View Full Version : Assassin Cross Ermes

Skeith/Haseo Wave
08-12-2007, 02:35 PM
Here are sigs I made for fun.

08-14-2007, 09:51 PM
Can i see the stock? I cant find any good pictures of Sin Crosses out there. Other than that, i think red would work as a better coloration.

Skeith/Haseo Wave
08-15-2007, 03:15 PM
I don't have a stock, sorry. I just messed around with the official card.
And red? How so?

08-16-2007, 07:33 AM
thats pretty sick man
+ great font
good job

08-17-2007, 01:42 AM
Hi..in what site you made that sig? nice sig!

08-17-2007, 09:55 AM
LOL, the stock is that image you just posted. Stock refers to the image used to make the signature, which means its the Sin X. And i think that red would owrk because the typical Sin Xs have red scarves.

08-17-2007, 10:04 AM
O.O I think the sig is really awesome!
I think the text is placed well and font fits. Though I agree it could've been more reddish, because it suits sins more... and I don't like it when there's scanlines right over the face but that's just me. I just to put them all over the sigs too.
Cool sig anyway, keep them coming. :3

(Is that the official card or just a fan-made card?)

Mira Kaiba
08-17-2007, 12:03 PM
Nice sig - it came out really cool! I like the text - it fits really well with the rest of the sig. The blending is really good too. I liked the scan effect across the face, just because the sig is pretty dark to begin with, and it made it more mysterious... keep posting your work! ;p

Skeith/Haseo Wave
08-18-2007, 03:24 PM
Thanks guys. And Im not all that familiar with the terms Serated, =P
Here's two more I've made recently.