View Full Version : .hack\\G.U. Vol.1 Theme

05-14-2007, 01:52 AM
Not so much wrong with the lyrics, but with the song information, namely the album and track number.

Both .hack\\G.U. OST's are 2-disk collections (3, if you managed to get the limited-edition versions, but we'll not go there.) "Yasashii Ryoute" is on the 2nd disk of the 1st OST, not on the 1st/only disk of the 2nd OST.

So if that could be changed from "dot.hack//G.U. Game Music OST 2" to just "dot.hack//G.U. Game Music OST" and have some kind of notation about it being on disk #2, that would fix the discrepancy.

(I've also just submitted all the lyrics for Vol. 2's theme; that is on OST 2 – on the 1st disk, in fact – so I'm trying to make sure there isn't an error as a direct result of that.)