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Chapter 13

Aya opened her eyes and slowly pulled herself up. She looked at her bedside digital clock, which read 7:12 am – Friday.

"And I still haven't forgotten that you're Miyazawa Aya. What about Friday night on the rooftop? Let's settle the score. You can bring your gang if you want - I'll take you on!”

"You have to avoid him. He’s dangerous."

“Aya-chan! Breakfast’s ready!” Keiko’s voice echoed from downstairs. When she heard her mother call, Aya fretfully glanced at the clock for one last time and heaved a sigh.

- OOO -

The school bell finally rang. The students of the remedial classes immediately collected their things and exited the room. Aya was among these students. As she placed her things neatly into her bag, a familiar voice called her from the entrance.



Shizuki smiled as she approached Aya’s seat, “Hello, Miyazawa-san!”

“Okamoto-chan? How come you’re still here?” Aya asked.

“I’m attending specialized chemistry laboratory classes every Friday, so we usually go home at this hour too.”

“Oh, Okamoto-chan. I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to return these to you earlier,” Aya said as she pulled out Shizuki’s notes from her bag. “Here. Thank you very much. It helped me a lot in keeping track of our lessons.”

“Are you sure you’re done with them? You may keep them longer if you want.”

“It’s okay. I have finished them already,” Aya nodded politely.

“Actually, I did not approach you for that…” Shizuki paused as she reached for something inside her back. “Where is it… hmm…There!”

“For me?” Aya blinked as she examined the item that Shizuki handed to her.

It was a necklace made of pink beads held together by merely a very thin strand of nylon, which looked so flimsy as if it could break apart with just a very minimal pull.

“My mom arrived from China and brought me some beads from a temple,” Shizuki said. “I gave Makiko-chan one too.”

“Thank you, Okamoto-chan! This is really pretty!” Aya said with a sincere expression on her face. Carefully, she wore the necklace around her neck.

“How lovely!” Shizuki cheered.

“You think so?” Aya smiled.

“I’ll tell you a little secret…” Shizuki flashed an unusual excited expression. “(That is actually a love charm!)”

“Love charm?!”

“You might be thinking how come they made the necklace as flimsy as it is… It actually has a purpose,” Shizuki said. “They say that as long as the necklace is intact, you shall continue feeling the warmth of someone you love. When you break it, the warmth will disappear and will never find you ever again. And so, you have to treat it with utmost care wherever you go.”

“Warmth of…” Aya touched the necklace on her neck and said softly to herself, “someone you love?”

Shizuki giggled, “Is it true that you’re having a date with Yamazaki-sama tonight?"

“W-What?” Aya exclaimed. “N-Not exactly.”

“Now that I’ve mentioned it, that’s odd… I haven’t seen Yamazaki-sama today,” Shizuki said. Kosuke’s seat was empty since their first class in the morning. Yuken was too preoccupied with his reports while Akio and the rest were attending Class 4-4 instead of 4-3. There was no one left to ask regarding Kosuke’s whereabouts.

“(What exactly is he up to?)” Aya paused in deep thought.

“Miyazawa-san, I’ll go ahead. See you on Monday!” Shizuki said. “You better leave early too. The clouds are unusually thick today; it might rain hard anytime soon.”

“Thank you so much, Okamoto-chan,” Aya waved goodbye as Shizuki exited the room.

Aya sighed and looked at the wall clock.

6:04 pm

"You have to avoid him. He’s dangerous."

Crosse’s voice seemed to echo on her ear. She stood up and grabbed her motorcycle keys from her pocket.

She was going home.

- OOO -

From the rooftop, Kosuke watched Aya as she hopped on her motorbike and exited Tsuzuya’s gates.

“What are you up to?” a voice behind him said.

Kosuke spun around upon and saw Yuken, standing by the rooftop entrance.

“Why are you still here?” Kosuke asked.

“Specialized chemistry laboratory classes,” Yuken said.

“Oh, the geek club…” Kosuke snickered.

“Shut up,” Yuken frowned. “Hey, what’s this? You’re not smoking your puff sticks… That’s new…”

“I ran out of cigarettes last night. I woke up late today and it’s a drag going all the way to the convenience store from here. You have some with you?” Kosuke asked.

“I don’t smoke. You should be the first person to know that.”

“Oh yeah, sorry I forgot that you’re a member of the geek club,” Kosuke said.

Instead of frowning again, Yuken wore an anxious look on his face, “Are you really up to this? What if she brings her entire gang up here and beat you into a pulp, what would you do?”

“I’m ready for it. I’ll take them all down by myself… especially that guy with a cross-shaped earring…” Kosuke said. Remembering how Crosse gave him a hellion gaze during the time he took down twenty men all by himself in front of the students of Tsuzuya, he clenched his fist tightly.

“But Miyazawa just left. Do you think she’s coming back to meet you here?” Yuken asked.

“She will,” Kosuke nodded. “I know she will.”

“But you’ve seen the Miyazawa gang yourself, Kosu-kun! They’re different from the ones we’ve encountered before!” Yuken said as he pulled out a mobile phone from his pocket, “If you’re planning to give them some beating, we’re coming with you. I'll have Yamada-kun and the others up here ASAP.”

“Leave, Yuken,” Kosuke said.


Kosuke gazed at Yuken with a serious look, “This is my fight.”


“Leave,” he repeated.

Yuken has never seen Kosuke so serious about a duel before. They have fought with many rival school gangs in the past, but never did Kosuke ask them to stay away and leave the fight solely to him.

“Tsuzuya Academy belongs to us and no one else,” Kosuke grinned smugly and continued. “I know that Miyazawa Aya and her gang are planning something to take us down. What happened the day her gang went here was all a show to boast of their notoriety to gain popularity in Tsuzuya. All that I plan to do is to draw a line between our territory and theirs. I’ll be the one to point to them their right place.”

“But Kosu-kun…” Yuken folded his arms on his chest and continued, “what if Miyazawa Aya isn’t really… you know… conspiring against us?”

Kosuke was surprised when Yuken said this. He paused for a while and rolled his eyes towards the opposite direction.

What if Miyazawa Aya was not conspiring against them after all?

“Being the clever thing she proved to be, I know she IS up to something. I will stop her myself.”

“Fine then…” Yuken heaved a sigh. “I just hope that you know what you’re doing.”

Yuken turned around and left.

Kosuke placed his hands inside his pockets and leaned on the wall, his back against the rooftop’s mesh edge overlooking the school grounds.


Aya exited from a convenience shop, carrying a bag of groceries. After tying the bag securely and putting on her helmet, she started her motorcycle and sped across the busy streets. The stoplight turned red just as soon as she approached the intersection. She braked, opened the visor of her helmet, and looked up. One of the buildings had a huge advertising screen which flashed 8:30 pm.

She paused for a brief moment as if pondering over a decision as to whether or not she should go.

All of a sudden, Aya made a 360 degree turn and drove to the opposite road. She reached for her visor and snapped it close one more as she sped towards Tsuzuya Academy - -

To meet Kosuke.

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