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Chapter 12

Fuuko could not believe it. Just when she was at the summit of seizing the one-in-a-million opportunity to get even with Miyazawa Aya, the unexpected happened. Before her stood six people, who apparently owned some fancy-looking motorcycles and glared at her, each with a smirk on their faces.

“(Damn it!)” she cursed under her breath.

Aya noticed Fuuko’s restless state. She grinned and folded her arms confidently on her chest. Fuuko glared and waited for her to say something. To her disappointment however, Aya merely looked to the other direction and closed her eyes smugly, as if purposely infuriating her.

Fuuko’s temper fired to the limits. However, she opted to keep her composure as to not give Aya the impression that she was, in fact, astounded by the sudden turn of events.

“Ha! So this is the infamous gang of Miyazawa Aya…” Fuuko raised her eyebrow. “They’re just a bunch of kids after all. You think I’m afraid of you, Miyazawa?! Well then, I’ll give you what you want then – a good beating!”


Instantly, the twenty brawny men charged towards the group of six, who surprisingly did not show any hint of fright at all. They all retained their previous intimidating grin, which apparently pierced Fuuko’s haughtiness.


“They’re coming!” Yuken exclaimed.
From above, cold sweat rolled down Kosuke’s forehead. His eyes were directed towards the scene that transpired below, “(Miyazawa’s gang…)”
“Man! This is getting better and better!” Akio beamed.

Three of the twenty men attacked the bald Saburo, swinging their bludgeon towards him. However, Saburo blocked the incoming hits with his bare arm. The men continued to swing their clubs to whichever direction they could to injure him, but Saburo was able to block each and every attempt.

“Heh heh heh! How about that, Shinny Head?” said one of them.

“Your arm’s all sore,” said another, pointing at Saburo’s reddening arm.

“”Let’s see how long you’ll last with this!” the third shouted, readying his bludgeon for a mighty blow.

Saburo merely grinned, “I really don’t like the air around here.”

Suddenly, Saburo clenched his fist and charged forward to give his first rival a powerful punch on his abdomen. The brawny man’s eyes seemed to pop out as he received the blow.

Saburo grabbed the second one by his collar and hit him right on his face. The man crashed to the ground and, due to the impact, lost consciousness.

All of a sudden, the third man came out of nowhere, positioned himself at Saburo’s rear, and readied to hit him on his head from behind.

“You’re going down!”

“Not quite!” Saburo said smugly. When the club was about to hit his head, he immediately grabbed the weapon and, in an amazing feat, carried with it the man and slammed him on the floor.

On the other direction, six simultaneously charged towards the fat Buyo and the girl-obsessed Kaede. In the most unlikely situation, however, the two of them did the most untimely feat.

-#-Rock, paper, scissors… Rock, paper, scissors…-#-

“Oh, no!” Buyo frowned.

“I won!” Kaede cheered. “I’ll give the first dose of beating… YAAAAAAAA!”

The first batch of three that approached Kaede merely lasted a few seconds. Their bludgeons did not even touch him, since before they were able to do so, Kaede charged up and gave each of them a powerful kick and followed through with an outright punch towards their faces.

As planned, Buyo took charge of the remaining three. The bludgeons hit him; however, to the brawny men’s shock, it felt as if their clubs hit a jumbo water bag, causing their clubs to bounce back.

“Ahhhh…” Buyo yawned. “You guys are pretty nice after all… giving me such comfty massage…”

The three men repeatedly hit Buyo… 1…2… 10… 20… 30 consecutive strikes. Surprisingly, Buyo merely stood on his ground, whistling care-freely a happy tune.

“He’s… insulated!” one of the men exclaimed in disbelief.

“Oh, has the massage ended?” Buyo raised an eyebrow. Then, he stood up as his hands tightened into a fist. “Is it my turn to give you a massage? Gruahahahaha…”

“N-NooooO” the three men dropped their bludgeons and ran away in fright.
However, someone blocked their way.

“Uh-uh…Not so fast,” Seiichi, the skinny boy with silver hair and fancy red eyes, shook his head and flashed a wicked smile. “We’re not through yet.”

Just then, another six assembled behind Seiichi, readying their clubs.
The other female gangster named Ruri jumped in the scene and stood right next to Seiichi, “I must admit I’m kinda missing this kind of meet-up.”

Without warning, all nine of them sped towards the fat Buyo, the skinny Seiichi, and the blue-haired girl – Ruri.

Buyo’s punches, though slower compared to Saburo and Kaede, were very powerful. In fact, he gave two of the men a solid blow to the belly simultaneously using his left and right fists. Both crashed to the ground meters away from him. The third one stepped in fright, only to be grabbed on the neck by Ruri and hand-slammed to the ground. Seiichi, on the other hand, gave away a succession of unexpectedly powerful kicks.

As their enemies fell to the ground except for one, Seiichi crouched down and grabbed a bludgeon.


“Don’t,” a familiar voice said. Seiichi looked up to see Crosse, who stepped mightily on the club that the red-eyed boy clutched on his hand.


“No weapons…” Crosse shook his head. “That’s what Aya-chan always tells us.”

“Miyazawa-san…” Seiichi nodded as he slowly released the club from his grip.

Fuuko stepped back in disbelief, “No… this can’t be happening… six against twenty of them… Damn it! Get to your feet, you dumb-asses and take them all down!”

“Saburo-san, Buyo-kun, Kaede-kun, Seiichi-kun, Ruri-chan,” Crosse said with a serious look on his face as the twenty brawny men stood up and encircled them once more.

All of them looked at Crosse. However, before he even spoke, he already anticipated what his message would be.

And so, Ruri opted to step forward and smiled, “Miyazawa-chan! Let’s go home together!”

Aya smiled back sincerely and nodded, “Hai!”

Surprisingly, all of them except Crosse turned back and ascended to their motorcycles.


“They’re leaving?!” Akio exclaimed. “B-but… why?!”

Yuken and Kosuke remained silent.

“H-Hey, what do you think they’re doing?” Akio asked as he noticed that both Kosuke and Yuken had similar expressions on their faces.

“That one with the goggles and cross-shaped earrings,” Yuken said with a serious tone.

Kosuke’s eyes did not leave the scene and continued to watch intently, specifically Crosse.


“Ha! Leaving so suddenly? You’re all fools after all!” Fuuko said mockingly. “But… you… with the fancy earring… I must say you look quite handsome. However, compared to Kosu-kun, you’re nothing. Why aren’t you turning back?”

“We are quite preoccupied with out own businesses. Things like this should be taken cared of quickly,” Crosse clenched his fists.

“Taken cared of ‘quickly’? Oh, are you threatening me?” Fuuko raised an eyebrow. “You think you could take them all down by yourself?”

Upon hearing this, Crosse grinned.

“Try me?”


No way! By himself?!
Twenty against six was unbelievable – But twenty against one is… impossible!
Who in the world is that guy?
But look, isn’t he cute?
Is it just me or… Doesn’t he resemble Yamazaki-sama?



Immediately, the horde of brawny men charged towards Crosse, readying their bludgeons.

The first one approached him and swung his bludgeon forcefully towards him. However, Crosse was able to dodge the attack in an amazing feat. He appeared on the other side, grasped the attacker’s arm, and somersaulted unbelievably. The man crashed on the floor, barely moving.
The fight persisted hastily. Crosse, with his incredible fighting skills, which startled all the spectators including Kosuke, soon threw a series of punches, kicks, and slams. Only a few seconds have passed; however, 1… 7… 10… 18… and finally all 20 were sent to the floor, holding their extremities or belly in pain resulting from Crosse’s blows.

“No way!” Fuuko’s eyes widened in disbelief. She stepped back with a flabbergasted expression and ran away in humiliation and fright.

While Crosse was taking them down, Aya merely passed by the scene with a smile, as if totally oblivious to the on-going fight. She neither rolled her eyes even once to watch the fight, nor did she have even a tinge of anxiety on her face.




Soon, six motorcycles exited Tsuzuya’s grounds, including Aya’s pink Circa 9000.
Crosse, on the other hand, stood amidst the twenty beaten-up men, who were all unable to stand in fright.

Suddenly, the young lad’s purple eyes shot towards Kosuke’s, who watched the scene from the window above.

Kosuke exchanged glares with Crosse. Yuken and Akio saw this and looked at Kosuke anxiously.

Not long after, Crosse walked back towards his black motorcycle, gave out several loud -#-brrrm-brrrms-#-s and sped off.

“That guy… just took down twenty people all by himself!” Akio wondered. “Who exactly is he?”

“I think he knows you, Kosuke-kun,” Yuken said. “You should be careful. That guy smells like trouble.”

Kosuke folded his arms on his chest and remained silent.

“(That person… I think I’ve seen him somewhere…)”, he thought.

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I like the way you titled everything. [and all] But those spaces are kinda annoying. But um, do I edit it to be chapter 12? I'm confused by your edit in your post, lol.

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I like the way you titled everything. [and all] But those spaces are kinda annoying. But um, do I edit it to be chapter 12? I'm confused by your edit in your post, lol.

Yes, please... Change to chapter 12... thanks a lot :laugh: