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04-12-2007, 01:09 PM
wat exactly does "nya" mean?? ive heard people say in a lot of animes

04-13-2007, 05:48 AM
"nya" is voice of cats like English "mew".
You may have heard dozens of "nya" of a character, and this relates to Japanese dialects.
In Japan, dialects tend to alter not only accents but also the last parts of sentences.
For example, translation of "I love you" become ...

あなたが好きです。 (standard Japanese)
anata ga suki desu.

あなたが好きやねん。(west Japan dialect)
anata ga suki yanen.

あなたが好きだべ。(north-east Japan dialect)
anata ga suki dabe.

Then, altering the last part of sentences is commonly used technique in order to characterize a person.
"nya" in the last part of sentences is one of such expressions.
When we Japanese hear or read that
あなたが好きにゃ。("nya" dialect)
anata ga suki nya.
, we imagine a cute little girl like a kitten ( or just a talking cat).
This technique is more often used in mangas than animes because mangas have no voice actor/actress.
You can find other examples such as Lum's "cha" dialect (urusei yatura by Rumiko Takahashi) and Shampoo's "aru" dialect (ranma1/2).
To my regret, most of all translations to other languages omit this expression.
But if you meet a opportunity for reading/watching original mangas/animes, plz check this teqnique. ^_^