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Darc Satos
07-12-2007, 01:25 PM
third chapter- ENJOY!

CHAPTER 3 -Legacey of Death-

(5 months later after Kains death)
story so far: After kains death Darc dicided to join the Usiegi army, To get revenge on all Gamon scum. He hated them so much he trained endless days and nights to become more powerfull.Although, Every day his knuckels would bleed, his mussles would strain, He would become stronger, to kill Gamon. The Usiegi army traveld hundreds of miles escaping Gamon and his forces. Trying to build up forces to counter-attack Gamon....

As Darc trains, Usiegi and others watch as Darc endlessly hits a training dummy over and over again. "Darc, dont you think you have trained enoufgh?"
Usiegi replies looking worried. Darc stops for a moment and takes a few deep breaths. "...No....i will...become....the strongest...." Darc starts to swing but is stoped by Usiegi. "ENOUGH! You will kill yourself if you train like this." Darc stops, and before he sheaths his katana, he looks at it and sees it is very badly damaged. "..I need a new sword." Darc mumbles. "Usiegi! sir!" Some random solider comes up and says. "What is it?" The soilder points to a hudge box labeled. 'Diabloherio' Usiegi walks toward it and looks at the box like its a fine painting. "Ah yes, Darc come over here." Darc walks over there and stops by Usiegi. "This is yours Darc...It was your fathers sword. The Diabloherio of The Dragon." Usiegi opens the box and a jiant curved sword with a golden-red coating and a Ruby jewel on the end of the handel sits inside the box. Darc tryes to pick it up realising its quite heavy. "How the hell am i suposed to use this!? I can barley lift it!" Darc throws the diabloherio into the ground making it sit straigt up. "Darc, no-one has ever told you about your demi power, have they?" Darc's exspression turns confused, "Demi...power..?" Darc looks confused and tries to think. "Yes, Kain told me somthing like that once..."
"Darc, you see, Kenenstraim was your father. you are a demi god." Darc starts to think, "Demi god.....Impossible...Kain is my real father...He raised me and took care of me ever scence i was 6..." Darc sits down wiping the sweat off his forehead. "Kain was kenenstraim's loyal mage. He fought in the Crimson war, And Kenenstraims last wish was for Kain to take you in." Darc's voice turns cold. "..How do you know all this..?" Then, Merin steps out holding a tray of 3 glasses filled with some weird looking beverage. "Dose anyone want to try my new-and-improved orange juice?" Darc remembers the last time he tried it, and vomited for 3 hours. Usiegi takes one of the glasses Knowing its the proper thing to do, and not hurt her feelings. I also do the same. We bolth stare at the .."juice" for awile and then drink it in one big gulp. "So what do you think!?" Darc swallows it and stays silent for a moment. "Oh-yhea its great! thanks!" Darc smiles and usiegi stays queit. "Aww, thank-you!"
Merin skips away singing a song, and then fades into the darkness. "Darc, did you actually think that was good..?" I look back and i see Usiegis face turn pale. "hell no! that tasted like dirt, But I think it was the right thing to do. I dont want to hurt her feelings." Darc looks back to make sure shes not nearby. "But you cant complain scence she is one of our best officers." Usiegi stands up ," Well we should all get some rest, we counter-attack tomorrow."
Usiegi gos into his tent and the lamps dim down and it is dark as night. "....demi god....I am kenenstraims son... can it be..? Kain...I will avenge your death...Gamon will die!"

07-12-2007, 01:39 PM
"I swallow it and stay silent for a moment. "Oh-yhea its great! thanks!" Darc smiles"

you use I and then Darc...

Darc Satos
07-12-2007, 01:41 PM
oopes my bad. i didnt really read over it too much.

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