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09-24-2007, 10:23 AM
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, I'm just borrowing them for a while.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Retry/Reboot

Data streamed across space in a higher reality as different aspects of the Data Integration Thought Entity analyzed and studied the information coming from Earth and the observation of Haruhi Suzumiya. The confrontation between Yuki Nagato and Ryoko Asakura was noted, studied, and debated upon for a immense period of time which was also incredibly short as humans measured it.

‘Ryouko Asakura was fatally flawed, attempting to directly influence our target in such a manner,’ the cool, calculated aspect of the entity said/thought.

Another, more vigorous aspect challenged it, ‘But the attempt was only on the human, Kyon, not on the target herself.’

‘Her rapidly forming connection to this Kyon might have caused her to react in a way that could cause the destruction of I/Us,’ the more conservative side noted.

‘Or may have jump started our evolution,’ a third voice quietly noted. ‘While I do not approve of the Asakura unit’s action, Yuki still needs a back-up.’

‘Do you have a suggestion?’ yet another voice asked.

The third spoke calmly, ‘Re-initialize the Ryouko unit, this time with clearer action guidelines and limiters.’

There was a moment of debate, many other voices also rising up within the Entity to express their opinions, but after a short span of time and much processing, a decision was finally made. Pooling their energies the various aspects of the Data Entity went to work.

Within the classroom where Kyon and Haruhi had their home room, light began to sparkle in midair, shimmering and dancing as it came together. At first it formed the outline, then gradually filled in detail as data accumulated, eventually becoming a human being.

The young woman with dark blue hair smiled, stretching in a unconscious way before looking around curiously. “Well that was interesting,” Ryouko Asakura noted cheerfully, “I’ve never been deleted before.”

“Welcome back,” the calm, emotionless voice said.

“Hello, Yuki,” Ryouko turned to beam at her as she bowed, “thank you for arguing for my restoration.”

“You serve a useful purpose here,” Yuki calmly noted, “when your program is not running in a defective manner.”

“Oh,” Ryouko winced then pouted, “don’t be so mean, Yuki-chan! I was just following the directive of a aspect of the Data Entity.”

“As was I,” Yuki agreed with her emotionlessly. She looked at Ryouko calmly and added, “I’ve planted a cover story that your family has returned from Canada. Be sure to assimilate enough data to fit that cover.”

“I’ll do that,” Ryouko perkily agreed. She looked curious and asked, “Is my apartment being taken care of?”

“A Interface modeled after a older man has re-rented it for you on a six month lease,” Yuki turned to go, walking towards the door.

“Thank you,” Ryouko said as she followed her out.

Yuki met her eyes, “Thanks are unnecessary.”

“Maybe, but they help smooth social interaction,” Ryouko said with much amusement. Before she left she added, “You look nice without your glasses.”

The next morning, Haruhi Suzumiya was nearly jumping out of her desk as she excitedly told Kyon, “She’s come back!”

“Who’s come back?” Kyon turned in his seat and asked, his brown hair falling a bit messily into his eyes. At this point he had gotten used to Haruhi’s sudden enthusiasm’s, learning to mostly take them in stride.

Impatiently Haruki exclaimed, “Ryouko Asakura!”

“Asakura?!” Kyon choked out, the oddest look on his face.

“Supposedly, she’s returned from Canada,” Haruhi revealed, “but I’m sure there’s something more to it than that.”

There was a happy murmur among the students as Ryouko stood beside the teacher to be introduced once more to her classmates. “I’m sorry I was away,” she bowed to the class, “but a emergency job of my father’s pulled us to Canada.”

“Well, we’re just glad to have you back,” the teacher noted before waving her back towards her usual seat.

Murmuring her hellos Ryouko returned to her seat, for a moment her glance lingering on Kyon. Then, as if it were any other day, class went on as Haruhi nearly squirmed with eagerness.

“Do you think we should ask around with the teachers about Ryouko’s mysterious reappearance?” Haruhi whispered to Kyon.

“How do we know it’s even mysterious?” Kyon asked her only to get a withering look back from Haruhi.

“Work with me here,” Haruhi said tersely, “transfering away for a few weeks then suddenly returning is just not normal!”

“You have a point there,” Kyon reluctantly conceded.

Once class ended Haruhi bounced up from her seat, “I’ll meet you at the club room! I have suspects to interrogate!” With that she raced right out of the room, her brown hair bouncing with every step.

As Kyon was getting up, he saw a shadow cross his desk and he gulped as Ryouko Asakura smiled at him sweetly, “Could I talk to you for a moment?”

Kyon tensed but nodded, “Sure.”

Ryouko looked around them then said, “We should probably talk somewhere a bit more private. The stairwell?”

“Let’s go,” Kyon said as they both left the classroom, their classmates already chattering about the strange occurrence.

They went down the hall then up the stairs, stopping at one of the landings. Ryouko turned towards him as she smiled willingly, “It’s nice to see you again, Kyon.”

“You aren’t going to try and knife me again, are you?” Kyon asked warily, studying the smaller girl cautiously.

“No, no,” Ryouko smiled sweetly as she explained, “in fact, I’ve been given explicit orders not harm anyone connected to the SOS Brigade.”

Kyon nodded, feeling a bit reassured but not entirely so. “So,” he asked her curiously, “what happened to you?”

Ryouko shrugged cheerfully, “After Yuki deleted me, the Data Entity decided I was still useful as Yuki’s back up. Therefore, they reconstructed my data from previous files and my remains from the classroom.”

‘She’s cheerfully explaining how she was killed and ressurected,’ Kyon thought, ‘that’s almost as creepy as her smiling when she tried to kill me.’ Clearing his throat he asked, “So you aren’t going to do anything now?”

Ryouko gave a sunny smile, “Oh, I didn’t say that.” Before Kyon could stop her Ryouko was off, giving him a cheerful wave as she scampered away.

‘I have a bad feeling about this,’ Kyon thought glumly. Walking slower than usual Kyon headed to the old building, turning over Ryouko’s words in his mind.

“About time you got here,” Haruhi looked up as Kyon entered the club room, “we have a new member!”

Desperately Kyon swept the room with his eyes, seeing Yuki, Mikuru Asahina, and the always smiling Itsuki Koizumi sitting in their usual places, along with Ryouko Asakura. “Hello Kyon,” Ryouko waved.

“What is she doing here?” Kyon had to ask as he walked in.

“Apparently,” Itsuki smiled calmly as he explained, “she also now qualifies as a mysterious transfer student, having both left and returned mysteriously.”

Ryouko rose from her seat and gave them all a pretty bow, “I hope we can all get along.”

‘Why me?’ Kyon wondered as he took a seat with a sigh.


Notes: I’ve always had a fondness for Ryouko, even with her trying to stab Kyon. Or maybe it’s because she tried to stab him? lol Anyway, I wanted to bring her back somehow, and this seemed interesting...