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06-11-2007, 11:45 PM
:ooh: Disclaimer :ooh: Am not the maker of Naruto, am just a big fan of it
Yet again forgive me for the long time this has taken, family problems left and right >x< Well enjoy

If you missed the first two here are the links:

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.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.The Sleep Over.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o
.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.Part 3.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.

The sun falling at its limite about to disappear from sight compeltly.Naruto got a shove from Shikamaru from behind.Naruto frowned and looked back at the group of boys behind him, he then sighed and knocked on the door..

"Am coming!" Tenten yelled as she was putting her hair up and taking off down stairs..She had hair bins in her mouth, hands in her hair thne stoped at the third to last step..Naruto then sighed and knocked again..

"Am coming!!Hold on!!Sheez!" She said as she conutined to fix her hair..Neji was outside in the backyard where the forest clamed the land..Finally after 5 minutes or so, Tenten came down and opened the door to fine Naruto playing cards with Shikamaru and Sasuke taking a leanning on the wall watching.For Choji he just ate and watched..

"Yes?Can i help you boys?" She said as she was frownning a bit.Naruto jumped to his feet and threw his cards on the floor "You cheat Shikamaru!!" He said crossing his arms "Na..You just suck Naruto" Shikamaru answered with a yawn "Hey, you bone head..Tenten answered the door, so go a head and answer you loser" Sasuke said with a smirk as he closed his eyes

"Ah, hey wait a minute..Your not supost to be here, your supost to be with the other girls.." Naruto said with a question face..Tenten's face became white then red as she started to yell "How would YOU boys now about the sleep over?!" Tenten yelled waving her arms up and down "Uh...Hm..Haha..Lucky guess?" Naruto said rubbing the back of his head laughing a bit "Your guys are all pervs!!" Tenten said slamming the door on their faces.. "So..I guess that means Neji isnt coming?" Naruto said to himself..

Shikamaru sighed and got to his feet.Puting his hands in his pockets "Will, am out of here..Its night out, if we arnt going to get every one by sun down then there is no point.." he said as he turned his back to Sasuke and Naruto..As for Choji he left long ago, as Naruto just notice compeltly ignoring what Shikamaru said "Hey, where did Choji-" "He left when you we're talking to Tenten..I guess the loser didnt want to come after all" Sasuke said interrupting Naruto."Ahh!!This is never going to work!Ahh!!" Naruto said with a angry tone.

Meanwhile, at the sand siblings house hold Gaara is sitting down stairs staring at Kankuro as Kankuro stared back at him "Your wondering too huh?" Kankuro said finally as he smirked..Gaara still showing no emotion what so ever conutied staring at him not blinking "..What if i am?Its none of your business is it?" Gaara said returning the question with his answer.

"Haha, for once your acting normal!" Kankuro said as he started to close his eyes but then opened then again..Making sure he doesnt blink "..Normal?Who ever said..You were normal.." Gaara said still with a blank face "Why you little brat!" Kankuro blink and as Gaara smirked "I win.."

"Would you two boys just get along for a few seconds!!" Temari yelled from upstairs "Sorry, Temari..." The two boys answered as Kankuro walked up to Gaara "I say, we should spy on Temari and see where she is going..I bet you that card was like a invit to some party or something.." Kankuro said with a whisper then a light giggle..Gaara leaned over a bit with the blankest look on his face "Your such a perv.." Gaara said with a emotionless tone of voice..

"W-What?!?Am so not!!" Kankuro said as his voice became in to a yelling tone "Your the one that wants to know what was in the card!!" he said again as his face became red as he yelled "...One, am not death..Two i want to know what the card said..Not were Temari was going.." Gaara said back as Kankuro froze from his little brother words..

"What did i just get done teling you two!!?" Temari's voice said as it echoed throught the house loudly "Sorry!" Kankuro answered as Gaara crossed his arms "Gaara, just you wait one day i'll get a come back at your smart remarkes!!" Kankuro said clunching his right hand and shaking it in his sibles face "..Kankuro..The day you make sense is the day that your puppets come to life..." Gaara said calmly "And stop acting so cool!!You dont need to rub it in my face!!" Kankuro yelled "Once again, am not that far away from you..And am not death.." replied Gaara "Will, I-"

Kankuro got cut off by Temari throwing a shoe at his head hitting him in the back of it "I told you to shut it!!!" Temari yelled from her room then slammed the door shut..Leaving Kankuro rubbing the back of his head "Ow..." "..Told you that am not death.." Gaara said with a smirk

-To be conutied...

Neko Yasha
06-28-2007, 11:01 AM
That's really good! I wanted to post on your other chapters, but they were closed. :( I would recommend looking it over for spelling errors, but other than that, it's very interesting.

06-28-2007, 11:06 AM
i agree it is very nice!! u did well!!

06-28-2007, 05:44 PM
lol thank you both xD And yeah i know i suck at spelling lol but thank u lots!!
This ff was getting lonly

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I found some points you made really interesting, quite fascinating job there.

Seena Angel
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Yay, bring out part 4!

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