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Chapter 15
HIM, and HER

He landed on the ground, his arms firmly wrapped around her slender figure. His warmth enveloped her as she landed right on top of him, the scent of his perfume as if seeping into her senses.

Time stopped. Heartbeats raced. Eyes widened.

Yama…zaki…?! Mi…yazawa…?!

Their lips remained locked for quite a while. 5 seconds, 10 seconds… 30 seconds… 2 minutes… Neither of them dared to break the awkward situation. Was it because of a discomfited circumstance?

Or was it because of the “feeling”?

That weird “feeling”…

-#-Thunder rumble-#-

“Ugh!” Aya, who was suddenly stirred by the startling sound of the thunder, pushed herself up in surprise, in the process breaking away from the momentary daze the kiss has brought about. Although she finally managed to pull her pink lips away from Kosuke’s, she remained in his arms. Her sapphire eyes remained glued to him.

Kosuke swallowed hard. His deep emerald green eyes remained wide open and only twitched when he blinked in unusually long intervals. He just fell from a fifteen-foot staircase, yet for some reason, his back felt more numbed rather than painful. He felt his blood rushing to his head. Lucky for him, the platform where they crashed on was badly lit. If not, the sudden, uncontrollable reddening of his entire face would be perceivable.

Yama…zaki…?! Mi…yazawa…?!




-#-Thunder rumble again-#-

“Damn it…”

Now it was Kosuke’s turn to break the hiatus. He tilted his head slightly to his left along with his gaze, “Get off me.”


“Get off me, Miyazawa.”

“But... uh…” Aya whispered.

“What is it again this time? You’ve caused…” Kosuke suddenly paused, trying to look for a good word to fit in his sentence.

As if haunting him however, the kiss, out of nowhere, flashed in his mind.

‘That’ weird feeling…



“TROUBLE!!!” Kosuke exclaimed after successfully finding the not-so-right word to finish his sentence. The tone of uneasiness was very much discernible in his tone.

However, Aya did not move an inch farther from him.

“What are you doing? Are you acting like a rainy-night-drama-queen

“But how can I get off…” Aya bit her lip. Inside her thoughts, she was also very thankful that the platform had poor lighting. Her heart was pounding uncontrollably and at the same time felt her blood rushing to paint her cheeks red.

“Huh?” Kosuke raised an eyebrow.

In a soft voice, Aya said as her eyes shot to the other direction, “Your arms…”

“My arms… EHHHH!!!!”

Kosuke immediately pulled his arms away. He realized that he has been embracing her tight the whole time. This was the reason why Aya did not pull herself up entirely from the start.

However, Aya still did not break away.

“Oh no…” Aya’s eyes widened.

“What is it again?” Kosuke asked in a pestered tone.

“It’s tangled!”

“What the heck are you talking about?”

Kosuke looked at Aya, who seemed to be preoccupied with something that hung on her neck.

It was the necklace that Shizuki gave to her. Apparently, it was twisted into a jumbled mass with Kosuke’s crescent-shaped golden necklace.

“Oh no… what to do…” Aya said anxiously, still trying to fix the welter.

“Just pull the damn thing off!” Kosuke said in a more irritated manner.


“Just pull it off! Break your cheap necklace off and get off me!”

“B-Break it?!”

“Damn it. If you can’t pull it off, I’ll do it…”

Kosuke reached for her necklace, but Aya grabbed it first.

“No, don’t!”

“It’s just a cheap necklace. You can always buy a new one, considering the humongous house you’re living in,” Kosuke frowned as he attempted to pull the necklace off.

However, Aya did not let him have it.

again?” Kosuke said boastfully. He made sure to avoid Aya’s puzzling gaze.
They say that as long as the necklace is intact,
you shall continue feeling the warmth of someone you love.
When you break it,
the warmth will disappear
and will never find you ever again.
And so, you have to treat it with utmost care wherever you go

Shizuki’s voice echoed in Aya’s mind.

“Don’t break it…” Aya said softly, tightening her grip on the meager necklace.

“M-Miyazawa?” Kosuke’s voice suddenly transformed from annoyed to sympathetic after noticing her trembling hands.

“It’s a gift from Okamoto-chan,” Aya said. “It’s a gift from my friend… If it breaks, warmth will never find me…”

“Warmth?” Kosuke raised an eyebrow once more. “So, that four-eyed girl told you some folklore and you actually believed it? Tsk… How lame.”

“(At least I’m not a good-for-nothing… Now tell me who the lame one is…)” Aya muttered.

“What was ‘that’ you’re grumbling about?” Kosuke said as he noticed Aya murmuring some words he failed to make out.

Immediately, Aya continued to fix the necklace. It beads and thin string seemingly wound around Kosuke’s crescent-shaped necklace, whose chain was notably short as it fitted him almost like how a choker would. It must have happened when he suddenly grabbed her as they fell from the stairs, held her tight, and ended with that ‘feeling’.




“(What am I thinking…)” Aya shook his head to cast the thought away. She snapped back to reality and busied herself with the necklace. However, it was too dark. She could not see clearly whether she was indeed detangling it or making it much worse.

To Aya’s surprise however, she felt again that familiar feeling that she felt not so long ago. It was accompanied once more with that recognizable perfume and broad shoulders.

She was being pushed up to sitting position, guided by a strong pair of arms.

“You’re too sluggish. I’ll do it,” Kosuke said.


“I won’t bash it or something. Do you really think I’m ‘that’ desperate to get even with you? Just hand it over. Otherwise, we’ll be here till morning and by that time, you’re still NOT done,” Kosuke said coolly, although his voice sounded a lot more serious than annoyed, just like how he usually sounded.

Aya sat in front of Kosuke, who was now the one sorting out the tangled necklaces. Even though they were not kissing anymore, the fact that their necklaces were intertwined with each other made it seem as if the situation was almost similar to snogging. He was so close to her that Aya felt the warm air he exhaled through his nose and the sound of his every inhale and exhale as he preoccupied himself with detangling. Despite the badly lit platform, Aya noticed his skin, whose texture for some reason resembled that of a girl’s. Even though he has an unblemished face, which was rare for men who, most often than not, occasionally have acne dilemmas, his eyes seemed to wrap-up his overall features. They were really, really manly.

Aya studied his face, “(Come to think of it… He’s… really handsome…)”
And his lips were thin…

His lips…

“This is impossible…” Kosuke heaved a sigh.

His sudden talking alarmed Aya, who immediately turned her gaze towards the other direction.

“But what are we going to do…” Aya anxiously said.

Unexpectedly, Kosuke bent down towards her. Aya swallowed hard, unable to move as he came nearer. To her surprise, Kosuke once again wrapped his arms around her. She felt her heart starting to pound hard as if it was struggling to escape from her chest.

“Y-Yamazaki-san?” Aya exclaimed.

However, she felt her hair moved to one side followed by a gentle brush on her nape. She blushed in embarrassment when she realized that what Kosuke was trying to do was not what she initially expected to after all.

“Cheap necklaces… Tsk,” Kosuke frowned as he started to turn the lock counter clockwise to free the necklace from her neck.

“As if your necklace isn’t,” Aya retorted.

“What are you talking about? Don’t you know how much this cost?” Kosuke boasted. “It was bought from the United States for $800 back when I was still a kid! You could imagine how much it costs now.”

“Oh, so Yamazaki-sama’s fond of wearing expensive children’s necklaces. No wonder the chain’s too short for your nicotine-infested neck,” Aya said.

“Shut up, at least it’s better than troublesome cheap necklaces,” Kosuke grumbled.

Kosuke finally undid the necklace.

However, when he was about to pull it off, he suddenly stopped.

“Yamazaki-san, are you done?” Aya asked.

A blush spread across Kosuke’s cheeks upon realizing that he was, in fact, indirectly embracing Aya. As if previously oblivious and realizing his position only during that very moment, he directed his gaze to the feminine nape from which the necklace hung.

“Yamazaki-san?” Aya’s voice sounded one more.

“No… not yet…” Kosuke said in a mesmerized manner. For some reason, instead of unlocking it, he hastily placed the two ends of the necklace together and turned it clockwise to lock it partially.

“Why is it taking too long…” Aya sighed.

“No…” Kosuke whispered. “It just… won’t come off.”

I lied… I actually brought the two ends back…

“Maybe you’re turning the lock to the wrong direction.”

Kosuke unusually fell silent. His eyes seemingly hid behind his bangs.
He felt as if his sensations suddenly came to life. He started to pay attention to the scent of Aya’s hair and felt how slim she was when held close. He gently caressed her nape with a finger or two.

Like a porcelain doll…



Yama…zaki…?! Mi…yazawa…?!



And her lips…



Kosuke immediately unlocked the necklace and pulled himself back, his whole face turning as red as a tomato.

“Cheap necklaces…” Kosuke swallowed hard, feeling his heart pound tremendously, “are troublesome…”

“Oh no, what to do?” Aya said as she examined the necklace, which remained tangled with Kosuke’s. “I think I made it even worse.”

“Then fix it yourself!” Kosuke screeched.

He reached for his necklace and took it off. Then, he threw both towards Aya.

“W-what the…” Aya said as she grasped the necklaces.

“Once you untangle it, give mine back,” Kosuke said.

“But this is your 800 yen necklace!”

“It’s 800 USdollars, not 800 yen!” Kosuke frowned. “And I can’t possibly wear it with some cheap things dangling along with it, can I? Just be sure to give it back.”

“Fine,” Aya said as she placed the two necklaces in her pocket.

Kosuke stood up, “I’ll go outside to check if it’s still raining hard.”

“Oh… okay…” Aya nodded.

He reached for the door and exited.

The moment he closed the door, however, he leaned on it and sighed heavily. His heart was still pounding fast. His reddened face was more visible now that he stood on the main hallway, where bright emergency lights were installed for every two sets of windowpane.

Dazedly, Kosuke raised his hand to his lips.

“I… kissed her…” Kosuke whispered to himself.

Little did he know that Aya sat there inside, just as astonished as he was. Suddenly, the lights came back on. The previously dim staircase was now bright - - - bright enough to see her reddened face.

Aya slowly reached up to her lips.

“Yamazaki…” Aya muttered.

“My first kiss…”

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