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Rasengan John
07-25-2007, 04:09 PM

Naruto ran down the dark streets of east Konoha. It was nearing midnight and word had gotten out that the Akatsuki were after him, killing anyone who housed him, feed him, etc. The blonde boy was now panicking, it had all started 2 years ago when he went on his training with the so called pervy sage Jiraiya.
NOTE: Key- Naruto is now 14. If that is how you spell Jiraiya GREAT! If it isn’t oh well . . .
When the white haired Sennin told him about the curse of the nine tailed fox, he had been shocked out of his mind. He’d heard about the beast before, but nobody wanted to talk about it when he was around. Now he understood why the citizens of Leaf rejected him and treated him the way they did. Then Jiraiya told Naruto about the deadly road ninja, Akatsuki, they wanted to take Naruto captive and figure out ways to eject the kitsune from his body, in hopes of learning new techniques and jutsu’s.
Still running, he stopped in front of a shop and tried to catch his breath. “I can’t go on like this.” Naruto said, sweat pouring down his face.
Just then, the 14 year old Shinobi felt a chakra presence approach him, but was to tired to do anything.
“So, little Naruto, how have you been?”
A shiver shot down the boys spine, that cold, dull voice, it had to be Kisame’s one of the most deadly ninja’s from Mist, and wherever there was Kisame, Itachi was sure to be found. Naruto slowly turned his head, his body along with it, there standing about 5 feet away he saw that fish eyed bastard Kisame, but no Itachi.
He was baffled, he was almost positive he felt the Uchiha’s chakra, and sometimes he felt like he was under his Sharingan. Suddenly, a cold blade touched the back of his neck, Naruto got Goosebumps and immediately started to become paranoid in the back of his mind.
“Hello, Naruto.”
“ITACHI!” It echoed in Naruto’s head.
“You really had us going there for awhile didn’t you?” Itachi spoke, his voice plain and calm as usual.
“You think its funny?” The blonde boy snapped. “I felt your chakra a ways back and if it wasn’t for that god damn Sharingan I would of killed you!”
“Big words from a small man.” Kisame said butting in on the conversation. “You sound like Sasuke before he died.” Kisame continued.
Itachi shot a look of anger to Kisame, obviously saying, ‘Shut the hell up before I make you!’
“YOU JERK!” The kitsune’s chakra was burning inside of Naruto, the two Akatsuki sensed it too. The enraged boy quickly pulled out a kunai from his side-pocket-carrier and lunged at the two. The Uchiha easily dodged the attack and performed several hand signs not even Kisame could see.

Itachi was gone.
“Where did he go now?” Kisame asked himself, scanning the trees, and low on the ground. The bastard is as tricky as Orochimaru, I wonder what he’s planning. In the mean time, Naruto also asked himself the same question, but before he could even properly think, a kunai was logged into his upper back.
“AAAHHH!” Naruto gasped, he let out horrible cries and breaths of air. He slowly fell to the ground, putting his hands on the ground to balance himself.
Kisame laughed, he loved seeing Itachi at work, even more when it involved seeing blood.
“How?” Naruto kept asking himself. “How could he just disappear like that?”
Once he was done with that though, he fell to the ground, unconscious and un aware of what was to happen next.
- Chapter End -

Rasengan John
07-25-2007, 04:11 PM
Akatsuki Chronicles

Chapter 2

Naruto opened his eyes, “Where am I?” He said, rubbing his head as he looked around. Unaware of where he was, the blonde boy attempted to get up but was in vain do too the large gash in the center of his upper back.

“Son of a *****!” The boy cursed, grabbing at the cut. The male was now sitting ‘criss cross apple sauce’ (Lol XD) , and scanning the room for any sign of life or movement. Again, Naruto attempted to stand, succeeding he walked 3 steps and used one of the wall’s support beams to hold him up right.



“COME ON OUT AND FIGHT ME YOU BASTARDS!” Naruto screamed, not in the best condition to fight, but that wasn’t going to stop is arrogant temper.

A faint laughter could be heard in the shadows, not the freaky suicide killer laugh like Gaara’s, but just a normal laugh. “You idiot, you can’t fight like that . . .” The former Mist ninja said, stepping out of the shadows. “You kill yourself.” He continued. “Now if you want to, be my guest, but if you want to live to see another day I’d suggest you site your dumb *** down and try to avoid moving the slice you got there, by the way, how’s it feel?!”

As much as Naruto hated to admit it, Kisame was right, the only way he was going to survive was if he took his advice and kept to himself, avoiding all physical movement as possible.

Kisame paced around Naruto in a circular motion, examining him from top to bottom. “You’d make a fine Akatsuki member some day, interested?” The fish man asked Naruto, reaching inside his pocket.

Before he could answer, he noticed that his capture was digging in his cloak for something, Naruto really wishing it wasn’t another kunai. “Well?” Kisame asked, the item now visible, medicine.

He threw the bottle to the bleeding teen, use it, if you don’t, in about 5 minutes, you’ll die. He quickly screwed off the bottle and poured some onto his hand, he then applied to his back and it immediately started to work. (Chakra plays a big roll in the medicine.)

“Now about my question?” The S- class criminal asked.

“What question?” Naruto quickly replied.

“The one about you and the Akatsuki you baka!”

“Oh . . . I’ll pass.” Naruto answered, now looking randomly looking around the warehouse they were in. (Yes it’s a warehouse)

“Figures.” Kisame turned his back to Naruto and started to walk to the door.

“Wait!” “What am I supposed to do here?” Naruto yelped, giving the puppy face.

Kisame just shrugged and walked out the door. With all that spare time, he deiced to take a nap, just in case you needed an extra energy.

Naruto Falls Asleep
Meanwhile, Kisame is entering the main house of the newly formed Akatsuki base. “So how’s that brat?” Itachi asked, taking a sip of his tea. “Don’t worry about it.” Kisame replied.

Itachi was happy with that, he didn’t really care about that boy, he was only holding till Akatsuki base leader 1 arrived, and as Akatsuki base leader 3 it was his job to monitor him. – Of course meaning Naruto.

Meanwhile, Back In Konoha.

“Sakura, have you seen Naruto?”

“Sorry, no Kakashi-Sensei.”

“Ino, have you seen Naruto?”

“Nope, sorry Kashi, haven’t seen him.”

“Iruka, please tell me you know where Naruto is.”

“No, I haven’t seen him either Kakashi.”

Kakashi was ready to panic when Iruka grabbed him down and whispered something to him, trying not to let the gossiping citizens hear.

“People have been telling me that 2 days ago, they saw Kisame and Itachi enter Leaf.” Iruka began, Kakashi was already mad; he just knew they were up to something. “Also, people say they saw Naruto doing battle with them, then it was over in about 30 seconds.

- Chapter End -

Rasengan John
07-25-2007, 04:12 PM
Akatsuki Chronicles

Chapter 3

Kakashi Jumped from roof to roof, scanning threw all the people below him, looking for that one special blonde Shinobi. “Its been 3 days since anyone has ever seen or heard from Naruto, something’s defiantly and this just reeks of that bastard Itachi! Kakashi continued his search when he spotted one of two ANBU Vice-Captain. “Hey!” Kakashi spoke, not in a loud voice. The red-cloaked VC turned around and greeted the fellow Leaf Shinobi.

Kakashi spoke. “There’s a boy missing from the village, his name’s Uzamaki Naruto, Chunnin, yellow spikey hair, prankster, …”. Kakashi was stopped when a blade was lunged at him from the ANBU in front.

The white haired male quickly jumped back and reached for his kunai, but before he could attack the figure disappeared.


Kakashi quickly activated his sharingan and browsed the area looking for the man posing as an ANBU. Distracted in his thoughts, a voice called out, Kakashi quickly turned around and just dodged an oncoming demon mill shurkien. “How could this be.”? He was never this confused, he usually always knew where his targets were, but how could this be?

The Shinobi quickly formed some hand signs, “Sparrow Eye View!” The eye in which did not hold the Sharingan became a light blue, he looked in the trees, an on the ground, and in the sky, and everywhere else he could, “THERE!” Kakashi thought, he pulled out the former kunai and threw it at the ground not far behind him, a cloud for smoke popped and out stepped a man wearing an Akatsuki cloak.

The still not visible character chuckled, showing no regret or fear of Kakashi as he held a knife at chest’s level. “If I were you, I’d put that knife down before you cut yourself.” The man spoke. Kakashi did not, instead he pushed it closer to the mans neck and spoke. “Who are you and why are you here?” “That’s none of your concern.” He replied. Not happy with that answer, Kakashi whipped the blade side ways and cut a 5 inch slash into the mans arm. “AARRGGHH!” The man screamed in displease, “Now tell me why you’re here!”

The smoke finally cleared, it filtered of the rooftops, people below poked their heads up as far as they could, trying to even get a glimpse of what was happening. The man now appeared as a gray haired man with a permanent scar down the side of his face. He wore the “village hidden in the clouds” crest attached to he headband, the infamous slash mark across which signed he was an Akatsuki member no doubt, he also wore an Akatsuki cloak, brown sandals, and to his side was a sword.

Well! . . .”

Kakashi was becoming extremely impatient, gripping the blade as if he was trying not to kill the bastard already.

“I’ll never tell anyone of the likes of you.” The male reached for his sword but failed to pull it out as the blade was jabbed into his chest. The man gasped, at first he didn’t realize what had happened, only the pain gave him remorse as he realized he was about to die. True, neither Akatsuki nor ninja were allowed to show their feelings, but this one was different. “Its ashame.” Kakashi said, lowering the man to the ground as gently as he could.

The people below were now using the wall as a key to lift them selves up only neck high, able to see what was happening. Shingles, wood, dirt, other items were falling off too, people so desperately wanting to know what was happening. The road cloud nin was now sitting in a pool of blood, the knife still in pace, he was weaving, trying to say something, but now having the strength to say so. Kakashi looked at the man with interest, “What?”.

Only seconds before he dropped dead, the man pulled out a sheet of paper with an address on it, and an I’D.

Kakashi read threw it, “IT WAS DIRECTIONS TO THE BASE WHERE NARUTO WAS BEING HELD!” Kakashi thought, well at least he was hoping Naruto would be there. He then folded the piece of paper and put it in one of his green vest pockets, looking at the next item, it was an I’D from the village hidden in the clouds, on it gave the description and bio of the man he was just battling. “Well why are you giving me this . . .” He looked down, and the man was dead.

- Chapter End -

Rasengan John
07-25-2007, 04:14 PM
Akatsuki Chronicles

Chapter 4

Naruto opened his eyes to the dark, stale aired, room. At first he’d forgotten where he was but was quickly reminded when he attempted to get up, feeling nothing major, but minor pain in his back.

Naruto dug in his pockets, all he had was a picture of Team 7: Kakashi, Sasuke, Sakura, and himself when they first teamed up, and some pocket lint. Though the light in the room was very poor, it was enough to read or view something with understanding. He stared at the picture; he examined the expressions the people in the picture wore. Kakashi was leaning on all three of his former gennin smiling. Sakura had her hands behind her dress and was also smiling, Sasuke had that usual ‘I don’t care about life’ look plastered on his face, and then he came to his childhood at age 12. He examined himself, that orange jumpsuit, that big grin, the spiky blonde hair, it seemed all so perfect. A tear slid down his finger and hit his hand.

“If only…” Naruto sobbed.

“If only I wasn’t cursed with this damn thing, I could be happy.”

Naruto continued, not noticing the dark figure move into the room.

“I could have had friends, parents, a family.” He stopped there.

Naruto puzzled these questions, “why?” he kept asking himself. “Why had this happened to him of all people?” Before he could go on, he noticed someone step into the dense light of the room.

“Don’t be ashamed of the kitsune.” The man spoke.

Naruto grinded his teeth together. “And why should I listen to you, Itachi, of all people.”

“Because. Because I know what its like to be rejected.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Naruto screamed, trying to find something to squeeze to hold the temper boiling up in his head.

“You see Naru, I wasn’t always the best.”

“When I was young, all the older kids picked on me; called me names like freak, monster, demon, all because I could control the sharingan at free will.”

Naruto listened more carefully, ‘maybe he was telling the truth.’ Naruto told himself, after all it did seem like he was speaking from his mind. And all his life he knew Itachi to be a bastard, but a liar he was not.

Itachi continued to speak. “Yes, I could control my sharingan, but all the older kids were well into the academy, they knew things I didn’t. I wasn’t stronger than them. Everyday, the would beat me up, throw things at me, till one day I got fed up with it, and my sharingan acted up. It was then that I learned to kill without heart, without guilt. Seeing their blood, it made me happy, finally, they were getting what they deserved.”

Naruto understood. All his life, people did the exact same thing though he did not ever kill anyone, the fox surely tempted him to, and he was almost about to until Iruka came along.

“It was when I was 13, and chief ANBU that I realized the teasing stopped, and I was respected by my entire clan. Seems perfect right?” He looked.

Naruto tried to speak, but failed.

“To tell you the truth, I hated it. I wanted the thirst again, I wanted the feeling of hate in me, yes its strange, but that was the only thing that ever made me feel good, well … besides Sasuke.”

He stopped there. Naruto looked up at him, deep inside, past that cold hard shell, he could see little Itachi with a blade in his hand, a pull of blood around him, in the woods, laughing. A shiver shot down his spine, worse than before.

The Uchiha stood up and proceeded to leave.

“Don’t ever be ashamed of what’s inside Naruto, never.”

With that he left and sealed the shut steel doors.

- Chapter End -

Rasengan John
07-25-2007, 04:15 PM

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Will there be some romance this story?

I’m not planning on it, mainly action/adventure, but if I do it will probably be NarutoXSakura or NarutoXHinata.

2. How many chapters do you plan on making this story?

Um … possible 25 chapters, but I hope to take it as far as I can. Who knows, maybe It’ll make it to 50 chapters.

3. Where do you get you inspiration?

Well I like to listen to music while I type. And I only type when my mind is clear, AUTHORS, that is a tip I learned from my good friend Cloud Forever.

P.S I type free hand I never write down chapters, too much work. XP

4. Will there be a sequel?

Possibly, if I get some ideas.

5. What gave you the idea to make this story?

It was actually inspired by AnimeDragon13’s ‘Demon of the Clouds’.

AnimeDragon13 also happens to be my BETA Reader.

6. How many hours do you spend writing this?

Usually 2 hours.

7. Is it hard to come up with new ideas?

As I’m sure all authors know, sometimes yes, sometimes no. I generally just start out where I left off, type the intro, and go from there playing idea by idea.

8. Is this Fanfic really yours?

Yep, its 100 percent mine!

9. Do you like the Akatsuki?

Well I’m not a huge fan but yeah I like ‘em.

10. Is it hard updating with so many brothers and sisters?

For those of you who don’t know, I have 3 brothers, and 4 sisters. 3 of them don’t live with me so that makes it easier, and mostly everyone is doing their own thing. So, no, its actually really easy besides the writers block.

11. How often do you get writers block?

Not very often but sometimes a lot.

12. Are you proud of this FF?

Yes, extremely. I finally created a Naruto fanfic that not only I like but others due to, and it gives an author so much pleasure to see their story on a favorite stories list, or favorite authors list.

13. Do any of your friends play a role?

No, in fact I only think 2 of my friends even know about it.

14. Is Naruto one of your favorite anime/manga?

Yes, next to Bleach, and Bo-Bo-Bo.

15. Career wise, would you like to do anything involving anime/manga?

Yes, I would like to be a voice actor for an anime.

16. Do you have a beta reader?

Yes, AnimeDragon13 but I’m always looking for more!

17. Why chose the Akatsuki of all people?

Don’t know, just wanted something new, and I’ve never made a Akatsuki FF before.

18. In your book, how do you see the Akatsuki?

Very cool and unique.

19. What would you rate your story out of a 1-10.

I would give it a 8 or a 9 but that’s just me. You’re the reader so you tell me.

20. When will the next FAQ be?

Chapter 10.

21. Can readers send in questions for you to answer?

Yes, I will answer them all and post them in chapter 10’s FAQ.

22. When will chapter 6 be?

Most likely the end of March or early-early June.

23. Are we done here?

Yes, so let me get some sleep.

Rasengan John
07-25-2007, 04:16 PM
Akatsuki Chronicles

Chapter 6

- Chapter Start -

Kakashi jumped from tree to tree outside the Hidden Leaf’s barrier, in the massive forest.

”Don’t worry Naruto, I’ll find you and kill the son of a ***** who captured you!”

Sakura and Ino waked the streets of Konoha, looking for their blonde friend. They checked all his regular spots. His training grounds, Ni San’s Ramen Tavern, his apartment, and all over town. Nearing 3 pm, the two kunoichi became very worried that there friend was nowhere to be seen. Now even though was a clumsy idiot, he wasn’t the type to just leave without notice or telling someone goodbye.

5 pm rolled around and no sight of Naruto was yet to be seen. Now the girls were worried. Without thinking twice, Sakura ran to the Jonin sub-station positioned by the Hokage’s Monument, filling out the “missing persons” order, she handed it to the man as he posted it up on a bulletin board along with the other flyers of missing people, some as old as 5 years.

The sun light breached threw the windows of the Leaf residents as some woke up to early morning. Shikamaru, who was already awake, was walking to the store for some tea when he spotted a weird piece of paper with Naruto’s name on it. He picked it up and read:


Village: Leaf

D.O.B: October 10th, 1992 (Jiraiya Training)

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5’3

Pounds: 133 lbs

Hair Color: Blonde

Rank: High Level Chunnin

Ninja I’D Num: 1954132

Distinguishing Facial Marks: Cuts

Last Seen: East Konoha (Leaf)

-- Date: Unknown

He let the paper fall from his hands as he puzzled the information that just went through his head. “Since when did this loser go missing?” He thought to himself, sticking his hands in his pockets and kicking some sand below him. “Damn this is such a drag …”


Naruto coughed, exhaling all the stare air he’d been previously breathing in for the last … god only knows how long. He was so hungry; his stomach grieved with pain, what he would do for some ramen right now, “anything” he managed to mumble, face pressed to the ground.

Jacking his mind set into the right direction, Naruto lifted his head off the ground, his right side full of dirt and dust. He sat up, and thought about everything, how long he’d been here; if anybody noticed he was gone, where he was, where the **** he could get some food! he thought about all sorts of stuff.

As he was caught in his thoughts he remembered something. Right before he was captured he remembered Jiraiya wanted Naruto to learn is a certain jutsu in case he was help captive in some kind of solid holding. He quickly stumbled to his feet.

“I sure hope I have enough chakra for this.” He spoke, his voice crackly and low.

Summoning up the chakra and hand signs needed, he released.

“Kin-Busho-Gui!!!” (God – Lightening – Strike!)

A yellow and blue light cracked against the wall, shooting sparks, and smoke everywhere, forming a huge cloud above. The room became smoky and unclear, Naruto coughed, shielding his eyes from any stray objects that may come his way.

The smoke started to clear, he watched as the it revealed only a dark patch of ash where the attack hit, no opening nor clearing. He fell down on his put and put his face to his hands. “That took all my chakra, I’ve got no more left, I’m going to die here!!!”

The blonde started to become hysterical, getting up and randomly knocking into support beams. “I’ve got to get out of here!!!!!” He screamed using the beams beside him as guiders. Feel up and down the pillars, he tripped over something, something sharp. He picked the object up and ran his hand down the shaft then down the blade, it was clearly a power saw used before the factory became abandoned.

At first the boy had no use for the object, then he thought about suicide, or better yet, maybe he could surprise one of the Akatsuki members from behind, kill them and run like hell until he saw daylight.

He planned his plan carefully, trying to think up better ways and what not.

Meanwhile, in another spot of the base, the top Akatsuki were having a meeting. “Now the plan is, in 3 days The Main Akatsuki Leader is coming to pick that little **** up, and its our job to make sure he’s still alive, OK?” Kisame spoke.

Everybody agreed and left, however, it was Kisame’s turn to check on Naruto, so he decided to bring him an apple.

Kisame walked to the holding door and unlocked it. Pushing open the door, and exposing light too the room. He walked into the room.


“Where are you?”

Naruto gripped the saw and moved his back closer to the pillar.

“Come now Naruto, I know you’re in here.” Kisame laughed.

“Look, I even brought you an apple.”

Kisame took enough step and Naruto quickly turned around, slashing a piece off of his arm. “AAARRRGGGHHH! YOU LITTLE BATARD!”

Naruto took another step, slashing off yet another piece of his flesh, this time on his shoulder. Distracted by his last cut, Kisame focused on his cut and forgot he was in battle.

Naruto took one final swing with the axe.


Blood was shed everywhere.

“Thanks Itachi, I thought that little **** had me there.”

Naruto stood there shocked, so close, he couldn’t breathe. As he fell to the ground, a kunai could be visible logged in the boy’s back.

“So … I”. Kisame spoke.

“Shut up and go.” Itachi replied.

“You call your self and Akatsuki member, you’ve lost too a child. Shut up and go.”


“Just go!”

Kisame leaves and enters the forest, blah, blah, blah.

“Hey Kisame!”

Kisame turns around to see Itachi for 1 second, and then a demon mill shuriken takes off his head.

- Chapter End -

Rasengan John
07-25-2007, 04:17 PM
Akatsuki Chronicles

Chapter 7

- Chapter Start -

Kisame’s dead body lay decaying on the forest floor; the smell was bound to attract scavenger animals, flies and bugs already beginning to devour the vast body. It was horrible, it smelled of dead fish and a ran over cat.

Kakashi examined the body, his sharingan had immediately warned him when he felt a high-leveled chakra presence disappear, obviously no ordinary person could have been the source from which it came.

The Shinobi unzipped one of the zippers on his Leaf vest, pulling out a can of oil and a few pieces of parchment including some ink and a brush. He wrote on each one of them with the black ink and brush: “Mind” he wrote on one, placing it on the dead nin’s forehead, “body” he continued to write, placing it on the mans stomach, and finally he wrote “soul” placing it on the mans chest, corresponding with his heart.

Unscrewing the canister of oil, he soaked the body in it, and did a few hand signs, a flame illuminating from his hands. Within seconds, he rushed a large breath into his hand, releasing the flames from off his person, onto the dead body, engulfing it in yellow flames, then blue, then white, … and then the body was gone.

“The ANBU’s quick release burial.”

Kakashi quickly turned around, shocked at the voice from behind.

“Well if it isn’t the infamous Jiraiya.”

“You know it … heard you left the village in search of Naruto, I guess you being out here laying next to a dead body is a sign that my sources were right.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Anyways, why didn’t you get anyone to come with you? You know your dealing with Itachi here, crazy “emotionless” Itachi.”

“Yes, I know . . . but I made the promise that I would do this by myself, and save Naruto.”

“Did you ever think that there might be more than Itachi and Kisame there, I mean come on. This is the freakin’ Akatsuki were talking about, the cold blooded killers, you seriously don’t expect them to just give you a one on one, they’d serve you tea and crumpets before that happens.”

“I know, … but I really didn’t give a damn.”

“Well, what do you say we get going?”

Kakashi looked at the Sennin if he were confused. “We?” Kakashi spoke.

“He was my student for 2 years ya know?”

They both looked at each other with understanding and set off to find Naruto, little did they know that they were closer than they expected. (Hint. Hint)

- Chapter End -

Rasengan John
07-25-2007, 04:18 PM
Akatsuki Chronicles

Chapter 8

- Chapter Start -

Day 1

On the phone

“Yes sir, we have him.”

“Have him ready in 3 days.”

“Yes, understood.”

“OK, goodbye sir.”

Itachi hung up the phone. He had just gotten off the phone with the mysterious leader of the infamous rouge ninja, Akatsuki.

The air of the sharingan sat down on the couch. Deidara, who was in the room from the start, sat a tray down next to Itachi. “Coffee?” She asked, setting milk and sugar down beside the cup. Itachi didn’t respond. “Itachi? Do you want coffee?” She asked again, this time in a more firm and demanding voice.

Itachi turned his head to face hers. He looked at her with those cold eyes, and simply answered: “No, … thank you.”

Taking back the tray, Deidara sat across from Itachi, snuggling up into the sofa. “Have you checked the kid out today? We’ve got to feed him or something; the leader does need him alive in order to extract Kyuubi from his body.”

“No. He’s fine the way he is.”

Shocked at his answer, Deidara immediately replied: “But Captain Uchiha, we have to feed him or he’ll die!”

Itachi sighed, “You really don’t have a sense of humor do you?”

Deidara looked confused. “Sir?”

“I will bring him so food now, is that would you like?”

Deidara nodded; inside she wasn’t bad, just lonely.

At the Cell

Itachi opened the door, careful for any surprise attacks that may come his way. There Naruto was, laying on the ground, face down, dirty, and out of it.

Itachi walked up to the blonde. “Hey, Naruto, get up I have something for you.”

Very uneasy and weak, he managed to stumble to his knees. Naruto expected a slap, or some kind of attack, but there was none. Instead, the Uchiha set a tray down beside Naruto. His face cracked, and a smile leaked out.

“Heard you like ramen?” Itachi spoke.

Naruto quickly nodded, then popped his chopsticks out of their wrapped, immediately digging into his ramen and slurping it down as if he hadn’t eaten in 3 weeks. (Technically, he hadn’t)

The older man had a seat next to Naruto. The blonde’s suspicions raised, he finished off his first bowl and picked up his second. Placing some noodles in his mouth, Naruto spoke. “Itachi, how long have I been here, and why am I here?!”

Itachi again sighed for the second time today. “I’m sorry to say Naruto, but you’ve been here for a total of 9 days . . . as for the other part, that’s classified.”

The boy, set down his bowl, already polished off. He examined the tray, hoping for something else too eat. Suddenly, Itachi reached into both pockets of his cloak, pulling out an apple from the right pocket, and a tea cartoon from the left. Handing them over, Itachi spoke: “Do you miss your village?”

Naruto looked up, a confused look plastered on his face. “Well, of course, I mean all of my friends our there. He replied, taking a bite of the apple. What about you, do you miss Leaf, I mean you were originally from there before the slaughter of the U…”

A kunai flew out of Itachi’s hand, connecting with the apple in Naruto’s hand, darting the apple at the wall, the fruit stuck due to the sharp object holding it up. Itachi got up and walked to the door.

Naruto knew he went to a place he shouldn’t of. Even though Itachi wasn’t ashamed of what he did, he hated talking about it; nobody really knew why he did. Finishing up the tea, he crushed the can between his two hands. “Yes, I’m regaining my chakra, hopefully I’ll have enough for a successful blast soon enough.”

With that, he lay down observing the ceiling, this is how his day started and ended. “Today wasn’t so bad I guess, I mean … I ate, nobody got killed, and at least I got to talk to somebody.” Closing his eyes, he rested his head down and let sleep consume him.


Kakashi and Jiraiya were hopping from tree to tree, finally they spotted a building. The two immediately searched the factory but realized that nobody had been there in what looked like a long time. Disappointed, Kakashi sat down, throwing his backpack to the ground, resting his back on the building’s side frame.

“Why? Why is it so hard to find him?” Kakashi spoke, rubbing his hands up and down his face, massaging his eyes. Neither of them had sleep in 2 days, it was really taking a toll on them, in fact, neither of them had eaten or drank since yesterday, the only thing keeping them going, ambition. – The ambition to find their student and return him to his friends.

Jiraiya knelt down and placed a hand of Kakashi’s shoulder. “Come now Kashi, I thought I taught you better. We’ll find him, and we will punish whatever sick son of a ***** who did this to him!”

The younger male stood up and opened his backpack. “Master Jiraiya, should we set up camp, its getting late, and I doubt we’ll get anywhere in the dark.”

“Yes, a wise idea.” Jiraiya answered, turning his back on Kakashi.

As Jiraiya went to unzip his backpack, he felt a chakra presence that wasn’t very well suppressed. “Hey Kashi, we got company!” The Sennin spoke, pulling a kunai out of his back pocket.

“Come on out you bastards, or I’ll kill you all now.”

Kakashi stood beside Jiraiya, himself also holding a kunai.

All of a sudden, the two of them quickly felt the chakra presences rotate in a constant circle above them. Kakashi quickly activated his sharingan, trying to locate the strongest one, most likely the leader of the squad.

“I’ll give you to the count of three to come out now …” Jiraiya spoke, his eyes watching the treetops in case of an aerial attack.

“Three . . .”

“Two . . .”

“One . . .”

Placing the kunai in between his two hands, the Sennin performed several hand signs releasing a blue aura that surrounded his hands.

“Senki no Busen”! He shouted. (Kunai assault storm, gift of the second Hokage!)

Jiraiya Threw the kunai, which in turn, turned to two, then two to four, then four to eight, and eight to sixteen, and so on and so fourth until one-hundred was reached.

Blood spatters; fell from the trees above as four bodies of masked ninja from Sound fell to the ground. The two of them examined the bodies, they were all dead, “who could survive that?” Kakashi thought to himself.

Knowing that they were now safe, they set up camp and also let sleep consume them.

Back at the hideout

Itachi and Deidara were in the so-called “lobby” of the hideout. Deidara was reading a book on why men weren’t superior to women while Itachi just stared out the window. The women looked up from her book, “hey Itachi what’s up with you today, your not yourself?”

Not receiving an answer, the girl became enraged with anger. “Listen you mother ****ing cold hearted SOB! You need to answer a question when somebody ****ing asks it!”

Itachi shot her a cold look, she shook it off, Deidara wasn’t the type you wanted to mess with when she became angry. The man rose up from his seat, “I’m going to bed.”

Deidara was puzzled, something was up with him, and she was going to find out what. Itachi left the room and disappeared into the darkness like usual.

“That’s one crazy *** guy right there.” She spoke before sitting back down and continuing to read in her book.

- Chapter End -

Rasengan John
07-25-2007, 04:19 PM
Akatsuki Chronicles

- Chapter Start -

Jiraiya opened his closed eyes. After a well good nights rest, most of his strength was returned, along with his appetite as he unzipped his pocket and pulled out an energy bar, taking a bite of it. Kakashi too was awake.

“Hey Kashi, when do you wanna head out?” Jiraiya spoke; swallowing a piece of the bar he had previously bitten.

“How ‘bout now?” He suggested, throwing his pack over his shoulder.

Scarffing down the last of his energy treat, he stood and met Kakashi, they began to walk.

Meanwhile on the road, elsewhere

The leader of the Akatsuki walked with his hood set down, his two aids too the right and left of him.

“Master, it wont be long now before we reach base 3 and have the kitsune.” The assistant to the right of him said.

The man didn’t respond, instead he continued to look down and walk without seeing where he was going.

The man on the left of the leader looked at the man to the right, all three males. For some reason, they both looked quite worried.

At Leaf

“Hokage Tsunade! We have urgent news on the disappearance of U. Naruto!” An aid to the Hokage(s) immediately said.

The blonde 5th quickly turned around, he mysterious necklace shining in the pale sunlight that lighted the room.

She rose from her chair. “Well?” She spoke, her excitement higher than a child’s on Christmas.

“The, he’s gone missing, while as one of our Jonin, Kakashi of the Sharingan eye has gone in search of him, including a 6 month relive of his position in the village as well as a search degree to bring he and the kitsune back with him.”

Tsunade’s heart raced.

“There’s more, my lady.” Again spoke the man.

Tsunade looked up and gave him a “go-on” look.

“One of your kind, Jiraiya of the Sennin has also joined Kakashi in search for the boy.”

Tsunade felt at peace, Kakashi was one thing, but with Jiraiya it was almost a guarantee, her heart dropped, her conscious now clear.

She smiled. “There’s more my lady.” He again spoke, for the last time.

She looked at him. What could be wrong? She asked herself in the corner of her mind, still not feeling any fear/emotion whatsoever.

“The leader of the Akatsuki including their squad 3 captain, have Naruto captured and are working on a way to extract the nine-tailed out of him.”

Tsunade’s heart sank again.

She froze.

Her conscious no longer clear.

At the Akatsuki Base

The Uchiha sat in an arm chair and looked at the calendar, just one more day and the leader would be here to take the pest of off his hands, forever.

“Not long now . . .”

In the factory cell thingy

Naruto wasn’t on the ground this time. This time, he was propped against a wall pillar, thinking, not on just one set thing, but on many things.

“Anytime now . . .”

-Chapter End-

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