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I know this took me forever to write, but I finally found the time to post it here. Enjoy

The Academy
Chapter 3

Mei grabbed her sister and pulled her to the floor of the train upon hearing the cracks of gunfire. Cries of fear and agony erupted inside of the car as people fell in pools of their own blood, some struggling against the will of death, some already lost in the battle. Mei looked towards her sister; she was shaken, but ultimately unharmed. Alandra, however, was no where to be seen.

Mei peeked through the window in such a way that only a single eye would be exposed in the open. A group of bandits had already assembled right outside the train car, and it seemed that they were already preparing to storm the train. The train had finally come to a complete stop, for reasons unknown to her.

Mei barely had time to think before two bandits broke in through the car door.

"Nobody move!" Bellowed the bandit, "Just give us all your valuables, and we won't fire another shot!"

He didn't need to ask twice. The passengers immediately started to hand over anything that they had of worth, the bandits handing them back outside to be stored in a collection of bags they had brought with. It didn't take long until he noticed the Academy uniform that Mei and Saidari were wearing.

"Well well well!" spoke the bandit loudly,"It seems we have some Academy students here!"

The bandit started towards them swiftly; Saidari froze with fear while Mei gripped the hilt of her rapier. She waited patiently until he got into range before she took her first stroke.

She flicked the blade from its scabbard and swung it horizontally towards the chest of the bandit. The bandit, who seemed to have been ready for the attack, grabbed her hand before she could make a full stroke with the blade. She was no match for his brute force, as he tossed her across the row into the other seats. He flung her blade to the back of the train, and moved towards her slowly.

Saidari was finally able to will her body to act, bringing up her bow and swinging it towards the back of the bandits head. The wood of the bow whipped against the back of his head, causing him to stagger forward over Mei. Seeing the opening, Mei sent her foot between his legs. The bandit fell to the ground, hunched in a pitiful position in pain.

Mei quickly rose to her feet, looking down the train. His comrade was already pointing the rifle in the direction of her sister, the gun letting out a loud crack as he pulled the trigger. She ducked as the bullet hit the rim of the window with a loud metallic ping, as she placed a single arrow against the string of her bow. She rose quickly, letting the arrow fly. The arrow lodged itself into the mans leg; he immediately dropped his gun and clenched his wounded limb in agony.

Mei charged at him, raising up her foot as she threw it straight into his face, sending him onto his back unconcious.

She was greeted by the muzzle of another rifle, pointed at her from the doorway. She frantically chanted an encantation, veiling herself with a thin transparent wall. The rifle fired a round towards this barrier; it simply rippled at the impact of the bullet, which was deflected.

She then heard a loud crack behind her, and a shockwave sent her sprawling on top of the bandit. Everything suddenly seemed like a blur, as she shook her head in attempts to regain her vision. She turned around, and gasped at what she saw.

Alandra stood there with a wide, smug smile. Over her shoulder was the limp body of Saidari, with fragments of a crystal like substance scattered across her back.

"Saidari?..."Mei fumbled for words, "Alandra, did you?...."

Alandra raised her hand, a swirling vortex of a dark bluish energy forming within her palm. Mei quickly rose her hands as she started with her barrier spell again, but it was just a moment too late. Alandra let loose the building energies in her palm directly at Mei. She fell to the ground from the impact of the blast, and everything went dark.

__________________________________________________ _____________

"Where in the hell is that train?"

The man paced up and down the queue line of the train station, tapping impatiently against his clipboard full of documents. He had been stuck in this god-forsaken town for 3 days now, and these girls where no where to be seen.

As he had done multiple times the last few days, he fumbled through the stack of papers, putting all of them aside except for two individual documents, containing information of their corresponding students. He had already commited them to memory, but read them anyways for a lack of anything better to do.

Mei Rindarik

Description - Brown hair at shoulder length, blue eyes, approximately 5'9.
Previous study - Basic magic and it's uses.
Previous instruction - Occasional instruction, mostly self-taught.
Entrance Exam Rating - S rank.He placed the paper face up against the pile, pulling out the document of her sister.

Saidari Rindarik

Description - Brown hair dressed in pigtails, blue eyes, approximately 5'6
Previous study - Basic magic and it's uses.
Previous instruction - Occasional instruction, mostly self-taught
Entrance Exam Rating - A rank.He placed this document on top of the other one, rubbing his temples as the barking voice of his superior officer rang within his head.

"As of late, hostilities towards the Academy has increased dramatically. As a safety precaution, you are to meet these students at the meeting points and escort them safely to Swynwald. As our ranks are thin, we place priority over the higher ranking students above the lower ranking ones. Absences of lower ranking students will be accepted in moderation, but the absences of a higher ranking shall not be tolerated! Keep that in mind."

He hated the fact that he had to prioritize some students over others. "They all managed to pass the entrance exam", he thought, "That in itself is a great accomplishment. Why should we treat any of them differently?"

His eyes shifted towards where the rest of the students were sitting; there was only 16, not including the girls, that sat amongst the benches, staring in a half-daze towards the east, as if eventually the train with the girls would just suddenly appear over the horizon. Such a low number did not surprise him, for this area was especially hostile towards anyone affiliated with the Academy. It had been an ordeal in itself to convince the Tulk authorities to let them use their train station as a gateway to Swynwald.

The loud roar of a train horn caused all the Academy students, including the the official, to look towards in the east in expectance. Yet to their dismay, the train which produced the sound came in from the west, the eastern tracks still deserted. The students all looked a bit disheartened, the official becoming more and more anxious by the passing moment. He knew that they had already been there for too long, and it became more and more dangerous by the passing day.

"This is absolutely ridiculous!" cried out one of the students,"Why are we waiting for two little girls?! Are they really that important?!"

The official did his best to ignore this outbreak, his orders still replaying themselves over and over in his mind.

"As much as I don't like it, orders are orders", he mused, "Priority is placed on those that scored highest on the entrance exam, and disobeying this order would equal severe punishment."

But it seemed that the student wasn't finished yet.

"I say that we should leave them behind! Why should we risk all our lives for the lives of just TWO?!"

There was a mutter of agreement among the rest of the students, as much to the dismay of the official. He realized that they were starting to get restless, and he needed to find a way to calm them.

"I am simply following the orders of my superior officer. These girls are among the highest ranking in the entrance exam, and I cannot leave until I have confirmed their condition", he said in a calm voice, trying to pacify the rest of the students,"I have no desire in leaving anyone behind."

"If we stay here for much longer, we'll all end up dead!" bellowed the student, who finally came into view. He was a tall boy, with short black hair that was clumsily combed to the side, his eyes a shade of jet black.

The official instantly recognized the boy, and his document suddenly came to mind. He made a point to memorizing all of his documents, so that no student would be forgotten.

Colten Xelalm

Description - Short black hair, parted; Black eyes approximately 6'2.
Previous study - Basic magic and its uses.
Previous instruction - none
Entrance Exam Ranking - C class.Colten had just barely passed the test himself, though it almost seemed as if he shouldn't have passed at all. He lacked all the fundamental training of a normal mage, and didn't seem to have any control of his own energies.

"So then", Colten went on, "You're willing to risk our lives for them?"

"How well do you think you'll do in the Academy?" Inquired the official, changing the subject. Colten looked taking aback, as if he didn't know what to think of this sudden change in subject.


"Do you really think that you're going to last long if you can barely use your own magical potential? It's a miracle that you passed the exam in the first place."

He could hear the grinding of Coltens teeth from where he stood; he was obviously hitting on a very touchy subject. He turned away from the boy, nothing left to say.

Colten cursed under his breath, sitting back down against the bench. He turned towards the west, watching the setting sun as it painted the sky with shades of purple and orange; it was ominous, as if it were an ill omen. The day had ended, and the girls where no where to be seen.

__________________________________________________ ______

Mei found herself alone, in an infinitely extending void of darkness. Saidari was no where to be seen, nor was the train or the bandits from before. She looked around for some kind of light, some kind of hint of an exit, but none could be seen.

"Hello?"she cried out in desperation. Her voice echoed endlessly throughout the plane, with no response.

A low voice suddenly rang out amongst the darkness, sending chills up Mei's spine.

"The world is veiled by darkness, and is the very semblance of darkness itself. So why does this creature of the light stand before me?"

Mei froze as she heard this voice. Her body felt suddenly cold, as if her body had become covered with ice. She opened her mouth to speak, but it was of no use, for she could not will her vocal-chords to resonate.

The voice then spoke again.

"So afraid that you cannot speak? No matter. I shall deal with you as I have dealt with all the others."

A sudden screech shot needles into Mei's eardrums, the high frequency of the sound greatly impeding her focus. A flow of bat-like creatures swarmed over her body, engulfing her within a storm of claws and teeth that ripped away at her body.

Then suddenly, another voice rang out.

"It seems there is still hope."

The voice was warm, pleasant, the complete opposite of the other. The creatures that engulfed her instantly parted, leaving her in a blinding room of light. She could squinted in the lights intensity, barely seeing the faintest form of a person in front of her.

"It seems you are incomplete, though. You must find your other half."

Mei suddenly began to fall endlessly towards a surface that didn't exist, as warmth slowly began to return to her body.....

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I love it, Chris. <33 Keep writing it, or you never know what might happen to you when you sleep. x3