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The Legend of Zelda:
Lost Exile

Chapter 1

The winds blew in the cold, crisp night during a summer’s night. Hyrule was quiet. Perhaps, a bit to quiet. One could feel an evil aura in the air making the presence of evil so obvious.
A little bright figure was fluttering in the night sky. Only being about an inch tall, Navi was just flying towards the forest to her little tree home.
While flying past Hyrule Castle, she had overheard a spine tingling scream.
Frightened and concerned, she quickly flew towards the north-eastern tower from whence the scream came.
Not only was this heard by Navi, the whole Castle heard this too. A mass of hylian guards ran up the freight of stairs to Zelda’s quarters. There, they had seen the most horrifying thing in this bloody parade of terror; one of the maid’s faces had been aged to the point to which there was no muscle left. Not only her face but her whole body was aged to nothing but skin and bone. Another was the head maid of the castle and her feet hung about 12 feet from the floor along with her body. Swinging, flopping, limp and black with death on her face. As they looked to the window, they saw a shadow-like figure like a dark assassin. This wasn’t some random person; this was a person who was very familiar. A long dress and the princess’s exact same body shape, slim and skinny. Looking at her hand, she held what looked like a part of the triforce. But this was different. This piece looked to be upside down. Could there have been another triforce before the one they knew of at the time?
Before the guards could say anything, she leaped from the window. With a sudden look of surprise, they rushed to the window expecting to see the body lying on the ground below; instead, they saw the figure morph into another giant demonic figure like the shape of the evil king. She took off into the night.
* * *
Morning had come over the land of Hyrule. Princess Zelda had woken up to an unexpected sight that was quite frightening. Guards were surrounding her bed with spears and swords in hand convinced that she had killed the two unlucky maids the last night.
“What’s the meaning of all this nonsense?” Zelda complained to the guards.
Slowly parting the guards away was the mighty king of Hyrule. He had a look on his face no one could explain. It was a look of compassion, anger, and hate. Almost as if he to give her the maximum punishment for murder. Exile.
“I should be asking you the same question. But why did you do this?” the king asked.
“What do you mean?” Zelda asked.
“How can you not know of what happened last night?” asked a shadow figure in the dark corner of her room.
This person had the exact same body figure as Zelda’s but was dark skinned like Ganondorf. Red hair, black dress, and red eyes that pierce the mind.
“You know what happened and you killed them both. You took pure pleasure of killing them because you didn’t want them to know your little secret,” she had said.
“I can’t take this. It’s just too hard to bear. To think that my own daughter had killed them both,” the king had said. “I have no choice.”
Two guards had seized her by the arms and took her to the stage coach outside the castle.
“Father…I love you,” she had said with a tear in her eye. “But I didn’t do it,”
“Take her away.”
“Father. How could you trust someone you have just met over someone you have known your whole life?”
“Take her out of my sight.”
She screamed, “Why are you doing-
“Don’t toy with me,” the king had said.
When Zelda looked in her father’s eyes, they had a look as if he was possessed by some evil aura. She had been suspicious.
The king watched the stage coach ride off towards the scorching hot dessert.
“I have to ask you something. Just who are you?” the king asked.
“They call me, Hidora. Now if you’ll excuse me,” she said with a smug look across her face.
The king saw her to be wise. Later, he would have a feeling he could have good use for her. Little does he know of who she really is.
* * *
Meanwhile, in the Dessert Colossus, the stage coach had come to a stop in the Gerudo Mesa. He took her, and threw her out violently. She landed on the scorching hot sand lying there unconscious. The stage coach was heading back to the castle into the distance. She was all alone. What were the rules now? What has she done to deserve this?

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