but if he disliked you he may not have even let you in" said Jerome. Karaka sighed.

"I hope someone changes those laws soon, I'm getting sick of having to take a harder route then everyone else" said Karaka bitterly.

"Well Jerome, out on a date?"

Jerome and Karaka turned around, Teyu standing there. Methello, and the twins Jean and Satre were not far behind him. Colin saw them through a window, Megro and Rivora coming out.

"Are those?" asked Karaka. Jerome nodded. "The Xegas" he said.

Methello and megro caught eye contact of one another. "Leave their leader to me" said Methello.

"What? Why?" asked Teyu. "He's too strong for you, and besides, I want to see how far he's come. Please leader" said Methello. Teyu nodded.

Teyu walked up to Karaka, holding her chin in his hands. "Well well, what a beautiful flower I have here. Would you honour me with your name?" asked Teyu. Karaka reached into her back, taking out the sword handle and extending, the sword jabbed right into Teyu's arm, Teyu screaming and staggering back.

"My name's Karaka, the newest of the Mahados!" she declared. Methello and the twins looked at Karaka in shock.

"That's right, so have fun with your date, because she'll be your opponent. Jerome, how about the two of us make the dynamic duo over there siamese twins" said Rivora.

Teyu looked at the smirking Karaka angrily. "I don't care if you are a girl, I will not hold back" said Teyu.

Megro and Methello continued staring eachother down. "I hope I made the right choices" thought Megro.


10-30-2007, 02:23 PM
Chapter Four:Mahados vs Xegas

Teyu held his bleeding arm, staring at Karaka angrily. "I will not hold back because you're a girl, I will strike you down without mercy" said Teyu. karaka smirked, gripping her sword tightly. "You can't even fight with that bleeding arm" she said.

Teyu's bleeding arm turned into a cannon, Karaka gasping. Pointing the sword at Teyu, she shot out two beams, which hit Teyu in the chest, making him fall to a knee. Karaka ran towards him with her sword held high. "I'll take him out before he even get's up! Perfect!" thought Karaka, Teyu looking up at her, pointing it at her. Karaka stopped in her tracks, looking around nervously. Teyu fired the cannonball at Karaka, who wuickly ducked, the ball going well over her body and landing far away. After a few seconds she got up with a sigh.

"Forget this fight, let someone else finish it" she thought looking around but saw everyone had an opponent and lowered her head. "Why me?" she thought. Teyu grumbled, his arm turning into a double edged blade. "We'll play by your rules girl, blade vs blade" said Teyu. Karaka gulped, looking at his blade.

"I have the superior physical prowess, I'll easily overcome her. I will have to watch those beams though" thought Teyu.

Jerome ran at both, holding gathering wind in one hand, Jean leaping in the air with Satre standing on his shoulders. Satre jumped down with his foot aimed at Jerome, Rivora jumping up and going for a kick to Satre, who flipped over in mid air, landing on his feet and avoiding the attack. Rivora landed on his feet as well. "Just follow my lead you sack of lard" said Rivora.

Jean and Satre smirked at eachother knowingly before holding hands and running at the two, Jerome forming more wind in his hands and running at them, inches away from hitting before the two released their grip, getting on each side of Jerome and punching him on the head, Jerome falling to the ground on his face, Rivora flashing up towards Jean and kicking him in the gut, Satre kicking Rivora from the side and knocking him down. "I wonder if I was better off with Karaka helping then this idiot" thought Rivora.

Methello and Megro had yet to begin their battle, simplt staring at eachother. "Cousin Methello" said Megro.

"So is it true? Is that girl really your newest member?" asked Methello. Megro nodded.

"I would expect better judgement from you Megro. She will die on the battlefield, and that will be blood on your hands" said Methello.

"We'll see" said Megro. Methello sighed, staring at Megro. A red sword of energy formed in Methello's hand. "I knew this would happen the moment I joined the Xegas. We may have never faced in combat before, but it's always been clear whom the dominant one was. Now you will see for yourself" said Methello. He was behind Megro before Megro even saw him, Megro shocked but his expression would not show it. The sword extended, Megro nowhere to be seen. Megro had gotten upon the roof of the house, shooting down heat seeking arrows towards Methello, who turned around, forming a green shield that blocked the arrows.

"He can form shields as well?" thought Megro.

"Those little arrows can not pierce the gap between us" said methello, forming a green sword which extended towards Megro, cutting through where he was standing and causing him to fall off, hangning on with his hand before letting himself drop and land on his feet, the sword extending again, cutting by Megro's left leg before pulling back, Megro grabbing it.

The sword extended again towards Megro's heart, Megro moving to the side but not fast enough, the sword not cutting past his arm before retreating back. "No scream, no expressions of pain on his face, just as I would expect" thought Methello.

"I'm too slow" thought Megro as the sword came towards him again, quickly shooting out heat seeking arrows, Methello simply forming a shield while the sword stabbed into Megro's shoulder, blood spurting. The sword lifted Megro up in the air, then pulled out and let him drop face first to the ground. Methello looked at Megro intently, extending the sword towards Megro.

Jerome shot the wind towards the twins, who plit up, the wind shooting by the sword, making Methello retreat it back.

The twins reheld hands and went for a clotheslines but Jerome clotheslined them both. Rivora, who was on the ground, shook his head and got up. The twins got back to their feet, Rivora angry that Jerome out showed him, went to kick Jean but Satre blocked it, Rivora trying to hit Satre but Jean sweeped him, Jerome blowing both away with a blast of wind.

Methello hmphed at them. Megro got himself back up to his feet, Methello extending the sword and hitting his shoulder again, another sword forming and stretching behind Methello to take out two heat seeking arrows. "Are those all you can do?" asked Methello, Megro bleeding from the shoulder more.

A younger Megro fell to his knees tired. "Methello is your only goal Megro, the only one you need to surpass. if that cousin of yours stays ahead of you, it will shame your half of the family. Certainly you can use more then heat seeking arrows, I guarentee those won't hurt Methello" said his instructor. Methello cringed, the instructor slapping him. "You can't show ANY emotion on that face, not even pain" he said. Megro nodded.

"I'll find something more, just for Methello" said Megro.

"Keep the emotion out of your voice as well Megro. You are a weapon of your family, you are made to serve them"

In the present, the sword pulled out of Megro who fell to his knees. "Time to pull out the rest of my arsenal" thought Megro, the sword coming at him, more heat seeking arrows aimed for the heart. "Annoying" muttered Methello, the sword cutting through them, the arrows splitting and multiplying, four smaller arrows sticking into him. "Pfft" said Methello, not feeling any pain. The arrows suddenly exploded.

Teyu ran at Karaka, Karaka thrusting her sword towards his shoulder, Teyu blocking and parying Karaka off, the two beams shooting out which Teyu swiped, Karaka using this as an opening to aim for the heart but Teyu turned his arm into a shield, blocking it, then turned it back into a double edged blade, thrusting towards the stomach as Karaka leaped back, shooting the beams again but they missed, Teyu running at Karaka with his blade, Karaka blocking but felt her arms strain from the impact. Teyu's arm turned into a cord, wrapped around Karaka's ankles and sweeping her off her feet, then sliding her into the house. Karaka kept her grip on the sword as he attempted to yank her elsewhere, Karaka planting her sword lightly into the ground to stop him, the cord unwinding and turning back into the blade, moving the stab into Karaka's leg, Karaka moving it and getting back to her feet, turning around and thrusting her sword towards Teyu's shoulder, his blade hitting her shoulder. Both staggered back, Karaka dropping the sword.

Karaka held her bleeding shoulder, as did Teyu. "This is too much! He's really trying to kill me, and the others can't help! I have to run away now!" thought Karaka on the verge of crying, the realazation striking her. Teyu turned his other arm into a double edged blade. Karaka was visibly trembiling.

"I have to admit my delicate little flower, you actually put up a good fight. We could've made such a sweet couple. You really are beautiful" he said. Karaka trembled further, her good arm going around finding the sword and grabbing it, slashing at Teyu but too slow, Teyu knocking the sword down. "With that one arm you don't have the strength to go up against my sword" said Teyu. Locking down Karaka screamed, slashing with her one arm like crazy, Teyu easily parying the attack until he got a stab in, right on the stomach. Karaka's eyes widened, falling to her knees, Teyu pulling the blade out, Karaka falling on her face. Teyu smirked, kneeling down and pulling Karaka up to a knee, who spit blood out. Teyu pulled her in for a kiss.

Methello fell to a knee, Megro getting back to his feet. Megro shot a larger arrow int the air, breaking up into a bunch of smaller electircal arrows, Methello extending his sword at a lightning pace, managing to cut through them all then fire it at Megro, Methello seeing that Megro's arrow was growing large, glimmering with power. "The power in that arrow! I have to use my most powerful sword to counter!" thought Methello. However he had no time to gather the energy, Megro firing his arrow, which engulfed Methello, breaking his sword.

The old man who hired Xegas relaxed on his couch, chuckiling. "That dumb **** can hire the Mahados if he wants, however it's well established the Xegas are the superior mercenary group. All I have to do is wait to see his dead *** on my doorstep" said the old man.

Suddenly the door opened, Colin standing there. "You! How did you get here!" gasped the old man. Collin held a half broken beer bottle in his hand. He walked up to the old man, who got up to his feet but was punched across the face, falling back into his seat. Colin grabbed him by the hair. "The only reason that I haven't died is because God wanted me to kill you.. I'll drag your corpse to my house, and leave it there so when the worms feast on you, they'll be from my house. I'll be able to take credit for your ultimate erasing from this world!"

Rivora ran at the twins, Jerome using wind from his palm to boost him forward, Rivora getting a knee across the face of one, then trying to strike the other who dodged two punches and sweeped Rivora as soon as he landed, Jerome smashed the wind into the ground, knocking him down. Jerome then leaped in the air and landed an elbow in his chest, Jean getting up on the other side and going for a baseball slide to Jerome but Rivora got his own baseball slide into Jean's head.

Teyu stopped the kiss, Karaka coughing up more blood. Jerome looked over. "Karaka!" he gasped running over. Rivora looked over, smiling.

"I knew she'd fail, I knew it all along" thought Rivora. Jerome shoved Teyu out of the way, kneeling in front of Karaka. "Are you okay? Karaka?" he asked. Teyu snickered, stabbing right through Jerome's stomach, Karaka screaming. Jerome coughed up blood, grabbing his stomach. Teyu stabbed through it again. "Leave him alone!" screamed Karaka.

"He interfered, it's his fault!" said Teyu stabbing again, Karaka grabbing the sword with one hand and going for Teyu's throat but Teyu blocked it with ease. Karaka almost fell over, still bleeding from the stomach. Two beams shot out, Teyu ducking them, Karaka using this opprotunity to bring the sword down on Teyu's head but he rolled to the side, got up and slashed by the stomach, Karaka falling to the ground. Rivora ran towards Teyu, Teyu dodging his punches and kicks before being stabbed in the arm. Teyu chuckled, twisting and turning, Rivora screaming as more blood dripped out.

Karaka was crying, face first on the ground. "It hurts, so much. I can't die here, I don't deserve to die" she thought getting up to her knee. Rivora grabbed onto the upper arm of Teyu, Teyu just digging the blade in deeper and yanking the blade out, Rivora falling, then saw a sword coming towards him. He looked at Karaka, she had thrown it. Teyu parried it.

"I see, looking for another kiss?" asked Teyu amused. Suddenly he looked behind him, another large arrow at Teyu. "Back away now, because I guarentee you with your current wounds you will not survive this blast, my Ultimum Arrow" said Megro.

"Don't bother" said Collin. Megro's arrow dissapated, Methello who had been laying on the ground woke up. Collin dropped the old man, who was dead and bloodied.

"My son's been avenged, and your mission Xegas, a failiure. Now get away from my property" said Collin. Teyu looked at Megro.

"An interesting new recruit, but it changes nothing" said Teyu. Satre and Jean got back up as well, the Xegas walking away, all but Teyu weak.

"I'll have your payment, just leave me in peace. This bottle hasn't drawn all it's blood yet" he said before walking in.

Karaka woke up, having fallen unconcious, still in the cabin. She was on the couch, remembering her fight with Teyu. She moaned. "Hey, you allright?" asked Jerome. Karaka hugged Jerome, which hurt her stomach.

"We'll be okay, we just need to take these pills for the next couple of days, it'll heal us pretty quick" said Jerome handing one to Karaka who swallowed it.

"I, did pretty badly out there didn't I" said Karaka.

"Better then Rivora" said Megro stepping in. Karaka sighed depressedly. "You did will for your first fight, especially considering who your opponent was. My instinct was right to let you join. Now rest" said Megro.

Teyu sat in his room, his wounds bandaged. "Who would've ever thought, she would've given me so much trouble. Until next we meet my pretty little flower. I owe you another kiss" said Teyu clenching his fist.


10-31-2007, 02:47 PM
Jerome knocked on the door to Rivora's room, Rivora walking by Jerome. "No fair, why does she get my room? I was injured too. No good *****" spat Rivora. Jerome opened the door, Karaka not there.

Karaka was sitting outside the cabin, her legs held against her body. "You shouldn't be out here with your injuries" said Jerome giving her some meat. She looked up, Jerome and Rivora standing there. "Neither should you, Teyu nearly killed you" said Karaka.

"Be glad he isn't dead, because that would've been your fault girl" said Rivora nastily with a sneer.

"Rivora!" gasped Jerome.

"Jerome and I were able to defeat the twins, and Megro was able to take out Methello, but you, you failed miserably. You're a shame upon the Mahados. Megro made a mistake letting you in, you only prove my point further. Go home" snarled Rivora before turning and walking away. Karaka sighed.

"Don't let Rivora get you down. Teyu's really strong, none of us expected you to beat him, but you sure put up one hell of a fight. You sit here and rest, watch some TV, just take the day off" said Jerome. Karaka looked at Jerome. "What do you mean take the day off? Are you telling me we have a mission?" asked Karaka.

"No, WE have a mission, you don't, Megro's orders" said Jerome. "Is this about yesterday? I swear I can make up for it!" said Karaka standing up but held her stomach, staggering forward.

"Besides, your injuries are worse then mine" said Karaka through clenched teeth.

"Yeah, but we need at least three for a mission, and Megro ruled that you were worse off, and he's probaly right" said Jerome lifting her in his arms. Karaka sighed. "No fair, putting me up against such a strong opponent and then leaving me off missions, I really should go home" pouted Karaka, Jerome chuckiling.

"You really lighten my day Karaka" thought Jerome laying her gently on the couch, handing her the remote. He then saw a tear come from her eye.

"Karaka?" asked Jerome.

"Rivora, he was right. You're being so kind to me now, but it was my fault you got hurt, I was too weak. I'm too weak" said Karaka, more tears coming. Jerome wiped a finger across her eyes, wiping the tears away. "Listen, you're strong Karaka, I don't care if you are a girl. You earned your place here, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I have to go, stay here okay?" asked Jerome. Karaka nodded.

Jerome gave her a thumbs up before leaving. He met Megro and Rivora outside. "So, what's the mission?" asked Jerome.

"An intimidation mission. Looks like some miners are going on strike, and they've hired us to convince their boss to raise the wages. Good, it shouldn't be too much trouble then. Jerome's injuries are the only ones of worry but there won't be too much worry of that" said Megro. The three marched off but soon stopped when they heared a noise coming. A man in a large tractor like vehicle approached them. "Need a lift?"

They all fit well within the vehicle. "Your generosity is much appreciated" said Megro.

"No need to thank me, you guys are doing a great service for us" said the man.

"So, is your boss aware we're coming?" aksed Megro. The man shook his head, snickering. "He dosen't have a clue" he chuckled.

"I like this guy" thought Rivora, feeling some rage in him allready penting up. Megro sighed, leaning back. What was normally a long walk became a few minutes as they were out of the forest in almost no time, the driver taking them past at least half the town before stopping before a large building where dozens of workers were outside, their yells and obscenities blurred in one big mess. Megro and the others stepped out along with the driver.

"You'll find him in there" said the driver. Megro proceeded forward, Rivora and Jerome following suit. Rivora was cracking his knuckles, a sing Jerome recognized as Rivora becoming more dangerous. They brushed through the angry workers, Rivora tempted to knock some of them away. Fourtanately they reached the door before any such temptation took over. They busted through the doors, finding many armed men standing there with guns.

They heared a woman chuckle, walking down towards them. "So you're the Mahados. Kind of gullable, but I guess a free ride was too tempting" she said.

"That snake betrayed us!" hissed Rivora.

"Tie these guys up, then we'll figure out what to do with them" said the woman.

"Hmph, that chance. Megro, let's kill these guys" said Rivora. Megro began charging up an arrow. "You'll never hit us with a single bullet" said Megro.

Karaka kept flipping through the channels. "I can't stand this, I hope Jerome's okay. He's the only friend I have among the Mahados, I don't know what I'll do if I lose him. To add onto that, since I'm not on the mission, I won't get payed!" she thought.

"Agh!" cried Karaka, something hitting her hand and forcing her to drop the remote. She looked over, her eyes widening. All of the Xegas were there, Teyu leading them.

"What are you doing here?" asked Karaka getting up, holding her stomach a bit. She reached for the sword, taking it out and unleashing the blade. Teyu shook his head, turning his hand into a double edged blade, Karaka firing two beams that hit Teyu, running up to slash him, just barely missing Teyu's shoulder as Teyu,changing his arm into a hammer, got Karaka in the stomach, Karaka moaning before dropping her sword and falling face first to the ground. Teyu picked up the sword, tossing it to Methello who caught it.

"Despite you losing to me, it was still pretty humiliating, you being able to hurt me so much. Don't worry though, I don't hold grudges" said Teyu picking her up by the hair and throwing her on the couch.

"What do you say boys, what should we do with our little flower? I think we should slit her throat, leave the real Mahados with a message" said Teyu. Karaka got back to her feet, Teyu backhanding her, knocking her back. However she still got back to her feet.

"So you will continue to stand against me, even without your sword and still critical injuries?" asked Teyu. Karaka grabbed Teyu and pulled him into a kiss, Teyu's eyes wide in suprise but then accepted it, beggining to wrap his arms around Karaka until she shoved him back, Teyu staggering into Methello, causing him to drop the sword. Karaka scrambled forward, picking the sword up and shooting two beams at the twins, knocking them over and running through the backdoor. She ignored the pain in her stomach, continuing to run. "Methello, bring her back! I'm going to beat her *** until it bleeds dry!"shrieked Teyu.

Methello nodded, walking out. "They were waiting for this! I have to get out of here!" thought Karaka running, stopping to cough up blood before continuing.

The female boss was shoved into a chair in her office by Jerome, holding his stomach. "I still have a tiny amount of rage leaft. How about I use it on you? Heh, you're such an idiot to let the enemy in" said Rivora.

"Just meet the demands of your workers and we'll leave" said Megro.

"There are no demands, there is no strike" said the boss. "What? Those workers-

"Pure performance. Teyu happens to be family of mine, I set this whole mission up just for him" said the boss.

"He must've done this hoping we'd get injured worse!" said Jerome. Megro shook his head. "He did this to seperate us, to isolate his true target" said Megro.

"Karaka" gasped Jerome. Megro nodded. "I'm such a fool" said Megro.

Karaka fell forward, grabbing onto a tree branch. "I can't run for long, I'm losing breath so quickly. This isn't fair, why did they leave me here? No fair, no fair!" she thought. She coughed up more blood, pulling herself to her feet, picking her sword up.

She knew Methello was coming closer, he had been walking and able to keep up with her running. She coughed up more blood, turning around, shooting the beams from her sword, Methello blocking it with his sword. Karaka turned around, staggering away, Methello running up and getting in front of her. "No" moaned Karaka. She stabbed at him with her sword but he easily blocked with a small red sword. Karaka turned and began running, Methello walking forward. Karaka almost fell forward again but caught herself, then continued running away.

She saw the twins on the branch at the corner of her eye, shooting a beam that broke the branch and caused them to fall. Turning around, Teyu was in front of her, shooting the beat at Teyu but he blocked it with his blade. The twins got back up, Methello catching up to her as well. "No, no" she moaned, staggering back.

Teyu snapped his fingers, the twins yanking her down on the ground, Jean holding down her arms, Satre her legs. "I'm going to teach you your place" said Teyu.

"Leave her alone" said a hindu man walking out from behind the trees, dressed in yellow garments. Teyu went to stab his heart, the man's fingers touching his shoulder, Teyu's blade arm going numb. He was then elbowed down. Karaka watched in awe as well, Methello extending his sword but Ghantri was allready behind him, touching the neck, Methello going down. The twins got off Karaka, who got to her feet, as did Teyu.

The hindu man watched them. "Let's see" he thought.

Teyu turned his other arm into a blade, running towards Karaka who grabbed her sword and blocked, staggering back and coughing up blood, falling to a knee, Teyu turning his arm into a cannon. "DIE!" he said launching the cannon ball, Karaka shooting beams at the cannonball, knocking it back at Teyu. Teyu cried out, falling over. "Damn it!" he said. Each twin grabbed Teyu and Methello, running away with them. The man walked up to Karaka, putting his hand on her back, healing Karaka's wounds. "Thank you, but who are you?" asked Karaka.

"Ghantri, and your friends are coming. Keep safe" he spoke before vanishing. Karaka's face lightened up seeing the tractor vehicle coming up, Jerome rushing out.

"Karaka!" he said, stopping due to his injuries.

Megro and Rivora stepped out. "Where are the Xegas?" asked Megro.

"They high tailed it. Of course, I had some help" said Karaka. Megro saw her wounds were comepletely healed. "What's going on?" thought Megro.

Ghantri sat indian style, floating off the ground. "That girl, she reminds me so much of Celian. Yet, there's something else about her" thought Ghantri "Something I don't like"


10-31-2007, 07:32 PM
Teyu kicked the wall of the shed, the Xegas having returned from their encounter with Karaka. "That nuisance! It's because of him I lost to Karaka, to a girl! That's ridicolous!" yelled Teyu. Methello sighed. "Who cares. She's actually not too bad, not that big of deal. I'm going to bed" said Methello.

Methello walked off to his room, Teyu kicking the wall again. "This is twice I've been humiliated by her. I won't accept this Karaka, I will kill you with my own hands"

Megro stood in Stanya's room, leaning against the wall as she searched the computer. "Have any results come up for this Ghantri yet?" asked Megro. Stanya rolled her eyes. "Yeah they have, I'm just trying to build up the suspense" muttered Stanya.

Megro sighed. "I don't know why but when Karaka mentioned Ghantri I felt disturbed, like she shouldn't have heared of anyone by that name. He can't be someone infamous, he helped Karaka out even though he didn't need to" thought Megro.

Karaka walked into Jerome's room, giving him a large piece of meat as he layed in bed. "Thank Megro for this" said Karaka. Jerome laughed, taking it. "I still have to thank you for this" said Jerome.

"So how are your injuries?" asked Karaka, watching Jerome eat it. "Getting better. It'll be at least a week before they fully heal" said Jerome.

"I wish Ghantri would've stayed a little longer, he could've healed your injuries" said Karaka. Jerome continued eating, not responding to that. Karaka smiled at seeing Jerome enjoy his meal, almost feeling like she had repayed him just a little bit.

A younger Jerome was eating a very large burger, sitting just outside the place he got it. His mother stood beside him, shaking her head. "Must you eat like that in public? I really shouldn't be getting you these burgers" she sighed. Jerome began eating slower, feeling the weight of shame. "Hey lard ***, there's probaly enough **** in your stomach for you to feed an entire nation, try taking it down a bit" yelled a kid from across the street, his friends laughing with him. Jerome dropped the burger, her mother catching it. Jerome began to sob, his mom's words and their shurting him.

"I allready know you're going to eat the rest of it so just do it and let's go home you pig" spat his mother, Jerome nodding with tears, continuing to eat the burger. He waited until he got into his room, well done with the burger, and began to cry.

"Quit crying you lardass sissy. You disgrace us in and out of home! Your mom and I are sick of this humiliation! If you're so upset go kill yourself!" yelled his father from outside the door, which only prompted Jerome to cry harder.

Present day Jerome looked at Karaka, stopping his eating for a second. "What's wrong?" asked Karaka. Jerome smiled, continuing to eat.

Stanya looked more intently at the screen. "Found it!" she said. Megro looked towards her. "Well? What did you find?" asked Megro.

"Ghantri is one of the three heroes of popular mythology. It's believed he fought alongside two other heroes against a demon god. Ghantri was believed to have the ability to paralyze an opponent's limbs by sending his energy into it and overpowering the energy within the person. He was also a miracolous healer, able to heal almost any kind of wound or injury. Nothing much else here" said Stanya.

"Karaka's wounds were healed by this man, and she did describe him taking out the Xegas by paralyzing limbs. Could this really be THE Ghantri this file speaks of? That makes no sense though. Even assuming this mythology is actual history, however absurd, the last known mythology dates back to almost 1000 years" thought Megro.

"Does it say anything about him being immortal?" asked Megro. Stanya scrolled through for a few seconds.

"Says here he's one hundred percent mortal, although his abilities grant him the ability to live to at least one hundred and twenty at maximum and still in good shape" said Stanya."It must be coincidence then. They can't be the same person" said Megro walking out. From outside the window, Ghantri was watching him. Stanya turned to look out the window, believing someone to be there but Ghanti was gone.

Jerome walked outside, stretching his arms as far as he could before he felt his stomach hurt. Looking out, he saw a younger version of himself doing chin ups, struggiling and sweating to the laughter of other kids. He remembered he wanted to lose weight to stop the taunting, but he eventually gave up and sulked away.

"I remember, even trying to make myself puke up everything I ate, but it hurt too much and I gave up on it. It was around that time I began discovering my powers, but I was never able to bring myself to use them on them. Joining the Mahados was my only escape. Anytime I even try visiting my parents, they pretend I don't exist" thought Jerome with a longning face.

Ghantri walked up to him. "Pain of the heart dosen't heal easily" he said. Jerome looked to him suprised. "Who are you?" asked Jerome.

"A friend" said Ghantir, putting his hand on Jerome's stomach, healing it. "You, you healed me! Wow, that's amazing, thank you!" said Jerome. Jerome then remembered Karaka's story. "Are you that Ghantri guy?" asked Jerome.

"Yes, now listen to me. I need your help. I want you to bring Karaka out here tonight to see me. Tell her it's me. I assure you, I have no malicous intentions" said Ghantri. Jerome nodded, Ghantri walking away. Jerome sighed, walking back inside.

He found Karaka watching TV, not even noticing Jerome had entered the room. He felt his heart strings stabbed, remembering trying to dig his mind into the TV, ignoring everything else, eating a nice meal. "Those shows, they were nice, I even managed to watch if my parents happened to start on one of their tirades" he thought but stopped the memories, which were starting to become painful. Megro was about to walk through but stopped, seeing Jerome's healed stomach.

Rivora brushed by Megro, then shoved Karaka off the couch. "Go away stupid *****, my turn" said Rivora grabbing the remote. Karaka got up. "You no good meanie! I was watching that, you had no right to take that away from me! I mean it-

Jerome tapped Karaka on the shoulder, Karaka turning around angrily but brightened up upon seeing Jerome. "Hey Jerome" said Karaka.

"Yeah, go along with that fat bastard and leave me be" said Rivora. Rivora's taunts were usualy ignorable but this time Jerome was on in the mood, walking up to Rivora and grabbing him by the neck. "Leave me alone!' he yelled throwing Rivora up against the wall. Jerome stormed out, running.

Rivora coughed. "That no good rotten tub of-

Karaka kicked Rivora on his still injured arm, Rivora crying out. "You leave Jerome alone!" she yelled before running out after him.

Karaka found Jerome near the forest, punching his fists hard into the tree in front of him, sobbing. "Jerome?" asked Karaka taken aback. Jerome fell to a knee, letting tears out. "Were they all right? Am I really just, a fatso?" asked Jerome.

Karaka walked up to him. "You're such a sweet person Jerome. You're the only one who made me feel welcome" said Karaka. "Same here" said Jerome.

Jerome got up, turning to Karaka and wiped the tears, hugging Karaka tightly. "Thank you!" he said crying. "You're, crushing, me" said Karaka, Jerome letting go with a chuckle. "Sorry" he chuckled.

Ghantri appeared just then. "It's you" said Karaka. Karaka then looked at Jerome's stomach and noticed his wound was healed. "Thank you for helping him" said Karaka.

"Karaka, there's something I must do. I promise you it will not hurt but I will require you to lay down" said Ghantri. Karaka looked at Jerome, who gave her a nod, Karaka laying down. Ghantri put a hand over Karaka's head. Unknown to Jerome and Karaka, Megro was spying on them. "So that's Ghantri" thought Megro.

Ghantri closed his eyes, feeling from Karaka's head. "Fairly normal. Somewhat flawed character, a little greedy and ambitous but she seems to have an overall good heart. Yet, I see. She has a high potential for turning astray. Right now it seems either way, she could live on to be a decent person, or, someone not so-

"Don't talk about Karaka that way! She's treated me nice since she came here, which is more then I can say for most people!" yelled Jerome. Ghantri stood up. "You have a good heart. With a friend like you, she should be fine" said Ghantri before walking away.

Karaka woke up, shaking her head. "What happened?" she asked. Jerome yanked her up to her feet. "Nothing you need to worry about. C'mon, let's go see if Rivora will let us watch any TV" said Jerome. Megro stood there, waiting. "A high potential for turning astray huh? Nothing to be too concerned about. Even if she does betray us, she's of not threat to us" thought Megro.

Ghantri was far away from them before he stopped, his body tensing up. "Oh dear lord, he's coming! There's no doubt about it, I can pick that up even miles away," he thought. He heared the maniacal laugh in his head. "But why? Why is he coming here? What could he possibly be after?"


11-01-2007, 02:29 PM
Chapter Seven:The New Face of God

A fourteen year old girl was sitting down, watching a bunch of other boys kick a ball around, a game almost comparable to soccer only less dynamic. The girl watched with full focus, wishing she could play herself. One of the boys kicked it too hard, flying well over the other boy's head and through a space inbteween two buildings. "I'll get it" said the girl getting up and walking through. She walked through, seeing the ball. She went over to grab it but it was blown away. "Aw c'mon" she said but saw someone standing there.

The boys heared a loud scream, all of them running through the space towards where the girl had gone. They saw a menacing figure looming over her. "If you want to play the tragic heroes, come after me" he said.

Ghantri arrived a few moments later, but sighed with great dissapointment. He saw many bodies laying, torn and ripped limbs, with only the girl leaft intact, shaking and crying. "He's never gone this far. His mind has become more twisted then ever, and that girl has the potential to become just like him" thought Ghantri. Ghantri looked at the shocked girl. "There's nothing I can do for her except call local authorites over" thought Ghantri.

Karaka sat on the couch with a bland look on her face. "I've been here for days and have barely made any money at all. When's this supposed to pay off?" thought Karaka. She flipped through the TV stations but then stopped, gasping at the TV screen which featured all the ripped apart bodies currently being put away in body bags. "What kind of sick person would do that!" she cried out covering her mouth. Megro walked in upon hearing Karaka's words, shocked at the screen as well but not showing it.

"The only survivor is a young girl named Nemi is currently in a state of shock and unable to awnser any questions" said the reporter on TV. "A disgusting sight. Thoise weren't done by conventional weapons, whoever did that is not some commoner, but someone of extreme power. Methello? No, he would never do this, even if he was ordered to" thought Megro.

The Xegas saw this on television as well. "Damn, that's a-

"Nasty sight" finished Jean for Satre, the two looking at eachother angrily. "Stop that!" said Satre.

Teyu looked at Methello. "Disturbing, isn't it? I wonder who could've pulled this off?" pondered Teyu.

Methello turned and walked away with a "hmph".

"I could care less about those kids" thought Methello. Teyu kept looking at the screen in awe. "The three of them are so clueless. They think their little scuffles are the absoloute limit. What they see on that screen, is a mere taste of reality. Those kids were lucky compared to others" thought Methello.

"Whoever did this, unbelievable. Even I couldn't bring myself to go that far. Methello's the only one who dosen't seem affected, or he's probaly just hiding it" thought Teyu.

Megro layed on his bed, staring up at the ceiling. "I remember watching videos of scenes like that. They showed them as a test, to see if we would react or not. Why can't I get over seeing that? Such cruelty, barbarity, I should be used to it by now yet something about it still sends a chill down my spine" thought Megro. The images on the television flashed again in his head, unerving Megro by the second.

He sat up, walking out into the kitchen and pouring himself water. "So did you see it too? The news?" asked Jerome who was in the kitchen as well, grabbing a beverage.

"Yes" said Megro. Jerome opened the beverage and took a sip. "Man, that's just awfu, awful. Those kids, it's almost too much to take" said Jerome. Megro didn't respond, simply walking out of the kitchen. Jerome looked at Megro to see if he was even paying attention but it didn't even matter now it seemed.

Megro stopped just short of the living room, looking at the television. "Why is this haunting me? Have I been surpressing my emotions for so long that it's starting to spill over?" thought Megro.

Nemi sat in her room, the door locked. She had simply locked herself away in her room since being brought back and hand't come out even once. She refused to eat, refused to watch television, to come out and talk, just sat on her bed cradiling back and forth, only once coming out of her room to steal something and then went right back in.

She took a knife out from under her wrist, a sharp kitchen knife. The flashes of her dead friends kept going through her head, Nemi putting the knife to her wrist. However suddenly her wrist was gripped by a familiar hand, Nemi about to scream but a hand was clamped over her mouth. "You don't want to die" snapped the figure.

Nemi froze in terror of the figure who now had her. He was tall, at least seven foot, wearing ragged archer's clothing, his skin grey and stonelike with a red nose and yellow eyes. "I am God, Nemi. I am your father, everyone's father, now and forever. I killed all your friends, because you were above all them. I'm going to take you on a journey, a journey in which all the pain will go away, and you will continue to live your life free of agony" promised the figure.

Rivora snickered, seeing Megro still in front of the television later that day, watching the ongoing coverage. "I never took you as an avid television watcher" sneered Rivora. "Today's news if of interest" said Megro. Rivora shook his head, going back to his room. He knew Megro wasn't going to give up the television now.

Karaka and Jerome entered the shed, finding Megro sitting on the couch asleep. "Hey wake up" yelled Jerome, Megro's eyes snapping open. It was night time, Karaka giggiling. "Jerome took me out to show me how he hunts. I can't imagine doing this every day" said Karaka.

"I'll store the rest in the fridge" said Jerome carrying it away. Karaka sat next to Megro, seeing the continuing news coverage, which was now reporting that Nemi was missing. "Really puts a cloud over you" said Karaka. Megro got up, going into the kitchen and away from Karaka.

"The only ones you're supposed to care about are those among your own Megro" he remembered being told. He gave a frustrated sigh. "I know, I know, but I seem to care even more then anyone else. Why? Why?" he thought.

"It's you!" he heared Karaka yell. The other Mahados immidiately ran in, Karaka up on her feet. Nemi was standing at the door, tears from her eyes. Megro recognized her as well. "How did you get here, what are you doing here?" asked Karaka.

"I'll escort the little ***** out" said Rivora walking up but Megro grabbed Rivora's arm and yanked him back.

"I don't know, I don't know!" sobbed Nemi. Jerome walked up to comfort her. "It's allright, you're among friends here. Can I get you anything to drink?" asked Jerome.

"No. I'll get it, wait here. Rivora, change the channel" ordered Megro going into the kitchen. Rivora hmphed, but did as ordered. "Is Megro being nice to her?" thought Karaka. Megro brought Nemi a beverage, Jerome sitting Nemi down.

"Thank you" said Nemi, taking a sip.

"So how did you get here?" asked Megro sitting down next to her, which also suprised the others.

"I don't know, one moment he grabbed me, then the next, I was here" she said. "Who?" asked Megro.

"He says he's God, he's the one who killed my friends" she said before sobbing uncontrollably, then breaking for the kitchen. Megro followed her, Nemi searching through the drawers for a knife, dumping the drawer out on the floor and picking a knife up. Megro slapped the knife out of Nemi's hand, grabbing both her wrists in his one hand and walking her out from the kitchen and sitting her on the couch.

"She's hysterical" said Megro. He hit her on the back of the neck hard, knocking her out. He layed her down on the couch.

"What do we do?" asked Jerome.

"We let her stay until she's regained her composure at least" said Megro. Suddenly the door burst open, wind blowing the four Mahados away, Nemi grabbed and rushed outside. "After him!" yelled Megro running out.

"What was that?" asked Karaka running out as well, Jerome and Rivora following. They didn't have to run far, the figure who had killed Nemi's friends standing there, using the wind to carry Nemi away and place her in some bushes gently. "Are you the one who calls himself God?" asked Megro.

"I will be. Until then, remember my name as Kaisen. I only came for observation, there are certain people here I'm looking for" he said.

"So why did you bring her here?" asked Megro.

Karaka trembled. "His presence, unbelievable, and his look, he can't be human" thought Karaka.

"I'm looking for more desciples, checking out everything, and Mercenaries ar the perfect starting point. Waste of time really, your four seem pretty pathetic, and you even have a girl here, how cute" said Kaisen.

"Damn, he's so scary" she thought.

Rivora felt the rage pent up in him. "Too bad, it's around that time Kaisen. Let's pick this kid killing idiot apart" said Rivora cracking his knuckles. Megro got his energy bow and arrows ready. "Must it really be this way? Such a waste to fight against God" said Kaisen.

Jerome ran at him, two winds formed in his palm, then bringning his palms side by side, making the wind bigger and running at Kaisen, Rivora following. "I better stay on the sidelines" thought Karaka running around.

Kaisen flicked his finger, a stronger wind blowing both Jerome and Rivora away, the winds cutting through them as well, both screaming. Both hit the ground hard. Rivora and Jerome struggled back to their feet, Rivora running at Kaisen. From the same finger Kaisen shot flames out at Jerome, Jerome's screams muffled under the flames that consumed him, a scared Karaka putting hands over her mouth.

"I'll cut you down!" yelled Rivora, several smaller electrical arrows coming down towards Kaisen who shot flames from his mouth to destroy the arrows, water coming from his finger to hit Rivora hard in the chest, knocking the breath out of him, then struck Rivora down with lightning.

"Four different elements! Wow!" thought Karaka. Megro allreayd had his ultimate arrow ready.

"I'll take vegance for those children you murdered! DIE BY MY HANDS YOU DEMON!" thought Megro firing it. Kaisen sent a small bolt of lightning from his hand, going right through the arrow and hitting Megro. "I'm so sorry" he thought falling unconcious.

Kaisen shook his head. "So weak" he thought. Karaka ran forward, the adreniline rush allowing her to stab what she thought was through.

"Don't even try girl" said Kaisen, which sounded like it was right beside her rather then in front of her. "The grap between us is simply too large, and even if you were to train for one thousand years while I rested that gap would never close" said Kaisen.

Karaka looked to the side but Kaisen seemed to dissapear. "You remind me of Celian a bit, though certainly a lot weaker" he said. Karaka fell to the ground, a blow she never even saw coming to her stomach. By the time she felt it, Kaisen was allready behind her. The blow knocked her unconcious.

"Just so weak, it makes my power look so great. Still, it's not enough" thought Kaisen.

"I found you" he heared a familiar voice say. Kaisen turned around, staring Ghantri down.

"What's your aim Jesuan" said Ghantri. "That name is dead. I'm only Kaisen now. My goal, simply to find desciples" said Kaisen.

"Like that girl? You really think she's going to help you against the one you're after? Your campaign against him is useless this way!" said Ghantri.

"Your way has been proven useless Ghantri" said Kaisen walking over, picking up Nemi in his arms.

"Don't try to kill me Ghantri, you'll only die yourself. Just stay out of my affairs" said Kaisen. He dissapeared with Nemi in his arms. Ghantri looked at the four unconcious Mahados. "They never had a chance. His power is at least one hundred times theirs combined. He put his palms together, emmiting strong waves that healed the four of them, before dissapearing.


11-02-2007, 05:32 PM
Chapter Eight:Haunted Megro

Megro found himself standing on the site where Kaisen had murdered the kids, all the dead bodies surrounding him. "Why am I here? What's going on?" thought Megro. All the dead bodies were reduced to ashes, floating in the sky, Megro hearing their cries.

Megro's eyes snapped open. He was in his bed, sweating. He sat up, looking around. The memories of their fight with Kaisen rushed back to him. "We failed miserably, so miserably. What kind of power was that?" thought Megro. He got up and dressed, finding Karaka in front of the television alongside Jerome watching the news. Megro watched from afar, Nemi was still missing and the murderer unknown to the authorities. Jerome looked over towards, Karaka doing the same.

"Hey you're awake. Man, you were out for some time" said Jerome. Megro just continued watching the television screen intently, then walked out without a word.

Megro stood calmly, an arrow ready and waiting for somekind of edible animal to come by. "You've only done half the job. You can hide your emotions, but you can't surpress them. This is why you'll never reach my level" he remembered Methello telling him. He was unaware Nemi was watching him, dark circles around her eyes.

Megro saw one, firing the arrow off and hitting it perfectly. Megro walked over, tearing open the hoel in it and ripping out the meat, fresh and hot for him to eat. He ate it, sitting on the ground. "A comeplete failiure. My team was devestated in less then a minute's time, on top of that that damn murderer is still out there. As much as I want him dead, if I try to launc another assault against him, the result won't change. I would be asking the others to go straight to hell. Yet, those images refuse to stop haunting me. Why? Why can't I get over it?" thought Megro.

Nemi chuckled lightly, almost in a whisper.

Megro tossed the remains to the side, the wind blowing it away as he stood up. "There is only one obvious awnser. I must let it pass, I can't afford to face him again" said Megro. Megro walked away, Nemi chuckiling slightly louder. "You're just a maggot in the face of the new god" she said.

Megro looked over, seeing Rivora angrily beating an animal to death. "His rage is activating. His defeat angers him, because he has no excuse he can use to lessen the blow" thought Megro firing an arrow out in front of Rivora, stopping him.

"That's enough" said Megro. Rivora angrily snarled at him before flashing towards Megro with a punch but missed, Megro well away, firing a small green arrow, Rivora just barely able to block it, the arrows multiplying into smaller arrows and landing on Rivora, exploding, Megro firing an arrow that went right past Rivora, sending out waves that caused Rivora to fall to his knees, Megro charging up his ultimate arrow.

"This battle is over, you can not dodge this. Save your rage" said Megro, letting the arrow dissapate. Rivora punched the ground so hard his knuckles bled, giving a death glare to Megro. Megro turned and walked away, Rivora continuing to smack the ground with his bleeding hand. Rivora finally stopped himself, panting. Nemi watched Rivora with a twisted smile on her face.

Kaisen was in his shelter, still leaft untouched by anyone else. He looked into the room where Nemi was supposed to be, she was gone. Kaisen however didn't seem upset. "She'll come back, let her do what she wants" he said.

Stanya yawned loudly, sitting in front of the computer, checking to see if there were any missions available but none were at the moment. She got up, going into the kitchen and fetching a beverage from the fridge. "Hey Stanya, how are ya?" asked Jerome cheerfully.

"Peachy, almost as much as a dead rat" muttered Stanya before walkiing back with the beverage. Jerome just shrugged, Stanya retaking her seat back in her room with the beverage. She wiped her hand across her head, gulping down more. "It just dosen't end, such tedium" she muttered. The door slammed close, Stanya looking over with her heart skipping a beat. She shrugged, turning back to look at the screen, seeing a reflection of Nemi's face, spinnin around in her chair.

"Ssshhh, no need to bring attention to us" said Nemi.

"What the hell is this?" asked Stanya.

Nemi put her palm right in front of Stanya's face, the force emitted from it overwhelming Stanya and causing her to faint. Stanya pointed to the computer, going right to a file on Megro. She read through it, before hearing a knock at the door. "What's going on? I heared a noise in there" said Jerome. No awnser, Jerome busting the door open but Nemi was allready gone. "Stanya!" gasped Jerome kneeling down to check on her.

Methello stood outside the Xegas resting place, stretching his arms out. "We don't seem to be getting much in the way of work today, suprising considering the recent events" thought Methello. They were much closer to town, only a thick gathering of bushes away from town. Methello walked towards the town, however his extendable sword quickly was formed and shot out behind him without him even looking, the sword being stopped by Nemi's finger, splitting into two sides which went into opposite directions. Methello turned around to face her, recognizing her.

"You're the missing girl" he said. Nemi didn't respond. "The news said she was a common girl with no powers, so how did she stop my sword with her finger?" thought Methello.

"You're stronger then your cousin, the new god might like you" she said. Methello gave her a "pfft", turning to walk away but Nemi was allready in front of him.

Methello created a small red sword in his hand. "You won't cut or block this, now leave me alone" said Methello. Nemi only chuckled, Methello aiming to stab in the chest but Nemi got behind him, Methello forming a shield behind his back that Nemi destroyed with a single touch of the finger, Methello spinning around with the sword but Nemi flew back.

"You're not much on your own. Maybe you should get your cousin Megro to help" said Nemi.

"What do you want?" asked Methello.

"Go to the murder sight in one hour" said Nemi. She chuckled, then vanished.

Megro and the others(except Rivora) were in the hospital room with a still unconcious Stanya. They had driven her up after she had not woken up. "Who could've pulled this off?" asked Jerome.

"Stanya's not really the fighting type, it couldn't be that hard to have-

"You're missing the point Karaka. You're right about Stanya not being a fighter, there are huge numbers of people who could overpower her, but she hasn't just been knocked out or she would've woken up by now. My guess is Kaisen, he's the only one I know who could pull this off" said Megro.

Karaka shivered remembering him. "Megro" he heared a voice whisper in his head.

"Don't speak out loud. I knew this girl would get your attention above anyone, people like you are more sympathetic to the weak. If you ever want to see her awake again, meet me at the murder sight right now, alone" he heared that voice whisper. Megro felt his insides shiver at the thought of the place.

"You two stay here, I have some buisness to attend to" said Megro walking out.

"That's cold, I mean this girl's laying here practicaly in a coma and he just walks out" said Karaka.

"No, something's up with him. He's not out doing some errand, but whatever he's doing he dosen't want us in on it" said Jerome.

Megro arrived at the murder sight, then saw Methello standing there. Methello noticed him, the two staring at eachother. "So were you called here too?" asked Methello. Megro nodded.

"Hmph, still can't surpress those emotions can you? I can read through your eyes no matter how well it's hidden from everyone else, you're scared to be here. That's pathetic. I still remember you trembiling after viewing that preperation film" said Methello.

Megro did not respond. "You've done well for yourself so far, but you have to take it further if you ever expect to beat me. You know as well as I that if your friends hadn't bought you a moment's time with their own fight, you would've lost there and then" said Methello.

A strong wind blew by, signaling the appearance of Nemi. "Nemi"thought Megro remembering when he last saw her.

Methello got his extendable sword formed and ready. "What's Kaisen done to you?" asked Megro. methello looked at his cousin. "Kaisen?" he asked.

Megro nodded. "Yes, this girl came to us last night running away from Kaisen, someone claiming himself to be a God. He single handedly took out my team in under a minute's time" said Megro. Methello looked back to Nemi.

"Taking out the Mahados like that all by himself? That explains why this girl is so powerful" thought Methello.

Megro saw the bodies of the dead boys forming around him and Methello, Methello now seeing it too. "You see? The new god knows his ways. He killed my friends as a test, because I was his chosen deciple, he knew I'd pull through. Now, as a gift, he brought them all back" said Nemi, one of the boys coming up to kiss her. Methello extended his sword immidiately to stab her, Nemi breaking away as she saw it coming, the sword bending towards where she escaped it.

"I won't kill her, but I can at least injure her to keep her from fighting" thought Megro forming a blue arrow and firing it past her, the arrow sending waves out but Nemi ducked it and flew away before the waves could touch her. The bodies began circiling Megro, causing Megro to lose his focus. The images began flashing through his mind again, Megro losing his focus.

The extendable sword continued going towards Nemi in the air, Nemi stopping it with her finger, the sword splitting. The split swords however stopped behind her, their pointed ends coming down towards Nemi who dissapeared at the last moment, the sword destroying itself.

"There is no doubt, why these images haunt me. That tape, I still can't get over it, all those killings and slaughters" thought Megro. He shook his head, seeing Nemi fly his way, trying to form another arrow but the mental images kept haunting him. Nemi stopped right in front of him.

"Can't stop can you? Kaisen is testing you, he wants you as a disciple, as one of his own. This is his test" said Nemi, but she gasped lightly seeing Megro form his Ultimatum Arrow.

"I'm sick of these things haunting me! I have to kill them before they continue messing with my head!" he thought firing it with Nemi still right in front of him. The smoke cleared, Megro panting. Nemi shielded herself, her gown torn a bit, bleeding.

"Damn, I had no time to dodge that" thought Nemi. All the bodies were gone now. Methello formed his Ultimatum sword, a large rainbow colored sword.

"I'll finish the job" he thought, running towards Nemi and slashing with the sword, an even bigger explosion that caused Megro to fly back. The smoke cleared, Nemi laying on the ground face first. Megro got back to his feet.

"So, you over it now?" asked Methello. Megro didn't awnser.

"Guess not" said Methello, Nemi dissapearing. Methello and Megro looked at eachother, before Methello simply turned and walked away. Authorities could be heared coming, Megro leaving quickly.

Megro returned to the hospital, finding Stanya standing outside with Karaka and Jerome. "You're awake, that's good" said Megro.

"So where did you go?" asked Karaka.

"Let's just go" said Megro getting back in the tractor, the other three joining him.

"I was hoping getting rid of them would help, but it's still there, that fear" thought Megro.


11-04-2007, 09:33 AM
Nemi was back in Kaisen's shelter, bandages around the wound where Methello had landed a blow on her. "I'm sorry, I thought I could make them break down and come to us, I thought I could test them" apoligized Nemi. Kaisen however didn't seem angry in the slightest.

"It dosen't matter. We can find others. Megro and Methello are of no necessity to us" said Kaisen.

"So what do we do next?" asked Nemi.

"We find where we stand" said Kaisen.

Megro, Rivora and Jerome stood before a man handing Megro money while Karaka hid in the tractor.

"Annoying" muttered Karaka as they drove home.

"Hmph, just be thankful you even praticapate in these missions. You're lucky to even be fighting alongside ANY mercenary group" snarled Rivora. He turned to look outside the window of the tractor and away from Karaka. He clenched his fist hard.

"Well hey, you still get paid the same as us at least" said Jerome cheerfully. Karaka sighed. "I suppose so" said Karaka.

They arrived back at the shed, everyone stepping out. "Besides, I'll tell ya, no way would I remain a Mahado if I had to go through what you do. You should take it as a badge of honour" said Jerome. Karaka didn't even respond, stopping when she saw Stanya standing outside with a serious look on her face.

"Hey, what's wrong Stanya?" asked Jerome. Stanya was holding papers in her hand, Megro walking up and taking them. He read them over quickly.

"Oh great, another mission" muttered Karaka.

"No, this isn't a mission, this is a warning, telling that if we don't send Karaka home, the council will be alerted to the presence of a female member taking part in combat, against regulation 21" siad Megro.

"Who wrote it! I'll beat their ***-

"Your father" said Megro. Karaka growled, gripping her sword tightly. "Easy there, you'll break your hands at this rate" said Jerome.

"I can't risk the security of the Mahados for any single member Karaka, but I recognize how hard you've worked to get here and since coming here. Go back home and talk to your father, try to reason with him. However if you can't convince him, then I'm afraid I'll have to let you go. Jerome, you go with her" said Megro. Jerome nodded, Karaka still gripping the sword tightly.

"I hate him" she muttered.

"Easy now, you don't-

"I do Jerome, I hate him. I'm sick of him trying to stop me from doing what I want. Let's go, I'll convince him allright" said Karaka.

"Sure, I'll drive" said jerome. Karaka put up no argument on that subject, getting into the passenger's side. She finally retracted the blade, putting the sword handle down the back of her shirt.

"You're going to have to help me with directions" said Jerome.

"Just stop when we get to town, I really am not in the mood to give directions" said Karaka.

"You shouldn't hate your father just because of this" said Jerome.

"This? No, this is just the final straw. I've always wanted to become a mercenary, that was my dream. Everyone else shot it down, thought I was joking. I thought my dad would support me at least but he never did, he was the most avid when it came to stopping me. I practicaly had to run away from him that day when I ran out to join you guys. I needed to prove to him I could make it" said Karaka.

Jerome stopped on the outskirts of town, both of them getting out of the tractor. "You can't blame him. Before I met you, I didn't think there were girls out there who could fight men" said Jerome.

"I don't buy that. My dad knew I could fight, he saw me train myself I'm sure" said Karaka, then she stopped walking. Jerome looked at her, seeing that she was beggining to cry. "Why couldn't I, have been born a boy? If I was intended to fight, then why wasn't I made a male? Then I wouldn't have to go through this" she said breaking down on the final word, Jerome kneeling down and holding her shoulders.

"C'mon Karaka, it'll all work out I promise. We'll find a way to convince him" said Jerome. Karaka nodded, sniffiling and wiping the tears away.

"Thank you Jerome" she said choked up, standing to her feet. She took a moment to compose herself, taking a deep breath before continuing.

"Hey, you never mentioned your mom. What does she think about all this?" asked Jerome.

"She dosen't even know. She dumped my dad right after I was bored. She's been whoring herself out to whoever takes her in" muttered Karaka bitterly.

"I'm sorry" said Jerome.

"You think my dad would be happy that I'm not like her. Twelve different boyfriends in six years before she had me and dumped me onto him like garbage" thought Karaka.

It was a fairly long walk into the very heart of the town before even reaching Karaka's block. Jerome wiped the sweat off his forehead, Karaka not even haven broken a sweat that she noticed. She continued down towards her house with intent all over her face, Jerome following closely. As she reached closer to her house, she saw that her father was standing outside with several other men in the backyard. She became suspicous immidiately, Jerome becoming tense. As she was heading into the back yard, they all saw the two coming as well. Karaka stopped just in front of them, looking with intensity at her father.

"Welcome home" said her father without cheer. Karaka just stared right through him.

"I really don't want to have to ruin your little mercenary group, after all I bear no ill will against them, however I'm willing to do whatever it takes. The fact remains you do not belong among them" said her father.

"You piece of ****" hissed Karaka.

"That's your father you're talking to!" said one of the men walking up to her, grabbing her by the shirt. Karaka's rage was just boiling over, she could not hold it in. She grabbed her sword, unleashing it and cutting down on the man's shoulder, the man crying out and staggering back. Karaka flattened the wrinkle that the man's grab had done.

"You little witch!"said one of them checking on the man with the cut shoulder. Karaka held the sword firmly, pointing it at her father.

"You're going to drop this dad, I mean it. I swear I will cut down each and everyone one of you if you don't" vowed Karaka.

"You don't really-

"Try me you *****! My mom whores herself out to men, you ***** yourself out to these ridicolous laws!" yelled Karaka. To prove her point, Karaka ran up to another and stabbed him in the stomach, shooting out two beams at two other men.

"Calm down Karaka!" pleaded Jerome as she pulled the sword out.

"I don't care! I'm sick of this! I want to live my life my way! You have no idea what I've gone through for this opprotunity, and you just want to take it away from me! If you don't call it off, I swear I'll kill you!" yelled Karaka, which prompted gasps from everyone still standing.

"Karaka, you don't really-

"I do Jerome. I am so pissed off right now I will! I'm sick of being held down because of how I was born! I'm sick of having to live under these restrictions! Most of all, I'm sick of having to live with a worthless family who never supported me!" yelled Karaka, her body trembiling in anger.

"K-Karaka, that's not true-

"Isn't it? Mom dumped me as soon as I was born. You dumped my dream as soon as it was spoken. Now you're trying to take it away from me" said Karaka solemnly.

Her father hung her head, Jerome gulping. "I'm going back. If I find out you reported the Mahados, you're dead" said Karaka with comeplete seriousness.

"I, I see. I, never thought. Why does it mean so much to you? For the money?" asked her father.

Karaka shook her head. "Money was the reason at first, however now I have something to prove to everyone. I'm fighting with and alongside men, and I've held my own just fine. I'll only get stronger, and one day maybe these laws holding me back will be abolished. You have no idea what I've put myself through to get where I am" said Karaka.

Her father looked around at the men she had wounded. "Well then, I guess you've made up your mind. If this is what you want, then I won't tell, on one condition" he said.

"Which is?" asked Karaka.

"One last hug for your old man" he said extending his arms. Karaka smiled faintly before running up and wrapping her arms around him. Jerome however noticed him take a knife from his pocket, stabbing into her thigh. Karaka moaned, letting go and falling to the ground. The wounded men miraculously healed, Karaka's father carrying Karaka inside, who couldn't seem to move at all.

"Karaka!" he gasped.

The men all turned into sillohoutes with red eyes. "What are those?" thought Jerome.

Jerome formed wind in his hand, all of them dissapearing. Nemi appeared in front of her, flicking her finger and flingning Jerome into the outside of the house. Jerome fell on his face.

Inside, Karaka's wrists were cuffed behind her back, laying on the bed as she felt movement returning to her limbs. Kaisen shed the disguise of Karaka's father. "You, you killed him didn't you?" asked Karaka angrily.

"There was no need to, he was out at the moment. No, all I was interested in was you. You've become somewhat of a fascination for me" said Kaisen, Karaka struggiling to get out of the cuffs. Kaisen turned to Karaka with a small black sphere in his hand.

"I want you to carry this for me, consider it a temporary gift" said Kaisen walking up to her, placing the sphere in Karaka. Karaka cried out, feeling intense pain throughout her body. The pain was too much and Karaka fell unconcious.

"I'm interested in seeing the results of this. Thank you for this entertainment Karaka" said Kaisen .

Nemi dissapeared , Jerome getting back to his feet. He ran back inside the house, finding Karaka in the first bedroom he saw. "Hey Karaka, you allright?" he asked. Kaisen turned to him.

"You!" yelled Jerome, forming wind in both his pams and smashing them together, creating one large ball of wind. From his own palm Kaisen unleashed a devestating wind, Jerome screaming as it tore through much of his skin, leaving cuts all over his body. Jerome fell to the floor in a bloody heap.

"This was a lot of fun. Remind Karaka when she wakes up that her father is fine" said Kaisen before dissapearing. Jerome cried out, forcing himself to his feet, bleeding badly. He saw Karaka was handcuffed but didn't have the energy to break the cuffs himself. He fell back to the floor, crawling out of the room, leaving a trail of blood behind him as he reached a stand in the hall where a phone was available, knocking it over so the phone landed in front of him. He began to dial it. "Karaka, what did he do to you?" thought Jerome.

Rivora watched television happily. "It's sure been a long time, what's taking them" muttered Rivora. Megro put down the phone, walking in.

"Rivora, we have to go. Karaka and Jerome are in the hospital" said Megro.


11-04-2007, 09:45 AM
To be honest, I couldn't read much of it, because there wasn't much descriptions. Like I couldn't really imagine your character in the first chapter, aside from a girl with green hair.

Just a few suggestions, try explaining what she looks like. If she's wearing peasant clothes, what era are the clothes from? 1800s? 1600s? Just giving a date gives a broader sense of definition to how she looks.

11-04-2007, 10:41 AM
I DID describe the outfit she wore.

"Her typical peasant clohing consisted of black overalls over a red long sleeve shirt and blue boots."

It's not an overly elaborate description but her outfit is described. I'm not going to go into a needlessly overelaborate description because the majority of readers are going to come up with their own image regardless of what I type, so a basic description will do.