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07-11-2007, 10:55 AM
Okay so i'm new here so i might as well start off with a bang. It's a first chapter i just wrote which is a crossover between naruto and harry potter. Yea...over done i know but i got better ideas and plots to go after. It will be mainly featured as Sasuke and Harry Potter and no YOI. Anyhow i need a beta for this so if anyone willing to become my beta then thats cool with me. Anyhow hopefully you guys will enjoy my story and like it.




It was nothing and everything. Everywhere and nowhere, soothing yet cold, It was peaceful, utterly still and calm.

However, from darkness comes light. A spark of light seemed to light up, grows and takes a circular shape, taking its own breath of shining light that reaches the edges of the dark abyss.

Onyx eyed, black haired lean figure seemed to go closer towards the light like the calling of a siren to manís heart.

As he grew ever closer, the light seemed to flare forth, blinding him as if looking at the very sun. Dangerous yet foolish he never gave up as he felt the urge to go forth towards the core of the light. He knew nothing more.


Cars after cars made its way pass while some stopping at red light for pedestrians to cross before going forth once more. The air was humid and disgusting from the combination of hot air and dirty polluted air of the city. Police cars zoomed its way after running men with guns with stolen cars and bundles of cash, chaos following them at every turn. Yet It is a city with a life of it's own. Ever changing, ever growing and ever so busy tending to the needs of the humans that so crawls it self in itís colony. Nothing seems abnormal and nothing seems to be out of place. It is the city of New York, alive and busy as ever from day and night. However one such person was busy with his own work as the aurora made his way through the crowds, invisible through enchantments and charms, giving himself an indictable presence.

"Are you sure it's here?" He asked, a little unsure as he looked around the streets with his wand slightly glowing under the darkening sky.

ĎOf course it's here. Our magic detector is the best in the world. What ever it is just check it out, clean it up before any muggles were to interfere and do something stupid.' A female voice replied within his head, slightly distorted from the distance the magical telepathic signals it carried.

"Copy that." The dark skinned man set his way towards the destination of the magic source with the help of the witch in his head. A couple of miles, many turned streets which led to a warehouse.

'So arenít you going to ask why this signal of magic is so special that even the high officials are putting an ear out, Dorran?' The voice asked, slightly curious yet bored.

Dorran let out a groan as he felt a grin behind that voice. "I have a feeling youíre going to tell me anyway. Not that I care." He replied as he walked through the many series of stares of the old abandoned warehouse. He felt the signals of the magic source was coming from somewhere within the warehouse itself. And with the help of mental images from the telepathic witch, the lone aurora worked his way of easily finding the source.

"Okay so whatís so special about this magic signal?" Dorran asked, a little curious.

'What ever magic this is, it's send off a great amount of signal so strong that it's reaching around the world, globally.'

ďOkay so whatís your point? We already have something like that.Ē

'I was getting to that.' She replied dryly. 'See, our magical equipment are meant to do allot of things for there own purposes like say a portkey. With the right amount of skills in magic, it can take you any where globally with it's own signal of magic guiding it.' She paused for a dramatic silence.

"Okay so again I ask why this is so special, Eva." Dorran asked again, a little put out from having been left out of the loop.

The witch named Eva grumbled before starting to explain. 'I really wonder how you even passed the aurora courses if you keep interrupting like that. Because whatever this signal is, is messing up with all the magical equipment around the world. Whatever this is, itís sending unknown origins of magical signals globally disrupting any and all magical objects to go haywire or so far as to stop it completely. Like how technology wonít work with muggles. This is the reason why the high officials picked you who is perfect for this kind of situations.' Eva finalized.

Dorran's eyes widened at the implications behind this who quickly forgot the little insult. "So whatever it is thatís doing this were to drop into the wrong hands then..." Eva didn't have to finish it seeing as Dorran understood the situation. Wards of great power are held through crystal and are only used to protect important places and important homes of powerful people. And if they were to waver any further then they already are then thieves and assassins or whatever it is out were to find out, they would want its power. And like bees to a honey they would come like stampeding bulls.

ďSo wait, how does that make you any different? Shouldnít you have also beenÖyou know, went all gugu, gugu, gaga, gaga?.Ē

'ÖIím not a machine you idiot. I can detect it but I donít share any of its qualities since Iím actually alive.'

"Is there a reason why i get oh so brutally insulted for being ever so inferior to a great mind such as yours, oh mighty one?" Mocking her hoping to get her annoyed more than she already is.

'...I hope you die of too much caffeine.'

Dorran let out a little chuckle. "Speaking of which, you really had to interrupt my coffe...wait, I think I got something." Dorran noted as he slowed to a stop in a great hall with machines everywhere. He also noted there was a light coming from a slightly ajar door from a small distance away. Crouching and in place with his wands, Dorran went towards the door quickly and quietly of a trained professional. Standing by the wall near the door, Dorran held his wand steady and his heart stable.

With a bang, he kicked the door apart and readied his wand for any spell works however nothing was necessary as there was no one there. But a white light that seem to escape from was a simple black box with several markings of unknown ruins and a language never heard of was painted in small scripts of gold. There was no lock in place, just a simple black box that seems to radiate more power then any other items he has ever felt in his entire life time. Still ready and alert Dorran walked carefully towards the closed box.

"Nothings here, Eva. Just a small closed box with light coming from it. How itís doing that is something I still havenít figured it out."

'Copy that. I'll send some specialist teams there, right now. They will be there in fifteen minutes. Over and out'

Nothing seems to come up even after casting some spells to see weather it's of any threat or traps set up terrorists or dangerous enemies. It doesnít even seem to give off any magic either since it feels so different to that of magic in and of it self..

Curiosity welled within him as he somehow felt compelled to open it. Even as he neared his hands around closer to the box, he felt the power radiating from this incredibly small box. It was amazing how a small box was able to hold such power that can span through globally and disrupt magic it self.

He didnít know what else to call it. Magic it was not yet at the same time it felt magical.

He lifted the lid of the box. Right then and there Dorran knew he made a mistake. He knew he should have waited for the teams but it was too late as a large burst of light erupted forth. A huge beam of concentrated energy shot forth, ripping through the many layered roofs like paper towards the very clouds it self. The very air and earth shuddered from presence of such concentrated energies it seems to give off. The dark clouds parted way for the white beam to get through instantly.

Dorran was knocked backwards from the force of the small shockwave slamming him against the walls, making a large dent.

Quickly getting up, Dorran screamed powerful incantations and words of power sprung forth, protecting him around a small clear transparent dome so tight that not even the very air seemed to get through. The much heavy debris that touched the dome incinerated into nothingness and even the lashing blue energy seems to dissuade itself from going any further. However the blue beam of powerful energy beam still continued and just as it started it stopped with a flash of bright light.

Dorran just stood there with his head spinning and so confused it took him a couple of frustrating minutes to dispel the magical dome.

The black box was gone Dorran noted, however what he did notice was that there was now a man where the beam of light used to be. On the floor, seemingly unconscious and wearing some of the strangest clothes he has ever seen, the man seemed to be around twenty or twenty one. He was slightly pale but very built and lean with muscles. Black hair, dark as night went well with the shape of his face. However what did catch his eyes was the blade. Before he got any closer to inspect the boy, the eyes opened

Eyes of black, cold and emotionless as if the soul was gone leaving a hollow shell. Dorran held his wand steady and pointed at the boy.

The man however did notice the dark skinned man didn't give any more thoughts as he looked around himself of the surroundings.

"Who are you?" Dorran asked, his voice neutral yet cautious.

The boy however didn't answer, choosing to ignore it as he got up and inspected the surroundings uncaringly.

"Who. Are. You.?" Every word was forced and his wand gave a slight wave of power. This was enough to catch the eyes of the mysterious man, looking straight at the wand with a raised eyebrow, possibly electing curiosity Dorran noted.

"I am no one." Unemotional yet neutral and Dorran had to tried hard to figure out weather this kid is emotionally ****ed up. But he got nothing.

"Well, I am no one; you are under arrest for suspicious magical activities so you shall come with me. Is that understood?" Dorran replied, his words coming with a command and force, magic laced behind the words.

However it was dispelled with a trained mind and years of being a ninja with such ease that Sasuke felt only a small annoyance at the back of his head.

Dorran frowned but didnt' think on it any further as he sent a powerful stunner towards the target wordlessly. In such a close range there was no way anyone could dodge that with the speed the spell went and this was the reason Dorran took his chance to capture the person for some...questionings.

However the surprise was on him as the spell didn't hit anything other than the wall opposite to him. In fact no one was there. However the only warning he got was when he felt a small brush of wind behind him.

Spinning around, his want flaring with power and instinct of a trained elite as he elected a shield around him. However Sasuke had his back turned to him and walked away uncaringly, leaving the man behind bewildered and confused.

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" Dorran shouted before letting out a spell of binding. As the spell rocketed towards Sasuke, Dorran thought the kid of was going to dodge it but another surprise was there when it hit him square in the back. Sasuke froze on the spot as Dorran knew it would and just as he started to call Eva telepathically, Sasuke did something that will shock him to the very core. He moved. Dorran was so surprised he just stood still and contemplated the situation inside his head for what seemed like eternity. A spell of binding with allot of magic put into that would stop anyone to the point where it will hurt there physically.

However he snapped out his revere when Sasuke gave him a look that sent shivers down his spine. Thatís when he knew right then and there that he has no chance of stopping the man. No matter what spell or magical equipment he carries, it will do nothing more than annoy him.

"Wait..." Dorran said softly but Sasuke seemed to hear it and surprisingly yet again he stopped but didn't turn around. Deciding to take a chance Dorran went for it. "Whats your name?" He asked, almost pleadingly.

Sasuke turned his head ever so that Dorran can see his left eye. In stead of the black, there was now a strange red eye with three black pin wheels within his eyes. What was even strange was that the very iris had an odd shape to it.

"Sasuke Uchiha." replied Sasuke after a brief pause.

When the specialist teams got to the vicinity, they would only find a room that looked like it survived a battle of itís own war and Dorran sitting in the corner with his hands to his head. Sasuke Uchiha was nowhere to be found.

"It's about time you got here." Dorran said irritatingly when he lifted his head up to look at the teams.


what do you guys think of it. It is very rough and not much in it and if it's good enough i might right more. If it's good enough i'm going to be putting allot of thought in to it and combining many crossovers in it. Though hopefully i'm not in way over my head.

As for the box, it's very important item. Questions will be answered later in the story.

Darc Satos
07-11-2007, 12:28 PM
its pretty good. but i think it needs more detail into the characters. even though most people will understand who and what they are, some people might get confused.

07-13-2007, 12:01 AM
This thread wasn't labeled correctly, I renamed it for you. Since it was a fanfiction, it should have Fanfiction or Fanfic in the begining of the title.

07-18-2007, 09:42 PM
t was vesry good but i think it would be better wit out all the magic.........but more straight forward like real life but then not completly............like the part about the box and sasuke was really good and kept me interested...........don't make it completly straight forward still make it a fantasy story but....not.......its hard to explain........BUT THE STORY WAS STILL VERY GOOD......BUT IT COULD ALWAYS BE BETTER!!!!!

~martinie~:) :D

08-01-2007, 08:58 PM
sorry for the late reply but i don't think i'm going to continue it. Mainly because i don't have a beta. lol srry

08-10-2007, 03:13 AM
sorry for the late reply but i don't think i'm going to continue it. Mainly because i don't have a beta. lol srry
Thats a stupid reason to stop writting. I don't have a beta either, I revise my own work several times. I know there are still errors in it but I always hope that those that read it will help correct it.

Why are betas so important suddenly?