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I will input Bio's for those characters I have, after they've been introduced.
I haven't written up Bio's for the Ten Scouts yet because you won't get to hear about them until later.

Jack Madison
Haircolor: Brown
Hairstyle: Falls in his face
Accesories: Red baseball cap
Eye Color: Light blue
Body: Athletic
Birthday: June/4/1991
Siblings: Unknown
Weapons: Baseball Bat
Mark: Titan
Fighting Style:Personal
Hobbies:Football,and basketball
Favorite Food:BBQ
Likes: Working out
Dislikes: Baseball
Past: Father was a Mafia lord; mother was a prostitute
Present:Student at Arckaum
Future: Leave Arckaum and and play professional football
Story: Jack was brought up around a lot of killing and Street Mafia's and Drug lords. With his father being a Leader of a certain Mafia called Napikado, Jack soon learned how to fight for himself and is recently on a most wanted list for murdering a Entire Mafia Single handed. When down to his last breath, Jack snapped and showed power unlike anything of humans. He carries around a baseball bat as his symbol even though he hates everything about baseball. He wears a cap given to him by his mother on his 7th birthday before she was killed in a drive-by. He also has a tattoo on his back that's Even his father and mother don't know where it came from and thinks of it as a birth mark. Jack always gets a feeling that he belongs to another family and that the life he has lived so far wasn't for him. He joins Arckaum to Set his life right.

Instinct Chap. 3

Vulcan: Hmm I better get some sleep big day tomorrow.
Mother: (peeks in his room) so he's finally back, Better not wake him he's probably tired.

Vulcan: (food smell wakes Vulcan ,he yawns) Ahh what time is it, I'm missing out.
Mom: Hey come get it the breakfast is ready!
Dante: Ok Mom be down in a sec!
Vulcan: (thinks to hiself: huh what the Hell?!! Do I have a kid brother? even so when did this happen?)
Mother: So your finally awake huh just in time I started to wonder when you'd wake up
Vulcan: Uh What time is it?
Mother: 10:30....something wrong?
Vulcan: Oh, no nothing at all just thought it would be later the way you were putting it.
Mother: I see, You only been sleep for THREE DAYS NOW!
Vulcan: (stunned) WHAT! why didn't you wake me up?
Mother: Heh heh ,I thought if you slept that long you ought to be tired so I didn't bother you and I told Vergil and Dante to stay away from your room,But I started to worry after yesterday,and was going to wake you up this morning to make sure you weren't dead
Vulcan: I see well who's this Dante? is he my brother?
Mother: Hardly he's Vergil's friend ,however Kelra is your sister
Vulcan: (Stunned) Whoa a sis huh how old is she?
Mother: ha ha kelra is Seventeen and Vergil is Fifthteen, Dante is sixteen, Kelra just moved in with me about two years ago.
Vulcan: (thinks to himself: someone must really like me down there. Hmm looks like I found my three already and So close around age couldn't get better than this) Well can I meet them?
Mother: Ha ha they are right...(pulls open the door) HERE! well well what do we have here?
Kelra: Ow! hey get off of me Vergil
Dante: Vergil you guys are squishing me can't b..breathe
Vergil: Sorry
Mother: Guess you guys were eavesdropping in so you might as well introduce yourselves..(glares at them and walks out of the room)
Vulcan: Hey there I'm Vulcan long time no see lil bro
Vergil: Yea Yea this is Dante and this-
Kelra: -I can introduce myself-
Vulcan: You must be Kelra
Kelra: Yes nice to meet you.
Mother: (Yells from the kitchen) well you all gonna eat or should I through all that good food away hmm think I'll start with the pancakes and biscuits or wait, maybe I should eat those and drink the orange juice and milk and then throw away the eggs with the butter toast I'm-
Vulcan: (yells back)-Whoa! wait a minute mother I could eat that all myself no need to through it away.
Vergil: Hey! no way I'm hungry too!
Mom: Well you better hurry Dante is already eating all the food
Vergil: DANTE!
Kelra: DANTE! I'm gonna kill that little!
Vulcan: (thinks to himself: Heh heh, Lively little bunch hope they are willing to go to Arckaum)

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ur dialogue is pretty engaging but i read from ur previous post that this was taken from ur manga so maybe if u post ur original manga on the dazzle us thread itl be easier for everyone?just a suggestion.^^'

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No problem I was going to do that , but I'll have to wait to get a scanner lol, I'm also a little cautious of ppl that like to steal other people's work. Thats part of the reason I did it this way, if people think it sucks then they won't be tempted
I'm wayin my options atm so. I don't know yet. Thanks though for helping ^)^

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You got the title wrong again. I'll change it this time, but next time I'll just close the thread.

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