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Darc Satos
07-11-2007, 02:44 PM
im going straight were i left off.

CHAPTER 2 -Crimson Tear-

"Show yourself!...Show yourslef you coward!" Darc shouts "No! Darc you fool! they will find us!" Kain hits Darc in the head with his staff. "I dont care! I will kill them all....for my father..." Darc mumbles to himslef. "Darc, i know you want revenge, but now is not the time! We are outnumberd and outmached. We must move quickly before Gamons troops find out where we are." Kain starts running, and a few seconds later Darc follows. They travel trough the forest for miles until they reach a bandit camp. "Whoa! stop right there!" 3 bandits appear and surround us weapons drawn. "We do not wish to fight, let us through." Kain says with a angered tone. "Not so fast.., you gon'a have to pay if'in you wantin to get past here.I think 12,000 gods wi'l do." "WHAT!? Your insane!" Darc screams. "Well then if'in your not wilin to pay the price, ill guess were gona have to Kill you!" One of the bandits hurls a axe at Kain and Darc, Nearly choping there arms off. Darc slashes up with his katana slicing a hudge gaping grove in the bandits torso and falls to the ground dead. The other two bandits swing thier weapons at Kain and Darc But kain quickly casts a spell That blows them away with fire. One of the bandits escape the blast and hit cain in the head with a mace. Kain falls to the ground as the bandit comes back with another blow to Darcs right arm. "Damn you.." Darc says, trying to move his right arm but realisies its broken.
"Now die!" The bandit screams as he hurls his mace toward Darc, But Darc avoids it and stabs the bandits chest where his heart was with his backup knife he has for emergencys. The bandit takes a few steps backwords until he falls to the ground first on his knees, then his whole body. Darc sits down by Kain,"Kain!?...Kain can you hear me!?" Kain lies still as the blood pours from his skull."no.......NO......DAMNIT!!!!! KAINNNNNN!!!!!" And as Darc sits there looking at Kain, hes sees a single tear drop from his eye. making a rift in the pool of blood.

thats about all i got so far, i dont know if i want to end the chapter like that or add more, becasue chapter 2 is kindof short. if anyone has any ideas tell me.

07-11-2007, 02:51 PM
I have an idea!!!!!
you should then put another battle:

The tip of his sword barely touching the top of his head. Darc plunged his sword in saying: "This is for Kain!"

and that's all i've got. ^^' i kinda used all of my other ideas for this one screen play thing i had to write...

comments on the chapter:

OMG part 2!!!! Yay!! it was good.... kain died though...

Darc Satos
07-11-2007, 02:55 PM
i have the ending part for it but i dont wana spoil the story...
its suposed to be a REALLY long story lol. i need more ideas for difrent charaters and places. so if anyone has any ideas please tell me.