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09-01-2007, 05:00 PM
These are some pictures I made on my last vacation, which I think are worth showing
16644 16643 16642 16641

These were made last year on a vacation with some friends
16650 16651

and some more random pictures I took
16647 16646 16645

These were made with my trusty phone.. they're crappy quality but I still like them x3
16648 16649

Ooh yeah most of these have been through my photo editing program in some sort of way..

09-01-2007, 08:06 PM
the 1st flower photo looks beautiful, you should take some more

09-05-2007, 02:24 PM
Agrees - the first flower is very good and camputres the features of the flower well.
Sunsets - good but I feel that if there was more sky and less of the ground they would look better as half and half the ground detracts from the beauty and removes the focus from the sunset.

09-05-2007, 02:26 PM
Wow, your photos look really nice. The first few and the sunset ones look terrific. =D

09-06-2007, 01:17 AM
wow those are all so amazeing..i love the sun set pictures..really pretty!