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Am writing the second part of my fanfic!!For all the people who comment in the part one..:banghead: And am sorry if it toke long!!:banghead: Now lets move on!:laugh: And if you haven seen the first one here is a link:
(Part one)

.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.The Sleep Over.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o
.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.Part 2.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.

The sun was coming down by the time Sasuke had reached his home..He opened the door and sighed..He then toke off his shoes and sat down on a chair, his home was a one story.And not so big..It had 2 bed rooms 1 bathroom,a kitchen, and a living room..Sasuke was in the living room looking out the window.His mind started to wonder..

I wonder what that card says..Wait.. He shoke his head Am becoming like Naruto, I'll just forget about the stupid card.. He though..A hour came to past and he continue to think about that card that Ino gave to Sakura..He could take it anymore, when he was about to go mad..There was a knock at the door..Sasuke just stared at the door for a moment..Then they knocked again..He got up and walked over to the door and opened it..He found Choji,Naruto, and Shikamaru standing there..

"What do you idiots want?" Sasuke asked with a frown

"We want to know if you want to crash the girls sleep over!!" Naruto said with a smile..

Sasuke looked at Shikamaru in question "Why are you here Shikamaru?"

Shikamaru looked the other way "Tsk, i came because.." He didnt think what to say, he didnt want to the truth

"Me and Shikamaru came because we want to know what the ladys think about us!!" Choji said as he put a chip in his mouth

Sasuke smirked "What make you think i want to come?" He asked looking at Naruto

Naruto just smiled "We all no that it was bugging you, thats why we came to your house third to last" Naruto said with a be grin "And if you dont come then...You going to miss-"

Naruto got interrupt by Sasuke punching him in the head "I'll come, but not for you guys..Just because i have nothing better to do today.." Sasuke said as he crossed his arms..

Shikamaru sighed and put his hands in his pockets "This is going to be a troublesome night" He said as he looked up at the night sky

Meanwhile Sakura meet up with Ino and the two headed to the sand siblings home..Sakura was in wonder of who lest was coming..

"Hey Ino...Who lest is coming to the sleep over?" Sakura asked in wonder

Ino looked back at Sakura "I already invited TenTen and Hinata..And am guess that you were plaining to invite Temari right?" She said with a small smile

"Uh, yeah..So, is that it?Just us five girls?" Sakura said as she messed with her invitation

"Yup, pretty much.." Ino said as they came to the siblings door..Ino moved out of the way so Sakura could knock "Go on, its yout invitation" Ino said with another small smile and pushed Sakura to the door

"Uh..Right" Sakura said and knocked on the door..She then toke a breath, she was hoping that Gaara wouldnt answer..She was a bit afraid of him..Then the door opened and Gaara stoond there staring at Sakura..

"Um..Huh.." Sakura gave Gaara the invitation "Could you give this to Temari?Please?Uh..Thanks!!" Sakura said as she walked away..And Ino followed..

Gaara looked at the invitation in wonder, he then closed the door and walked in the living room and sat down on the couch still looking at the invitation..Temari was home but she was up stairs messing with her hair..

...What is this?... Gaara wonder as he looked at the invitation still..She fliped it over some times then he heard Kankuro's voice talk to him.

"What you got there little brother?" Kankuro asked as he toke a sit next to him.

Gaara frowned "...I dont know..The pink haired girl from konoha just came and told me to give this to Temari.." Gaara said as he looked at Kankuro in the corner of his eye..

Kankuro then pushed Gaara "You know i hate it when you look at me like that!!" Kankuro said as he pushed Gaara again

Gaara frowned "So, then why don you stop pushing me!!" Gaara said as he pushed Kankuro back

Kankuro opened his mouth in shock "..Its on now little brother!!" Kankuro said as he jumped on Gaara..

"Ack!!Get off of me!Your not light...!" Gaara said as he pushed Kankuro off
(No, Gaara's sand wouldnt protect him because its not a real attack..Like a kanata come to him..See the difference?)

Temari came down stairs hit both of the boys in the head "Stop it you two!You making so much nosie!!" She said then notice Gaara hand some thing in his hand "..Now what do you have there in your hand Gaara?" She said then swiping the card in the envelope away from Gaara.

"..I dont care, its for you anyways..It was from the pink haired girl form konoha" Gaara said as he got up "Am going for a walk.." He said heading for the door

Temari looked at Gaara weird then down at Kankuro "Hey, dont look at me..I am just wondering what the hell the thing says" Kankuro said as he watched Gaara leave..

Temari walked up stairs and opend the the envelope..And it said;

Your invited!!

What: Ino's Sleep Over

When: Tonight!So get ready!

Were: At Ino's house, dont you
DARE bring any boys over!!

Temari smirked "Sounds like fun" She said as she went to her closet and started to pack

Meanwhile the boys were heading to Neji's house "..I really doubt a guy like Neji would really want to come with us to spy on the girls Naruto" Shikamaru said as he looked back at Naruto "You never know Shikamaru!!Am suprized that Sasuke even came" Naruto said looking at Sasuke "Tsk, i came for my own reasons" Sasuke said looked down at the ground..

The gang finally came to nejis house..The home of Neji,Tenten and Rock lee..

"..Will now that we're here, Naruto go a head and knock" Sasuke said then Shikamaru pushed Naruto to the door...

...To be continue...
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