View Full Version : Need some help with the name of an Anime series..

04-17-2007, 09:41 AM
Okay, bear with me here people. My friend showed me a video he had of an anime show, many years ago. I freakin' loved that show, and now that I'm more into Anime, I'd really like to get the name of that show. Now, that friend ended up giving away that video, and neither of us can remember the name, however, I CAN remember what happened in that particular episode (I think it was the first one). So, I'm going to describe this to you, and if anyone knows the series, PLEASE tell me. Okay, what happened was the girl, our one of two protagonists is walking home from school with her friend (Or sister, something like that), but it starts raining, so they stay the night with some old folks (Grandparents?) who happen to have many, many china dolls in their possession. That night, a man comes to visit the girl (Our protagonist), and he has supernatural powers, and could heal himself from any wound. He explains to the girl that they used to be the best of friends when they where children, and that she gave him the power he currently has, but she can't remember anything about it. The dolls proceed to come to life and attack the man, and they are lead by a large mannequin-like doll, who can manipulate the shape of her arms, and at one point comes up from the ground underneath our second protagonist, the man, stabbing him upwards through the crotch. The girl freaks, and tries to take him away, and he simply heals and tries to convince her once more. Oh, and when they're talking again after fighting the living dolls, they are riding something way up high in the air, although I can't remember what. Now, if you know what I'm talking about, please, be insanely kind and tell me the name of this Anime :). Thank you.

04-17-2007, 10:07 AM
thats a tuff one idk srry i can ask around and see =]