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08-09-2007, 11:45 PM
I noticed the translation of this song was a bit... interesting. I hope that I'm posting this in the right place/dealing with it the right way, because about the entire song is wrong.

The two of our tricks are extremely enjoyable rigth when they're played. -> I'm sure our relationship is one enjoyed in the moment

Love's call is young and sweet. -> Too sweet and young to call love

The instinct color of the claw being slashed is like fruit. -> A pomegranate colored fruit of instinct

Feel the burning hot scars on your pierced ear when exposed. -> I can feel the heat from the piercing on your body

The sky is just filled with dejected, ridiculus things. -> In the sky depression swirls in absurdity

I give you menthol's kisses without stopping at all. -> So don't stop giving me kisses of menthol now

Just because us two are living on this planet,
Doesn't mean we can understand our future.
-> We don't know what's in the future
So the two of us live in the moment

Because we have to seek it ourselves, our life will never run out. -> This truth we want won't vanish in our lifetime

You will feel a disorder when yearning for what you want. -> An unresting craving grows

We want to become one. -> I want us to become one (Really no difference)

Even you don't understand the future,
-> I don't know what's in the future
So I live in the moment

We're alive and active while a cruel destiny is falling. -> It's a cruel fate, but

We don't fear you! -> If I fall with you, I won't be afraid

You keep saying "There is no eternity" -> If you say there's no such thing as eternity

And you keep saying it until your last breath. -> It'll last until your last breath

When you're in the age of quarreling, -> In this age of conflict

I'm being taught, -> Tell me

And you're teaching me. -> You are here

You keep teaching me further, -> Tell me it more

Until your life has totally ended! -> As we run through our lives

Ah, the days before there were Japanese tests...

Kaitou Ace
08-10-2007, 12:03 PM
Ah ^_^' I do see what you mean..

Thanks for the new translation, I've replaced the one there with your version, and changed the credit to you. (tho in the future it may be easier to just say you're replacing the whole thing, and put in how it should be ^_^;; )

Thanks again for that, the song should be updated on the site in about 5 min.