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Raine Arikado
06-14-2007, 07:52 PM
My name is Raine Arikado. I'm nineteen and curently going through training to be a pilot in the Galactic Security Federation. Also known as the GSF. This had been my dream since I knew what the GSF was. To pilot a Fighter of my own. Fighters are normaly single crew craft, but there are rare occasions when a pilot will be offered a chance to be captain of a ship with a crew of five. I'm hoping that I'll be one of those rare chosen. The thing about Fighters is that they are connected to the brain of the pilot via recepters placed in control orbs located on the control console. Every action of the Fighter is made through the pilot's connection through these Pylons. Therfore, a pilot is required to have very strong psychic abilities. Of coarse this doesn't mean the pilot needs to be able to controle thes abilities, and for a pilot to be able to do so is a very rare and celebrated occurance. So rare in fact that there hasn't been a pilot with these abilities in almost 800 years, and I have the privilage, or the curse, to be the son of that man. His name was Colton Arikado. It seems that I have a reputation to uphold in the family.

Tell me what you think folks.
I'd also like you to give any advice or ideas you may have to improve the story.
It's open to anyone.

06-17-2007, 08:11 AM
Finally ive read it. [i wrote to you that im gonna read it right?? ^__^]
Hmm.. Im not into galactic anime and mecha stuff but ive watched some. I see we have an interesting theme here.. But.. I am not able to give a full critique yet, because its only the prologue..
I would read the whole of it if ever you post it..
Keep up those ideas from the magical world that is created by your brain..!! [ haha.. im not SO good at this, im cheering you up..]