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Mysti Queen
05-02-2007, 06:53 PM
Author's Note: This is one of my more dramatic stories that I've been thinking about finishing. It has a lesson in it I think and it's very good. This chapter here is more of a scene from what's happening in the present time. Next chapter I'll start to explain the background of my character, Cherylline Davis. Anyway, enjoy this story. I'm still writing it and so it might take a while before I update again. I hope you like it, so let me know what you think.

Outlaw Girl
Chapter 1: The Robbery

“You’re all hired! You young ladies are perfect for the job!”

Three casually dressed women stood in his small, messy yet cozy office. The dumpy man sat in his creaky chair and puffed on a large cigar every fifteen seconds. Their eyes gleamed and they smiled at each other.

“Thank you, Sir,” said the dark haired girl generously. She looked at her comrades. “When will we start?”

The bearded man pulled out a pocket watch and flipped it open. “The next train leaves in an hour. Are you willing to start so soon?”

“Of course,” a sandy brunette agreed. “That’ll be perfect, wouldn’t it girls?”

“We don’t mind at all,” said the blue haired girl at the right. “We don’t mind at all. Where does this train head to, Sir?”

“It’s bound to reach Hoover Town by tomorrow morning,” he said. “This isn’t just any train, young ladies. Its passengers are the best paying customers we have and so it’s up to you women to take good care of them, is that clear?”

The girl’s smirked at each other and the dark haired girl nodded. “Yes…they’ll be in good hands…we promise.”

“Very well,” the man said standing up from his seat as it squeaked. “Good luck!” He shook hands with the girls and they exited the small office.

He stood outside with them. “I’ll have a friend of mine check up on you when you arrive at Hoover…eh…what are your names again?”

The dark haired girl stepped forward. “My name is Jess.”

“I’m Corina,” said the sandy brunette.

“And I’m Tori,” concluded the blue haired woman.

“I’ll remember that. Good luck.”

The chubby man trudged into his office and shut the door. The young women stared at each other with smirks and walked over to an empty bench not far from the train tracks.

“That was easier than I thought,” remarked Tori. “I thought the training would be much more rigorous.”

“We’re on our way, you guys,” said Jess. “We couldn’t have picked a better day. Now we’re going to roll in cash. All those rich brats won’t know what’s gonna hit them.”

“That town itself is one amazing place,” Corina said. “Tori and I went there a few years ago and it’s an incredible town filled with private clubs and hotels. We can take all the money and run with it and enjoy it to the fullest extent.”

“It won’t be long now,” said Jess as she placed her hands behind her head and closed her eyes. “We’re on our way…”

--- --- ---

“All aboard!” bellowed the train conductor.

The women were maids in the train cleaning up the cars and preparing it for the next passengers. Now they stood at various doorways and greeted the different people that boarded the train.

“We couldn’t possibly have better luck,” whispered Tori to Jess with a snicker as they wandered together down the isle of the first car. “A train full of wealth means pockets full of wealth.”

They chuckled to themselves and Jess wandered off to a lady sitting alone by a window.

“Excuse me,” she said sweetly and politely to the female passenger. “Would you like me to place this bag of yours in the compartment above your seat?”

The woman smiled at her. “Yes, please.”

Jess lifted the bag up and the zipper opened, spilling out countless jewels to the floor. The woman gasped and Jess got on the ground to pick them up. “I’m sorry, miss. I’ll make an announcement before anyone can take them for themselves…”

The woman nodded and looked out the window. “That’s fine…”

Jess grabbed a couple gems to put into the bag. As she pretended to put some into the bag but instead sneakily let them slide down her sleeve. Smiling at the lady, she turned to leave without another word.

“Attention passengers and personnel,” Jess spoke out threw the intercom. “The young lady aboard cart 4 sitting in seat A2, row 15. please return any jewels you find to this young lady if you would be so kind. Thank you and enjoy the trip.”

Corina and Tori quickly headed for the cart and began cleaning up in search of the gems.

--- --- ---

It had become dark already as many little stars began to gleam light into the empty space. The girls had finished their shifts and were resting in their cabin.

“Did you girls find anything?” asked Jess.

“Yeah, I managed to smuggle a bag full of jewels,” chuckled Corina victoriously. She opened up a paper bag and the light of the lamps reflected of the stones preciously.

“There’s a lot more where that came from,” said Tori. “I think it’s time for us to ditch this charade. It was fun while it lasted though, wasn’t it?”

The women agreed and through off their clothing, appearing in their own clothing underneath.

“Let’s go!” announced Jess as she loaded her pistols.

The three girls cut a whole through the top of the cart and climbed out. They threw off their raggedy wigs and flung them into the abyss below.

“Let’s start from the car at the very end,” suggested the now blond haired Tori. “From there on, we can snag as much loot as we can.”

“I agree,” said the dark haired Corina. “Let’s go for it!”

[CENTER]--- --- ---[CENTER]

The loud sound of shattered glass echoed through the quiet and latent first cart. The passengers, startled by the terrible noise, stirred from their sleep. The lights flashed on in the cart and the riders of the train gasped at the sight.

“All right everyone!” yelled the red blonde assassin. “I doubt that we need and an introduction but for those of you that don’t know, my name is Cheri.”

Panic spread through the coach as the realization of these women sunk it.

“The outlaw girls,” said a middle aged man.

“Nice to see we’re recognized,” laughed the dark haired girl. “My name is Eddy. And I supposed if you know Cheri and me you must know Nat here.”

The blond chuckled and stepped forward. “Here’s how it’s gonna work, now pay attention. We’re gonna take everything you’ve got and if you cooperate, then no one will get hurt, ok?”

Cheri leaned over to Nat and whispered. “Remember, if there are any children, leave them alone.”

Nat nodded. “Clear.”

Suddenly that same man that had spoken stood out into the isle. “You women have caused quite a stir in these parts…”

“And you’re point is…?” Cheri responded coldly.

“…the sheriff is rewarding $20,000 for anyone who can capture you,” he announced and suddenly lifted up a shot gun and pointed it in the direction of the girls. “I’ve been waiting for this moment. Now that you’re here, I won’t let you escape. Turn yourselves in right now or die.”

Cheri looked toward her accomplices. They shrugged casually. “And who are you?” she asked.

“I’m warning you,” he grumbled, his finger ready to pull on the tiny trigger.

Before he could make any further movement, the gun fell out of his hands and he dropped to the ground. Eddy held her gun pointed toward his direction, smoke fluttering out of the opening. “Stupid old bastard,” she growled. “If anyone else wants to defy us, then go ahead but know this: we’re not the type of people you want to mess with. So my advice to you is to just do want we tell you. Don’t be stupid.”

--- --- ---

After collecting treasures from six more carts, sources on the train notified the sheriff in town and he immediately sent his team of police to stop the robbery. The thieves were going along their business when Eddy looked out the window and saw a squad of horses and policemen running along either side of the coach.

“Uh oh,” said Eddy. “We’re surrounded…”

Cheri looked out the window and frowned. “Damn it…” she sighed and looked at her crew. “Ladies, I think we’ve had enough fun for tonight. Let’s get out of here.”

They nodded and ran toward a doorway. They climbed atop the roof and looked around while trying not to fall off the moving vehicle. They were startled by the sound of hard shells hitting the metallic cart and dropped for cover. The police continued shooting blindly at the girls, narrowly missing them.

“We’re heading to that bridge!” Nat yelled loudly over the sound of the engine and harsh, blowing wind.

They looked behind them and realized that the police didn’t have an opportunity to catch them anymore. “What do we do?” asked Eddy.

“We can’t get off when the station…” Cheri said, thinking carefully. She stood up and looked down cautiously at the area underneath the bridge. It was a long way down…about 10 feet below. She sighed and looked down to her friends. “We have no choice but to stop here.”


“You girls know how to swim, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” said Eddy, twiddling a strand of hair within her finger. “But heights kind of scare me…”

“We have no choice…” Cheri said strictly. “Either we jump off or get caught. What do you suggest, Nat?”

“I say we jump,” she crossed her arms and looked at Eddy. “Or we can jump off on solid ground when we reach land.”

Eddy shook her head. “Fine, let’s go then.”

They stood at the edge of the train and after a short moment jumped off together into the river below. The train sped away and finally ran on solid ground. The police hurriedly raced to catch them.

“Come on out!!” they shouted, shooting bullets on occasion into space. “You can’t hide from us!” They continued searching in the blinding darkness of the night.

Elsewhere, the girls swam to a shore not too far away, but at a safe distance from the cops. They resurfaced and rang the water out of their clothing and hair.

Cheri giggled confidently as she sat with her crew under the gloomy shades of a tree. She pulled out the soaked bag she carried on her back. She opened it and the treasures sparkled luminously, even in the dreaded blackness. It contained everything from golden pocket watches to bundles of cash.

The gang chuckled together at their success and shook hands. “Once again, it was great doing business with you, ladies,” said Nat with a smirk on her face. “We’ve hit the target.”

05-11-2007, 06:41 AM
Different kind of plot. Your story is rare. It focuses on bad people. But I do like your story. It's just that I'm confused with their names. I know it's just me though. Are you going to continue it? Overall it's a good story. Keep it up. :D

Mysti Queen
05-11-2007, 11:54 AM
thanks!! i thought the names might be confusing but it was just for this chapter, since they needed to be uncover and everything. the next chapter is coming soon, im almost done writing it. so i'll try to update as soon as i can. thanks =]

05-11-2007, 12:18 PM
I really don't understand why they stole jewels in secret at first when they intended to unmask themselves anyway. Was it so that they were a safe distance from the town?

Mysti Queen
05-11-2007, 02:52 PM
something like that. but the reason they unmasked themselves is because they're well known criminals and like to show off and are very smug. they believe they have a reputation to keep up and so they do reveal themselves during their crimes to keep themselves well known.