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(OMG, I just wrote a novel! But here is Chapter 2. Hope it explains some things well and causes much enjoyment for the readers. Maybe Chapter 3 won’t be as long, but I still have some explaining to do. Also, anything in Italics is Allie’s thoughts. Peace, DaSOCOM)

(Another note; sorry for the long wait. I had a minor case of banishment to deal with. Ch 3 would have been ready by this time, but I managed to lose the thumbdrive it was saved on. Go me! So it will be ready again in a few days. Peace, DaSOCOM)

Allie awoke once again to loud banging on her door. Groaning, she checked the alarm clock at her bedside: a little after 3 PM. She slowly got out of bed as the banging continued, walking over to the door and trying to open it. It didn’t budge. Groaning again, she flipped the deadbolt and pulled the door open. In doing so, Meg almost punched Allie in the face. Regaining her posture after bending back to avoid the almost attack, she questioned her friend as to what kind of emergency had her so worked up.

The red-headed girl was speaking fast, as if somebody had shocked her with a defibrillator. "Hey, doesn’t your dad work in that one federal building on Congress street?!"

Still rubbing her eyes, Allie nodded in affirmation, "Yeah…"

Meg’s face took on a shocked look, as if a zombie was about to eat her, "Ohmigod! I just heard that there was a shootout near there and a buncha people got hurt and died! You need to call him, make sure he wasn’t hurt!!"

It was at that moment that Allie’s phone went off, scaring both girls into a yelp. Grumbling angrily as she stomped over to it, she picked up the phone to see that her sister was calling her. Flipping her Motorola open, she answered it tersely, "Sistah? What do?"

The conversation that followed next was barely intelligible to Meg, as Allie seemed to be flipping back and forth between English and…something else. She simply stood there in Allie’s doorway, trying to decipher the code in which her friend was quickly speaking. Then all of a sudden Allie raised her voice to the phone.

"PAP’S HURT, YA?!" and then Allie continued on in more quick gibberish before disconnecting and closing the phone up. Meg started going on another freak-fest before Allie calmed her down. Meg, quiet, listened.
"My dad got hurt but it’s nothing serious. He tripped on his chair as he was ducking down to the floor when he heard the gunshots. Turns out that none of the bullets went near, but the building is like right down the street and he works near the front door. He just sprained his ankle, but I’m gonna have to drive him around and all for a while. "

Meg let out a long breath and slumped her shoulders in a combination of relief and exhaustion. "But still, a lot of people got hurt and killed." Meg looked up. "But you know what’s weird, here?"

Allie shrugged her shoulders, "Nah, just woke up."

"Oh yeah…" Meg nodded, "People are saying that some kinda weird girl flew in and dealt with those guys who did all the killing. The cops were like a minute behind her and all. She showed up right after they started shooting and ended it all in a matter of seconds, singlehandedly. Isn’t that crazy?"

The other girl raised an eyebrow towards her friend, " Some wondergirl flew in all by herself and stopped a buncha guys with guns in seconds? Stuff like that only happens in the movies."

Meg nodded, "I know, but she was all goth’d out and carrying a flaming sword and she kicked some major butt!"

That drew only a head shake from the Hawaiian girl, "And you really believe this?"

"Well it does seem a little fantastic and stuff, but wouldn’t it be cool if there really was some gothic warrior girl out there fighting evil and stuff? That’s like something you’d see in an anime!"

Allie chuckled a bit at her friend, "I guess. But hey girl, I gotta get ready. My mom’s gonna be picking me up soon so I can drive my dad’s car back home and stuff."

Meg nodded, happy that her friend’s dad didn’t suffer near the fate that the red-head had been envisioning. They hugged and as she left, Meg threw a peace sign over her shoulder which Allie returned with a smile


Allie sighed as she fell onto her bed late at night. It was several days after the bank attack and UT had held a vigil for the people who died in it, but it mostly consisted of people holding hands and praying for, what seemed like to her, too long. While she had been raised with some religion, it certainly didn’t give her the ability to pray for hours over the same subject. Her prayer had lasted about 2 minutes, and the rest of the time she had been standing around, stuck holding hands with Meg and another girl she didn’t know, sneaking a peek every few minutes to see that, yes, everybody was still praying. After that, there was a short memorial, a few speeches, and it was done. She looked at her alarm clock; 11:37 PM. It was the weekend tomorrow. She could sleep late because she wouldn’t have to drive her dad to work. Slowly she began to get ready for bed.


The Goddess looked over her sleeping Death Princess with grim approval. Her young warrior had performed remarkably during the last battle, but it had taken a toll on her human host. But the Goddess knew why. She would actually have to unite the spirit of the Death Princess with the spirit of the Host to avoid exhausting the human’s body. She sighed as she ran that through her head again and again, dreading the mere thought of it. But the mortal realm required the young warrior again, and the stress of her mind control might be too much for the young one. From behind her, another Goddess walked into the light of the candles lining the bedchamber.

"Pele," the other Goddess spoke, "I know what you are thinking of, and I know how you feel about it."

The Goddess of Fire turned around to face her sister, "I know, Kapo. But it must be done, to safeguard not only the mortal world but the Princess herself."

The beautiful Goddess of Fertility nodded, "Then let us join hands and welcome the Host to our realm. She extended her hands to Pele, who grasped them gently as they both closed their eyes.


Allie slowly walked down the candle-lit hallway of…wherever she was. Is this another dream? She continued walking until she came to a door that was cracked open. She peered through the crack to discover a long, dark room that was lit by candles on each wall. At the end there were two beautiful women holding hands near a bed which contained another sleeping form. Allie walked in softly and announced her presence:
"Umm…hello? Can you tell me where I am?"

The two women at the far side of the room released their hands and opened their eyes, facing her and smiling. One was dressed in a tight-fitting skirt of a jade green color, and the other wore a longer dress that was equally well-fitting but colored in a deep red. They both looked to be of either Asian or Polynesian descent, not too far off from Allie’s own complexion. The one in jade smiled softly at her while she greeted the young college student in a soft voice; "Hello, Aliakana."


Mandy Roland shivered as the leader of the hostage-takers spoke to her once again. The 26-year-old was the most senior employee at the YMCA of the 4 that were there. But they were in charge of 6 volunteers, all college kids, and about 40 children aged 5-8. It was Kids Night at the YMCA on Parker Ave just off of Hwy 183 in north Austin, a chance for the kids to stay up late, play games, and have fun while the parents went out and did whatever it was that parents did when the kids were out of the house for a night.

But now she was dealing with a bunch of gun-toting thugs who had just taken the whole group hostage and now had them gathered in the basketball court where they could keep an eye on everyone. They had called the police and issued their demands, but they had threatened the kids and that didn’t sit well with Mandy. These cowards were pointing guns at kids and using them as bargaining chips, what had happened to society nowadays?

She stood up as the kids behind her whimpered. But she couldn’t show any fear; that would be giving in to these maniacs. She had to be strong for everyone else.

"The police are outside; you will go with two of my men who will negotiate with them. Any sign of resistance and they will kill you, is that clear?" The leader spoke. He had never given a name, they only called each other by numbers.

She nodded, "I understand. But how do I know they won’t just kill me anyway?"

The man grinned through the ski mask that he, like the others, was wearing as he brandished his Russian rifle in front of her. "You can trust us, we have only certain things to accomplish and senseless murder isn’t one of them. " He turned to some of his men, "7, 3, go and start the negotiations." One of the men grabbed her by her arm and tugged her his way as the other man followed behind them, gun barrel pointing right at her back."


The Death Princess watched silently from her rooftop vantage point. The police had surrounded the building already, but weren’t making any preparations to move in. She didn’t know if the police could handle it, but she had no doubts that she could. It was what her Mistress had created her for. Then she spotted two of the attackers with a hostage as the police called out their own sighting of them. They were moving towards the glass double doors that served as the main entrance to the building. That glass was bullet-proof, but it wouldn’t hold against the fire that the Death Princess could bring forth. Her time was soon.


Pele looked on as her Death Princess’s moment neared. This would be the time when the world no longer doubted her existence; a blessing entwined with a curse. "Go forth and bring a deserved fate to those that will harm the innocent treasures of the world, my Princess."
Through her vision portal, the Goddess watched as the Death Princess donned her sunglasses.


The first sign came with the booming dark sounds that on officer, a fan of gothic rock, recognized as the opening to Epica’s "Illusive Consensus." The police, first focused on the two attackers bringing a hostage with them, began looking for a source of the music but it seemed to reverberate from the sky itself. Then they noticed the streak of flame descending from the midnight blackness, first burning orange and then turning white-hot as it closed in on the earth’s surface.

The trio inside the main lobby of the YMCA building stopped as they saw the world outside began to quickly light up and policemen cover their eyes from the light. It was in their confusion that the Death Princess, sword blazing, landed in front of the door with the force and fanfare of an asteroid. The white-hot sword so instantly superheated the air near it as she had held it in front of her that the all-glass doors immediately burst into shards, allowing her a path through which she could dash in.

The glass seemed to part for her in its fall as she rushed the rear gunman, closing the distance to him in the space of his stalled heartbeat and thrusting her burning sword right into his abdomen before spinning herself to slice the sword free while kicking the female hostage out of harm’s way. Just like last time, there was no blood from the cuts that her sword caused. She finished her spin by slicing her sword into the second man’s stomach and knocking his rifle up as the shock of her attack caused him to squeeze the trigger, sending the burst of bullets into the ceiling.

From behind the security door she heard the remaining men shouting in confusion. With a grin of malevolent enjoyment, she rushed over to the door and cut the hinges in half while staying lower than the window on the door. She spun around and gave the door a solid kick, sending it flying into the basketball court. Two more enemies who had been running to investigate were caught by it, knocked onto their backs, and then pinned under the heavy metal door. The Death Princess launched herself into a flip, stabbing her sword through the door and killing the two men underneath it before vaulting herself to a standing position, using her momentum to throw the sword into another man’s chest, sending him flying backwards. He was dead before he started falling towards the floor.

She wasted no time squaring off with the remaining three foes; one of them was already shouting orders as they were pointing their AK-47s at her. In the millisecond that she had regained her balance she had already coiled her body and leapt towards the still-falling foe, grabbing her burning sword and ripping it through his chest and skull as she spring-boarded off of his body towards another aggressor. She flipped over him, spinning as she sheathed her sword behind her back and grabbed him by the neck. The girl then arched herself forwards and swung him over her body, snapping his neck and sending him twirling through the air into his comrade. Returning to an upright position, she spun out of the way as the leader of the group fired a shower of bullets towards her before pushing through a door that led elsewhere.

The remaining evildoer was just pushing his dead companion off of his body as the girl grabbed him and threw him through the same door that his leader had left through. Satisfied that no shots came through with his entrance, she pulled her sword from its sheath and walked through, flame alighting once again on the blade. Passing the fallen man, she smashed the broad side of her sword against the side of his head. He would be useful later, but not to her. Passing a set of showers, she kicked in a second door and as she stepped through a set of powerful hands grabbed her and threw her into the adjacent Olympic-size swimming pool. The leader then emptied his magazine into the pool before reloading his weapon and turning to walk out.

Just as he pulled the door open, his ears picked up an odd sound. He turned around to find the pool beginning to boil like a teapot on a burner. He pulled his rifle up to his shoulder and slowly walked towards the pool. As he reached the side of it, the water burst into an explosion of steam. The man screamed as he was temporarily blinded and turned away. The Death Princess, murderous grin shaping her face, then emerged from the water and grabbed him by his leg, yanking him into the boiling liquid.

His screams of agony were muffled through the water and he struggled to free himself but could not escape the grasp of the young warrior. It was only a matter of seconds before his body ran out of oxygen and then, in his body’s inborn attempt to survive, he swallowed the boiling water. The searing liquid coursed through his body, sending him into even more spasms of torture. Finally, his body worn down and his mind numbed, he went limp. The Death Princess then released him, swimming up and pulling herself from the swimming pool, still as dry as before she had entered the water.

She then walked back into the basketball court where the lady she had kicked to safety was there calming the children in the face of what they had just witnessed as well as the loud goth rock music which was still booming forth from the sky. The lady turned back to see the Death Goddess standing there, watching her as she sheathed her sword. The lady then walked over to the Death Goddess, tears welling up from joy.

"How can we ever thank you for saving us?!?!"

The Death Goddess spoke calmly to her, "Your thanks is not necessary. I am only doing what is required of me."

The lady seemed taken aback by her response, but quickly recovered, "Well…is there at least a name that we can remember you by?"

The female warrior shook her head, turning to walk out. She stopped and looked over her shoulder at the lady, "My Mistress calls me the Death Princess."

"Then Death Princess you are."

The warrior nodded. She then turned and walked out through where the security door used to be. Before reaching the exit, she unsheathed her sword and as flames jumped across the blade she left like a rocket launching, burning into non-existence with the music seeming to follow her exit.


Allie gasped as she awoke, body bathed in a chilling sweat. Breathing heavily, she looked around to find herself in her room. Slowly her awareness caught up to her; her sheets were damp and cold, her heart was racing, her hands shaking. Everything seemed to be moving in slow-motion as she experienced every heartbeat of information. She turned her head to her alarm clock; 5:24 in the morning. She pulled herself out of bed to sit down on the side of it, head in one hand as the other one steadied her body.

What the heck is all this? She didn’t remember much. Two women in a dark room, then a blaze of light…But why am I acting like THIS?!?!?! As the adrenaline drained from her blood veins she felt even colder and shakier than when she had awakened, and a crippling soreness crept over her entire body like it was the day after volleyball practice. Her dream had been disjointed, like the cut pieces from a movie never even finished in the first place.

She shook her head, standing unsteadily and walking slowly to the small fridge in one corner of her room. Pulling a soda from it, she opened the can and took a long swallow from it. Feeling slightly better now, she sat down on her computer desk and turned on the radio to a local station that she liked. Just as Collective Soul’s "December" finished playing, the DJ came on.

"More info from our story at 2, police are still searching for the person revealed only as the Death Princess," – Allie froze – "who was implicated in this morning’s earlier hostage-taking attempt at the YMCA near 183 North on Parker Ave. Police say that they want her only for questioning at this point. More music after this commercial break."


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