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08-14-2007, 03:04 PM
Genre: Rock

Neurosonic was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in February, 2006 by vocalist/guitarist Jason Darr, who was the former lead singer of Calgary's Out of Your Mouth. In addition to Jason, Neurosonic also consists of guitarist Troy Healy, accompanying vocalist and bassist Mike Wall and drummer Shane Smith. Neurosonic released its first album, Drama Queen on January 30, 2007 on the Bodog Music label, although the album was released in September, 2006 in Canada.

In September, 2006, Neurosonic was suspected by the United States' FBI as being terrorists when Jason's pedal board, which consisted of the board and wires in a hard case, was examined and subsequently seized by the TSA. Jason had taped Neurosonic's set list to the board, which consisted of most of the songs on Drama Queen. Some of the song names (i.e. So Many People, Until I Die, Crazy Sheila, etc.) were mistaken by the FBI as being terrorist code, although Jason was able to explain the situation and the board was eventually returned.

On April 28, 2007, Jason posted on Neurosonic's MySpace that they would be playing on the main stage at the 2007 Family Values Tour.

According to the Neurosonic biography on Bodog Music's site, Neurosonic is as "driven and unapologetic as its creator" Neurosonic's musical style crosses many boundaries and while it is generally classified as alternative rock, it is also classified as hard rock, also containing elements of traditional rock and pop.

List of songs:
"So Many People"
"Are Solar"
"I Will Always Be Your Fool"
"Me Myself And I"
"Crazy Sheila"
"Until I Die"
"So Now You Know"
"For The Boy"

I heard the song "So many People" by this band and I think they're pretty great ^.^ This band is one of the first rock bands in a while to have a great sense of humor in their music*

*In case you didnt know, the song "So many People" was written to make fun of Ashley Simpson's lip-sync-screw up on Saturday Night Live not too long ago

What are your opinions on this band right now?

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