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Light Buster
09-09-2007, 11:52 AM

Ground Zero
Some Where In Italy
Italian Red Zone
Time: ERROR-Time Cannot Be Identified

[Begin Transmission]

As GDI aircraft, tanks, and soilders-men and women-began to head out to destroy the Alien Control Node, Nod forces begin to build the final assault force to prevent the GDI from destroying the Control Node. "All forces," a GDI commander said, "You are to assault the Control Node and destroy it. Destroy anything that gets in your way."

As GDI forces were engaged with the forces, Nod was at GDI's front door. Attacking with Avatars Warmechs, Stealth, Flame, and Scorpion Tanks. At the Nod Operations Center, a new field report comes in. "Commander," someone said. "Their some sort of nuke that has been launched at the Control Node. Someone named Boyle athorized this." A Nod Commander said, "What!?" The Nod Commander went to the Operations Center and saw a missile coming down. "That's not good..."

When GDI forces was attempting to cross the river of Tiberium, they saw a missile. "Commander," said a GDI soilder. "There is something coming down." The GDI soilder got a good look at the missile and realized it's not a nuclear missile, it was a Liquid Tiberium Bomb. "It's a LTB! Repeat. It's a LTB!" When the GDI Commander heard this, "What?! Boyle!!!! All forces disengage! Repeat. Disengage! There''s a LTB heading your way!"

Every GDI unit saw the LTB and disengaged. A GDI commando said, "Commander, we are now disengaging and returning to base!" The LTB came into contact into the ground and exploded. A bright green light flashed at the Control Node. Someone said over the radio as the LTB detonated, "WHAT THE HE-" The com went silent and there was only static. All buildings-GDI, Nod, and the Aliens-were caught in the 10,000 mile blast. There was nothing left of the Control Node. There was nothing left of the GDI, Nod, and Alien base. There was nothing left of Ground Zero. There was nothing left of the Italian Red Zone...

[Transmission Lost...]

Light Buster
10-29-2007, 02:35 PM
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[Chapter 1]

GDI Central Command
Washington DC
Blue Zone B-2
Time: 22:00 hours of October 24, 2047

[Begin Transmission]

While giving the current sit-rep, the GDI commander showed no expression to General Granger after the LTB incident launched by Boyle. Nobody was happy, not even Spec Ops didn't feel good after defeating the aliens.

"25,000 plus people killed...sir," said the GDI commander. "There was nothing that could do..." Granger began to speak. "I know...it was horrible. Boyle has been resigned and sent to prision for the use of the LTB. I know you couldn't do anything, but I have to congraduate you for defeating the aliens. I let you know if something new comes up..." With a salute, the GDI commander said, "Yes, sir."

As Grander walked away, the commander just standed in the briefing room for 10 minutes before walking out of the door. He went to his resting quarter and layed down on his bed, thinking of all the lives that were lost.

[End of Transmission]

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12-01-2007, 09:56 PM
[Chapter 3]

Ruins of Ground Zero
Somewhere In Italy
Italian Red Zone
Time 23:00 hours of October 23, 2047

[Begin Transmission]

Dead bodies, destroyed vheicles, and abandoned buildings make up what's left of Italy. As the skies are dark, a part of a broken down wall begins to move and a GDI Commando breaks out of the wall. The commando shakes his head in trying to clear his head. "Ow," said the commando. "I managed to somehow survive the LTB blast. I'm probley not the only one who survived. I better check out the rest of the place." The commando began to move south of his position.

The commando suddenly saw a wall go boom after a five minute walk from his position. A GDI Zone Tropper appeared from the smoke. The commando put up his weapon and said, "Tropper, identify yourself." The trooper began to reply, "Alright, but you have to identify yourself too. My name is Sgt. Kasumi Emmia of Zone Trooper Squad Beta."

"The name is Captin Torshiro Makasaki of the Commando Division."
"Good, at least were alive, you?"
"Yeah, trying to look for survivers."
"Can I come?"

Torshiro and Kasumi continued to move south for about 15 minutes and then heard a faint sound. "Keep your gaurd up," said Torshiro. Both Torshiro and Kasumi continued to move slowly until they heard someone move and said, "Is it clear?" Torshiro replied, "Yes, identify yourself." A female, with a very long purple hair that went all the way down to her butt that's tied up with a blue bow, holding a sniper rifle-stepped out of the shadows. "The name's Yuko Suzumi, Sgt. of the Sniper Division." The girl looked at Torshiro and Kasumi with a weird look. "So what's your guy's name?" Torshiro answer first, "Torshiro Makasaki." Then Kasmui, "And Kasumi Emmia." Yuko took her boony hat off to scratch her hair and said, "Okay...where you guy's going?" Torshiro said, "South, looking for survivers."
"I can come if you want."
"Sure thing."

During their walk down south, they saw somebody jump over a box. The squad held up their guns. Another GDI soldier. "Who are you?" said the GDI soldier. Torshiro, Kasumi, and Yuko said their names in turn. "Now identify yourself," said Torshiro. "I'm Hayate Moroku. Corperal of Gernadier Squad Delta. And you guy's are..." The survivers said their names in turn. "So what you you're doing right now?" Torshiro explained the situation, "Were looking for survivers, want to come?" Hayate replied, "I'll come."

The squad continued like usual except this time, they ran into 2 female soldiers and both were different. One holding a missile launcher and an another with an assault rifle. Torshiro said immedietly, "Identifiy yourself." The one with the missile launcher said, "The name is Sakura Noru. Private 3rd Class." And the one with the assault rifle said, "I'm Yuma Imaru. Private 1st Class" Torshiro explained his squad's name, his own name, and the situation. "It looks like you guy can use some back up," said Yuma. "Let us come with you."

The squad formed up and continued south to their objective.

[End Transmission]