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08-24-2007, 06:05 PM

In the eighth line, ‘michi oshieru’ should be ‘michi wo oshieru’.
In the tenth line, ‘keredeo’ should be ‘keredo’.
In the same line of the Kanji lyrics, ‘頼エ’ should be ‘予感’.

Now goes something I am not sure about:
In both the Kanji and the Romaji lyrics, the sixth line from the end starts with ‘Chikyuu’ (地球). On the other hand, in the song it states ‘Hoshi’ (星). Note that the translation which is currently available at AnimeLyrics also assumes ‘Chikyuu’ to be the original word.

09-10-2007, 04:53 PM
In the sixth line from the end of the kanji lyrics, ‘よ’ should be ‘よう’.

About that fancy ‘hoshi’/‘chikyuu’ thing: I have just searched Google, and it found lyrics using ‘hoshi’. :p This means that we have to change the kanji and rōmaji lyrics, and possibly the translation (although the translations found by Google were the same, even with ‘hoshi’ meaning ‘star’ and ‘chikyuu’ meaning ‘the Earth’ :eek:).

Another questionable point: Hikari was voiced by Kae Araki, but here on AnimeLyrics the song is attributed to Kosakura Etsuko, whom I cannot even find anywhere in the Internet. Is that another reading of her name? We should use the former then.

BTW: I have made a page (http://chortos.selfip.net/~astiob/holylight.xhtml) with the kanji/kana lyrics, which also has the furigana for kanji. It should look perfectly well in IE and quite acceptably in other browsers (they will only have to support CSS).