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This is the adventures of Iori Hida while he goes to check up on his friend in Tamachi, no digimon enter this story. Just character fun. (Note he is 15)


"Next stop Tamachi" the cool female voice said ringing through the subway.

On this subway was one young boy; Iori Hida. It was rounding five o'clock and Cram School had let out not long ago, he had decided to try to go try and visit Ken. Why? The night before he had tried calling the other and recieved no answer, not even voice mail, just...static. That worried him after all voice mail would at least come on or a note about it being disconnected. But with this there was nothing. The doors slid open and he exited.

Iori did realise the situation between the two was rough at the moment, but he was a friend no matter what, or at least he hoped, and one did worry about friends.

The blonde girl eyed the apartment carefully. Third day in a row, of staking out, and still no news of Ichijouji boy. "I...never thought he'd ditch school." Heart-broken(Yes, Heartbroken.) She bit into her nails, and sighed, a little teardrop on her left eye. Oh, if there was only sin that she has commited, she should be only condamned for loving him, and loving him, and loving him.... and all other minor details she has done just to secure the seat behind him, and find out his house, and attempt rock climbing the apartment.... Well all that was not important!

Iori approached the apartment building wondering what he should say when Ken or Wallace answered the door. With Wallace it wouldn't be as awkward, inless Ken told him what happened which Iori highly doubted the older did, but with Ken it would be harder he knew. In his mild rantings he saw someone that seemed out of place. A blonde haired girl that looked about the same age as Daisuke and the others, she seemed to be waiting, well more like watching or spying the apartment building. He wondered why.

"Ken kuuuun....." Amano spoke loudly, talking to herself. "Why won't you come to school." She lowered her head, her shoulders slumping. She transferred all the way from Odaiba, and this is what he does? Not even returning to his own house three consequetive days? She bit her lips, grasping onto homework that was to be delivered.

Iori looked at her, now this was intresting. Ken-san not going to school? In the few years he had known Ken he never ditched school, never, he tried to be in school as many days as possible. And not returning home? That was even odder, after all Wallace was staying with him and Ken never seemed to want to be rude to guests. This was odd, very odd indeed. First the cell phone was completely dead, then Ken not going to school or being home? Things just got stranger...

The blond girl tossed her hair in grand manner, totally confident the minute after her little mood-swing. She brought out a mirror, and started talking to it. "It's okay! You can do it!" She smiled cutely, and did a guts pose, with a nice loud yell, and quickly looked around to see if any one was watching.
Then to her dismay, she saw a pair of brilliant Emerald eyes staring right at her.

The blond girl tossed her hair in grand manner, totally confident the minute after her little mood-swing. She brought out a mirror, and started talking to it. "It's okay! You can do it!" She smiled cutely, and did a guts pose, with a nice loud yell, and quickly looked around to see if any one was watching.
Then to her dismay, she saw a pair of brilliant Emerald eyes staring right at her.

This girl seemed to be acting as if she was getting ready to ask someone out, maybe that's what she was standing there for? Trying to get up the courage to do so? Then she turned to look at him and seemed to be.... upset, disappointed? Had he done something?

Looking at the utterly confused look in the younger boy's eyes, Amane debated for a second if she should chase him away like a rabid dog. She moved closer to him, and began studying his features.

As the girl approached Iori begun to get nervous, what did she want...? He bowed slightly muttering an apology. "I'm sorry but I must check on a friend. He waited a second before openning the Apartment building door.

"What a strange kid." Amano thought to herself. "Awfully cute though. Kind of reminds me of Ken kun when he was that age, but he was much, much taller....and oh so talented" The blonde clasped both of her hands together recalling the glore of the olden days. She opened her eyes, and opened her mouth wide open, to start, "Hey boy-" only to find out that the young un, has already started walking into the apartment. "Hey hey! Wait a min!" She called out, her painted nails pointing perfectly to the little boy. Failing to catch his attention, she ran as if her heels were on fire, and somehow managed to get herself in the door in .5 second.

Iori stopped short at the voice hailing him watching as the girl entered the apartment building in a hurry. "Hai, may I help you?" he questioned in his ever polite tone, expecially towards strangers. For some reason she reminded him of a fangirl, but to who? He had two guesses.

The girl put one of her hand on the wall and panted. Desprately catching her breath, she started speaking. "How...did...you...get....the....*huff* door...*huff* to, open... *huff* kid?"

He blinked surprised at the quetion. "I pushed it? Is that not how you're supposed to open it?" he questioned wondering if what he said came out more rude then of an explanation watching as she caught her breath.

'Oh right, I broke the lock two days ago.' Amano sweat-dropped to herself. "O, okay, nevermind, Who are you here to see?" Having caught the breath, she stood up confidently, and crossed her arms.

"An old friend of mine, I've known him for several years," Iori replied he was sucpicious, it was not like he was going to give names out so easily,"and a more recent one. I haven't seen either since our trip to Hanami."

Amano studied the kid's posture. Perhaps acting as it is might not be a good antic. Tsch She thought to herself, and bit her nails. "The brat seems actually smart. She groaned inwardly. Perhaps it was time to try different antics! "I, I'm here to see my classmate." She started, her face getting a little flustered.

"Really?" Iori replied raising a brow noticing the packet of papers in her hand, "Who might your friend be, any description? I might know them.."

"Well, he's tall, and pale, and handsome..." She started, with a sigh. "He's got sharp eyes and nice long legs and lovely long fingers....." Ah, and what I wouldn't give to be caressed by those....OKAY, NOT NOW NOT NOW... Suddenly looking as she's woken up, the girl continued. "Well, he's a classmate of mine. He's definately better than average, in terms of looks. He has beautiful blue eyes-and has pale skin. He does Judo, and is pretty darn smart. Currently living with this foreign guy called Wallace." She finished.

Iori nodded. "I'm sorry, but the description doesn't ring a bell. I suppose I don't know him" Iori replied his mind realising just why this girl had been standing outside of Ken's apartment building, possible candidate for stalker or overly obcessed fangirl. Either one he knew Ken did not need or want. "So that's who you were waiting for outside?" he questioned, "if he hasn't been here, I don't think he'd return so easily."

She sighed. "I...was hoping to catch him." Now her eyes were starting to tear up. "He's missed school for three days, and I miss him...." She sniffled, suddenly finding comfort in stranger listening quietly at her rant. "I've even brought him homework and he's not home! Even that foreigner guy's not home....." Thick tear drops started to run down her cheeks, as she admitted. It has been stressful three days, staking out, wagering her own grades over this, on the sole purpose of meeting the boy. She dropped the homework on the floor and started wailing.

Iori inwardly sighed picking up Ken's appearnt homework. "Have you ever thought... that maybe something happened to one of his family members and he had to go out of town? Perhaps this Wallace character went to go check on him.. You can't expect everyone to be home, all the time!" he said holding the papers out smiling a bit trying to make her feel better.

"B, b, but, I was waiting for 3 hours now! It's about time at least one of them returned...." She fell to her knees, oblivious to the friendly gesture of the younger boy. She started hiccupping as her emotion got the best of her.

"That goes beyong just giving homework." he said softly making sure she couldn't hear him, he was not good in this situations. He did grow up with Miyako but that was Miyako it was easier to understand her. He sighed. "Three hours, eh? Well maybe they will be back tomorrow? I have a feeling if they have been gone this long that something has happened, so they won't be back anytime soon. Just take your mind off of it and do something with your friends. I'm sure they are fine." in his mind he though 'They are Chosen Children after all'

The blond girl's head snapped right up at the younger boy's comment. Her look changed to that of horror. "You mean, something has happened to Ken?" Feeling blood rushing into her head, she spat out as she the truckload of possibilities has hit her head. "You mean, like he could've been knocked unconcious and then broght to a warehouse who decided to kidnap him for money and then finding out him being such a beautiful child decided to do XXX and XXXX to him and then he got cut up into pieces and tossed into the...." She just opened her mouth hang in shock upon the thought, her arms limp on the floor. Crushed, was totally what she was feeling right now.

Iori mentally sweatdropped. What have I done? He s hook his head, knowing she did not see it, "No I do not think anything that drastic would happen to your friend, besides I'm sure he had his foriegner friend with him and between the two of them could escape such a drastic thing. What I mean is it could be possible that one of his friends got hurt or a family member and he had to go out of town to go make sure they were safe, his friend coming along." he basically repeated hoping this time she would understand what he ment.

"OH MY GOD, YOU MEAN THE CUTE BLONDIE GOT DRAGGED INTO IT TOO?" The blond girl's eyes goggled. "That's it! We GOTTA save the bishies!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, and grabbed Iori's hands. "YOU BOY! You seem capable and smart enough to trace down the locations! You must simply assist me in this dire matter! Their lives are in your hands!"

Iori squinched his eyes at the shout, it hurt his eardrums almost making them to seem like they were bleeding. "Please," he started calmly, "think rationally! Do you really think they would have gotten kidnapped? It is highly doubtful." he replied trying to seem like he had never met the two; it was extremely hard he did not know how much longer he could keep the act up.

"EXACTLY! You GOTTA rationalize this and find out how the criminals have done it! You sure do look like Kindaichi...well no not really, but boy, since you've figured out this much I'm sure you'd be able to exercise your brain! Let's go!" She stomped out of the apartment, dragging Iori along with her firm grip.
"I'm SURE you can swear up on your DEAD GRANDPA's HONORS to solve this case!" Her eyes sparkled.

"No I can't," Iori started, "because my Grandfather is not dead! And in fact, I am late for my kendo practice with him" he finished; it was not a lie he did have Kendo Practice today it just wasn't in tell much later that they would even be practicing. Still, he had to find out about what was going on with Ken and Wallace before he even decided to wander the city looking for them.

Clearly not listening the girl continued, still dragging Iori around with her force. People can use super human strength when they're desparate, and Amano, at this time, was certainly exercising that possibility. "Dead or not, it doesn't matter! What's important is two innocent lives will perish just because you won't co-opperate with me!" She blurted out. "Now where should I check, I know Ken goes to this arcade time to time.(Man that Shuuichi guy was so stingy!), and also I heard he often goes shopping alone in that K-mart overthere? Aaack, it's right by the bus stop! What if the evil villan has stuffed him in the bag and dragged him with him into the bus and taken him far, far away!" She continued, now lugging Iori with her one strong arm. Hipbones, were fortunately strong portion of womanly structure, and could support a lot of weight.

"Ken-kun and Wallace-kun, are probably not in any trouble!" he said icily despite his usual prefexture. When he realised he had said this he inwardly kicked himself desperatlly hoping she hadn't heard him mentioning them as if they were friends. Which he highly doubted she hadn't heard him say it.

"YES THAT'S RIGHT KEN KUN AND WALLACE KUN ARE IN D..............." She dropped Iori on the street. "Kid. You know them?" Grabbing his shoulders with her both hands, she looked down on him, as a hawk looked down at little chicks, ready to be haunted.

Iori nodded his head with a sigh. "Yes, but I haven't seend hyde nor hair of either one of them since last weekend. So in your current situation, I am of no help!" he said defeated."Now, will you please let me go?"

She shook him by shoulders. "What are you talking about? You GOTTA help me find them! Their lives are in danger! Don't be so cruel!" The look of hysteria was evident in her eyes. "I mean, I wouldn't screw blond more than once, but Ken kun is different! I've had plans for him for YEARS! I can't let that go to a waste!"

Iori didn't want to know what plans this girl had for his friends, expecially those kind of plans. "And how can you be so sure they are in danger?" Iori questioned, "Besides they have very strong friends with them when they go out for long periods of time. They are not going to be in any danger!" he replied uneasily.

"Strong friends? What do you mean? Ooooh! This is a new information!" The girl's face lit up. She took a notepad out of her bag, and a pen. She started. "You sure they'll be safe? All I've seen around them are some strange looking dolls!"

"Yes, strong friends! Daisuke-kun and Taichi-kun are soccer players! Ken-kun is often with Daisuke-kun, they are best friends, the two of them together are really strong!" he spurted, "And strange looking dolls? You mean the plushes Mimi-chan and Sora-chan made for everyone a couple years ago? I think we are all a little attached to them!"

"Awww!! That's so cute." The girl squealed as she made a note, 'Ken likes plushies.' She then wrote down, 'I'll make him one myself' right beside it, and then starred it.

"Yeah.." Iori replied nervously wondering what this girl was planning on doing hoping all the while that Ken would forgive him for this mess as well. He was turning into Daisuke, getting everyone into giant messes.

The girl finished taking notes and looked at Iori expectedly. "So, where to?" She started blankly.

Iori blinked. "Where to," he started,"I was planning on going home as Kaasan doesn't know I'm in Tamachi."

The girl shook her head. "No, you're helping me with the search you know. Since you'd know their habitant better than I do, I trust your clear judgement to guide us." She nodded. "I'm not too bad most of the times, but when I get excited I tend to lose all rationality." She bit her tongue cutely.

Iori inwardly groaned, she was never going to let him go, was she? "I'm really sorry, I am, but I have to go," he started, " my suggestion is head to Odaiba they have friends there. Maybe you will find them?"

The girl groned. "Man, I just got OUTTA there to be with him, and I have to go back there? You've gotta be kidding me...." She sighed, as she let go of Iori. "Fine, whatever, go... If you don't like to help your friends, I'm not the one to stop you. After all, the world is too harsh a place for young kids like you, so might as well be selfish and save your own butt...." Saying this, she started walk away, muttering "kids these days." or "Man, I must pack again." or "Darn my mom will be furious."

Iori watched her walk away, if only she knew how much he worried about hid friends. Shaking his head he headed back to the subway, he'd have to find out what happened to Ken. Perhaps through LiveJournal?

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