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03-26-2007, 07:31 PM
Map of the world for referance.

Tsunade was sitting at her desk in her office taping her fingers lightly. She had sent Anbu to the Grass two days ago to make a report so she could take action and she was waiting ever so patiently for them to arrive. News that the war had begun had spread throughout the land and Jounin, chunin and genin alike were preparing to fight for their countries and allies. The village was preparing to make there move toward the grass but all they needed now was the Hokage's move.
Tsunade stood and at that moment an Anbu walked in to her office pretty beat up and scuffled. He kneeled before her, "Hokage I have your report."
She stared down at him, "Well?" He took a breathe in and exhaled then started, "The grass needs backup, The rain is slowly pushing them back behind their borders."
"Oh I see," she said almost to herself, "Spread word that we are making our move. Any volunteers willing to fight for the leaf at the grass battle feild will report to me for a meeting in four hours. As for our allies, send word to them that we will accept there help now and if they would to send as much troops as the like to the battle feild."
"Yes ma'am." He said and turned to leave.
"Oh and before you go," she pause as he turn back towards her, "What happened to your comrad?"
"He fell in the line of duty."

Kabuto moved through the half-light that the torches gave to the corridors, their flames struggling with futility against the consuming darkness which would, invariably, outlast them. The village of Sound was always dark. Its ceilings always dripping the light patter of condensation down where they formed dark puddles fit only for the breeding of mosquitoes. But no mosquitoes dwelled there. Kabuto made sure of that. He was, after all, a medic nin first and foremost.

Opening a large mahogany door and shutting it behind him with infinite politeness, Kabuto entered a room that was even darker than the hall, though that did not seem possible. The only light straining against the blackness of the room were two torches sputtering on either side a beautifully carved and tastefully cushioned wooden chair. Sitting lordfully on it was a pale skinned man, his course black hair parted in the center. “Lord Orochimaru…” Kabuto said as he knelt down in front of his master who confirmed that he was listening with a bored motion of his hand, “Rain moved as per your orders. Our spies tell us that grass has already sent men to the border. They will find only bodies.”

“Aaaahhh… how nice.” The man smiled with serpentine menace. He leaned back, sunning himself and warming his cold blood in the glow of his own omnipotence, tasting some sweet taste in his mouth. Every possible way he could burn these villages danced in his mind but he knew he could not burn them…no… that would be a waste of good books. There would be knowledge in those villages, knowledge he could obtain. Rather, he would cut down each villager and then read the bloodstained pages of whatever scrolls they had. Ah yes… that would be sweet. He could already taste his opponents loss and his fat tongue slipped from his lips and gave them a coating of spit as he prepared to issue his order. “Send word to our allies. They move now. We will meet them along the border. And press our way into grass.” Admittedly it was a simple plan… but it would do.

Kabuto stood up and respectfully left the room to give the order out to the soldiers.

Note: Luzifer is Orochimaru & Kabuto, It just easier to have his post in the first post.

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Darkness, though it was day the blind swordsman of a ninja took each step with the world around him at his clutch. Every step he took would send out his own kind of sonar, his Onikirigetsu activated at the swing of noon as he heard the sign of swift feet kicking about the ground and grass. He was at the border between grass and rain, he felt his eyes tremble in delight at the souls and lives that fell. Death was in his sight as the world blazed with white and black spun about at his vision. He could see them now all around him, the Rain and Grass and he could feel their chakra clashing against one another as he zipped to a nearby tree, his cane at the ready.

His view now filled with the swirling strands of ribbon chakra, he could see into their very reserves and their ways of life. Each life flashed before his minds eye as he took in their movements from both the Onikirigetsu and his hearing, and from the colors he saw the dark purples of the rain and the sound and the dark greens of the grass. He was on neither side, but to which side has he been on more?

He shook his head allowing his deep blue hair to flow out some before bringing his cane up at his center, one hand at his left center and another at it's end.

Ah ha! He found one right where he wanted, this one had deflected some kunai and was hiding behind a tree. He wouldn't let this chance go to waste, his eyes hungered for death and even more the chakra within the life. He appeared over the ninja in a cloud of simple smoke, but in fact that was a mirror image for he was right in front of him on a branch. He swung his sword in a swirl of lighting fast cuts, one around each of the ninja's chakra points, the shoulders and the forehead included. He zipped from the tree as the death touch was complete, thou he wasn't using his fallen devil at the time so his final blow to the head was deep and smooth.

He flipped onto the side of a tree blending in, his eyes glowing white from the power of his Onkirigetsu. One rain ninja was dead and he could see his soul flying towards his form, the wisp entered his eyes and a purple mist seemed to frolic down his cheeks. The Demon Eyes had a meal at that time before he flipped to the ground, ready to strike again.

03-26-2007, 08:16 PM
In the forest next to a little pool near the Leaf Village in a tree was a sleeping man in a Kisune Mask. He was one of the more laid back Jounin in this time of strife. His name was Yoshimitsu Siniku or as many of the younger students called him Mr. Snickerfox because of his tendency to snicker after every few sentences.

"Ah... What a beautiful day..." he said to himself waking up slowly. "Not a cloud in the sky." He then sighed a bit. "And unfortunate no women in sight..."

Indeed, Snicker was a fiend for the ladies. He had earn a reputation for being a bit of a flirt with the lady Jounin and even some of the older Chunin.

"Hmm... I wonder how long it is going to be until the fight reaches us...." he wondered to himself. "Such a bother... why cant Shinobi be happy with thier place in the world. Some should be lucky they have a place at all. hehe... I wish i was in a certain place right now ... hehe..." he said thinking about the ladies hot springs.

03-26-2007, 09:20 PM
Grigori leapt from tree to tree moving quickly with the rest of his group... they had been scrambled quickly, almost before he had known there was a mission his feet were moving from tree to tree and his scythe was hanging from his back. Eborus was heavy and definately not the best weapon for moving quickly through foliage but sadly he lacked the ability to manipulate his chakra and perform the necessary sealing jutsi-or whatever they were called- to bind the scythe within a scroll. A pity but one he did not spend long thinking about. Right now he was concentrating on determining, without looking, whether his hands were still there. He couldn't tell, if he looked down he would see cloak and if he lifted that sleeves. And he lifted that maybe he would know but that was too much effort. He kept clenching a fist but for all he knew that might be a fist made of Shade and not his body... then he remembered the wrappings on his hands and knew they were still there... without those he would not be in this state.... he would be worse off

He sighed slightly and looked forward... he had been given the Genin rank, more a ramshackle denomination then one given based off of talent since he hadn't experienced combat against a ninja opponent yet. Perhaps he'd do good and get promoted quickly... perhaps not... it really didn't seem important to him at the moment. All that matter was finding her and getting enough power. Those were his two goals... having his mind float to her he began to fantasize about her a bit as he often did but shook these thoughts off instantly... she was a sinner. Just like the rest of them. It may not be her fault that she bore sin but that was no excuse.

03-27-2007, 10:25 AM
Reaper cutted her sychter through the last bandit and dispelled the mist justsu. Around her dead bodies were strewn as she looked up towards the villiagers her hood keeping her face from being shown. Most of them looked shocked and fearfull, the childeren clutching there mothers skirts and some of the men actualy had the guts to raise pitchforks and other farm weaponry incase she would attack. But she had no interest in them only in the bandits.

Without a word she turned around and jumped back into the tree's where she came from. her crows had warned her of a simple farm viliage being threatend by bandits and she did her job. she crossed the grassborder and stopped for a moment. she frowned at the sight of dead body's and went to investigate wich consisted of poking in the body's and turning some over. One she turned over and looked at her, he was clearly deing but spoke "death...the..sound" he gurgled and the light in his eyes dissapeared he was dead. she looked up when she felt someone aproaching but made no move to get her weapon, she did not wish to look hostile incase they were farmers.

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Rain stands with Alyssa back to back in a wide meadow with ten sound-nin. "Now!" says Rain at that moment Alyssa flashes hand signs "Black light jutsue". The sound-nin look as if there blinded. Rain pulls the strings to his puppet "Dance of the Camellai" the puppets bones pull from its arms and kills the sound-nin.
"Job well done Alyssa." Rain says as he pulls back his puppet.
"What can I say it is what I do"
Rain sits on a rock as well as Alyssa and rests to get back there chakra.

03-27-2007, 11:46 AM
Osamu Minaru had his mind in a trance like state, sending blasts of sound waves into the sturdy trees. He wanted to destroy them, bring down the thousands of years of work that nature went into making these lumbering structures. He wanted to prove he could. When he was not able to bring them down Osamu stomped off angrily and practiced some more in solitude before heading back to the village of the sound.

03-27-2007, 12:05 PM
Hanzo was hanging out in his room waiting for a new mission concerning the Hunters rather than the normal ninjas. With a sigh he gets up and goes to the near by balcony to see if anything is happening outside.

Seeing someone passing by he speaks hoping that they can hear him "Hello friend i was wondering if there is anything that would need me to check out." The person looks back up hearing something and notices Hanzo and yells back "The grass village is under attack. The 5th Hokage is asking for volunteer's."

'Might be kinda fun.' He thinks to himself, 'Havent had a mission in a couple of days.' He goes back to his room and pulls out his Hunter-nin outfit and moves at hyperspeeds leaping around to get to the hokage's home.

"I'm here Tsunade." He speaks with barely more than a whisper.

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03-27-2007, 02:02 PM
"Pathetic..." Matomoso whispered softly, as the grass Ninja fell before him. "They don't make shinobi like they used to..." Matomoso turned around, and continued onward. "This place needs more talentend Shinobi. Worthless peices of trash Shinobi aren't going to help win the war." He whispered to himself. Matomoso, was walking towards the Sound village, to see if they had any Shinobi worth his talents. His long, silver hair flowing with the wind. Matomoso clenched his fist, as his teeth tightened. He was angry, as usual.

He had closed his eyes for a moment, slowing his speed down. He came to a stop, and sat down upon the Earth. (Or whatever planet Naruto takes place on) Once he had sat down, his breathing slowed down just a bit. Matomoso went into a deep thought. Leaving him, vulnurable to a GOOD Shinobi attack. A kunai flashed by infront of Matomoso. A pathetic Shinobi attack. They can't even hit a person sitting still. Matomoso's eyes flashed open, revealing a cold misty aura. He stood up, and looked to his right, seeing 2 sound ninja standing there.

"What is your purpose in the Hidden Sound village?" One of them yelled at matomoso. Apparently, they missed the Kunai on purpose. Just to get his attention. "My purpose, you ask? My purpose is to kill, anyone who thinks they can defeat me. The grass was useless, maybe, you will be a better opponet?" With this, the sound Nin disappeared. A simple technique. The sound Ninja appeared behind Matomoso, Kunai in hands. They thrust them into Matomoso's back. Emplanting into his spine. "We got him!" The nin said happy.

Just then, the Matomoso body began to melt. A water clone, as it would seem. "What? How? Where did he go?" The sound nin looked frightened. "Now, you shouldn't of done that. Tisk tisk tisk. And here I thought the Sound was better than that." Matomoso was standing behind the nin. He grabbed the Ninja on his left side, and with his rught hand, preformed one handed Hand signs. "A thousand needles of death!" Matomoso roared, as thousands of needles of ice, arose into the air. Forming from the moisture around them. These needles came down, onto the sound Nin that Matomoso had grabbed. The other one, had escaped.

The needles impacted all around the bodt of the captured ninja. Killing him. Matomoso wanted the other one to escape, to send a warning, to his allies.

03-27-2007, 08:39 PM
'I'm so nervous,' Hikaru thought as she walked toward the large doors that would inevitably lead her into her sensei's office. 'I wonder what she needs me for.'
She stumbled clumsly and knocked quicly on the door three short times.
"Come in," Hikaru hears.
"Hoshi-sama," she says as she walks into the office."You said that you needed me for something. By the looks of it you seem stressed."
"that is true," Hoshi replied. "I did send for you. But, what I am about to tell you must not be repeated."
Hikaru slowly nods her head, not knowing what to excpect.
"The Grass village is in a sense panic. The rain village is pillaging their lands and Tsunade-sama has confirmed that any willing voulenteers that will fight at the grass battle field will be sent off to battle. You are one of my best students, Hikaru. You are talented and I value your skills in stealth. I asks one thing of you, and only one thing," Hoshi says.
Hikaru, sensing his eagerness, motions for him to continue.
"I ask that you, Hikaru Yamazaki, go to the grass village and find as much information about the enemy as humanly possible. Do you understand and accept your mission?" She demands.
"NANI?!?" Hikaru shrieks. "But I'm only a little kid! And what about the bakery?! How do you expect me to make this desision on my own?!?"
God, she was stressed now. How was she supposed to do all of this on her own? She's only 14.
"Don't get spaztic on me now girl," Hoshi says. "The bakery is all taken care of. I have one of your team mates on the job. Caren, if you even remember her."
Hikaru stops imediatly. "I don't trust her." she states simply with a blank face.
"Too bad. You have no choice. A team of chosen ninja will escort you to the grass village tomorrow morning at 3 o'clock sharp. Be ready, or be dragged out of bed," Hoshi says.
"Do I get icecream?" Hikaru asks with a hopeful look on her face.
Hoshi stares at her blankly. "Sure, why not?"
"YAY! Free Icecream!" Hikaru squeals running full speed out of the room.

03-27-2007, 09:08 PM
It was in the deepest dungeons of the sound village, the murky water and blood that lay everywhere, the inmpenetreble darkness that made all light almost useless, the eerie silence that lay through the whole place that kept most people away, there was a small cage. In this cage that sealed chakra, that had no openings, a young boy sat covered in a straight jacket, a mask over his mouth, and a sound headband that covered his eyes, this boy was without doubt a demon, an akuma.

Akuma sat in his cell that was deeper in the dungeons than anyone else's, Orochimaru's cruelty showing. Akuma then smelled something that he hadn't sensed in a long time, fear, someone was coming, probably the daily feeder, no, this one had something different around him, a smell of sweat that wasn't normal even for the feeder, this person also trembled loudly enough for Akuma to pick up his movements, Akuma had a black and white picture in his mind about what this person looked like. Akuma then let out a loud hiss as he rammed the door and let out some grunts. The sound nin approaching backed off and stammered, "St...stop...y-you...f-fre-freak." Akuma grunted loudly as he hit the solid door like a wild animal. The sound nin just backed away slowly, away from Otogakure no Akuma as if it were a disease, yet remembered his master's orders and stepped slowly towards the cage.

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03-28-2007, 03:55 PM
Siting up from the rock and looks around 'I must of fell asleep' Rain thinks to him self. His mind goes blank for a sec..."Alyssa!!" Rain panicked and looked around quickly and at that moment She comes behind him "looking for something" alyssa said with a smile. "You scared me...what do you have?" asked Rain. "Some food you were sleeping so I went and got this." Rain looks at a basket in the basket were fruit and other things to eat.
Rain and alyssa have some of the fruit. They went back to the village. When they made it back they sat down and just talked about the mission.

03-29-2007, 10:35 AM
Snicker was still sitting in the tree until he saw a couple of Jounin pass. He over heard them talking and sighed.

"So Tsunade needs voleenters..." he said to himself. "Why not... It has been sometime since I have had a good fight... Besides... hehe.." he snickered thinking unmentionable thoughts.

He took to the trees fast and in no time was at the academy and was in the window of the Hokage's office. He sat against the window.

"... You have Yoshimitsu Siniku at your service sir my Hokage..."

03-29-2007, 11:04 AM
reaper sensed the person leaving whomever is was it was clearly not interested. A small pale hand escape the confines of her sleeve for a moment and pulled the hood a little lower. she retreated her hand and turned around and jumped into the tree's. she looked at a crow that flew along with her and nodded, she had another mission tommorow.

03-29-2007, 11:04 AM

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03-30-2007, 02:00 PM
As Rain and Alyssa sit there they hear someone talk about how Tsunade need an extra help.
"So what do you think, Alyssa?"
"Well, it is better than doing nothing"
"That is all I need to know"
they get up and went to Tsunade office and wait for what she has to say.

03-30-2007, 02:14 PM
Seeing so many people arrive Hanzo moves back into the shadows hidding away not speaking to anyone just waiting for Lady Tsunade to speak once more. With a frown, he glances back and notices Rain a person of which it is said has more talent than most and his rookie Alyssa. With a small smile he walks up behind him and speaks in his whispering voice. "Hello Rain."

03-30-2007, 03:18 PM
Grigori continued to keep pass with his squad of Sound nins until they reached the border tower which had been attacked. They were only a scouting party, sent to take a quick look at the damages and casualties on both sides and wait to see if there would be a Grass response in the immediate future. Though Grigori himself doubted that possibility because it seemed to him more likely that Grass would choose to lick its wounds and wait for support from Leaf and the other members of its alliance. They would also have moved back patrols to a smaller nucleus around the Hidden Villiage to prevent a direct assault which would mean that the Sound Nins probably would be safe from attack while they assessed the battlefield.

The ninja landed neatly on the last tree branch before the small clearing in the middle of which was the burnt husk of the tour. The jounin and chunin spread out while the Genin were to remain in a centralized area to support the others if there were some lingering Grass nins.

03-30-2007, 04:00 PM
reaper landed at the entrance of a small cave and walked inside. It was to dark to see anything but because she had always lived in the darkness she did not mind that. She walked to the back of the cave where a pool off mountain water was. Without removing her cloak she stepped in the chily water and walked towards the middle, a small flat rock was there and she laid her cloak and scyther on it. She turned and sank into the water resting her back against the rock. She knew this cave was a a risk it was near a villiage but none seemed to come here anyway and not many caves had water indoors. She sighed and relaxed her long hair flowed abit around her.

At the battlefield a large crow watched the sound nins with beady eyes. His sister who was always with reaper had asked him and the other crows to keep a eye out. he cawed and flapped his wings as they spread.

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03-30-2007, 09:04 PM
Rain look behind him and says "you need to stop trying to sneaking up on people you are just bad at it" Alyssa looks with a spook not knowing that Hanzo was there.
"What is it you want Hanzo?"
Rain takes a seat not knowing what Hanzo wants but he knows it is never good. Alyssa stands at the ready not knowing Hanzo.

03-30-2007, 10:35 PM
Tsunade was sitting at her desk as Jounin, Chuunin and Genin alike started to slowly pour into her room. She saw Kakashi and Gai walk in to the room as well as Sakura, Rock Lee and Ten Ten following behind them. Where their teammates where she would have no clue. And soon enough other younger genin and there Jounin teacher arrived. She gave a slight smile but it faded to quickly for any one to notice. The matter at hand was serious. It had been three hours and 35 minutes. '25 minutes.' was all she thought at the moment.

03-30-2007, 10:49 PM
A young girl sat against the patterns of an aged tree, pulling a beanie cap of some sort over her eyes, her jet black hair flowing in the wind.
'Geez... it's so boring,' she thought, staring down at the battlefield below. What a perfect view. They don't stand a chance... Would the girl fight for her village and aid in the overall victory of the Sound? "Not today." Sariento finally opened her pursed lips to reply to her thoughts. She hated fighting. It just seemed so boring to her. The enemy's moves were so predictable, and scoring a single hit wasn't the hardest thing in the world to do. Despite others' points of view, Sariento was an exceptionally skilled fighter, both mentally and physically.

Suddenly, her spine jolted up, longing to see the result of the activity below. She didn't want to miss it.

03-30-2007, 10:56 PM
"Hey!" Grigori shouted over to some girl who seemed to be drifting out of paying attention, "Stay sharp! No rest for the wicked." He didn't mean that as a figure of speech. Still they he was getting on edge... His Shade was aching to kill but it wasn't anything more then background noise at this point but it certainly didn't help the tension. He just reminded himself that this was just a formality and sat down... He began planning his next move in a variety of possible scenarios, if only to keep his mind from drifting to the darker realms of his head.

03-30-2007, 11:49 PM
Noticing Tsunade was getting ready to speak, Hanzo settles in and waits for Tsunade to begin the reason for them to be here. "Im here for the same reason your here Rain." Hanzo speaks with nothing more than his whispering voice. "I was bored and wanted something to do. Maybe we will have to work together. Ive always wanted to see what you can do and im sure your curious about what i can do too." He speaks more with nothing more than his whispering voice.

03-31-2007, 03:47 AM
Tsukiko ran her hand through her hair as she thought quickly about the news concerning the volunteers for the war. She wanted to help but there was something that was keeping her from doing it - the fact that she didn't want to kill people. But during a war, killing is inevitable for some people whose jutsus are dangerous like hers. She'll just have to find a way to prevent death and making it her last resort...
As quickly as possible, she went to Tsunade's office and saw lots of people already there but found her teacher at the corner with Gai. Making her way towards Kakashi, she ignored the other genins who were staring at her. Although, she was used to their cold stares because she was one of the youngest jounin in Konoha. Jealousy and Anger was all she could see in their eyes...

Note: sorry if I still haven't post my character's appearance yet. I'm so sorry.

03-31-2007, 04:58 AM
The crow flew up and landed infront of grigori at a safe distance. he had a feeling this one needed to be watched. He cawed and bent his head to pull a large a rainworm from the ground and swallowing it. After a blinking a few times he flew up and over grigori making sure to leave a dropping his head before turning and flew the other way.

He met up with another crow a female this time and she flew to the cave. Reaper raised her hand when she heard the flapping off wings and the crow landed. she listend to the cawing "i see..keep a eye on them"she smiled as the crow flew away again. she was gonna be busy the next few weeks.

03-31-2007, 09:08 AM
Kaitsuri watched as bodies fell to her feet. Her whole left arm, which she transformed into a drill sheltered with bones was covered with the blood of the few ninjas she just brutally killed. Killing seemed to satisfy her in a way she can never explain yet it was in her mind not to kill that much, she should only kill when she needed to protect herself. And that time seemed to have come.

It was unlucky for the ninjas she met along the way that she decided to wander near the border of grass and rain, where she knew a great battle was happening. At first, she ignored them and continued to walk on. But when one of them threw a kunai at her, which she dodged easily, she hesitated no longer.

"Maybe not the best spot to wander... Considering I'm on their hit list." she whispered to herself while transforming her arm back, gazing at the dead bodies.

She perfectly knew about what was happening and in reality, didn't care that much about the outcome. She could care less about who would win as long as no one involved her at all.

She began to run away quickly, watching her surrounding in case other ninjas appear and try to take her life as well. Though she wasn't in alliance with both sides, she was a missing-nin and therfore, was hunted by the villages.

After some time, Kaitsuri found herself near a cave. Being a human, she was tired and needed rest. She entered the cave, and used it as a shelter for the night.

03-31-2007, 09:26 AM
"Isn't it a shame Tsunade that we always meet under dire circamstances?" asked Snicker with a slight chuckle. "Never casually or in good fun...After all of this is over we should really get to know each other better." he said suavely as he did with most women. "None of that at this time of course."

03-31-2007, 09:54 AM
Reaper heard someone enter her cave and stood moving as silent as possible through the water. Her sycther in her hand and her chakra surpressed. She saw someone near the enterance and spoke knowing the echoing of the cave would make it difficult to pinpoint her "who are you" she held her scyther ready to a battle.

03-31-2007, 09:55 AM
'Oh, right...' Sariento immeaditly stood up, remembering there some meeting of a kind to get to. 'Recruiting is ever so great...' she rolled her eyes, walking along the barren grass field.

03-31-2007, 02:30 PM
Letting the white and indigo swirl fade from his eyes back into a crimson luster, he leaned against a tree, his blade was back in it's sheath.. for now. As the time had passed he had taken in the chakra of several rain ninja and a few unlucky grass shinobi. He cracked his neck slowly as a small group of sound ninja had come upon his position, he was at the edge of the small wooded area looking out into the fields of tall grass while the three approached.

Ryuno tilted his head up letting his eyes rest towards the sky while he felt them gathering chakra, readying themselves it seemed. That must mean they know who he is...

"You! Blind one, who are you?" The leader was gathering chakra into his palms as he stepped forwards looking at Zenki with narrow eyes.

The Blind one brought his eyes down, the somewhat faded crimson irises came into their sights and they gasped as it shot up into white flames then a glow. Ryuno reached out a hand into the air and in his palm came the hilt of the Akioniken, the Fallen Devil sword. He didn't even draw it fully into existence before disappearing, reappearing in the center of the group of three.

They all let out screams of fear, terrible fear as they felt their very life force be ripped away by each cut. He slashed in a swirl and a fluid downward spiral, all three saw the blue and purple streams of their very chakra enter his eyes before burning up into black flames eating them away until their bones dropped where they stood. Once they hit the ground they shattered into nothing.

The blade was back into nonexistence before anyone would be able to see what it looked like if around. He took his cane in hand and started off on the road tapping the ground lightly to show his way while his eyes let out the purple mist of chakra exhaust.

"Mmm...seven seconds..." He whispered to himself as he went.

03-31-2007, 07:28 PM
Warui spun around. "I thought I felt something following me" she said grinning. Infront of her stood two Rain village ninja. "What do you want?" Warui asked them. "We want you to hand over the scroll" The first one demanded. Warui chuckled. "If you want this scroll come and get it!" she stated. The first rain ninja jumped at her with amazing speed and shoved a kunai knife into her left shoulder. Warui screamed in pain. She jumped back and started making hand signs. "Shadow sword jutsu!" then a katana formed out of the shadows surrounding warui. Warui grabbed the katana and shoved it straight through the ninja jumping at her. Warui began making handsigns again. "Shadow shurikan storm!" Warui shouted as shurikan shot out from the shadows surrounding the second ninja imbeding themselves into him. "Man I have to get this scroll to the hokage before someone else gets it." Warui said jumping off towards the village hidden in the leaf.

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03-31-2007, 08:23 PM
OOC: just a small post to say I am here.

BIC: Rain and alyssa was siting there whating for Tsunade to come out and talk with ever one.
"So...Bored!" alyssa said with disapponitment
"Well, do you know how to play strip poker?" Rain said with a smile.
Alyssa stands and hits Rain on the head.

03-31-2007, 11:09 PM
((Hey, is the "meeting" or recruiting happening right now? Roleplay wise?))

Sariento arrived at the meeting, silently standing behind the crowd. Geez.... She really didn't want to do this.

((Writer's block. T_T ))

04-01-2007, 03:07 AM
Kaitsuri heard a voice echoing deep inside the cave. "Someone's in here?" she silently said. She stayed at the entrance, not wanting to be attacked by an unknown person. She took out a bone sword from her right arm and turned her left arm into a drill, preparing herself for anything.

The cave was dark and only the entrace was visible in Kaitsuri's eyes. The voice that she heard a while ago echoed in her mind. She was thinking if she would tell that stranger who she was but she was also thinking that that person might attack her unexpectedly after.

She kept quiet and waited at the entrance to see what the person in the cave would do.

04-01-2007, 05:08 AM
Reaper felt no ill intent from her 'what should i do..'she thought. she had not had human company in years and she was not really desperate for it either. she frowned 'probely a traveler wanted to rest for the night'she thought and spoke again "you can stay as long as you leave me be and do not attack me" she relaxed "i have no reason to fight since i don't know you" she turned and quitly walked on the water and grabbed her cloak. Moving to the other side she came upon a smal island where a straw bed lay. she yawned and laid down putting her sycther near her and the cloak over her as a blanket.

04-01-2007, 10:11 AM
Kaitsuri heard what was said and sighed. "Thank God..." she whispered. She turned her left arm back to normal but remained holding her bone sword on her right. Though she heard the voice clearly, she was still suspicious and will not bring her guard down.

She walked deeper in the cave, not too deep though. After a while, her eyes became accustomed to the darkness of the cave. She could see the outlines of the rocks that surrounded her.

"Maybe I should stay here..."

She sat down and rested her back on the rocky wall. Bones began to sprout from the ground covering her so she'd be protected while she slept. And without another thought, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

04-01-2007, 10:29 AM
All that which previously happened with Ryuno had been two days before, now he was on a rocky road stepping on the stones without fear. He took in a slow, deep, breath. The air was thinner perhaps, but he wasn't at any elevation, he knew he was on the flat ground. The rocks cracked under his sandals only enough for a few pops. He tapped his cane in his direction, forwards following the road until he could hear an echo, some calling of a sort.

"you can stay as long as you leave me be and do not attack me"

A second echo..

"Maybe I should stay here..."

He opened his dull crimson eyes to the darkness that was his vision, he felt no need for the Onikirigetsu now. They were of no ill intent by the way it seemed. He stepped a small bit into the cave, and he heard the breath of someone resting after an upheaval of a sort.

"Mmm... rocks? Encasing?" He said lightly to himself before calling into the cave "A lonely masseur looking for work... anybody here need a massage?" His voice was full and confident though lacking in total character. "I'm just a blind one, looking for work and maybe some rest... can you spare me the means to either?"

04-01-2007, 10:37 AM
reaper groaned as she heard someone speak. she stood and walked back over the water stopped at the shore her sycther in her hand. she tapped her foot on the ground for a moment "i have no need for anything, you can rest but if you wish conversation talk to the other one" she stated a bit coldly. she walked back over the water to her island in the back.

04-01-2007, 02:04 PM
Itachi walks tward the light slowly lifting his mask.
"Is it time yet, Itachi-sama?" asks Kisha.
"No, not just yet. Let Tobi play with his prey." replied Itachi,"We shall strike when he least expects it. You must understand that,Kisha, you have been with me the longest."
"Yes, Itachi-sama. I understand." says Kisha."
They disappear into the darkness once more. The mask slipping out of his hand and into the shadows of the alley.

04-01-2007, 07:18 PM
Kazuki woke with a yawn, confused as to why he was sleeping on the floor of his greenhouse. " Whatever. Probably fell asleep while watering the plants again" he thought. After tending the bamboo, he headed outside to see where he could get some breakfast and a new mission, seeing as how he was both starving and bored out of his skull. Moments after walking outside Kazuki realized he wasn't wearing a shirt and people were staring at the half-naked ninja eating an ice cream cone. " Oops" Kazuki thought. After going back to his house for clothes, he headed over to the Hokage's office in the usual manner. ( taking the long way )

04-02-2007, 06:14 AM
Kaitsuri slowly opened her eyes at the sound of another's voice. "This cave is become quite popular..." she thought with a slight smirk present on her face.

A voice echoed originating from the deeper part of the cave.

"i have no need for anything, you can rest but if you wish conversation talk to the other one"

"A little harsh..." she had said out loud, hoping that that person would hear that statement. A quiet snicker escaped her lips after she said those words. She turned her head to the deeper part of the cave, hoping to catch even a tiny glimpse of that person but only saw darkness. "Shoot... and I heard footsteps..." she thought.

Kaitsuri moved her gaze from that part of the cave towards the entrance where she sought the figure that just entered. Another had come in the cave though she wasn't excited to meet a new faces. The voice she heard gave Kaitsuri the idea that he was male. She wanted to stand up and take a closer look at him but the bones that enclosed her proved to be nuisances. Kaitsuri knew she could just make the bones disappear but she'd rather not, partly wary of the two ninjas that she resided in between of.

Kaitsuri closed her eyes and spoke, "Do as you wish..."

04-02-2007, 02:43 PM
"Do as I wish...? So no massages here eh?" He walked into the cave with his blind eyes open, be brought the cane to the wall at the side as to guide his way. He could feel the damp air of the cave and the wind pulling the old air out while pushing the new in. He took a seat at his knees and propped his cane at his shoulder letting the edge sink slightly into the cave floor. It was hard to tell he was a ninja, being blind in all wasn't a good factor to most in the shinobi world and his disposition seemed full of humility. though as no one could ever tell, that's just the demon sleeping before it rises up from it's pit;ready to lash out.

But he had control over it for the most part. Sitting alone a few meters from the one called Kaitsuri, he shifted his weight on his knees lightly and sighed a small bit. At that point he slouched his head down and turned his eyes to the darkness. He was debating on whether or not he should activate his Onikirigetsu, but in the darkness of the cave it would only reveal his true identity. He didn't need possible foes now, not when he was resting.

"The air... it's so damp today..." He said lowly to himself, as though nobody would listen.

04-02-2007, 03:07 PM
Reaper listened to the tapping of the cane until he sat down. Then she spoke "ten meters from your right is a lake, it isent deep but you probely break your neck if you fall in" She sighed and sat up sensing something "finally"she mutterd and pulled on her cloak and grabbed her scythe. She walked over the water and stopped on the shore "three..two..one". Suddenly outside screaming and flapping of wings was heard. She smirked her crows got him, she sallomed the around the other two and dashed out of the cave slicing the final bandits head whom had escaped and followed her. she yawned as her cloak swayed in the night wind and turned to walk into the cave leaving the body for the forest animals.

04-02-2007, 04:41 PM
OOC: well I wasn't here this weekend so here is an opener post for Lin
BIC: Lin stood near the back of the crowd. Tsunade wasn't out yet. Sariento stood beside her later. Lin turned her masked face slightly seeming to weigh the new-comer. Without ceremony she looked backto the front having obviously decided Sariento wasn't going to be much good for a conversation. Some seemed nervous of her. Not surprising she hadn't spoken to anyone since she arrived.

04-02-2007, 05:39 PM
OOC: I think Tsunade is speaking for the Leaf Alliance, right?

"God, forget it. I could've taken out those soldiers ten mintues ago!" Sariento sighed. She wasn't even sure if the leader would come out. Geez....
She didn't care who was watching her at that point. Noting Lin, Sariento crossed her arms. She sometimes hated when people stared at her. Well... it'd be nice to talk to someone who doesn't know your bad personality. Without realizing, she turned to face her.

'No.... no...' her mind stopped. Although, her face seemed to soften, now staring at Lin and waiting for her to introduce herself. It was a bad habit of hers. She'd always waited for the first person to speak.

04-03-2007, 11:03 AM
Kaitsuri felt the cold air brush against her as she heard footsteps past. Prior to that, a scream was heard from the outside of the cave. "Another person?" she said. Her eyes opened once again at the noise that issued from outside. She focused her gaze at the outline of a person standing at the entrance. "Must be the one who was here before me.." she thought.

Pondering at what that person was doing made Kaitsuri curious. A huge bone sprouted at the outside of the cave and her head emerged from it. "Bandits?" she thought, seeing the clothing of the dead people sprawled on the ground. She looked the severed body of those bandits, their heads detached and missing.

"Only bandits..."

She quickly turned her attention to the entrance and saw that that person had already entered. She sighed. With that, her head vanished from the bone and the bone itself dug back into the ground, back to her body.

"Oh well..." she said, quickly closing her eyes once more, wishing that there were no more interuptions to her sleep.

04-03-2007, 03:42 PM
Lin waited for Sariento to say something. Whe she didn't Lin took the intiative "Lin" She said stretching out a hand "What's you name?" Half the people currently standing near her jumped. Well that's what you got when you didn't speak to anyone until some strange girl shows up. Lin thought sarcastically. A few of the nin were staring at her those were the brave ones. THe others just slowly backed away from the strange ANBU.

04-03-2007, 04:57 PM
"Hmm...." Sariento curled her lips into her mouth, as if asking to be slapped. "Sariento." she shook Lin's hand. Although Sariento was always rude, she just couldn't help it. Everyone out there were idiots.
Judging by Lin's appearence, it was assumed she was of high rank. Sariento was only a Genin. "Let me guess... Chunin? Sensei-san? Or ANBU?" she asked.

04-03-2007, 09:13 PM
Grigori had waited for some time before the scout force had regroup and left to return to the main sound base in the region in preperation for the the coming advance on the Grass villiage. He kept pace with them bounding along the trees once more, letting his mind slick back and forth across his conciousness... gazing at its depths, sweet and flowing.

04-04-2007, 01:34 PM
reaper suddenly stopped in midstep and groaned. she was not tired anymore "stupid bandits" she muttered and walked back to the enterance. She waited by kaitsuri for a moment to speak "i will keep watch, you two sleep" she walked further to the enterance and sat down at it. resting her scyther against her shoulder "i am used to this so no worries" her voice had a slight tone of authority for this she did not allow protest. She looked at a couple of wolves whom started to drag the bodies away while a crow rested on her shoulder.

04-04-2007, 03:51 PM
Lin smiled breifly. she discounted the fact Sariento seemed rude. SHe'd dealt with enough in her short life-time. "ANBU as a matter of fact" She said reclaiming her hand as if Sariento were a disease. Nasty little habit that she'd grown into don't touch for too long. Many took this as offense. Lin didn't mind they could thing what they wished. She wasn't in control of their brains all though it would be nice so she could shut up all the tactless idiots of the world. Or stop the others from leaving Lin thought with sudden bitterness directed at her unknown dad.

04-06-2007, 05:40 PM
"Oh," Sariento noticed how Lin took her hand away. "I'm a Genin." (and the authoress wants to know if Genin is the second stage of a Shinobi, or if she's getting Chunin and Genin mixed)
In Lin's face, she saw she was thinking about something, but just for a second. It looked like anger. Hmmm... should I? she thought to herself.
"Hey." now her tone of voice was blunt. The next statement seemed to soften of a sort. "Are you okay?"
I'm feeling nice today. Sariento crossed her arms, repeating this in her head.

04-08-2007, 03:33 AM
(ah..sorry for not posting anything for a while...I've been busy dealing with my longtime friend, writer's block)

Tsukiko stood by Kakashi quietly as they waited for Master Tsunade. Her teacher gave a quick look at her and continued reading his favorite book. "Tsukiko...I've already told the Hokage that you would have a special mission concerning the war. You have to go to the borders of rain and grass and help our ally...In other words, you'll just be going ahead of us to help them fend the rain ninjas until we get there...understood?"
"...yes..." she answered softly and quickly disappeared in a flash of smoke.
The war between the two villages was worse than she thought...

04-08-2007, 12:23 PM
The crow on reapers shoulder cawed as dawn aproached. a few crows landed before her each holding some food except for one who had a big earth wurm in his beak. she took the other food that consisted of some fruits and then looked at the one holding the earth worm "for the hunderth time himo, i don't eat bugs and stuf". The crow shook it's head and swallowed it cawing. Reaper shook her head a big "sometimes i wonder what i am gonna do with you" the head shaking caused the hood to fall backwards and she quickly grabbed it before it fell of her head. Noone needed to see her real face and specialy not her 'geusts' she sighed as she glanced over her shoulder to the two sleepers.

04-08-2007, 05:01 PM
He tilted his head up and turned his eyes towards the one called Reaper. He could smell the power of that one easily and he was tempted to activate his Onikirigetsu and see this person's life force but in the end he stayed his curiosity. There was still time to rest so he decided to take it. He moved his cane to lean on his other shoulder as he thought back to his previous encounters, playing them on in his head. Back and forth the strikes were played and sent, in the end he came out on top of course.

"The darkness... full filing.." He whispered to himself.

04-08-2007, 05:27 PM
Lin blinked atonished her feelings had shown on her face through her mask. "Oh yes I'm fine. Just a momentary lapse in concentration" She said softly schooling her face back into apathy. She didn't apologize for her "rude behavior" as her mother would have called it. SHe sensed almost a kindred soul in Sariento although the girl seemed to be a bit more forthcoming with her feelings.

04-08-2007, 05:42 PM
Reaper looked up when the sun rose. she knew the male was awake but didn't react to it, instead she pulled something from her pocket. Two gloves that reached her elbow. she carefully listend if either one of the othes aproached her as she let her one of her sleeve sink to the elbow reaveling a thin and extremely pale arm.

she quickly slipped the glove on and repeated the process with the other one and stood leaning on her scyther. Usealy she did not travel in daylight but her cave had been discovert so it was saver to move but she would wait until the others were gone as wel. She was maybe a reaper but she would not leave people unprotected until she was sure they could protect themselfs or the threat was removed.

04-09-2007, 08:46 PM
"Okay...." Sariento shrugged. Her feelings that were soft never shone that much. "God, waiting here is boring...." she mumbled.

04-10-2007, 02:44 AM
Kaitsuri felt her stomach grumble. She tried to shrug the feeling off and sleep but her stomach continued to grumble, making her eyes open suddenly.

"I'm hungry..." she whispered. The bones that encased her began to sink back to the ground, allowing her to stand properly. Kaitsuri fixed herself up before walking towards the entrance, passing a man with a cane sitting peacefully near where she was. She ignored him and continued on.

04-10-2007, 10:50 AM
Reaper looked over her shoulder "good your awke" she places the scyther on her back. And shook the sleeves a bit "thats mean i can leave". she pushed off and hopped into the tree's. As she jumped from branch to branch until a crow flew in her line of sight. She nodded towards it and followed it to the outskirts of the sound villiage. She rested on a branch and looked down "hmmmm, you sure he is in there?" she looked at the crow. It cawed and nodded, reaper sighed and sat in the shadow of the large tree "lets wait until he comes out then" she held her scyther ready but was also prepared for a long wait. She kept her chakra surpressed since she saw someone ocasionly come out.

04-11-2007, 11:29 PM
Tsukiko packed only what was needed for the trip. Sighing, she moved out of her room and fastened her pace. Time was of the essence right now and if she wasn't going to hurry, the grass ninjas might already be long dead before she comes. 'Why me...'she thought glumly. 'Maybe if I didn't choose to be a volunteer then I wouldn't have to go there right now...'
She ran quickly through the forest as she looked at the map to the village of grass...

04-13-2007, 05:46 PM
Itachi glares at Kisha.
"What do you mean?"
"Oh Itachi! Did you actually belive me?" said Kisha
"Kisha, I wish you would stop playing and get back to the mission."
"who's there?"
"It is I, Kisame."
"Oh.Hi fish sticks!"
They walk of into the distance. They have ben reunited after the trio got separated. They know that they are very happy, but they don't know that someone is watching their every step.

04-15-2007, 09:02 AM
Tsukiko stopped as she arrived near a lake. Maybe this place for resting would do, she thought as she sat down beneath the tree. Sensing someone coming, her right hand unconsciously held a kunai in her back pocket...

04-15-2007, 10:01 AM
Grigori walked back down the halls, the jounin from his group were off reporting what they had found to Orochimaru and that left him with little to do before the next orders came through. Little to do save sit and wait... and sit... and wait.

04-15-2007, 01:05 PM
Reaper looked from her place in the tree at the jounins that arrived at the sound villiage but didn't act on it. her target was a person whom killed innocence for practice reasons and she could not allow that. More crows landed in the nearby tree's cawing and awaiting her commands for attack.
One crow landed infront of her and cawed, she looked at him "so there still there hmmmm" she looked at the people that entered and left the villiage.

Faintly wondering if something big was starting. She shook her head, she was reaper she nothing to do with that kind of thing. she looked at the crow "just keep a eye on him and report if he does something strange" the crow cawed and flew up and away to return to watch grigori.

04-15-2007, 03:49 PM
Kisha woke up with Itachi's head in her lap.
Hu? What is he...
Then she remembered that they partied lat night. She remembered that Itachi told her
"I'm sorry. I cant."
She wondered. What can he not do? And how does it involve me???

The Stranger
He has been following them for quite sometime now. He was from their past. He was someone who they would all rather forget, someone who should have been dead.