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XD Well, I've been working on it on and off, so hopefully I didn't take too long since I posted ch 7. I hope you like it. And I hope it's funny (why must I suck so bad with comedy? lol)

Note: Words in italics (or at least most) are Mary's thoughts.


The next three periods went by like a flash for Mary. With her mind completely on everything that had happened that day, it seemed like time was moving five times faster than usual. Whatever her history lesson had been about, she had no clue. The same was true for both trigonometry and chemistry. She just knew that, after she was carried to the cafeteria by the jostling mass of the students, she found herself extremely hungry. The smell of pizza and French fries filled her senses, completely pushing out her worries about what to tell the two girls in her life.

She spent the five dollars in her pocket on a slice of pepperoni pizza, breadsticks, and a 20 oz bottle of soda. Then, ravenous as ever, she sat under the canopy just on the edge of the cafeteria area to chow down. Ohhhh it tasted so freakin’ GOOD! So good that she didn’t notice Brooke before she was standing right in front of her.

"Hey..Mary.." she said shyly. It seemed that her mind was still on their kiss/almost-something-more from that morning.

"Oh…hey Brooke."

Brooke sat directly across from her friend. She set her own slice of pizza and bottle of strawberry-melon fruit juice down on the table. The girls were silent for a few moments, passing the time by eating their pizza (Mary doing so by means considerably more polite than she had not too long ago). However, once their last bites of food were swallowed and their drinks half-gone, the silence began to feel a bit awkward. Brooke was apparently too shy to say anything first, so Mary was stuck trying to pull out something to say from her progressively slow brain.

"Erm….so how was class?"

Oh WOW Mary that sounded SO NATURAL!

"Oh, you know, boring as usual. I think I’ve lost my patience learning about the Civil War. How about you?"

"Same here. I don’t see why we need to learn about what happened two hundred years ago every time we have a history class."

Brooke smiled a bit. It made her look so stunning. Mary tried not to let her cheeks flush.

"Hey…did you hear all the rumors that have been going around…?"

"Oh, I did…….are they…you know…..true? Are you going to the dance with…Mr. Phil?"

Mary’s head hung low despite herself. "…yeah."

"But isn’t he…gay?"

Huh? How in the world did she know?

"Oh, I’m sorry…it’s just that it’s kinda hard to believe. You know? Why would he want to go out with a student, and why would it be a girl? It’s obvious that he’s not into them."

"Yeah, of course it’s obvious. Everyone knows he’s gay." She didn’t want to sound like an idiot in front of Brooke for not knowing. "Maybe he’s using it as an excuse to go to the dance in the first place. You know, he would stick out a bit."

"Or a lot."

Mary laughed. "Okay, a lot."

They spent the next few minutes joking about the cult that seemed to worship Mr. Phil: the way they volunteered to answer questions on the board just to be near him (even when they didn’t know the answer), how they congregated outside his door during lunch, how they made up reasons to talk to him after class, etc. Mary was really having a great time, and Brooke seemed to be too. She was so glad that Brooke understood. It relieved a lot of the anxiety she had had, but not all of it. She still had to find a way to resolve things with her and Nicole…

"Hey guys."

Mary nearly had kittens. Her intense thoughts about Nicole seemed to have summoned her right to their table. Holy Crap!

"Hi Nicole."

"Oh em gee guys, guess who Philly is taking to the dance!?" As she talked, she set her tray on the table, making her half-empty coke bottle wobble a bit. She slid her legs between the table and attached bench seat and sat down rather rudely. All three girls’ drinks wobbled in unison. Before either of the girls had a chance to reply, she announced proudly, "Our very own Mary! Isn’t that just grand?"

"Yes of course it is." said Brooke slightly sarcastically.

Mary tried once again to make herself less visible by sliding as far down in her seat as her frame (and the awkward shape of the bench) would permit. This time she only made it as far down as her shoulders level with the table.

"Oh stop being shy lady, you know you’re going to be the ENVY of the whole school! I’m so jealous." Nicole smiled widely as she teased. It seemed that she was in a good mood, as opposed to the upset and ranting young girl she had pictured as a worst-case scenario. Mary supposed that she had realized that things could have turned out much worse than they had and was relieved.

"Ya’ll better be jealous, I’m going to have the best lookin’ jeans in the whole dance!"

They all burst into laughter. It was so like Mary to do something as outrageous as go to a formal event wearing her everyday clothing. They could picture it perfectly: Mary doing the funky chicken with Mr. Phil, both of whom were donned in jeans and a T-shirt. It was quite a thought indeed.

"Oooo Mary, I wonder if Mr. Phil would want to wear matching hats. Something with a huge feather on it. I think that would be a lot of fun." Brooke laughed lightly at her own joke and smiled at Mary. She seemed so content with things the way they were, it made Mary feel even guiltier and squirm all the more secretly.

"Oh damn, I need to go to Ms. Clawford’s classroom. I’m supposed to be helping her cast for Like a Hummingbird." Brooke rose, her tray in her hands, and stepped carefully away out of the bench.

"You’re helping with that rubbish?"

"Yes, Nicole, because I happen to love it." She gave Mary a slightly sorrowed look and moved away, half reluctantly and half hurriedly. Mary could tell that Brooke wasn’t any closer to being friends with Nicole than she ever was, despite her desire to be close to anyone Mary was close to. She thought Brooke had put on a very good show for the most part, laughing with her and teasing Mary with her, but in the end their personalities were just too different.

"I wonder what that play is about anyway. Sounds like a lullaby."

Mary couldn’t suppress her laughter.

After what seemed like days, the last bell finally rang and the students came spilling out of doors all over the hallways. Everyone was so eager to get away from the stiff air of education. Soon over half the school was already on their way to wherever it was they were going, which was very unlikely to be their own homes. Many went in small groups to nearby shopping centers, arcades, and movie theaters. It was, after all, Friday afternoon.

Mary decided that what she needed to do was spend the evening with Nicole. She would sit her down and talk about how things would be much better if they were just friends. After all, they really were great friends that could laugh together about everything. The way she felt about Nicole…it was strong, but it wasn’t the same as she felt about Brooke. Whenever she was near Brooke, whenever they were close, her heart did that river dance thing that left her feeling exhilarated, and her cheeks flushed all by themselves, and she got all….googly. Is that a word? Oh well.

Ugh. She was starting to rant in her own mind! She just needed to get this whole thing settled, and everything would be okay. Brooke didn’t need to find out ever…

"Hey Nicole!"

"Hey there, stranger! Smooth move that Philly pulled this morning. I swear my hips were in my chest when he started reading the note…"

"Hey, do you wanna go to the arcade or something?"

"Again? I think I’ve had enough pizza this week to last me a month. Not everyone is as lucky as you Miss Calista Flockheart."

"Okay, how about somewhere else then? We need to talk about…" she lowered her voice considerably, "…about us."

Nicole blushed slightly, indicating that she had heard her. She turned her face away and became uncharacteristically quiet. "Uhm…okay, how about my place? I don’t think you’ve ever seen my room."

"Oh, you know what, that’s even better!" Mary realized suddenly. At the arcade they were very likely to be overheard, but if they could talk in Nicole’s room the conversation would stay between them. "Okay, let’s go then."

Nicole smiled through her gently flushed cheeks and followed one of the streams of students down toward Miller Street. When they got to the corner, they turned right, and then a quick left onto Lantern Lane. They followed the small street through several minutes worth of residential area. Mary was starting to space out, thinking about what she was going to say and how she would say it. Should she take her time or get right to the point? Gah this is so hard. Why don’t girls come with instruction manuals, geez. Would make things a whole lot easier.

Mary didn’t notice Nicole stop and walked right into her.

"Ahh, sorry Nicole. Wasn’t paying attention…"

"Eh, figures. You’re such a spacey chick."

"Hey, wait a minute, you’re the spacey one!"

"Details, details~" She smiled. "Let’s just get inside, I know you’re gonna love my room."

Nicole led the way inside the front door to her house, where Mary knew she lived alone with her mother. Her father had been out of the picture since Nicole was very young, and she didn’t remember him at all. Because of her lack of experience, her mother worked very hard at her two jobs to support her daughter and herself. She was rarely home, and Nicole was often lonely. Just thinking about it made Mary feel deeply guilty. She had always wanted to be close to Nicole because they were so alike and could have more fun together than she could with any of her other friends. And, when she found out about how lonely Nicole was underneath her goof-ball exterior, Mary tried to make herself her best friend. Perhaps, that was her mistake.

"Oy! You really should start paying attention or you’ll run into me again. See, I knew you were a space case."

Mary’s eyebrow twitched automatically, but she let it go.

"Well, I was just thinking about your mom."

"Oh? Why?"

"Well, you always made it seem like you guys were really poor, but uh…you have a lot of nice things in here."

"Hey, I said she worked two jobs, I didn’t say we were living in poverty." Nicole smiled a little and opened the door she was standing in front of.
It was the door to her bedroom. Inside it was, predictably, a mess.

"Hah! And you said I needed to clean up!"

"Oh hush." she said, but she flushed slightly once again. Nicole walked over to a small gathering of clothes on the floor and picked them up. Then, she smelled them. Mary tried so hard not to laugh. Seemingly deciding that the clothes were in fact clean, Nicole threw them on her dresser. Then she dropped onto her bed, bouncing a few times on the mattress.

Now inside, Mary looked beyond the mess and took a good look around. The carpet was tan and relatively clean. A purple sheet was draped in front of her window, giving the room a violet tinge. Her walls and ceiling were lined with poster after poster, which seemed to have no relevance to one another. Mary could see that a lot of them were grouped according to overall color. There were patches of red and green and yellow. Mary took a moment to follow the colors with her eyes, until it finally dawned on her why they were like that. Quickly she walked over to where Nicole was on the bed and laid down on it, flat on her back. From this angel, she could see that the posters, while almost meaningless by themselves, together made an even bigger image.

It took a while for Mary to say it, but finally she came out with, "..that’s a really nice frog you got there."

"Isn’t it? It took me like a whole year to get it like that, but it was worth it. I think it makes the room look bigger."

"It looks poisonous."

"You know, I’m getting real tired of your negative attitude." retorted Nicole cheekily.

"What, me?? Negative? Pfffffft."

A pillow came out of nowhere and hit Mary square in the face. "Omg wth!?" Mary retaliated, and her blow caused Nicole’s hair to fall into her face. Soon Nicole was taking revenge with a pillow sandwich, and Mary’s ears rang for a few seconds. Mary then pounced on Nicole and pushed a pillow into her face, as if to suffocate her.

"Come on, say you’re sorry!"


"Well then you’re going to have to find a way to survive without breathing then."

Nicole struggled against Mary’s firm grip, and Mary fell on her side next to her, laughing and having so much fun. Nicole was laughing too. And before Mary knew it, Nicole had moved really close to her.

She looked really beautiful from this angle. Her eyes showed how much she cared for the girl laying next to her, and it made Mary’s heart melt. She leaned in closer to Nicole, hesitated for a split second less than an inch away, and then pressed her own lips to Nicole’s with more passion than she knew she had for the girl.

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Shaw!! I cant believe Mary did it again!! Anyway, love it. Keep up the good work and I cant wait to read the next chapter!!


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I'll say... Mary ish a fiesty babe! Dang, she's good! >.<

I wish I was that good with girls -- or guys... Anyway, nice update and in spite of what you might think (or fear or whatever), it was actually really funny, Cappy! (I still can't get over the having kittens part! I lawled!) Keep 'em comin'!


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WHY do I ALWAYS miss these???? You gotta start pming me when they come out Cappy =D.

Very nice chapter. I was laughing at my hate towards drama, since I was a big drama student in high school. I LOVED how the posters formed a frog. That was great XD!

BTW, clean out your pm box. I sent your sig via yahoo since your pm box was full =/

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I cleaned it out. :3 Yahoo? Uh....which one? XD I have 2 yahoo emails. >.>

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Mary has no self-control!
And just like Maru, I love the frog thing. Where'd you come up with that?
I also love how you wrote the chapter. It's so fluent and easy to picture. Seriously, sweets. I don't know how you could possibly be so modest. You're form is so much better than mine and I'm jealous!