View Full Version : Kingdom Hearts 2 Help

Saiyan Destroyer
07-01-2007, 03:00 PM
All right, I've been hunting high and low and I honestly don't want to scoure gamefaqs or neoseeker for something I can flat out ask...

1.) Where in the HELL are Frost Stones? I need these to several recipies and get an Orcichalum+.

2.) Is there a prize or something for doing all the mini games in each world or is that just for gettign 100% & Secret ending for Normal Mode?

3.) Is there any word for Final Mix 2 to come over to the US of A?

4.) I only got him once, but how do you get the Rare Heartless to NOT disappear? I got him to stay once with the aid of Jack Skellington, but I've been unable to do that again and I've been finding him frequently in Beasts Castle, Agrabah, Halloween Town, Radiant Garden/Hallow Bastion. What prizes he give?

That's all I can remember.