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06-01-2007, 07:12 PM
From: Sweden

Formed: 1988

Genre: Death/black metal (early albums), goth/doom Jorock (newest releases)

Johan Edlund - Vocals
Thomas Petersson - Guitar
Anders Iwers - Bass
Lars Sköld - Drums

Sumerian City (1990)
The Astral Sleep (1991)
Clouds (1992)
Wildhoney (1994)
A Deeper Kind Of Slumber (1997)
Skeleton Skeletron (1999)
Judas Christ (2002)
Prey (2004)
Commandments: The Best Of Tiamat (2007)

They were formed in 1988 as a black metal band named Treblinka. They split up and Edlund was the only one left. He renamed the band Tiamat.
They released "Sumerian City" in 1990, being the only death metal album of the band.

In 1991, they released "The Astral Sleep" which is the debut on their current label, Century Media. This release was a bit more doom'ish than the previous release, and so became the 1992 release; "Cloud".

In 1994 they released their critically acclaimed album, which became their break-through, "Wildhoney".
It sounded different than the other popular metal bands, having a lot of influence from bands like King Crimson and Pink Floyd.
It's considered a landmark in the history of prog/doom and is often cited as a strong introduction to death metal for prog rock fans.

Then, in 1997, the album "A Deeper Kind Of Slumber" came.
It was the first of their albums where they completely stepped away from traditional death and heavy metal.
It's the most personal album for the vocalist as it is almost 100% written by him and it's about the problems he had with drugs, creative differences with the band and other personal stuff.

The rest of the albums to come would then keep the gothic/doom rock sound. In 1999 came "Skeleton Skeletron". It's quite atmospheric album with a lot of prog influences.

In 2002 they released "Judas Christ". The vocalist said he has tried to make a few hits on this album, being "The Return Of The Son Of Nothing" and "Vote For Love".

In 2004 they released their latest album, "Prey".
It's the sister album of "Judas Christ" and sounds quite much like it.
The single "Cain" came from it. It was used in the game "Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines".

So anyone else that likes this band?
I discovered them this April when I saw them live at the Inferno Festival in Oslo.
I have to say I'm mostly fan of the two latest albums and "Wildhoney".
I really like the deep emotional vocal, combined with the atmospheric sound.

If I would recomend it to someone, it would be the HIM fans.
I'm pretty sure HIM fans would like the last albums a lot.
While I think any death/prog/doom lover would like the early albums.

Favorite songs are:
Heaven Of High
Carry Your Cross And I'll Carry Mine
Vote For Love
The Ar
I Am In Love With Myself
Love Is As Good As Soma
Wings Of Heaven

06-01-2007, 07:33 PM
Ah,good old Tiamat^^
I love this band,just great...
Anyway,I discovered them in late 2002 >.> after they released Judas Christ album...
Once I listened to this,I immediatle started liking them,so I though - should I try to dig up their earliest albums from somewhere(since in my country one album is on sale for like a month or two,and then it's a goner)?
After few seconds of thinking,I knew my answer XD
So I found their earliest albums,and now I can proudly say that I have everything from them^^
Lol,I talk too much...
Anyway,if I go on saying which one are my best songs,there wouldn't be end to my list(well,it will be eventually),so I'll list albums,and my absolute favorites from them:
Sumerian Cry - Sumerian Cry (both parts),Apothesis Of Morbidity and Where The Serpents Ever Dwell
The Astral Sleep - Mountain Of Doom,On Golden Wings and A Winter Shadow
Clouds - In A Dream and The Sleeping Beauty
Wildhoney - Whatever That Hurts,Gaia and Do You Dream Of Me?
A Deeper Kind Of Slumber - Atlantis As A Lover and Cold Seed
Skeleton Skeletron - For Her Pleasure
Judas Christ - Vote For Love,Heaven Of High,Angel Holograms and Too Far Gone
Prey - Carry Your Cross And I'll Carry Mine and The Garden Of Heathen
Lol,I should probably stop...

NOTE:Earlier albums are more of my taste^^