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hehe Well, I know it's very short, but it seemed appropriate! And I thought I'd give you a break from the last chapter, which was 6 pages long according to my Microsoft Word. o.o;;;

Note: Words in itallics are Mary's thoughts.


Im so glad you made it. I was
about to hunt you down again woman.
Call me? We need to talk about us.

Her stomach muscles clenched tight as her mind swam with the memory of the note. It had been very simple, written hastily on a crumpled half-sheet of lined paper, and the words may not have been understood by the rest of the class, but all the same Mary had been so very relieved that Mr. Phil hadn't read it to aloud. The last line, "...we need to talk about us" revealed more than Mary wanted anyone else to know. She was already dealing with the knowing stares of the rest of the school whenever she was with Brooke, but she did not need to be labeled as a cheater. Brooke would be so devastated to find out like that. Yup, there was no doubt that the school would not permit her to handle things the way she wanted...whatever that turns out to be. She hadn't decided yet exactly, but she knew she must soon.

"I've had my suspicions about you Mary since the beginning of the year. I didn't want to listen to all the dyke rumors, but indeed I thought you were into different things than the rest of my students...particularly the female students. It's so hard to come across one that doesn't flirt with me when we're alone."

She blushed, not exactly knowing why. It was true of course, Mr. Phil always had a gang of giggling girls hanging around outside his classroom during lunch. Every time she went to chat with him rather than eat, the whole group would fix her with the most envious gazes. It was rather creepy.

"I'm not interested in joining their mindless cults, even if you are their idol."

"Haha! Too true. Their worship makes me wonder why I'm still single.....well not quite. It's so hard for me to find someone. Not many gay men in this town..."

Mary almost choked on her tongue (quite a feat actually).

"You're gay too??"

Mr. Phil look at her from the corner of his eye and chuckled lightly. "Why of course Mary. I didn't think that you knew, but I also didn't think that it would come as such a shock to you."

Mary paused for a moment to simmer in her memories of Mr. Phil. It was true, he WAS rather dashing (by men’s standards anyway, the luscious curves of a woman could beat the pants off him any day), very concerned about what he ate and the way he looked, and so stoically not interested in the advances of his female students. The first two points she had always chalked up to being health conscious, but the last one she could never quite place. At first she thought it was because he was too moraled to date a student, but if that had been the case then he would not have had a problem mildly teasing them with the possibility. He was characteristically almost never serious about anything, it would have been expected that he would play along for a while. But Mr. Phil quite plainly always rejected their advances, with a face rather more serious than was normal for him.

"I guess my gaydar is off today."she said simply.

"Just today?"

"Okay, always!"

"Well, I forgive you!"

"So....what was your motive in pretty much assuring that I would be going to the dance with you?"

"Well..." he started rather slyly, "I didn't want to go alone or as a chaperon."

"Wait, why are you going in the first place? You haven't gone to any of the other ones....as if I'd know, I haven't either..."

"OH! You know that new foreign exchange girl? Well, I heard that her father was going to chaperone and I want to see a Slavic guy in person."
He said it so unashamedly, but Mary knew that he must have a thing for Slavics. It seemed odd though…she’d never seen anything particularly interesting about Slavic men.

"Alright, so I agree to go to this dance with you, and I get what?"

"You get my eternal gratitude!"

"Just what I’ve always wanted!"

Mr. Phil smiled so genuinely at her, it made her nerves calm a little. She knew that he must appreciate her agreeing to do this for him, but she still was uncomfortable with it. Neither Brooke nor Nicole were going to be happy about it. Oh well….Nicole might understand, but she would have a harder time convincing Brooke that she was completely innocent. She’d have to hope that Phil’s many fangirls would tell how things really ended up this way across the school. In fact, she was hoping very ardently. It wouldn’t be the first time they skewed the facts to make it look like their English teacher really wanted them. Oh well…no use worrying about it now.

"Well, you better at least give me a tardy pass. There’s no way I can make it to the chem building in a minute and a half."

"Oh, right. Let me get that for you."

The next few days are certainly going to be intersting she though.

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fweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ive been itching for this. I like how this chapter was just about her interaction with her teacher. Him being gay was a nice twist. Gimmie 8.

[and yes, I'd understand, lol]

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ARGH!!! Teaser!

Hehe, can't wait for Chapter 8!!


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*low chant* Chap-ter-eight... chap-ter-eight...

^_^ very nice and I will patiently await the following chapter! Well I can't assure the patiently part, or the waiting part. Ah! Just hurry up with it already!


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Interesting, looking forward 2 chapter 8! ^^;

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SHAW!! My stars in heaven I hope you hurry with the next chapter. This one was excellent, by the way. I LOVE the Mr.Phil twist. That was completely unexpected and I almost choked on my tongue too! XD Cant wait till you post the next chapter!!

Much love,

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XD This is the only chapter that more than 3 people have actually posted in. *confetti* I'm working on chapter 8, it's coming....slowly. :3 I'm just tweaking the comedy a bit, as I suck at comedy.