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hello people to chapter 3 of my fan fic.^^ as a little explanation, this chapter goes back to Shuji and Kikko (if uve read the first chapter ul recognize the names.^^).


“Enjoying it so far?” Kikko’s voice brought Shuji back to reality. With a slightly dazed expression he stopped reading.

“Great manga,” he said appreciatively. “You could turn professional with this.”

“Thanks!” she said. “I knew you’d like it.”

With a little yawn Shuji stood up. Stretching his legs he asked, “How’d you come up with the story?”

“What can I say?” she said with a smile. “I like games.”

“You’re one of the few girls I know that does,” he smiled back. “You going home?”

“Uh-huh,” she said as she put her sketchbook back into her bag. “It’s five minutes to midnight. I need to get some sleep for school tomorrow.”

“Four minutes actually,” he said with a wink. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah I’ll see you,” she said as she hoisted her leg up the window.

“Wait!” Shuji cried out. “Use the door.” Walking out of the kitchen, he unlocked it for her. “And next time, just knock will you?”

“I’ll remember that,” she said with a grin as she stepped out into the warm night sky. With a little wave she started walking home. Shuji waited until she saw her climb into her room before closing the door.

Stifling a yawn, he started up the stairs. As he got into his bed his last thoughts were of Kikko’s manga and how he’d like to read more of it tomorrow at school. It was a really good manga, almost as good as the ones he always bought whenever he had the chance of going to the bookstore. And she did it all alone too. You have to admire that about that her.

He was about to fall asleep when a scream jolted him out of his bed. Eyes wide open, he immediately recognized that voice.

“Kikko!” he cried out as, for the second time that night, he was pulled out of his bed by his closest friend. Not bothering to stay silent, he quickly ran down the stairs (“They really are sound sleepers,” Shuji said to himself as he passed by his grandparent’s room.). Pausing only to put on his shoes he quickly darted out of the house.

The moment he got to Kikko’s house he immediately saw why she had screamed. Crouching behind a bush, Shuji saw Kikko’s mother holding Kikko’s blue sketchbook, the one where her manga was drawn, and was about to throw it into an iron drum, the same kind as the one Shuji’s grandparent’s had in his house to burn the garbage in, and from the look in her eyes he could see that she had the same intention with it.

“You left the house without even bothering to ask permission!” her mother yelled furiously. “Do you know how worried I was!? I go into your room expecting you to be sleeping and all I see is an empty bed?! I almost called the police! And then you come in at midnight and you tell me you went out to show your – your - manga!?”

Her eyes pleading, Kikko tried to reason with her mother. “Mom, please! I didn’t go that far. I was just so excited to finish my project that I didn’t stop to think.”

“That’s right, you didn’t think!” producing a lighter, her mom set fire to the drum. “And this is what happens when you don’t think!”

“Mom no!” Kikko pleaded as she futilely tried to snatch her sketchbook from her deranged mother. “I worked so hard on that!”

“This will teach you a lesson!” her mom said as she pushed her away. Then with an almost maniacal look on her face, she threw the book into the flames. As if fuelled by her anger, the flames burned even brighter.

Shuji could only look in horror as all of his friend’s hard work slowly burned in front of his eyes. This was a side of her mother he had never seen before. Every time he went to her house she always seemed so caring and kind. But then again, maybe she cared too much.

Crying and sobbing, Kikko was half carried, half dragged back into their house.

“Don’t ever do this again!” her mother furiously scolded her. “Now go to your room and sleep!” and with a slam of the door, they were gone.

Slowly, as if in a dream, Shuji got up from his hiding place. Looking at the burning drum, he slowly walked towards it. Now burning brighter and fiercer than ever, the heat it produced formed a protective circle that told Shuji that he better stay back if he didn’t want to get burnt.

But he didn’t care.

Eyes watering from the heat, Shuji quickly darted to its side. Spying the sketchbook in the middle of its glowing embers, he plunged his hand into it. Twice he dropped it, the heat was too much to handle. Even now, just seconds from contact, his fingers were already forming blisters.

On the third try he nearly dropped it again, but as he remembered that with every second the book spent into the flames, more of its pages would be lost, he mustered the strength to hang on to it.

The moment he got the book out the pain set in and with a weak cry Shuji let the book drop to the ground. Gingerly nursing his fingers he examined the extent of the damage.

Fortunately, it seemed that aside from the cover and a couple of pages burnt from the front and back, it was still readable. Unfortunately, this meant that a huge chunk of the ending was now missing.

At least I managed to save most of it, he thought to himself. Picking it up again, he headed home. He figured it’d be a good idea if he didn’t let Kikko’s mother know that he managed to fish out her manga. Man, who knew her mother was capable of doing that? He knew they were supposed to be strict but isn’t that just going a little bit too far? Tonight was definitely one night he was going to remember for a very long time. It was a good thing he had Kikko’s smiling face to look forward to tomorrow.

“What do you mean Kikko’s gone?” Shuji asked a bit stupidly. Who could blame him? One moment he was dreaming deeply of roasted almonds (don’t ask) and the next there was hysterical screaming coming through the floorboards of his room. Groggy from lack of sleep and the aches of yesterday still plaguing his fingers, he pulled himself to investigate the source of the screaming. Going downstairs he saw his grandparents consoling a hysterical Mrs. Kikko’s mother who, between bouts of uncontrolled sobbing and screaming, was muttering again and again. “She’s gone… She’s gone. She’s gone!” she had cried out. And then she had seen Shuji and had rushed towards him. “You have to find her! She’s gone! Kikko, she’s gone!”

“She wasn’t in her room when I went to wake her up this morning,” Mrs. Kikko’s mother wailed. “Oh, it’s all my fault! I shouldn’t have done that and now she’s run away!” and she broke into tears again.

“Please come down Mrs. Ohyama,” Shuji’s grandmother’s frail voice said. “Tell us exactly what happened.”

“Y-yesterday, I caught Kikko sneaking into her room at midnight,” Mrs. Ohyama sobbed. “She said she went out to show her - her manga to a friend. She didn’t say who.” Shuji’s insides squirmed as he guiltily recalled last night. “Naturally, I was… f - furious. I took her manga and I… I… I burned it.” With another high-pitched wail she collapsed.

“Maybe… she went to school early?” Shuji suggested although, as he glanced outside at the violet hues of pre-dawn, he knew this was hardly likely.

“N-no.” she said tearfully. “Her school bag’s still in her room. A-and… she – she wrote this.”

Silently, Shuji took the folded note that Mrs. Ohyama waved at him and read it.

Good bye mom. Don’t look for me; I do not want to be found. Maybe someday I’ll come back home. But then again, maybe not. Remember what you did mom. I hope it haunts you for the rest of your life.

Turning it over, Shuji saw a drawing of a burning girl that looked creepily like Kikko. She was glaring and in her right hand she was holding a crying sketchbook. He must admit, it was a pretty good drawing and despite everything he managed a smile. But just a little smile because he could feel everyone looking at him and he didn’t want to get scolded this early in the morning.

And then it hit him.

Kikko was gone. She ran away and from the looks of it she wasn’t going to be back in a very long time. Glancing at the letter again, he amended that. A very, very long time. He’d probably own a house by the time she came back. His son, if he had one, would probably havehis own house too.

“We’ve got to find her,” Shuji said firmly. “But first, tell me, why did you burn her manga?”

“I – I – I…” she faltered under Shuji’s stare. “I’m sorry I did that… It’s just… I was worried and… I don’t know what came over me…”

“I hope this makes you realize that the punishment has to fit the crime Mrs. Ohyama,” then turning to his wizened grandfather he asked. “Gramps, what do you think?”

“I think…” the old man answered slowly as he rubbed his beard thoughtfully. “You should look for her. The city is big… You should start now.”

“Thanks gramps,” said Shuji. Turning to his smiling grandmother he asked. “Can you tell the school I won’t be in today?”

“Just for today,” she answered. “Finding her is important, I know. But you mustn’t let other things fall apart just for her. Now go. Good luck. We’ll take care of her mother, don’t worry.”

“That’s settled then,” Shuji said with a grin. “Now, just give me a few minutes to take my bath and I’ll be leaving. Don’t worry, I’ll find her. Definitely.”


rather dramatic her mom is no?lol.well, that wraps up chapter 3.hope u liked it.^^ onward to chapter 4!XD

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Woooooo. You can't post these too quickly, I'm getting hoooooked.

Nice, lovely writting. I do love your style. It's simple and easy to follow (I hate getting lost in descriptions). And your characters...I dunno. I think you are giving them some depth, but I think you need to explore Shuji's thoughts a lot more. He seems a little...flat. XD

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thank you for the CndC.im glad u like my little series.^^ as a little preview,im gonna say its gonna jump back to the other story for chapter 4.i'll post that later after some breakfast.XD i think i have a chapter just like that.altho its pretty far away from this one.hopefully, that means i can still change it before i post it.^^