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06-29-2007, 04:43 PM
Welcome to Muteki Toukon, the school for the greatest of the great, the best of the best. It is a school where few are accepted and many are rejected. It is a school for those privileged few who show exponential potential to become the grandest of fighters. All arts are taught and students live, eat, sleep, and breath in the presence of the worlds most powerful fighters. This academy is held in the highest regard and its standards are the toughest to reach. Only the chosen few ever enter its walls at the tender age of 15. Once age 18 is reached, those who were accepted four years prior must leave at the end of their year and continue their training alone. They are expected to learn their final lessons alone. Three years of harsh training and limitless knowledge are the tools gained for them to take into life.

At the end of each year a school wide tournament is held. Each student has the option of entering or refusing if they feel unready to enter. The seniors of each year typically are expected to win but on those rare occasions, one of the lower classmen has a chance to prevail. Such was the case four years ago for two strong candidates. They broke school records and trashed all those who opposed them. It was a young boy and a young girl, both triumphing together over the others. The two then continued their training, leaving the end of the tournament as a draw; both wanting to better themselves further before settling their score. It is now their senior year and more candidates have entered. Two have caught their eyes, another young pair whom may have the potential to be great with the right guidance. Will the upper classmen see that and extend a helping hand towards their younger students. Or will they lash out and seek to destroy them?

07-09-2007, 03:24 AM
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