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04-13-2007, 11:49 AM
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Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Delerium has always been a two man project, its only consistant member being Bill Leeb, former member of Skinny Puppy and current member of Front Line Assembly - both Industrial acts.

Delerium's initial second to the duo was Michael Balch, who, after Delerium's release of "Faces, Forms, and Illusions", left both Delerium and Front Line Assembly.

Delerium then consisted of Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber.

And, for one album, my favorite, Bill Leeb and Chris Peterson.

Delerium was formed in 1987 as a side project to Bill's first love, Front Line Assembly. Their first works closely mimicked FLA's style, but lacked the brash clash and clang of traditional Industrial sounds; however, it still was enough to expose its solid roots in the genre, as well as Leeb's devotion to it.

Although sounding different, the only initial differences between Delerium's sound and that of FLA was Delerium's close attention to detail and its drifting, lost-in-nowhere ambient soundscapes.

However, as Delerium's sound progressed, it developed a personality of its own. From the melodies (or general lack thereof, comparatively) of dark, twisting precedents rose a new sound - still haunting, Delerium's music became more ethereally beautiful, giving birth to more lush and earthy sounds while still holding true to its intricate attention to detail.

However, Leeb, Fulber, and Bulch were not the only contributors to Delerium's over all efficacy. Over their 20 year career, Delerium's hosted a slew of guest vocalists, including:

Emily Haines, of Metric
Jael, of Lunik
Jenifer McLaren
Joanna Stevens, one half of Solar Twins
Julee Cruise
Kirsty Hawkshaw ("Just Be" by Tiesto, and a number of Opus III titles)
Kristy Thirsk, of The Rose Chronicles (personally, my favorite guest vocalist)
Leigh Nash, of Sixpence None The Richer
Margaret Far
Mathew Sweet
The Medieval Baebes
Nerina Pallot
Rachel Fuller (who has worked with Pete Townshend of The Who)
Rani Kamal
Sarah McLachlan (the most recognized)
Zoe Johnston, of Faithless, and previously Bent

Delerium was the little brother who was more successful, both financially and in terms of recognition.

Their biggest milestones were:

The explosion of "Silence" in 2000, with monster remixes by DJ Tiesto and Fade, along with a number of club specific remixes.

The group's first (and only) tour in 2003.

The benefit concert in 2004 for the asian tsunami, where "Silence" was first performed live, as Sarah McLachlan was also performing at the concert. Both Kristy Thirsk and Shelley Harland also performed as guest vocalists.


Faces, Forms, & Illusions - 1989
Morpheus - 1989
Syrophenikan - 1990
Stone Tower - 1991
Euphoric - 1991
Spiritual Archives - 1991
Spheres - 1994
Spheres 2 - 1994
Semantic Spaces (the landmark album, where Delerium's sound begins to shift) - 1994
Karma - 1997
Karma (re-release w/ bonus disc) - 1997, 99, 00
Poem - 2000
Poem (re-release w/ bonus disc) - 2000
Chimera - 2003
Nuages Du Monde - 2006

Also, an online exclusive "Above the Clouds" was released in 2003.

(FYI - In case anyone's going to call me on it, I did NOT include compilation albums, such as "Reflections" or "Odyssey: The Remix Collection".)

Some of Delerium's biggest hits:

"Silence" ft. Sarah McLachlan
"After All" ft. Jael (which has 40+ documented remixes)
"Flowers Become Screens" ft. Kristy Thirsk
"Heaven's Earth" ft. Kristy Thirsk
"Innocente" ft. Leigh Nash
"Truly" ft. Nerina Pallot
"Run For It" ft. Leigh Nash
"Underwater" ft. Rani

Visit http://www.delerium.ca (http://www.delerium.ca/) for more information, sound clips, music videos, forums, and a whole mess of other goodies.

04-18-2007, 08:39 PM
I Love Silence (I've got 3 versions of it on my mp3 xD)
But I would like to hear more from them <3

04-20-2007, 02:29 AM
Visit the website, look into investing in an entire album, or ask me for whole songs.

Whichever, really, it doesn't matter. If you ever want any advice... Well, that's why I started the thread! x3

04-21-2007, 01:04 PM
Man, I fell in love with "Silence" when I saw a movie trailer for Brokedown Palace. I had NO idea it was Delerium. Then my sister got addicted to them and I heard the song "After All" from her iPod. Ever since, those are my two favorite songs to listen to.

04-23-2007, 08:27 AM
Just be careful. A lot of people who get into Delerium by clinging to their later pieces are almost vulgarly disappointed by their earlier work. The same can be said for initial fans; most simply can't stand Delerium's blatant transition into alternative, "dream" pop.

I grew up with Delerium. I pretty much love all of their work.

I also forgot to add this:

If you want to search for Delerium in Limewire, Morpheus, or whatever program you use, the easiest songs to find would be those from Nuages Du Monde. Accessibility will likely decrease as you climb down the discography. Sometimes a lot of sifting is required, because remixes are the most readily available. So beware: what you may think to be an original may very well be a remix.