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Author's Note: This is a story that I posted on fictionpress.com and decided I'd like to share with you. I am already getting the copyrights on this so please don't steal it. Anyway, I've been working on this whole 'series' since 2005 and I've come a long way. I think you will enjoy this story. It's a mix of magic and music and romance. By the way, I write all songs in this story myself and everything else. The first episode is pretty long so I'm gonna make it a little easier by breaking it down into three parts.

This story is about five best friends who are dealing with the typical teenage problems. You know, school, boys, acne...things like that. And then there are the not so typical things, like their dreams to become a super pop band. If that's not enough, there's one enormous thing that's gonna make the teen years a lot more diffcult. Please read and let me know what you think. :)


Fantasy World
Episode 1: Fantasy Girls

"I hate math!!” yelled a young girl. She slammed her locker shut with a metallic thump. She turned, grumbling all the while, and tossed her light brown hair. A girl about her age walked up behind her.

"You took your frustrations out on your locker…” she said seriously, then brightened up, with a mocking tone, “Someone’s got a quiz coming up!”

The brunette growled at her friend. “Yeah! And I don’t even know why. What’s the point of taking it if I’m just going to end up failing anyway?”

The girls began walking off down the hallway, the brunette girl still complaining all the way.

“Melody! Britney! Wait up!”

The two stopped and only Britney looked back to see another one of their friends running toward them. The red head came to a stop in front of Britney.

“Did you hear we’re having a test on algebraic equations, Honey?” asked Britney.

Honey nodded and gestured toward Melody, who had her back turned on them. “I know. Even if I didn’t, I’m sure I could tell based on Mel’s mood today.” Melody continued looking forward and Honey chuckled. “Anyway, I can understand how she feels. After all, I’m not exactly a genius when it comes to tests. It’s almost the end of the year. What’s the point?”

Melody finally turned her head to look back, with a look of final understanding. “That’s what I’m wondering!”

The girls began to walk again, through the crowd of students that were now exiting the building.

“Well at least we’ve got Jen,” said Britney, trying to ease the tension in the air. “I’m not an expert in math or anything, but I can always manage a B with Jennifer’s help.”

“That’s true,” agreed Honey, as they passed though the doorway. They now stood outside on the stairs, looking around for their two missing friends. The green grass all around and the area surrounding the school was flooded with students. A group of popular boys stood at the gate, laughing about every fight that had happened within the last week. In a lush, open space, there sat the cheerleaders, and other popular girls. They would always take this time to gossip about others’ clothes or style or whatever they found interesting, good or bad.

Melody jumped up and down and cheered happily. Not too far from the guys, Jennifer and her cousin, Demi were standing by the opening of the gate. They were casually talking about what they were going to do for that weekend, usually minding their own business.

“Look, girls!” Melody told Britney and Honey. “I found Demi and Jennifer.” She began to run toward them merrily. “HEY!!”

Demi and Jennifer turned around in time to see Melody stop before them. "Hey," they both greeted. Honey and Britney showed up behind Melody just a few seconds later.

"We’re together at last,” said Britney. “How was drivers’ ed?” Demi shook her head and bowed it low, her dark hair shielding her blush. “Not very good…at least the driving part…”

Jennifer laughed out loud. “You should have seen her! She almost hit Mr. Schwartz!”

All the girls cackled and pointed at Demi. For some reason, it was always fun and easy to laugh at her. Demi’s cheeks flushed even brighter. The loud laughing was drawing everyone’s attention.

“Well…” she was rummaging through her mind, attempting to find a way out of the topic. “…Don’t forget rehearsal’s today.”

"Oh, yeah,” said Jennifer, abruptly ending her laughter. “I almost forgot. The talent show is tomorrow.”

"I guess we’ll see each other at six then, okay?” announced Britney.

----- ----- ----- ----- ------

The girls stood on stage in the empty school auditorium. It was just about six o’clock and the entire school was barren of any students. The talent show was tomorrow, making this time crucial for the girls to perfect their moves.

Jennifer was sitting beside Demi at the edge of the stage.

“I’m really nervous…” Jennifer admitted to her cousin. “What if we mess up?”

Demi smiled warmly and reassured her friend. “We won’t, Jen. We can’t mess up. We’ve practiced for weeks, since the day we first signed up. Our routine is flawless!”

Jen grinned and nodded. “Yeah…we can do this!”

The girls were all taking a rest, except for Honey, who was still spinning behind them. She was a natural dancer. She had taken ballet since she was three, and now was attending hip-hop dance classes. Her dream was to become a world famous choreographer.

"That girl’s got some sweet moves,” said Demi, watching as Honey tossed her feet in a fluid motion.

Britney frowned. “But if she does all this now, she’ll wear her moves out before the talent show…”

The others cocked their eyebrows at her. She didn’t notice and took a deep breath.

“Honey,” she called calmly, over the din of the blazing music. “Honey!"

Honey didn’t hear. She was swept away by the rhythm. Britney wasn’t the type who enjoyed when people ignored her. The music suddenly scratched and came off. Honey froze for a second, and then twirled to look at Britney in confusion. “HONEY!! ITS JUST REHEARSAL!!”

The others gaped at Britney, and then quickly gazed at Honey. Britney sighed and tossed a strand of blond hair from her face. Honey shrugged, for the fact that she really didn’t understand. Suddenly, Britney began laughing. The others looked at her and followed along.

“You’re a mess, Britney!”

----- ----- ----- ----- ------

The next night was the Talent Show. The girls anxiously waited to be called up on stage. Each one was positive that they’d be successful, but they still feared messing up Fantasy’s first ever performance. Demi watched from behind the back curtains as their rival band, Pink Atmosphere, dancing and singing to techno trance beats.

Demi sighed and turned toward her friends. “Whoa. I admit…they’re good."

Melody stood up off of her chair and pulled on her fawn colored locks. “I have a confession you girls!” The group gazed at Melody. “I'm nervous!!”

“I’m not surprised,” said Britney, rolling her eyes.

Melody jumped up and down in a rush of panic and exhilaration. “I'm nervous! I’m nervous!! I’m nervous!!! I’M NERVOUS!!!”

Jennifer grabbed Melody by the shoulders and shook her to help her get a grip. She growled when Melody hushed and stared up in a daze. “Stop it, Mel. You’re making us all nervous, too!"

Honey arched her eyebrows and shook her head. “No she’s not.”

Jennifer sighed and said almost breathlessly, “To me she is.”

The girls were startled by the loud voice of the announcer. The front, blue curtains were closed, with the announcer on the other side. Britney ran over to the curtain and peered out to see the man bawling to the crowd.

“Thank you. Let’s give a big round of applause to Pink Atmosphere!” The crowd cheered as Pink Atmosphere walked back stage. They brushed by Fantasy and sneered as they passed.

“Good luck,” scorned the lead singer, Jill. She tossed her dark blond hair at the girls and her friends giggled mockingly. “Not.”

Honey glared at them as they walked away. “Keep on walking. Watch. We’re going to beat you! Then we’ll see who’s laughing.”

The arch nemesis assembly smirked at her remark, as if to say there wasn’t any chance that Fantasy would win. Jennifer came to her side. “Don’t worry about it, Honey. We’ll show them.”

The announcer suddenly bellowed, “Welcome the next group, Fantasy.”


That's the first part to episode 1 so let me know what you think. If you liike enough I'll update. Trust me, things will get more exciting in Episode 2.

05-24-2007, 03:20 PM
Hmmm...you have a very unique and fluid style. (wth do I mean by that? oO) I like it. At least you have enough brains to know how to keep a conversation going (I just got done reading Americus the wonderful blah blah whatever). I think though, there are 5 of them yes? Melody, Honey, Jennifer, Demi, Brittani? Can you please give me a little description of each? I know it would be horrid to put a thing like that randomly in the episode, but it would help me keep track of the 5. Much appreciated. ^^

I'd like to read the 2nd part, even though teen pop idols is not my thing to read. lol

Mysti Queen
05-29-2007, 11:57 AM
Thanks for the review!! I thought no one would want to read it anymore. With in the next few chapters I'll get into the details of each of the five girls indivdually. There's gonna be more things than just music going on and it'll get a little more interesting in the next few chapters. I hope you enjoy.

Mysti Queen
05-29-2007, 12:03 PM
I thought this chapter would be longer but I guess not. So this is the second and last part to chapter one. I hope you like it!!


The girls jogged onto the stage, and stood solemn before the curtains drew back and left them vulnerable to the silent, unfriendly crowd. The music blared and the girls moved on cue, bopping and singing to their own bouncy dance beat. The vocals flowed with the rhythm and their feet slid across the floor in one fluid motion.

After the performance, the crowd cheered and roared, louder than it did for Pink Atmosphere.

“We did it!!” cheered Melody, skipping beside the girls. “We did it!!” She suddenly stopped when all of Fantasy spotted Pink Atmosphere, arms folded, glaring at them. The girls looked at each other with quizzical stares, and then they smirked, looking toward the other group. They laughed and simply turned their backs on them. “We beat you! We beat you! What!”

Pink Atmosphere glared at them as Fantasy giggled and marched away.

----- ----- ----- ----- ------

“Welcome back the three singing contestants!” called the announcer. On stage came Fantasy, Pink Atmosphere, and another girl group called Cloud. They stood there before the five judges and the still audience. The announcer grabbed the cards from a judge at the edge of the table and held it up to himself.

“In third place,” he proclaimed loudly. “Cloud!” Cloud cheered, though they were obviously disappointed. The girls of Fantasy sighed with relief. At least they weren’t in last place. Now was the moment of truth. They would find out if all of their efforts were enough to earn them the slot at the top.

“And in first place,” he slowly announced, looking back at the two remaining groups. “The winner of the talent show singing contest is…Fantasy!”

“AHH!” Melody screamed and grabbed Honey, hugging her tightly. The others jumped up and down in excitement, grappling onto each other.

“Come forward and introduce yourselves!”

Fantasy came to the front of the stage and Demi grabbed the microphone. She sighed and waved at the crowd. “I’m Demitria Pallis.” She passed the microphone to her cousin.

“I’m Jennifer Perez,” said the brunette.

“I’m Britney Grey,” said the blond girl, talking into the microphone within Jen’s hands.

“My name is Melody Harper! Hey everybody!!” she suddenly snatched the microphone and hopped up and down like a little kangaroo. Honey snatched it away from her and smiled to the audience. “Hey, my name is Honey. And we’re…”

“FANTASY!” the girls bellowed into the microphone.

----- ----- ----- ----- ------

“Did you see me, Mom?” Melody jumped up her stairs into her house, followed by her parents.

“You girls were terrific,” Mrs. Harper told her sweetly. “I’m so proud of you.

Mr. Harper patted his daughter’s back. “We’re all very proud of you, Mel. To celebrate, we’re going to take you and you’re friends out for ice cream tomorrow.”

Melody jumped up and down in excitement. “Really?”

Melody’s 7-year-old brother, Nathan, ran inside with the Harpers’ kitten, Mew, in his arms. “We’re going out for ice cream?” he asked happily. His parents nodded as they walked off into different parts of the house. Melody walked up her stairs with a sigh of exhaustion yet satisfaction. Nathan ran up beside her.

“Gee, Melody!” he said cheerfully. “You should try singing more often!”

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Honey walked into her home with her mother.

“Mom, are you happy for me?” she asked. Mrs. Watters. Hugged her daughter.

“Of course I am!” she said. “You and your friends worked very hard. You applied yourself and you achieved your goal. I’m very happy for you.” She kissed her daughter’s forehead. Honey turned and headed toward the living room.

There, she saw a family portrait on the wall. It was from years ago, back when Honey was just in the second grade. She was in her father’s arms with her mother standing at their side and her arm on her husband’s shoulder, with a gleeful smile on her face. Well, her ex-husband now.

Honey’s parents had divorced just the past year. It hurt Honey very much for the fact that she loved her father very much and he seemed to be a lot more understanding than her mother. She headed back toward her kitchen and walked up to her mother. “Can I call Dad?”

Mrs. Watters looked at her daughter and nodded. “Yes, but do it tomorrow. It’s late and knowing him, he must be asleep by now.”
Honey nodded and walked down the hall to her room. She really wanted to talk to him and sighed with disappointment.

----- ----- ----- ----- ------

Britney sat in her bedroom, seemingly alone. Her father hardly said a word to her, probably for the simple fact that he arrived at the talent show when it was half way through. Britney never knew her mother because she was abandoned as a baby and was sent for adoption. She was barely a year old and not even walking by the time her stepfather, Marcus Grey, an active businessman, took her into his care.

Yes, he was caring and a good father when it came to feeding his daughter. The problem was that he went on so many business trips and was usually in his office for most of the day. Britney wanted her father to at least congratulate, but he didn’t even bring up on their way home in his car. He was preoccupied with an important over-the-phone meeting.

Britney must have been the most disappointed of this whole show. All she wanted was to feel like her father cared for her emotional well being, as well as her physical health. But it seemed as if nothing could catch his attention.

“Maybe I should call Fantasy,” she said picking up her phone. “I’m positive that they can make me feel at least a little bit better…”

----- ----- ----- ----- ------

Jennifer laughed at with her father as they entered the living room together. “Did you see their faces when we won, Daddy?” she asked, still chuckling.

“That was mean,” he said, laughing a little. “Those girls have always been mean to you. But I’ve taught you better than that, am I right?”
Jen bowed her head slightly but nodded. “Yes, you have…”

Mr. Perez patted her shoulder and hugged her tight. “But you did teach them not to judge you wrongly. You were defending yourself and I guess that’s okay.”

Jennifer giggled and sat on the couch with her father, who grabbed the control and turned on the television to watch the news. After a long moment, he turned toward his daughter. “Jennifer, didn’t you girls get a trophy?”

Jen nodded. “Yeah. But we let Demi take it home. It means a lot to her. She wants to add it to her mother’s collection.”

Mr. Perez sighed and crossed his arms. “Poor Demi. She wants to make her mother proud. But I know she is…even if she’s watching from up in heaven.”

----- ----- ----- ----- ------

Demi stood before her mother’s shrine in the far corner of her basement. There were candles all around with a large picture of her mother, a beautiful, serious, dark haired woman. Demi placed the trophy before the portrait, dropping to her knees and lowering her eyes.

“I wish you could have been there to watch my first performance,” Demi whispered sadly. “And my first victory…” Remembering her friends, Demi smiled slightly. “…Actually…Fantasy’s first victory… Would you be proud, Mom?”


Demi gasped and stood up. She glanced around wildly. “Who said that?”

“Demi! Come up and eat! I ordered pizza!” Demi looked up, listening to her aunt’s voice. It wasn’t her aunt who responded to her question. The voice was different; it was mystical and fading.

Demi shook her head and tried to disregard it. “I’m coming up, Aunt Marie…” Demi looked up to her mother’s picture. Placing her hands on her heart, she bid her mother farewell for now. She raced up the stairs and into the dining room.

After she ate, she went into her bedroom and plopped down in front of her computer screen. Typing lyrics for a new song, she suddenly heard her cell phone on the nightstand ring. She quickly stood up and grabbed it. "Hello? …Jen! Hey!”

“Demi, did you add the trophy to your mother’s shrine?”

Demi nodded as she took a seat on her bed. “Yeah. I wish she were here to watch it. That’s all I really want…” scratching her head, she added, "You know, something really strange happened while I was down there…”


Demi was cut off by the sound of call waiting. She pressed the button her phone. “Hello? …Brit? Call back soon or hold on or something. I’m on the phone with Jen.”

“Put it in three way calling!”

Demi shrugged. “All right, hold on.” Click! “Do you girls hear me?”
Jennifer’s eyebrow furrowed. “Girls?”

“Hey Jen!”

Jennifer gasped and chuckled. “Hi, Britney!”


Britney was silent for a while, until she finally announced. “Hey! It’s Melody!”

“Hey! What’s up?” she shouted happily. The others removed their ears from the receiver for a second before placing it back.

Jennifer giggled. “You know, all we need now is-”



“Hi, everyone!” she greeted. The girls simultaneously tossed their bodies onto their beds.


----- ----- ----- ----- ------

Elsewhere, up in the sky within the vastness of the blue clouds there resided a wondrous kingdom, intricate with fountains and gardens and mystical portals. In her watch room, there stood a beautiful fairy queen with golden hair and soft skin. She stood on the balcony of this place and slowly entered, her little ferret riding on her shoulder.

She came to a crystal ball near her throne. She stood before it and lifted her hands, moving them around the orb. Gazing deeply into it, she viewed as the girls spoke on the phone, paying attention to their smiling faces.

“They’ve grown very close,” she almost whispered. “The time has come for them to discover their truths. First on the list…Honey…” Only Honey appeared on within the crystal this time. “…Fiery and fierce…strong and confident…she’ll be tested…with a kidnapping.”


That's the end of chapter 1. Let me know what you think and I'll update soon!!