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04-28-2007, 03:22 AM
This is my first time writing a fanfic here, not my first ever but just here so i don't many things but here's one that i personally like the most of my stories.
This my first time writing an Rk fic so don't be harsh. In later chapters it will be a Rk X YYh crossover. There will be Oc's too later.
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Disclaimer: I do not own RK or YYH, just the Oc's.
The wind blew through the nearly silent forest. Kenshin's sixth sense told him someone was near but his other senses detected nothing. Kenshin decided to follow his gut and let his feet lead him. He followed a path into a part he had never been before so all his senses were on guard.
Quiet snoring entered his hearing. Then a earsplitting roar from an animal. A large animal. Leaving the path, he came to a giant tree. It was taller than any building, let alone tree he had ever seen. The sound was coming from the tree? No...It couldn't be… but where else..? He walked around the base of the tree seeing nothing but the snoring continued. He wondered how an animal that could roar that loud disappear so quickly. It was impossible or was it? Staring up into the upper branches with his violet eyes he noticed something. Movement. His hand went instictively to his sword. A creature crawled along a branch. It was only a cute little brown fluffy squirrely.

(lets pause to laugh at the thought Kenshin saying this witha sane mind)...

He blinked. There wasn't one manly word to be found in what he had just thought. How humiliating. Now everyone knew he had secret love for animals...especially cute little... he stopped himself. Ignoring the fact that he was about to humiliate himself twice about the same thing he saw more movement among the branches. Except this time it wasn't no cute little squirrely.
A huge white and black shape leaped at him from a lower branch. It was abnormally huge white begal tiger.

The tiger made another lunge at him, but of course, it missed him but caught his hair band letting his hair flow behind him when he ran. He jumped from branch to branch effortlessly and gracefully dodging the blows. Staring into the eyes of the huge feline, his eyes grew at what he saw reflected in its eyes, not him, but a sleeping girl.
Kenshin continued to dodge the blows but less gracefully; he was thinking of where the girl could be or if she was even there. Stopping to catch his breath, his hair fell in front of his face, skewering his vision. Seizing its chance, the tiger pushed Kenshin back with a massive paw. “Ugh!” Landing in a rosebush he glared at the feline or at lease he tried to. He couldn’t open his eyes!
“Curse it!” he muttered, rubbing his eyes as blood dribbled down his face.
The tiger placed its huge paw on Kenshin’s neck claws sheathed. “Stop!” shouted a female voice. “No! It’s alright. You can stop; can’t you see that he can’t see?” the voice asked the tiger gently. She started to cough hoarsely and the tiger whined in an unnatural kind of way for tigers. Could it be that it’s worried about the girl? He wondered.
The tiger released Kenshin but unsheathed its claws. "Not necessary, Storm," the girl muttered dryly. "Can you stand, sir?" Kenshin stood up rather quickly yet clumsily to take up a fighting stance. Pain pierced him but didn't show it, but when he felt a soft gentle hand touch his face he was startled. she laughed. "Don't worry; I won't hurt you. You fell into a rosebush. A rose bush that produces extra potent but not fatal poisonous sap than others," she indicated, "You just got a little bit of the sap in your eyes. Not to worry A little water should fix it." The girl's voice was very gentle and reassuring and he felt like he could trust the girl even though he couldn't see her and that he just met her.
She had only just gripped his hand firmly to lead him to a nearby stream when a voice shook the forest. “Kenshin, where are you?” The voice yelled making the tiger whine in protest. It was the black haired tomboy we all know and love: Kamiya Kaoru. She was in a sour mood (maybe it was that time of the month.. hey, the women had the same kinda pain from that back then as we have now, ladies... You know how grumpy we get during this time. Boys...just ignore this.); Kenshin got scared and left her to ‘cool off’ but when she found out after Sanosuke blabbed she did everything but cool off. He was in for it now. “Kenshin, if you’re not hurt now, I swear you will be if you don’t come out right now!!!”
The girl let go of his hand. “You’re name is Kenshin?” He didn’t answer, he was too busy searching his mind for a believable excuse if found with a girl holding his hand. The girl saw that Kenshin was rapidly turning the same color as his hair making it seem as if his whole head was painted red. She laughed to herself and let go of his hand. “Remember about the water,” she reminded him quietly. He heard a set people running. It surrounded him. Was it coming toward him? Oh no.. Kaoru was going to kill him! Or were they running away? Where was the girl going? What was her name?

His eyes squinted from the poison sap and he couldn‘t make out anything, as he thought of what to do in either situation. Finally Kaoru’s voice was next to him. “What the heck happened?” “... I guess this one has some explaining to do.” Kenshin began readying all his excuses for all her questions. “Forget it. For now.” She sounded mad but she cooled down just a little bit when she noticed he couldn’t see. “Lets go to Megumi’s to see about your eyes.” “Wait, Kaoru-dono, water is all that is needed…” She heard none of it. At least she didn't see that girl. he thought, where did she go anyway..?

His thoughts were interrupted when Kaoru pushed him backwards, not on purpose, though. She was trying to turn him around but it ended up as a push and then there was something about the rosebush behind him. It was still there. He ended up on his back in the rosebush with eyes spinning faster than a washing machine. (not that they knew about washing machines but whatever) "Orororo..." He wasn't liking this one bit.
With the help of Kaoru, Kenshin only ended up running into about ... (-consults kenshin who has large bumps on his head- how many times was it? Kenshin: -has hand on head and is atill swirlyeyed- This one can't remember. -falls out unconscious-Me: -turns to Kaoru- Kaoru? Kaoru: -smiles evilly- He shouldn't had made me worry... Me: -sweatdrop- -drags Kenshin away quietly away from crazy lady-)...

Ok, nevermind just forget that.

As they left the girl and tiger watched from a tall tree. She smiled as she caught the sight of a plan beginning. In kenshin's hair were rose petals, some red, some white and even some black. Whichever he saw would decide her future or even if she had one.The girl statred to cough. A male voice spoke up. "Are you all right? Maybe we should find help elsewhere- " No, Storm," she interrupted, coughing more harshly. "What i need, won 't come to pass without him...we need to get to the future and only he can take me there." she smiled again. "Well, depending on the petal he sees that is. Ok, Storm, the pollen is irritating my eyes," she said, climbing on the back of the tiger. With that they disappeared and after that kenshin kept on swearing he felt someone watching him until Kaoru finally got tired and knocked him out. This was bad since she then she got even more irritated when she had to drag him alllll the way home and they weren't exactly close to the dojo.

Halfway to the dojo she was tired to the point of collapsing. No point of exerting herself and rushing home she thought. She sat down on a large rock that was conveniently there. After a while a rest, somebody coughing caught her attention. A girl. She was average height, young about the same age as her, long brown hair that went to her middle back and she had the most beautiful hazel eyes Kaoru had ever seen. She wore a light blue kimono that was slightly ripped; and Kaoru caught the faintest frangrance of roses from her.
"Excuse me... the girl muttered gently, "Would you happen to be Kamiya Kaoru?" "Yes, i am...and who, may i ask, are you?" was Kaoru's abnormally kind reply. "My name...? Oh, Tierra Trinity," she said rather bashfully. "You can call me Trinity." She bowed. "So what do you need?" The girl blushed, "Um, you see... I would love to enter into your dojo. My family murdered and i have nowhere to go. I have wondered for a time until i fell upon Tokyo," she expalined hurriedly. "I had heard when i was little of a great but small dojo known as the Kamiya Dojo. Please...i beg of you.. to avenge my family and help others so they won't end up sad like me. Please?"
Kaoru near driven by tears blew on kenshin's shirt. "Of course you can Trinity!! Please, come along we just so happen to have an empty bedrrom for you sleep in. I need a little woman company in a house with two or three males, and Megumi's no help trying to steal kenshin away from me and everything and i don't know why i'm telling you this cuz you have no idea what i'm talking about." She ended her drabble on that note and reached to pick Kenshin up but Trinity got there first. "You're tired, "she said, " I'll carry him as a token of my appreciation." she smiled innnocently and grabbed and put him on her back.
"My.. you're a strong Trinity..." kaoru sighed as they began to walk down the road. "I've been training since i was little but by myself so all have to show is for my strength, speed, and stamina...no form or skill with a sword. or any weopon for that case.." she said shyly then began to cough. "Those are very good qualities to have. You'll be an expert in no-time, " beamed Kaoru as she stopped coughing. Trinity looked up hopefully. "Y-You think so...?" Kaoru put her hand on Trinity's shoulder. "Yes, i do."
The dojo was in sight now. Good, thought Trinity. Everything will unfold soon enough and the plan will-
"We're here!" shouted kaoru, interrupting Trinity's thoughts. "Welcome to your new home.." she opened the dojo and stepped in. kaoru took Kenshin and dragged him into the dojo shouting for Trinity to follow. "Yes, sensei," she said back holding her breath. calm down Trinity, she told herself, the time will come...
Thats the first chapter. I edited abit so its not my original but it is basically the same; I hope you like it! By the way, if did something wrong please tell me! I don't mean to make mistakes but they happen anyway so please don't be too harsh.

04-29-2007, 01:15 AM
I have a degree in reading awful fanfiction, and yours is a lot better then most fanfictions written by 14 year olds. No weird rape scenes, you didn't switch the narration a dozen times, you didn't give your characters special powers just for one scene, so yay.

Of course there were errors like choppy sentences, comma splices and all that stupid punctuation junk, but I mean that can be fixed.