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Hey there!

This crossover is between ‘Pirate’s of the Caribbean’ and YYH and YGO. Don’t worry! The story is still holding the same plot line as to the movies but with a few (what am I saying? A hell lot...) of extra events, new twists and turns and characters (only two of them are OC’s.) That character roles are all played by the characters from YGO and YYH

As far as I know, there are no pairings yet. I haven’t decided on that. If I get people wanting a pairing I might add it. Don’t know.

Also, in case if you’re wondering, the story is not word for word with the ‘Pirate’s of the Caribbean’ movies. I made sure it wasn’t even though there might be a few words or lines that I liked, that they had, so I added them. Not much though, hardly any. Please continue reading :D
The rating is probably going to be... PG, with the occasional swear words throught out the story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho and Yu-Gi-Oh along with their characters and I do not own ‘Pirate’s of the Caribbean’ plot line.

Please enjoy and comment!

Full Summary:
Joey Wheeler is fascinated about the subject of Pirates but his little sister, Serenity, isn’t. Now that his curiosity has rubbed off on her, she takes a piece of something she shouldn’t have, merging her, and her brother, into the link with pirates. Now they both have to brave the outcome of their lives and face some of their own fears and thought to be ‘Children’s story tales’, that every kid was told. They’re not passing through an adventure filled with lied fairy tales but are actually in one themselves. How will they fare, along with many others, as they travel over the Shifting Tides with Pirates.

((Crossover with Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho and the ‘Pirate of the Caribbean' movies))

Pirates of the Shifting Tides: Curse of the Winged Toushin
Two Survivors: Two skins


“Joey!” Serenity Wheeler called, chasing after her big brother who was running wildly on the ships deck. “Wait up!”

Her brother, Joey Wheeler, laughed; looking behind before speeding up, running up to the ships wheel and placing his hands in between the knobs. The brown haired female child stopped running and giggled, slapping her knees gently and squatting like she was sick; save the huge smile plastered on her face.

“Joey!” she panted out, pointing at the snob boy. “You look so funny!”

“Ya think, sis?” he asked, not changing his face or posture.

He stood up tall behind the wheel, acting as if he was the Captain of the ship. His mouth was twisted up into a large grin, mainly of being so high and mighty.

Joey looked at Serenity, laughing like a Pirate as she nodded indefinitely.

“I’m da Captain of da ship! Look’ a me!” he cooed loudly, stretching his head into the sky, trying to make the whole world hear; even if they didn’t want to. “Heehee.”

A few passing sailors looked at them, thinking they were crazy kids.

The two siblings were playing on a docked ship on the harbour of Port Nether. It was one of the ships that were getting ready to head out for an overseas town, just to get supplies from allies. The Wheeler’s mother was heading over for important business; just to see an old friend. They often left for the same place but the two children never really thought anything about it.

“Come on Joey,” Serenity begged, running up to her brother, hopping up the steps as she went. She latched onto his sleeve and curled her hands around his arm, hugging it like it was her own teddy bear back in their house. “Mother would be coming to get us soon.”

“Right sis,” Joey nodded, releasing his hold from the wooden wheel and lightly leading his sister the way off the ship and onto the dock.

It was dusk but the night was creeping over the Port quickly; in a few hours they would depart.
&&Later That Day&&

The ship was half way on its voyage when Joey started to get bored. He couldn’t just stand staying back in his room doing nothing. He was restless and not even Serenity could calm him down from pacing the floor off.

It was night outside, probably in the early morning but neither of the two agreed to sleep. They never did sleep on the ship, whenever they sailed from one Port to another. The constant rocking of the wooden vessel or the splashing of waves against the lower sides of the ship was what made them lie awake or something similar.

Not to mention the whispers of pirate’s throughout the crew members. Joey was fascinated with pirates and often sang a song because of it but Serenity feared them, always snuggling up close to Joey whenever some of the sailors had a gossip session.

But tonight, none of the sailors spoke anything about the ‘p’ word. Normally, the two siblings would hear them from right outside their room but all they could listen to was the hustling and bustling of working men.

“Ma probably paid ‘em ta keep quiet,” Joey complained, pacing back and forth in their room.

He lightly kicked the leg of a chair before sitting on the nearest bed with a small twirl before landing. He landed right below his sister’s feet.

“I’m glad they aren’t talking. It scares me Joey,” Serenity cried, curling up in a little ball under her covers, hugging the remaining stuffing from her squishy doll.

“I know,” the blonde sighed, stretching over to his younger sibling and touching the nearest body part he could reach. “I’m just so darn bored!”

It was silent between the two; neither of them knew what to say.

Serenity wanted to have interest in pirates, just like her brother but found it difficult, especially when the whispers she heard were mainly about the terrible things they would and had done. Joey, on the other hand, was ready to walk out the doors and sit right with the crew, listening in on every detail that was uttered from every man’s mouth.

The young female was sure that if he did, he would come back with eyes as large as saucers. She cried when she thought that and Joey just laughed it off when she told him.

“Ya know, I-“

“Cap’n! There’s a boy in the water!” Joey was interrupted by a call of urgency and to arms.

He instantly sprang from his bed and sprinted out the door, slamming it shut behind him, forgetting a bit about Serenity. He was looking forward to anything that took his mind off how bored he was. All he heard from his younger sister was a scream of: “Joey!”

He ignored it. He didn’t know why. He was just bored and excited to see anything new outside on deck. Joey sprinted near the starboard side but was pushed out of the way when a burly tall man was pulling a soaked boy from out over the sides.

“Out of the way, boy,” the man grunted, calling for someone to help him.

Another sailor grabbed the boy’s legs, making sure that he didn’t land on the wood with a loud ‘thump!’

Water was cascading from the boy’s drenched clothes, splashing all over the deck and making another sailor slip over; but instantly recovered. The sound wouldn’t stop.

The two men placed the boy down gently on the deck and bent down to check up on him; the rest of the crew was surrounding them in an instant, giving Joey a hard time to see.

He was standing nearby and quietly grunted as he turned around and climbed onto a standing barrel, so he could look over the crowd of squabbling sailors.

“Move aside!” called the Captain, pushing away a few of his men to clear a path to the unconscious boy.

He kneeled down beside the orphan and felt his pulse and temperature. He nodded to a nearby crew member, signalling for him to put the boy somewhere warmer.

Everything was going back to normal for a few minutes. The crew settled down and started dispersing from the scene, wandering over to their previous duties.

Joey plonked down onto the barrel and crossed his arms, grumbling to himself about ‘How he missed the whole thing.’ He went back to his perky face when he was called over by the Captain, who was talking to one of the sailors about something that Joey didn’t know of.

“Joey. Please follow me,” the leader ordered kindly, looking at Joey before turning to the man he was talking to before. “I’ll talk to you later.”

The sailor nodded and hurried off, running to a coil of ropes that was on its lonesome and had to be put away.

The Captain smiled at Joey before leading the boy back to his room and inside. He closed the door behind them both.

Joey noticed that Serenity was sitting on her bed and watching the unconscious boy eagerly, like she was expecting him to spring to the land of the living that very second. She was sitting cross-legged and moving back and forth like she was impatient; with a determined look on her face.

“I would like the both of you to take care of the boy until we reach our destination,” the leader commanded, giving the two children quick glances before turning his gaze to the boy, whose chest was moving lightly up and down.

Serenity nodded, while Joey replied with a: “Yes, sir!” and a salute.

The Commander left, leaving the two siblings alone with a ship wrecked boy; possibly.

The blonde smiled weakly at Serenity’s direction, even though she wasn’t looking at him anyway. He strolled over to her bed and sat down next to her, pulling his legs up to his chin and resting his head on them.

“Sorry, sis,” he whispered, closing his eyes that were beginning to feel sore.

“Its fine, Joey,” she replied, shuffling up closer to him and resting her head on his shoulder tiredly.

Neither of them said a word, nor were there words from outside the door but just sounds of hard working.

Serenity felt a bit uneasy going to sleep with a stranger in the same room as her, even if he was unconscious. She felt as though there was something queer about him; like he wasn’t as innocent as he looked. She was sure that Joey was the complete opposite. He was probably dying to get over to the boy and loot him or something like that. She didn’t know what he would do but she knew that he was curious enough to just search him.

She stopped resting her head on his shoulder and looked at his face. His mouth was wavering and his eyes looked determined about something. Serenity giggled inside, definitely knowing that Joey wanted to study the boy.

“Go on,” she whispered into his ear and before she could explain why she let it, Joey whizzed from his perch and was by the boy’s side within a second.

Serenity laughed and was watching Joey glare down the boy.

The unconscious male was short; reasonably short for his estimated age that Joey was covering his mouth whenever he measured how tall he was, mainly because he was trying to hold in his laugh. He had long hair, that was straight and had three different colours combined in it, making him look different compared to other people.

He had a coppery type of yellow as his fringe, which went down to his collar bone or a bit below. Next, his hair was mainly black and was around as long as his fringe but a bit shorter, with a magenta colour weaving into the black. The end of his hair was a darker magenta, very noticeable compared to the light streaks leading into the black.

He was dressed in rags; torn, ripped and damp. It looked like it was hugging his body.

Serenity smiled, looking down for just a second before Joey yelped and she stood up as fast as lightning on her bed; her teddy at hand like she was holding a sword.

“What?!” she asked, surprised at how brave she sounded. Her voice didn’t waver at all.

She looked at Joey’s back; which was as stiff as a board and that then soon shivered. Joey turned his head inch by inch, a look of total terror drawn on his face. His mouth open wide and eyes drooped low.

“What?” Serenity whispered; feeling scared all of a sudden.

“He… he… he grabbed me,” Joey stuttered, moving his body slightly to show that the boy’s ice cold hand was wrapped tightly around Joey’s wrist, with his hand in the boy’s pocket.

“Joey!” Serenity cried softly, trying not to make anyone else come inside their room.

She hopped down from her bed and jogged to Joey’s side; who was still shivering from shock.

“Joey, what did you –“

“Don’t,” a raspy voice interrupted Serenity’s question, making Joey hiccup and turn almost ice.

The brunette female looked down at the boy and noticed that his eyes were just barely open; she wondered how he could see through them. His breathing was getting better but was coming out in quick breaths; probably because of the rude awakening. His eyes were an uncommon colour of Violet; it was rather appealing, standing out against his large orbs.

“It’s ok. We didn’t mean to do any harm,” she whispered comfortingly, putting her hand on the boy’s grasp on Joey’s wrist. He softened, blinking.

Joey retracted his hand quickly and rubbed it, getting the feeling back to his wrist.

“What’s the name?” the blonde asked the weak boy, whose head was resting on its side.

“Yugi Mutou,” he replied, letting out a small gasp before falling into sleep again.

“Yugi,” Serenity whispered, trying out the name on her own tongue.

“Thanks sis, he really gave me a fright,” Joey laughed, scratching the back of his head and walking away to his own bed, which remained untouched.

He sat on it and drooped his shoulders, staring into his lap and fondling with the hem of his shirt.

Serenity was inspecting Yugi, but curiosity got the better of her. She eyed that pocket that Joey had his hand in and bit her lip, wondering whether or not she should put her hand in. It seemed safe but there’s a chance the boy might wake up and not trust them later.

She sighed to herself and reached into the pouch carefully and gently, making sure she didn’t make much sound to alert Joey. Her fingers ran over something ice cold and she flinched at the sudden contact. She placed her numb fingers back on the cold object and silently pulled it out.

Serenity sighed; glad that Yugi didn’t spring up from his slumber and that Joey didn’t get suspicious. ‘Joey’s curiosity is rubbing off on me,’ she thought, placing the small trinket into the palm of her hand and holding it close to her face. The gold glimmered in the lantern light nearby, shining small lights onto the wall in front of her.

The small object resembled a puzzle piece, due to its rectangular and smooth sides where other pieces could slide easily into. In the centre of the golden piece was an eye, it looked Egyptian and felt foreboding to the small girl.

Serenity jumped when another call of urgency alarmed the whole ship, sending crewmen back to excitement.

“A vessel ship is down!” yelled someone.

Joey reacted the same way as the sailors, springing from his seat and pounding for the exit of the small room.

Serenity shoved the piece into her pocket and followed after Joey but found that he was being forced back into the room by the Captain, who resorted to grabbing the blonde by the shoulder and leading him through. She hopped back a few steps giving room for Joey when he entered.

“Ack, Ow!” Joey groaned, slapping the Captain’s hand that made his shoulder lose its feeling.

“Stay here you two. I do not want to be blamed for your meddling,” the Captain snapped, finally having enough of the wild boy who couldn’t be kept back with a leash.

“Aw, but –“


The door slammed shut and the room fell silent. They could both hear the screams from the people outside on deck and the orders bellowed by the Captain. The two siblings knew that a ship had been destroyed and could possibly explain why they found the boy a few minutes back. They also knew that the sailors would go down in long boats and row across to the wreckage, in case of any survivors or valuables.

“Joey?” Serenity whispered, placing a hand on her brother’s shoulder.

He didn’t react; he seemed frozen.

A few minutes passed and Serenity was sitting on her bed with her teddy squished between her knees and chest. Her hand was in her pocket, fingering the gold that she found. Joey was sitting next to the boy, staring at him for no additional reason.

The doors flung open and the Captain and two sailors barged through, bringing in another body, one that looked in worse shape then the other boy.

Joey stood at attention, watching the movements of the people like a hawk and Serenity stayed where she was, doing the same as Joey.

“Found another survivor. Keep him here,” the Captain ordered, pointing to Joey’s bed and watching the sailors place the other boy down.

He exited the room and closed the doors behind him, with a loud slam. He left silence behind.

Joey walked over to the newcomer, noticing that his skin was a dark shade of brown. His hair was black and kept in a loose bundle of locks on the side of his head. His clothes were similar to Yugi’s but were finer in some details and styles.

Serenity gasped, noticing the burn marks printed on only the left side of the boy’s face. It seemed like it just came from flickers of flames instead of total burning but it still looked serious.

“Joey,” Serenity cried, burying her face into her knees and sobbing her heart out.

Her brother ran to her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“It’s ‘k, sis,” Joey smiled, sitting next to her and not moving an inch.

Serenity fell silent and lifted her head like she realised something or felt that something was near. Joey stared at her every movement, wandering what his little sister was doing.

“’Renity?” he queried, holding onto her waist protectively.

She didn’t reply; she stared long and hard out a nearby window and out into the air behind the glass…

…and then… it flashed. A black flag, printed on it the symbol of the eye, the same one as the one she kept in her pocket.

Serenity gasped, leaning backwards and knocking Joey off the bed. She whipped out the piece and stared at it, trying to make sure that Joey doesn’t see the bright gold amongst her hands.

The eye.
I hope you enjoyed reading the prologue! I already have the next few chapters written out for you but won’t post them for a bit. I may, depending on how well my writing is going.

As you may have noticed, this is the story that I was talking about in my introduction thread, for those who have seen it. XD I hope you enjoyed it. XD

Please comment before leaving and apologies for the longness of it. My other chapters are longer then this too. Sorry! :unsure:


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Hey there, I just wanted to stop by and let you know I changed your title name. It should have Fanfic before the title, since it's a fanfiction :)

And just a little warning, you can't swear. "Hell", "Damn" and "arse" I usually allow. (But if you overuse the last one, or add words to the end of it... I'll probably take that away.)

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Next chapter is here; and further more, thanks 'Dorian Grey' for warning about swear words. I hope 'flamin' does count...

Please enjoy the chapter!
Pirates of the Shifting Tides: Curse of the Winged Toushin
Two Survivors: Two skins

Serenity sprang from her bed, her brunette locks shagging in front of her face as beads of perspiration trickled down her cheek bone. Her breathing was heavy and she took deep breathes to calm her heart rate down.

That was the first time she had ever dreamed of that night since it happened. She pondered as to why now she should think for it but thought not to dwell.

Her eyes were blood shot from the sweat and her nightie was thin enough to paste itself to her skin.

Her breathing went back to normal and she looked around her room, knowing she was safe. It was dark and had streams of light seeping through from the curtains that didn’t fully cover the windows. She felt content and warm in her own bed.

Her green orbs eventually trailed over to her brown wardrobe, one that was situated near the entrance to her room. She took in a deep breathe and quickly scampered out of bed, almost tripping with her legs tangled in her sheets but managed to break free. She flung open the wardrobe door and reached up to a ledge that was situated at the top, where she kept a few of her shoes and sashes.

Serenity felt around at the back until she came across a loose nail; she curled her fingers around it and lifted it up, making a small hole. It was all very troublesome, especially since she couldn’t see what she was doing because of the darkness of her room and her shortness. But she managed in the end and the tips of her fingers found their way to a golden piece that she found eight years ago.

She pulled it out and took a step back, away from the robe. She placed the golden piece into the palm of her hand and stared at it, studying it’s bland but cryptic features and feeling the strange aura emitting from it. She hardly ever wore it on her, even if she wanted to because it didn’t have a hole or anything to loop a string through.

A knock came from the door and Serenity jumped a bit. It was unexpected and she had no idea where to put the piece.

“Serenity?” called her mother’s voice from behind the door, followed by a loud knock.

The brunette gasped, quickly running to her bed and shoving the golden trinket under her pillow. She just had to remember to get it back later when she was alone.

“Serenity? Are you decent?” the Governess asked, knocking again and slightly louder then the last.

Serenity huffed, running to her open wardrobe and pulling out a dressing gown, flowing it onto her and slamming the doors shut; she breathed out at last.

“Yes,” she replied and waited for the door to open.

Her mother walked in with two maids behind her, one was holding a brown box.

“Oh dear,” her mother fussed and walked over to Serenity, brushing back a strand of hair that covered half of Serenity’s face. “Still in bed? Even at this hour?”

Serenity smiled and watched as the maids pulled the curtains to the side, to let sunlight bathe the room. She blinked at it, suddenly blinded.

The maids went over to Serenity’s bed and started fixing it up, tapping her pillow to make it flatter and pulling up her sheets and blankets. Serenity was holding her breath in at the time and let it out loudly when the two maids sauntered over to the Governess.

“You okay, dear?” her mother asked, placing a warm hand on Serenity’s cheek and checking her temperature. “You look like you had a rough night.”

Serenity nodded. “I had a nightmare. That’s all.”

Mrs Wheeler nodded and motioned for the box that was previously placed on a chair, while the maids did their other work. The box was fairly large, like it contained something valuable.

“I got this as a gift,” The Governess smiled, opening the lid of the box to reveal a yellow or golden satin dress. A maid pulled it out and held it to Serenity, whose mouth was gaping.

“Oh, it’s lovely!” The brunette awed, taking it into her hands and feeling the smoothness of it. She pressed it against her body, just to test the size.

“I’m glad you like it.”

“Is there anything of special occasion that you would like me to wear it for?” Serenity asked, smiling largely at her mother.

She smiled in reply. “You know me too well but do I need a reason to dote upon my daughter?”

Serenity smiled and walked to the back of her room where a small dressing room was made. The two maids followed her, having their orders to help dress her in a difficult fashion.

She got undressed to her undergarments and watched as the maid’s pulled out something that was skin coloured and looked like it was incredibly tight.

Her nightie was being folded and placed neatly on a nearby chair when Joey’s shrilling scream ran through the house.

“What was that?!” Serenity yelled, poking her head out from the dressing room and giving her mother a worried glare; who was shaking her head and quietly laughing.

“It seems as though Joey is afraid of his clothing,” she mused, covering her mouth to try and hide a smile.

“Joey? What occasion is this for?”

“Gozaburo Kaiba’s son is getting promoted today –“

“I knew it!”

“-He’s about to become Commodore; fine man he is.”

Serenity withdrew her head and a maid held in front of her eyes a corset. Serenity’s eyes went wide, wandering if this was what Joey had to deal with but something for males only. One maid put her hands on Serenity’s belly while the other pulled hard on the strings at the back; Serenity gasped at the loss of air.

“Serenity?” her mother asked worried, moving her head to see what was going on. “Is everything fine?”

The brunette tried to smile and talk but it came out in a small whimper as the maid pulled another set of strings tighter.

“It’s,” she tried to reply and placed a hand on her stomach. “It’s rather hard to say.”

“I heard it was the latest thing in London.”

“Well. I don’t know how they do it-“she gasped again as another set of strings were pulled. “but women in London must have learnt not to breathe.”

She managed to say it but was out of breath when she finished and she yelped for the last time as the last strings were pulled.

She then heard a rumble of loud feet scampering over the plush carpet as her brother came running into the room.

“Ma?!” he screamed and skidded into the Governess’s view.

He was only half dressed with black pants and shoes placed on his feet, with a black belt doubled over his hip. He wore a white shirt which was open and was only half tucked in at his waist. His hair was dishevelled, sticking out over his face.

“Yes?” she replied calmly, acting as if she hadn’t heard anything before.

“Da maid said I had ta put on dis,” he held up a skin coloured clothing, one with strings that appeared to be ripped off. “She said dat ya told ‘er to?”

His mother nodded.

Meanwhile Serenity was listening in; trying to breathe in her corset and getting used to being pushed around a bit by the force of the clothing had to be tied.

“Ma! It’s flamin’ corset!” Joey yelped.

Serenity’s eyes bulged and her stomach tried to come out but found that it couldn’t. Due to that, it backfired making her cough non-stop with laughing fit’s in between. The maids were having trouble keeping her down and the Governess was biting her thumb, trying not to laugh as well.

All the while, the maids who were trying to fix Serenity were having a hard time not laughing either.

Joey looked dumbstruck, not realising that he was in his sister’s room while she was getting dressed.

“Ahh!” he yelled and grabbed onto his head, dropping his corset in the mean time. “Why’d I have ta wear it?”

He was half torn between sprinting out the room and blushing until he would pop or demand an answer for the chance of being humiliated. At the moment, he’d prefer not to be embarrassed if anyone found out. One of the maids in the household has a thing for spreading nasty rumours about him and he swore he would find out; he still hasn’t.

“Son,” the Governess started, getting over her laughter and was beginning to be serious. “You’re eating habits have deprived you of having any female attention and -”

She was cut off by an added extra opinion by a maid with short brown hair to the shoulders. She was one of the ones helping Serenity in her dressing.

“…and you’ll have to do something to get the attention of Mai,” the maid said in a sing-song voice, poking her head out from the dressing room for a split second before heading back to her work.

Joey was at loss of words.

“You, Téa, I, kill, Mai, liar, rumours… grr!” he steamed stomping out of the room.

“Oh dear,” The governess sighed, placing a few fingers over her mouth like something dreadful had happened. “Maybe I was a bit too hard on him.”

“Don’t worry mother,” Serenity called out, emerging from the dressing area in her full attire. “He’ll get over it.”
&&Down Stairs&&

A short figure wandered in circles downstairs, obviously waiting for something. His head was gazing upwards, like he was inspecting the designs and patterns on the walls, curtains or furniture. He had under his arm a long black case; it looked like it held something important or of higher rank.

He had short straight hair, with three different colours of: black, magenta and yellow. His fringe was a blonde yellow colour that was curving outwards from his face and was framing it as well. His bangs were short and of different lengths. The rest of his hair was mainly black with magenta ends and was held in a small bundle of locks at the base of his hair outline.

Yugi Mutou. He was devoted to his line of work as a blacksmith and often created marvellous weapons for high ranking officers in the Navy. Nobody expected their weapons were of his own hands and they often thanked his master. He felt it was too bold to mention that he was the one.

Yugi circled around, facing a clean dark wood table with a vase and flowers in it. He then turned a bit more, facing a tube full of umbrellas.

He walked to the table, placing his case down and sauntered casually over to the umbrella, pulling one up and studying it, turning it around like he was roasting it on a spit. He pressed a button; making it fling open to its normal size and making Yugi yelp, drop it and whiz to the other side of the room. Taken by surprise would be an understatement. He hadn’t known what it was, nor had he used one. He was more for getting drenched.

Yugi smiled, laughing at his own naiveness. He walked over to the umbrella and picked it up, trying to find out how to close it. It turned into a small wrestling match until a butler was about to be walking pass.

Yugi slipped the cane into the umbrella holder, with the one he used still open. It made it look similar to a shrine.

Mutou watched the butler pass, nodding at him in recognition; while the man just stared at him return.

“Yug!” cried a familiar voice, which made Yugi smile.

Coming down from the stairs was Joey, with a smile now back on his face. Either that or he wasn’t trying to show is embarrassment.

“Joey!” Yugi replied, walking up to his friend and greeting him with a handshake.

The blonde replied but gave him a hug soon after.

“Haven’t seen you for a while,” Yugi stated, looking up to the ceiling in thought.

“Yeah, I know. Sorry ‘bout dat Yug,” Joey apologized, slapping Yugi lightly on the back. “Hey,” Joey’s eyes lightened up as he eyed the black case on the table. “Is dat for Kaiba?”

Yugi nodded, following behind Joey, who opened it up to look at the object inside.

“Wow! This is great Yug!” Joey complimented, holding the sword in his hand upright and trying to handle it like he knew how to. “Too bad it’s for money bags.”

“You can hardly talk Joey,” Yugi countered leaning his arms on he table, laughing.

“Hey!” Joey noticed the tease in there and stamped his feet on the ground, with the sword still in his hand.

He calmed down, placing the fine sword back in its casing and closed the lid on it. “It’s a great sword Yug. Make me one some day, will ya?”

“Of course, Joey!” Yugi chirped.

Joey fell silent, looking up at the top of the stairs as though something amazing had happened. Yugi followed his gaze, putting on the same open mouthed face as Joey.

There, on the top of the stairs, was Serenity in her newly bought dress.

“Serenity! Ya look great, sis!” Joey finally managed to say, as she slowly and elegantly climbed down the steps.

Yugi was still at loss of words.

Her dress looked heavy with all the material shown on it and it went to her feet, dragging a bit on the ground. It was a golden yellowy type of colour and reflected light on a few of its intentional creases. The material was Satin with white frilly hems on her sleeves that got wider as it reached her wrists, and the end of her dress had the same frilly lace.

From her waist upwards was like she was wearing the same coloured shirt that was tucked into a skirt, but it wasn’t; it was a dress. The top had vertical lines that indented at each one. The dress wasn’t poofy sleeved, instead it was tight and slick on her shoulders, making her able to move her shoulders easily.

Her hair was held up into small curls at the top of her head, in a type of bun, hidden partly by a bonnet that had a white ribbon tied under her chin.

Her shoes made a gentle click as they hit the marbled floor.

“You do look great,” Yugi smiled, heading for his black case as he noticed that the Governess was heading down as well.

“Doesn’t she?” said someone new, a maid, the one who had helped Serenity dress. She was right behind the lime lighted girl.

Her short brown hair just reached her shoulders and her eyes were coloured a navy blue. She wore the maid’s attire for the house and she had certain type of smugness about her, which made it difficult for people to pinpoint her intentions.

“Yugi!” Serenity greeted, reaching the end of the steps after what seemed like forever, with the maid’s right behind her. “It’s good to see you.”

“Like wise.”

There was silent for a bit until the Governess spoke up, not liking the eerie tension in the room. Someone had to speak so she thought she might as well spark up a conversation before anything unnecessary was said.

“Well, Yugi. I see that you have made our order,” she perked up, waddling over to Yugi who was almost half the size of her.

“Yes, Governess Wheeler,” he replied curtly with a bow.

Yugi opened the case and grabbed the sword at the hilt, pulling it out with ease. He handed it to Mrs Wheeler who took it gratefully. She inspected it, checking the width of the blade and other aspects about it.

“Ma. I’ll be waitin’ in da carriage,” Joey said, pointing to the front door as if to make his point. “I’ll take Serenity wit me.”

He held out his hand for Serenity’s who promptly curled her arm in to his, into a lock. She was often very sensible when it came to actions in public, so she was quite skilled. Joey had trouble however, often showing some of his bad habits or behaviour that he keeps bottled up in public.

“See ya, Yug!”

“Good bye Yugi.”

Yugi nodded to them as they left and turned his gaze back to the Governess who was placing the sword back in to the case and closing the lid.

“A marvellous sword Mr. Mutou. I’m sure Mr. Kaiba would very much enjoy it. Give my thanks to your master,” she thanked, giving a small curtsey to him before waving off the maid’s who turned and left for their normal tasks.

Mrs Wheeler was smiling at Yugi and was about to leave but something caught her eye.

“My. I’m sure the umbrella wasn’t like that before I walked up the stairs,” she mentioned, tapping her lip in thought, while she stared at the open umbrella that was shading the others from view.

Yugi stiffened, an ‘Oh no’ look on his face. As the Governess smiled at him, shrugged her shoulders and left, Yugi followed her with his eyes not even turning his face to do so; he was scared enough to hardly move his muscles.

He relaxed, sighing with relief as everyone left the room, leaving him alone.
&&Meanwhile In The Carriage&&

“Joey?” Serenity asked for his attention, turning to him in the carriage.

He sat next to her, holding her hand while she fanned herself non-stop.


She smiled, relaxed for the time being.

“Joey. I had a dream about 8 years ago,” she explained, looking at her brother with all seriousness.

The 18 year old looked back at her in return, wondering what she was talking about. Serenity must have known, since she saw the question in his eyes.

“Back when we first found Yugi. When you were 10 and I was 7. Remember?”

Joey nodded; he could feel his muscles tensing up already. It wasn’t something he normally liked to remember, mainly because of the devastation that happened that day; two young male survivors and a blown apart vessel ship. The other survivor, they had never found out his name.

He was Egyptian, according to his tanned skin and black hair. But he had remained unconscious ever since that day. He wasn’t dead, the doctors were sure of that, but he just never woke up, except only on a few occasions which spanned to only once or twice a year.

The medical staff probably thought that, that was what kept him alive over 8 years. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have a clue.

The Wheeler’s also found out that the tanned boy was to have the flame marks on his face for the rest of his life. They were merely just specks of burnt skin, a few blotches bigger then others but could also be rather fearful.

“Well. We haven’t heard a word about the Egyptian have we? When was the last time he woke up?”

Joey cleared his throat. Not sure how to answer the question. The topic made him upset, but what about he didn’t know.

“Ma, got a message the oder day… sayin’ that he was ‘wake for 10 minutes, ‘til he went back ta sleep,” the blonde explained, lowering his head.

Serenity nodded her head slowly, understanding that her brother didn’t really like talking about the subject much and that it made him quite moody.

Other times when Serenity heard news about the Egyptian, his time awake was either longer or shorter. On better days, he was awake for approximately a day and a half and on other days he was conscious for only 5 minutes; so this time he was partly lucky.

“Okay. Thanks Joey,” she smiled, giving him a quick family peck on the cheek, which made him perk up, before turning her head to notice that their mother was coming.

“She’s coming. Keep silent.”
&&On The Way&&

Serenity was bored. The trip wasn’t going to take much longer from where they were to the ceremony, but she was still bored. The carriage was too silent for her taste; she wanted someone or something to spark it up.

She looked at Joey expectantly, who was glaring outside the window. A thought came to her, one that she was curious about for a long time.



“Are you going to propose to Mai Valentine?” she asked sweetly, continuing to fan herself, since she was having a hard time breathing because of the corset.

Joey was taken by surprise and choked on his air. Their mother wasn’t that taken aback. She was half expecting it to rise up and be asked, after all, she was curious herself.

“Yes, Joseph. Are you?” she queried, tapping her finger on her lip.

Joey gulped visibly; his hands began to shake a bit.

“Well. I’m getting there,” he replied, stuttering slightly but other then that, he said it calmly.

“So you are?!” Serenity lightened up, ceasing her fanning and grabbing her brother’s arm in excitement.

Joey nodded, surprised and confused at his sister’s actions.

“Yeah. I just dunno when,” he admitted, scratching the back of his neck.

“Well,” Mrs Wheeler started, moving a curly bang away from her face. “She should be at the ceremony today. Ask her then.”

“Nah. She won’t be. She has ta work t’day. She told me,” Joey sighed, feeling a lot more confident after admitting that he was going to propose a marriage to the girl he loved.

“Oh, really? I thought she was off today?” Serenity remembered, still locking arms with Joey but shaking her fan vigorously like there was no other way to breathe.

“She was, but one of ‘er patients turned for da worse ‘gain,” Joey explained, grabbing a handkerchief from his pocket and dabbing his moist brow.

“Oh no,” the Governess sighed, fixing up her collar and dropping her hands into her lap, as if it happened so many other times before. “Must be Shuichii Minamino again. I heard he has an illness that is unheard of yet. Or something like that.”

“Really? How did you hear something like that?” Serenity asked, curious as to how her mother finds out so many things about the town.

“Gossiping my dear. Women my age do it a lot.”

Joey smiled for a split second before Serenity nudged him softly, figuring that he might do something embarrassing.

The brunette nodded, slightly disappointed with the answer but found it passable. She thought that her mother had more interesting ways to find out important news, other then hearing it from others.
&&Meanwhile With Mai&&

A loud sound echoed through the white room. A bright blonde woman, with golden locks that reached to her knees, was sneezing. She was slightly bent over, with a white cloth in her hand.

“Dammit!” she yelled, rolling her hands up into fists and storming into another nearby room. “Someone has got my name labelled on their lips! They are going to get it!”

As soon as she entered a silent area with dozen’s of patients, she lowered her voice to almost inaudible. She started walking past them all, heading for the outside for fresh air, mumbling under her breath incoherently.

“Must be that Joey Wheeler,” she said to herself, saying it louder then before.
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I like the story line though I only watched all the pirates movies for Cap'n Jack Sparrow. I have a pretty good feeling about this story. (I'm much for the technical subjects so I focus more on the plotline). Now for the part where I say some things about the plotline and description an' stuff. THe plotline itself is orginal with just enough events from the movies to keep it grounded where it's supposed to be. I guess that's all I've got.
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