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04-02-2007, 08:56 PM
It was my first time that my dad had taken me out to hunt. I firgured it would be like the countless tales I had heard from the men in my village, but it was far from it. I had never expected to see Earth's Children though I had heard so much about them. I was walking through the forest and saw a strange, pale light gleaming through the trees. I thought it was just light shining off a pool of water and I thought I'd check to see if a deer rested beside it, but I was wrong.

As I crept through the trees, I could hear a soft, lulling voice calling in a language I had never heard. I could barely see her, but through the thick undergrowth I could make out her face. It was such a lovely face of that I had never seen before. It glowed pale white in the darkness and you could see that the girl was highly concentrating and she was singing. I was mezmorized. I had never heard or seen anything so beautiful. I was so transfixed that I hardly noticed when I stood up and started walking toward her. I stepped on a branch and was instantly snapped out of my trance. She looked up at me in a startled expretion. She stood up and made to run but I didnt want her too.

"Please, dont go!" I shouted after her. She stopped and turned around to look at me. "What do you want from me?" she said in a soft, fragile voice. "Please dont hurt me," she said, taking a step back. I didnt know what to say next. "Please, dont go," I repeated. Then I snapped to my senses. "I dont mean you harm, fair lady. I.....I just want to know your name. Please, miss, what is your name?" "My name is Luce-Stellare. I am waiting for my brothers and sisters," she replied. Just then, another girl ran through the trees but this one had wild brown hair, ears that pointed up like a wolfs, and long, sharp claws where her nails should be. Her clothes seemed to be made of the same hair as on her head and a tail sprouted out of her bottom. She barred her sharp teeth at me and then turned to the other girl.

"Lu, is this human bothering you?" she asked. "No, Bestia, dont hurt him. He ment me no harm," said Luce-Stellare. "Have you seen the others?" asked Bestia. "No they have not come yet. But they will arrive soon." "Wait. Who are you? And who else is meeting you here?" I asked. I was perplexed. I had no idea what was going on or who these people were. At that moment, before anyone had a chance to anwser, a boy with bright yellow hair, yellow complextion, and a certain glow about his yellow eyes. "Hello, Lu, Bestia. All is well, correct?" he asked looking straight at me. "Yes, Soleil. He is no harm," said Lu. "Have you seen the others?" asked Bestia. "No I have not but I asume they will be here soon," replied Soleil. "Will someone explain, now?" I asked. They all looked at me like I was crazy.

"We are Earths Children. We gather every count of twenty moon-sun switches. When we come together, we use our time to dicuss what is happening in our areas. We are to gather tonight, but my two other sisters and brother have not yet arrived," said Soleil. He was kind with his words, chosing them carefully and I did not press farther. "Come. Let us sit," said Soleil. He walked to a log and sat, gesturing for his sisters and me to do the same. We all sat on rocks or fallen logs and such. After a moment of silence, two more people arrived, a boy and a girl. "Stahl, Acqua! You've finally arrived. But we still must wait for Erde," said Bestia. Stahl was a burly boy with a more gray complection and dark gray hair were as Acqua was more blue complexed and had long blue, flowing hair. They stared at him quizically but were quickly filled in on his position.

They sat for quiet a while before anyone dared to start a conversation. They talked about things I did not understand, about places I had never heard of. Appearently, they did not mind me being here but they would rather not let me into their business. In their flowing, warm words, I lost myself, staring at them for an equal amount of time, puzzling over each one of them. Then a young girl with a spring like complection crashed through the trees. Appearently, Erde had arrived. The meeting was about to begin. "Do you wish me to leave?" I asked, not wanting to disturb them. "Actually, we could probobly use your help. We cant get close to humans. We are not supposed to reveal ourselves. Mother Nature forbides it. But we need more information. We need someone to speak for us, since we cannot talk to the humans directly. Please, will you help us?" asked
Bestia. She was acting strangely sweet, compared to her prickly self earlier. I did not know what to say. I knew all their names and I could certainly be their speaker. "But I dont know what to say," I argued. I wanted to help but I did not know how I possible could. They all looked at each other as if they had just heard the funniest ever. "We will help you and tell you what to do. So what do you say?" asked Lu. She had been so kind to him the whole time and I could not help but fall for her soft words. "Alright," I finally agreed, "I'll help. I'll do whatever you need." And that is my journey truely began.

[{Please to tell me what you think? But remember, is only part one.}]