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06-17-2007, 09:44 PM
I have a friend who's asking me to translate this message for him to send to his girlfriend's father. As you can see by the letter she's just a gold digger who's taking advantage of him and I personally think this is a waste of time, but I did it anyways to test my skill :p
It's rushed with just whatever came to my head, I'm sure I didn't make the best choices in wording. Any adjustments welcome and please correct me wherever anything is wrong/awkward.

BTW Yes I did get permission to post this, everyone in anonymous except for one name, of which there are a million of in the world. :)
I apologise for the late response if you were waiting on it.

I understand that you support Ayumi's wishes. I also understand that your responsibility was your daughters and you did your best for them. What you have done makes me proud and I respect you for it.
お父様があゆみの希望を一番にするのが私は分かります。 お嬢さんを自分の責任にとって一生懸命頑張ったの もよく分かります。 

Based on what you said last I don't know how much you know about me or what Ayumi has said. I will try my best to clarify a few things. Before Ayumi came to america we were very happy with each other. I wanted her to continue being happy and to be successfull. She told me at one point that she was working to save up for college, she said that she didn't have very much saved. She said that she couldn't ask her family for money, it seemed like your family did not have very much money. She said that she loved me and that made me want to do everything I could for her.
お父様が以前におしゃったのを考えて私とあゆみの関係について納得いただいてないところが多い様に思えます 。 ですから、私は自分とあゆみの関係のすべてを明確にするために努力させていただきます。
あゆみがアメリカに来た前は私達はお互いとても嬉しかったです。 私はあの時のあゆみを見続けていたかった のです。 ある日、入学のために仕事をしていたことを私に教え、その分のお金を私に求めてきたのです。 ご 家族がお金が窮屈の状態かのように、彼女は家族には相談出来ないと言ったのです。 彼女が私に自分を愛して いるというと、私は彼女のために出来るだけのことをしてあげたかったのです。

When she came to America I paid her 80,000 Yen per month, to help her with college. So far I have paid her 1,500,000 Yen because I wanted the best for her, to make her happy and succesful. I worked hard for her at my job and was even promoted 3 times in my company because of my hard work. My company recently merged with another and I am being laid off in 6 months. When I told this to Ayumi she left me.
彼女がアメリカに来たとき、 私は彼女に毎月80,000円を入学のために渡した。 今になると約1,50 0,000円になりますが、すべてがあゆみのためで、後悔ありません。 会社ではあゆみのために精一杯働い て、三回ぐらいも昇格しました。 しかし、 会社の最近の合併で、私は六月後に解雇されるのです。 そして 私がこの事情をあゆみに知らせたら、彼女は私から離れたのです。

Within 2 weeks of leaving me she started sleeping with another man and moved in with him. This made me feel like she was just using me and she is just using him. I have never felt so disrepected by someone in my life. I never believed that Ayumi would do such a thing.
私から離れて2週間も経たずにあゆみはほかの男と同棲することになりました。 これを分かったら、私はとて も利用されたように感じました。 

I lost my job and the person I love the most at the same time. You had your family to live for, but I felt that I had nothing to live for. That is when I got the fudgesickle.
仕事を失ったと同時に世界で一番愛してるひとを失ったのです。 お父様にはご家族が自分の生き甲斐に思えた のでしょうが、私にはほかに生き甲斐にできることなどないと思いました。 そのときとってもヒップでクレー ジな麻薬を販売してる黒人からスーパーハイパーゴージャスガンを買いました。

One night I told her how I felt about what she did. She said she would come back to me. I thought she understood what she did. I believe that she had regrets and she wanted to be responsible about them. She told me she would come back as soon as I got rid of the gun. I believed that she was coming back and I wanted her to be safe and I regretted getting the fudgesickle. So I respected her wishes and did exactly as she asked. She told me that you also asked her to come back and be responsible. After I got rid of it she never came back. She lied directly to me.
ある夜自分の気持ちを伝えたら彼女は私の元へ戻ると言いました。 彼女が自分の悪事を分かったかと思ってい ました。 彼女は後悔があり、責任を持ってまた頑張ろうと私は信じていました。拳銃を捨ててからまた私と付 き合う言っていました。 拳銃を買ったのを非常に後悔していました。彼女を庇いたかっただけなんです。 で すから彼女の意思を思って捨てました。 お父様が実家に帰えて責任を持ってほしいと言われました。 その拳 銃を捨ててから彼女が私に戻りませんでした。うそをつきました。

I think that right now Ayumi is on a path that might lead her to a sad life. I feel very responsible for all that has happened. I do not wish for this to happen to her. I was going to ask you for your blessing in marriage the next time I met you in person, but the times changed. I wanted to show you my long term commitment and love for her and that I wanted her happiness. I wanted to make her and your family proud.
彼女が今悪い道を歩いてると思っています。私はいままでの出来事を自分の責任に思っています。今度会ったと きにはお父様に結婚の賛成をいただこうと思っていましたが、しかし時が変わったのです。 彼女への永遠の愛 と約束をお父様に見せたかったのです。

I believe in my heart that she might walk down an unfortunate path in life, so I do not want to give up on her. Right now I am not asking for marriage. I believe that I need your approval to be a couple with her. With my intentions being to help her become happy in life. I believe that she needs your approval to be happy with me. I respect what you have said that we make mistakes when we are young. I do not believe that Ayumi and I together is a mistake. I forgive her for what she has done from the bottom of my heart and I would like to move forward. I want to do everything the right way this time. I want to make you proud Mr Robotto.
彼女のことを諦めたくないのです。 一応求婚を控えさせていただき、 お父様に私が彼女と付き合うことの賛 成を求めさせていただきます。 彼女が私と付き合うのにはお父様の賛成が必要なんだと私は思います。 心の 中から彼女の悪事を全部許します。 今回は絶対に台無しなのである。( :banghead:)

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I've got to first mention that wow.. what a letter and unbelievable that this guy would ever forgive a girl like that and what's with Mr. Robotto? haha

I'm not sure whether to take this seriously but well I have one question. Are you trying to translate from Jap -> English or the other way around? I can help once you tell me.