View Full Version : Digimon Tamers - Itsuka no Iro

09-15-2007, 04:14 PM
Being one of my favorite Anime songs, the faulty translation that's on the site right now has been bothering me for a while. >< There's a lot of things wrong with it, so here's my translation.

I am pursuing the feelings of a lost child
So I'm not a good child; Tomorrow morning
Everyone will see my color
a bit differently, right?

The star's glittering tears, the moon's wavering, perfectly round smile
And a dream's heart pounding story are legends I want to tell someone

But when, and why? Why is it?
That a girl becomes obedient in such a roundabout way?
Teach me, Teach me, I have to love as well
And things will seem as sweet as chocolate
In the clear future, I want to know that truth

Sometimes I want to stretch out a bit
I'd sulk cutely, but is that okay?
Round and round, the colors of my heart swirl
I wonder where they'll go?

If the cloud's airy shoes are inhaled by the fluttering sky
The wind rustles and a door opens, I wonder if it would change things...

But now, I can't say, I can't say,
The secrets of my heart, awakening, rousing a mysterious pain
Show me, show me, What is "love"?
By myself I could never completely grasp something as large as the future

I'm searching, searching, for my color
The present is blocked in my heart
So I can meet the clear future someday