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Well, since they were all trashed when the forum switched servers, I'm going to repost this chapter for those who need some catching up. I am making valiant efforts to have chapter 6 up by tonight, so keep an eye out for it. In the meantime, here's your refresher.

NOTE: The words in italics are Mary's thoughts.

Mary was really dreading school the next day. When her alarm went off at 6:00 (she heard it despite the fact that it was laying in the vines one floor down), she groaned restlessly. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to be awakened. Truth be told, she hadn’t slept very well that night, just like the last. But unlike the last she couldn’t hide behind an angry shield. She had had to feel every emotion that she had kept at bay since that evening at the arcade. It left her drained both emotionally and physically. But Nicole’s threat to come back and drag her to class was fresh in her memory, and her alarm wouldn’t stop making a racket, so she resolutely rolled out of bed unto her carpet.

Her legs wobbled slightly, not wanting to support her weight. But Mary was far too proud to fall on her knees now. She had during the very worst of her pain, but she wouldn’t do it again. Supporting herself with her desk, she made her way to her dresser and pulled out a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

The walk to school was the same as it had always been (save for that one morning that she had walked with Brooke). Mindless bodies following the person in front of them, looking resigned to the long day that awaited them. Mary tried not to think about the cold hands that would be so warm if Brooke were there to hold them. She just put her hands in her pockets and kept walking. Just kept walking. There was no reason to think anything eventful would happen. It’s just walking. It was really too early for her to be thinking. Even so, Mary thought vaguely that she recognized the walk of one of the bodies across the street. She wasn’t really in the mood to investigate, so she kept walking. But again out of the corner of her eye she thought that there was something familiar about the tawny locks of hair that fell casually around the face. A beautiful face. With…blue eyes…oddly efflorescent in the morning dew…….Mary thought they looked better now in the semi-haze than they had in the dark.

Adjusting her backpack slightly, Mary stepped off the curve. She deliberately kept her mind completely blank, not wanting to sound scripted when she talked to Brooke again for the first time in days.

When Mary was within five feet of her, Brooke turned to her head to look at the person approaching. Immediately she recognized her. Her cheeks flushed an almost crimson blush, and she jerked her head to return her stare at the back of the person in front of her. Mary registered this interesting behavior (Why would she want to be like all the other puppets now?), but did not voice her thoughts. She merely worked her way over closer and was soon almost shoulder to shoulder with her. Brooke did not again acknowledge Mary’s presence.

They walked on in silence for several minutes. Soon their destination became visible, the haze seeming to part itself to allow the faded building to materialize between the white air. It was amazing that a school that big could hide behind such light mist. But Mary really didn’t care if she could see it or not. She knew that Brooke had seen her and blushed, and her heart did a kind of flip flop at such promising reactions. She must still have feelings for me….

But Brooke continued to pretend Mary was not walking beside her. As soon as she had cleared the 5 steps to the front doors and entered the musty school, she turned into a side corridor towards her first class. Mary followed, completely disregarding the fact that her class was down a different hall. She walked right next to Brooke all the way down that hallway, and then down another one. About halfway down this second one the morning bell rang, and there was an immediate scuffling of feet and jostling of bodies: the familiar phenomenon of the student body going to class in unison. Brooke appeared to think that this would force Mary to quit her pursuit. Her expression changed ever so slightly from distracted to wary. But Mary was not going to give up on her that easily.

They joined a group of a dozen students loitering outside classroom 185, waiting for their turn to go inside. Seizing the opportunity while Brooke seemed to have let her guard down a bit, Mary took hold of her wrist and pull her into the classroom adjacent.

Brooke stumbled as she was pulled backward into the cold, empty room across the hallway. Her eyes widened as she tried at first to pull free of Mary’s grip. But, being unable to pull her arm away, she whimpered softly. The pathetic and imploring sound made Mary’s stomach leap into her chest. So delicate and lovely….it almost made Mary want to turn her own fists on herself. But she fought to resist the urge, and to keep herself from releasing her grip of Brooke’s wrist, fearing that that Brooke would then run away and she would never get this opportunity again. It was only when they had moved to the middle of the room, and after Mary had positioned herself between Brooke and the door, that she released her arm.

"Ow Mary…"

"I’m sorry Brooke, but I had to do that. You wouldn’t even look at me."

Mary tried desperately to meet Brooke’s eye, seeking there to read what she was thinking, but Brooke kept her eyes moving around the room. Her face showed that she was flustered from being taken to this room in quite so forceful a fashion, but beyond that, whether it angered or annoyed her, was impossible to tell.

"Do you hate me?"

Brooke looked up at her, looking even more flustered and finally meeting her eyes. They were brighter than usual.

"Why would you think that?"

She looked genuinely surprised. Mary had thought she would have that reaction. She never expected Brooke to her. At least, not about this. However, she fully expected to be hated after she had had to tell her about her evening with Nicole…

"Um…well I was wrong before. I..shouldn’t have assumed anything about you and Drake….sorry…"

She kept her eyes lowered as she said the words. Despite the fact that it was not the worst thing she would have to confess to Brooke, it was still hard. She hated apologizing. To anyone. Not that Brooke was just anyone to Mary. Quite the contrary, she was everything to Mary. And so it was even harder to admit that she was wrong to someone so special to her, so important to her, than it would have been to admit it to someone she cared nothing about. She bit her lower lip in shame.

"…it’s alright. I understand what was going through your head. I’m…a rather jealous person myself as well. If I saw you laughing like that with someone else…well…"

Brooke laughed to herself softly. It made Mary’s stomach sink from it’s elevated spot in her chest right into her ankles. Not that it had been a mocking laugh, not at all. It wasn’t meant to hurt Mary, but to reassure her. But all the same, it made Mary feel like she was dropped fifty feet into a pool full of ice water. If only Brook knew what she knew…


She fought back the tears desperately. She could not let Brooke see her cry, not ever…

But just then Mary felt a small, delicately soft hand on her left cheek. Her eye’s, quite forgetting their tears, immediately turned to look at Brooke’s heavenly face…..god she was beautiful…

…her eyes are still so bright….I wonder how they can be so bright…almost hypnotic…god I love those blue eyes of hers….they make me want to agree to whatever comes out of her mouth…and whatever that comes out of her lips….those perfect lips……so perfect…..…soft…..pink…..full….seems like they’re getting fuller just looking at them….…wait…..they are getting fuller……………is she moving closer? … Oh god she is….I have to..….she’s gonna……..I….

Brooke gently touched her lips to Mary’s. Immediately a crimson mask spread all across Mary’s cheeks and covered her skin in its soft glow of embarrassment and desire. Brooke’s lips were so soft and warm, it seemed incomprehensible that lips like that should exist. Such a treasure they were…they should be treated with the utmost care. Touching rough surfaces was simply out of the question. And Mary’s lips were too rough for them. She pulled away gently, very reluctantly, after a few seconds contact.

Mary felt the rush and blush leave her body slowly. It vaporized, condensed, dripped down her face and body and settled somewhere near her hips. Trying not to think about this drip, she opened her eyes slowly. They were met by Brooke’s eyes, those bright blue eyes that could see into her soul. They looked at her in such an examining way. The pupils narrowed and irises brightened still more. It was a suiting change. And behind those eyes seemed to stir shadows. For once, Mary thought that she could see right into Brooke’s soul as well. At the very least, she could see that Brooke had felt the same condensing and dripping. The thought made her stomach rise back where it was supposed to be, centered at her naval.

And the dripping seemed to fuel itself.

Whether Mary moved first and Brooke followed, or Brooke drew closer and Mary met her halfway, it was impossible to tell. What was certain, though, was that the two girls came together in a lip-locking embrace. Hands and fingers stroked the smooth skin on the others body, tracing lines of hot desire, carving out pathways to the soft core of each other. Brooke’s fingers slide down Mary’s spine, over each vertebra, prompting a sharp intake of breath from Mary. Mary’s hips pushed forward to meet Brooke’s, bone matching bone, eliciting a moan from deep within Brooke’s larynx. Tongue greeting eager tongue, slippery play between shifting locations. Withdrawal, following, teasing, trapping, massaging. Then a burning trail of kisses across a cheek, the intense suckling of lip on neck, the heavy breathing of desire into an impatient ear. There was the soft thud of a body meeting a wall, and the shifting of cloth, and the pressing, pressing, pressing, of two bodies against one another.

Then the creak of a door.

Neither Mary nor Brooke heard it at first. But soon they sensed a pair of eyes burning holes into their heads. They tore apart with great whimpering and panting. Somewhere near Mary Brooke was leaning against the wall to support herself, feeling the aftershocks of the separation. Urgent yet reluctant. Sudden. So sudden it made Mary’s chest rise and fall without rhythm, desperately gasping for air, and she too relied on the wall for support. Her eyes fluttered unconsciously as she struggled to stop something. But the condensing and dripping wouldn’t stop, not at all, not even for this newcomer at the door.

It was someone she knew. She was sure of it.

It took her a moment to regain her sight.

"………Eva….what are you doing here?"

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I enjoyed this more the second time around. And Im itching to read 6