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05-05-2007, 03:57 PM
dont know how many people will actually read and comment on this but here goes.

I sat on my window seat and watched as the sun cracked the darkness of the horizon to fill the sky with light. A tear fell from my coral colored eye as the suns rays kissed my cheek so tenderly. It was the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen and yet it seemed as even the sun and sky itself were weeping. It has been said that the silence before a war is indescribable. And it truly is uniquely eerie, that a land on the verge of chaos can be so breathtakingly beautiful and yet strike fear deep into the heart like a spear. Gazing longingly at my half drawn sword I wished to be on the frontlines, though my mother tells me in order for us to have any hope of survival I must wait here until she calls for me. I trust her unendingly. It was then that the door of my private quarters was opened. I could tell as my mother walked in that she had been crying. I could see the emotion her eyes. My eyes.

As instructed I followed my followed my mother out of the room.I was taken to the Hall of Summons; it was a place where the kingdoms magic users performed powerful spells and magic particularly summoning. Upon gazing at the primary alter towards the back of the hall I noticed a truly unique magic at use. A Portal had been opened. Shock struck me as I turned to my mother who immediately knew I was about to demand an answer.

“Listen,” she spoke sternly in that soothing way that only a mother can.
“You have one choice. I wish I didn’t have to ask you but you’re the only one capable. Either you take this envelope in my hand, grab those bags and that box, and go through the portal; or turn around and die with the rest of humanity tonight. The fate of everyone is your burden. Please understand that destiny has placed this upon you.”

This was what I was left with. I had one choice to decide the future for me and everyone else, and no time to think. Thus I have chosen to do what’s right without thinking about the consequences. And so I did what any fifteen-year-old girl would do. I followed my mother’s orders and went through the portal.

05-11-2007, 06:02 PM
It's a good start. I want to see more. Keep it up. :D

05-28-2007, 01:38 AM
ok here is another part

As the snow started its graceful decent on that November night our story began. The sixteen-year-old protagonist of this particular story, Peja, awoke from a dream with a jolt. At first by his shivers he assumed it was a nightmare but was astonished when he found out it was absolutely freezing. It wasn’t even winter yet! And the winters in that part of the world were mild. As a matter of fact it took about eight more weeks for the first real snowfall, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Peja opened the door of his sleeping quarters and walked quickly down a tiny hallway and across to the blacksmith’s side door.

He started living at the blacksmith after being taken in, apprenticed to, a middle-aged blacksmith named Jared Brigus. As an apprentice Peja assisted Brigus over the past couple years.

Quickly donning one of the coats from the rack and grabbing the hatchet from behind the door, Peja went outside. As he opened the door and stepped out he was caught by surprise. Snow. Standing in the side alley awestruck as snow was falling so quiet and serene. The beauty was indescribable and yet eerie. Looking up and seeing no clouds but only a blank and all encompassing sky struck fear into his heart. A snowflake then fell right in front of his eye landing on his nose. It was then that he was began feeling as if he was in a nightmare because he couldn’t feel the coldness or wetness of the falling flakes. But upon pinching his arm to ensure he was awake the conclusion was made not feeling cold was a result of over exposure. He proceeded to hurry and chop a few logs for the furnace inside. Laying the hatchet next to the woodpile, he carried in the wood and made a fire in the small kindling stove. When he picked up the hatchet outside he got a strange feeling. The alleys weren’t normally creepy at that time in the morning; it was only about an hour or two till sunrise. Then he realized why the atmosphere felt so queer. It was too quiet; he couldn’t hear the occasional footsteps of a patrolling guard. After all, the smith was near the center of town. As he headed back into the smith something, or I should say someone, caught his attention from the corner of his eye. The person was walking suspiciously out of a side alley into the deserted night street, hooded and seeming to carry no weapons. It was very odd and Peja quickly went through to the smith’s front door, only to find that he in a deserted street. Confused from looking around and seeing nobody he turned to head back inside with his hair standing on end. All of the sudden he heard a voice behind him, a girl’s voice.

“You’ve saved me the trouble of finding you.”
Peja spun around instantly lifting the hatchet up as a result of heightened nerves.
“Lower your weapon I mean you no harm,” said the girl. “I have a message for you.”
“What? Who are you?” Peja asked.
“I am but a messenger here to deliver my message.”
“This early in the morning!” He exclaimed. “And why hide your face?”
“It is a very important message,” she said. “And I don’t want to draw attention to myself.”
Peja just could not relax but still decided to ask, “Well what is the message?”
“I have been sent to warn you of an evil coming,” began the stranger. “An evil that will change the very balance of life as we know it.” The tone of her voice fluctuated as she proclaimed, “Demons!”
“Demons!” Peja coughed out. “You have got to be kidding me!”
“I assure you I am not. The first demon will arrive here in town three days from now. You will meet one that day. Do not fear it. As for the others, be wary, they can blend in and look like humans. ”
“Why should I believe this rubbish I don’t even know who you are?” he asked.
Peja turned to go back inside.
“You know exactly who I am you just haven’t met me yet,” she stated.
“What?” he exclaimed confusedly as he spun around to find there was nobody there.

He stood staring absolutely bewildered. The snow stopped and as the sky seemed to lighten he snapped back to reality. He was now looking at the stars that were once again visible. “Was I seeing things,” he said to himself as he headed back inside where he saw Master Brigus sitting in front of the furnace cooking some bacon.

“Thank you for starting this fire I was just about to come out here and make one.”
“Your welcome sir, uh... Did you see or hear anything just now?” Peja said sitting next to his master.
“No. I saw you go out front though.” He turned to see Peja’s face. “Got something on your mind?” Replied Brigus.
“Oh, no its nothing.” Wanting to change the subject Peja stated, “I’m hungry.”
“What? Did you think I wouldn’t have made any bacon for you?” asked Brigus.
“Oh. No I didn’t mean…”
“I’m just messing my boy, here.” He said handing Peja some fresh bacon.
“Thank you master Brigus.”
“Jared!” he stated. “Just call my Jared when we aren’t open for business. Your too proper all the time, maybe its for the better. Now when you’re done eating, since we are both awake, help me do some preparation for today’s work, I want to get started a little early today. Then maybe we can have a real meal come Noon. How about that.”

Peja, seeming to have returned his thoughts to normal everyday life, promptly said how great that sounded and the two of them started another day of work. The two had become more like friends than anything, which is why Peja enjoyed living and working at the blacksmith.