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This is a Fruit Basket fanfiction; you have been told. This is oneshot, no more continuation (nor do I think there is a chance for continuation anyway). Please read if you want to continue, though I really recommend you to give it a shot. If you had read it, please let me know what you think about it, thank you.


A Never Ending Story

He watches on as his wife struggled with her pain, eyes barely open, hands quivering and body limp on the hospital bed as white as snow. It had been so sudden he was unable to react, although he remembered seeing her eyes crying with plead as she writhe around as subtly as possible, holding her stomach, pretending she was fine, until one of their sons noticed her unconsciously moaning and took her to the hospital as quickly as possible. He was a man, men were not supposed to show their feelings, and he said not a single word when they sat in the car, although his heart was beating faster than the speed of a jet plane.


They met on a fine summer’s day, when she was barely twenty and he, twenty-five. It was an arranged marriage, agreed from both sides, since his family was influential and it was in her late mother’s wishes for her to have a husband after she died.

When Sohma Kyo first set eyes on Honda Tohru, he had the aforementioned knowledge that she was mourning for her mother and therefore was dressed in black as respect, as he did not wish to aggravate her feelings. He was told she possesses porcelain fair skin, jet-black hair and loved her mother very much.

They forgot to mention that she was different from all the other mourning-for-their-mothers-girls, however.

Never had Kyo met another girl as sunny as Tohru, smiles hanging by the side of her lips every time and laughed at every attempt she had (and being able to do that in the presence of someone who does not smile and frowns most of the time is a feat), instead of holding a handkerchief and sobbing her tears away. She was also dressed in red, a major no-no for mourners.

“Okaa-san says that I should remember her in my heart always, but I must also carry on my life, for that only will she be most happy.”

Kyo was taken back. The impression Tohru gave him was an optimistic, cheerful, gaily and somewhat wise, although she was also silly and careless because she tripped over her high-heels (“This is the first time I’m wearing it, you know, gomen!”).

By the end of the date, Kyo was certain this is the girl he will spend a lifetime with.


Kyo bit his lip. The doctors had just said that there was a large malignant tumour in her intestine. They can attempt an operation to remove the menace from her but the chances were fifty percent that she would be live. Their four children, three boys and a girl, were huddled around the bed, praying prayers and whispering encouragement words, too fearful to make decisions. He, the man who was her husband, instead sat furthest away from the bed; hand on cane, looking at her with neutral eyes. He believed in Tohru, she would be all right, he knew. He believed in her, he was not scared. She was strong willed; she would live! He agreed for the operation to be made.


“Honda-san had just entered a coma, our operation was not that successful, please be prepared for any consequences.” The doctor said. This time, more relatives had come; among them was Sohma Yuki, Tohru’s best friend and Kyo’s cousin. He and his wife, Machi, assuaged Kyo that Tohru would be all right. Kyo faintly nodded, although his heart began to bite with doubt. Would it be, after so many years of them being together, her resilience had finally faltered against her wishes?

More precisely, his wishes. He hoped it is not true.


They were only engaged, since they were still in high school back then, but she had moved in to live with him, Yuki, and their author uncle, Shigure. Tohru was hardworking; in fact, she had managed to clean the dirty-like-god-knows-what kitchen and found the long-lost oven. With her around, Kyo and Shigure could eat normal and scrumptious meals (since Yuki was the chef from hell), and life was very good.

Then one day, they were supposed to leave for New Year’s ball at their family house, and left Tohru alone. Although he and Yuki had worried for Tohru being alone at home, they also knew that it was impossible to refuse the family dinner that was a tradition. Akito was not Akito for nothing.

Nevertheless, that particular year was also the first time where he had refused Akito’s wishes (the wedding was also his idea), when they bumped into Tohru’s psychic friend on the street. Hana, he remembered her name. Then, he realised his cowardice; his uselessness to protect Tohru from the anguish she had so cleverly hide, and he had ran home with Yuki, just in time to see Tohru in tears, gazing at her mother’s framed picture. Then he realized; Tohru was also just human; she also had emotions, she was not a superhuman. She was as sad as any other daughter can be over their mother’s passing, and Kyo had not seen through any of that. Instead, he thought she really did what she said, what an idiot he was!

That very same day, when he had accompanied Tohru to watch her first sunrise (with Yuki also, since he also ran back), Kyo swore; he will never allow Tohru to be in pain again.


He clearly failed. No one knew when Tohru’s stomach started aching; she certainly hid it well. Hiding everything under her façade that she carried everyday, that day, he saw her in that much pain was also the first time he saw her not withstanding her own feelings; it must have been excruciating. Now she was in a coma, incapable of answers to dozens of questions, just silence. Silence that engulfed the room as everyone watched her chest rose weaker minute by minute, her breathes getting more miniscule…

It was ten on that fateful morning when Honda Tohru breathed her last. Being told that they could not cry in front of her, the children and grandchildren had walked out of the ward, leaving Kyo alone with her. He sat nearer to her; the first time since she was warded, and touched her wrinkled face, a face ripened by age.

His heart was crying.


All funeral proceedings were done as quickly as possible; more people were contacted and few days later, she was ready for cremation. As the funeral parade moved slowly away from their house, serenaded by requiems and prayers alike, from the home they had shared for over fifty years of marriage, Kyo stood by the gate, hand still on the cane, but this time, his stoned face finally faltered, faltering only for the woman he had loved like no one else.

A solitary tear on the ground was proof of that.

They will meet again, he knew; in the future life as they may have met in previous lives, they will be together again; together again to continue their life again. It will be their never-ending tale.

Of love.

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TTxTT zomg...*sniffle sniffle* That was so sad...Very good fanfic! You're muy muy skilled! Hope to see you write more! **Poor Kyo-kun...**