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Aura of the Twilight
03-26-2007, 03:54 PM
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Okay let's start this RPG.

It was around midday when Altheena finally awoke. She had gotten back from a solo mission she took on late last night and just collapsed on her bed from exhuastion and had slept late because of it. She bathed and then changed into her usual attire and then left her room. She walked down the corridors for a little while until she came to the courtyard opening of the Tears of Blood H.Q.

It was a large square that had a small meadow of sorts in the center of it. Currently the ground was pink, purple, & red since the flowers were in bloom and in the center of the meadow was a large fountain with paths that lead to it, dividing the meadow into fourths.

Altheena walked to the fountain and just stared at the water as it fell from one level of the fountain to the next. She started to contemplate random things about this and that. Occassionally giving a nod to any member of the Tears of Blood that walked by and said hello.

"This is my favorite place to think. It's so quiet and peaceful here." Altheena said under her breathe to herself as she continued to watch the ever falling water streams from the fountain.

03-26-2007, 04:14 PM
It was starting to get dark, Nathenial began to look for somewhere to sleep for the night out in the wild searching around flying over top. He found a small place and laid down to rest. Today his travels had showed him some land that may have some problems in the future. Out of the blue he gets a request for him to return to the main city in the morning for his newest mission breifing. "Darn, Why now? I was going to lay down get some sleep but just to reach the city ill have to fly all night. Oh well." He says to himself as he stands up and flaps his wings a couple of times so that he can lift off and continue moving on his way back to the city once more.

03-26-2007, 04:19 PM
Alstina laughed and drove her wings down harder increasing her height to dizzying. She knew that the last time she'd gone off like this her parents had given her a wordbashing to end all not to mention Jade. But that being six hundred and ten years ago it shouldn't apply to her now. She pressed her wings close in a dive letting herself drop. It was exhilirating. She stopped at a reasonable height. Her position was close to the Tears of Blood H.Q. Alstina flipped herself around and headed the opposite direction not for any reason known to herself. She shifted her wings to better catch the nuances of the wind. Her hair fluttered in it's bonds. Alstina flipped to the side turning in a large circle. She'd head back later right now she just wanted to see the look on Karlona and Kiotchi's faces.

03-26-2007, 04:24 PM
Logos walked into Malroonra...stepped into it. He had been traveling for a long time, years now, walking the lines between and the threads. And now his path had twisted its way to this city. He knew about what had happened, his fellow Guardians of Anima, the ones who were now eternally bound to the Anima, had informed him of the passing of the world. He had already left it when its destruction came. He was off somewhere else letting his feet and the Hand of the Hub guide him much like he always did.

The city was calm as he walked in and he could taste it. But also there were ebbing tides of future fates rolling high and hard agianst the walls of the town. Something was approaching, most likely something that he would wish to see though he hoped not to be involved. But then, if the world chose to involve him then he would play its game.

His white angel wings caught the bright noon sun and glittered with an aura of peace and benevolence. He smiled with an almost lay grace and walked down the streets, the people's thoughts bursting through his brain and out his tongue

oh people here that do play with you grace
how have you moved and have you hidden your face
'neath the darkening door and your mother's lace
skirt which is starting to fade
now you lift up your ears and you feel your pulse race
cause the world has been remade

And all who have lived through the tossing of stones
and who have watch the young child have her young bones
broken into pieces and then cast out and thrown
to the winds that bend in the shade
you better get wise or you'll loose all your homes
cause the world has been remade

Yahweh leaned on his back and wondered in his dreams what was happening. He knew Logos wouldn't care enough to think ahead, preferring to live in an ever changing and ever ebbing present but he, being the thinker he was, could not leave so much to fickle fate. Yahweh bent all his thought to what would be occurring, what had drawn Logos and him to this place? He didn't like this. But he never really liked it when Logos interacted with people. He always lived in fear of definition unlike logos who seemed to hardly care about anything anymore.

03-26-2007, 05:17 PM
Neverdyne walked out of her office in the sickbay after checking some documents. she yawned and stretched, she had no emergency in ages if you didn't count the time when the cook came screaming her head off because her youngest son somehow managed to gte his head stuck in a large jar. she frowned at that since she stil was not sure he got his head stuck in the first place.

She sighed and looked out window while straightening her kimono and shook her head when she saw alstina fly by. she leaned on the sill and yelled at her amused "don't break anything or i might have to tell your parents" she smiled. Since the war was over and she was allowed to come her she had been more relaxed. She had been given a high medic postion and could do her craft in peace now. she brushed a stray hair back watching alista for a while.

03-26-2007, 05:35 PM
A spirit crossed the river into the afterlife, not the first nor last by any means. In a purely spiritual form, Acheron hung in the air beside his master, Muerte, watching the silent miracle of the crossing. The person's soul, more importantly the energy, would stay in the physical realm and build up destructive power like a dam. When that happened, either more sinister spirits to diminish this energy were released, or the world was devastated.

Muerte shifted himself back into the physical world, standing strongly on his legs. He looked around the deserted alley where he'd left the world, releived in not being seen. He honestly did not want to explain what he was or what he worked for, especially as he lied to forge an alibi. The Grim Reaper was the stuff of legends and bad horror movies for a reason.

But then he felt something geniunely familiar, and that was the touch of the Powers That Be on a person. His sister was not here, he did not beleive that another spirit was to be here, meaning that Muerte would turn just in time to see a glimpse of white feather flash out of sight in the street.

Muerte walked out and saw Logos singing his way down the street. Breifly, Muerte debated to himself greeting him, but decided against it. Logos was an observer, as Muerte took it. Observers shouldn't be obstructed by the feelings of others.

03-26-2007, 05:57 PM
Rubedo, or Sanzou Koutai as he would prefer to be called, sat in his room, thoughts entering and exiting his mind like actors on a stage. As he looked around his room, furnished with some of the lost Nethernean treasures he had acquired: gold statues of previous overlords, and intricate and detailed paintings of Nethernea and her structures were mounted on the four large walls that made up is intricate and breath-taking chamber; his bed, covered in gold linen and drapery fit for a king or emperor, was one of the main attractions in his room and lay near the far-right corner in his room; his wardrobe, covered in decorations and carved with stunning designs of flowing waves, large, celestial serpents flowing from the waves and almost begging to head for the light, bronze handles of the doors to open the doors, and great demons heading towards eachother as if in an eternal war, this mahogony carved mural gave a sense of balance to those that looked at it, inside this mural of chaos and order were Sanzou's personal attire of Nethernean first advisor robes that he still wore to keep not only the memory of Overlord Shinji, but to also keep the promise to serve him, even in death. Sanzou's robes looked mostly the same, save for being longer in length and width to keep up with his matured form, and details that were made to the new robes, with a red silk sowed with black cuffs, and black linen sowed down in intricate patterns with gold linen, the robe itself being held up by what looked like a frail gold linen string was actually silk from one of the famous spider demons of Nethernea and Marloona. Even though all these wonders filled his room, covered with red wallpaper with gold in a DNA-like spiral down the walls, it was all lost to him when he saw his piano, sitting there with it's ivory keys polished till it was almost immaculate, the maple wood frame carved so well no words could describe it's beauty, it was truly a treasure worth Sanzou's life, not because of mortal value, but because it's tune, it's hum could bring peace to even the most troubled demon, this was Sanzou's most important possesion held in high esteem and respected like an emperor so that Sanzou(or any one else smart enough not to) would never dare of staining it.

Sanzou got dressed imeidiately into his first advisor robe that made him seen as a monster with no respect to Nethernea or the dead overlord and first advisor(as he was thought to have died) after bathing in his personal bathhouse he had "acquired" the rights to(they were not in the immediate area and he used a dimension spell to get him there. Afterwards, Sanzou read the letter that lay on the desk and turned to his piano and sat down, performing small warm-ups, and began to play a beautiful melody. The melody almost gave a sense of life, youth, vigor to the many people in the Tears of Blood base as it echoed through the halls. With the youthful melody, Sanzou started to sing a resounding blast from his vocals, it was in what sounded like an ancient, art of language not being in the tounge of today, but instead speaking a language only used by the ancient seraphs, sounding deep, yet calm and serene. The piano's melody accompanied by Sanzou's resounding baritone of a voice cause those who heard it to fill a sense of prescence, a sense of absolute peace allowing their minds to relax and release the "demons" of their psyche for a short time. During his melody of peice, Sanzou thought about what the person said, Rubedo, we will not be able to make it back for a while, take care of yourself, is all it said and it worried him, this kind of thing never happened before and he wondered if something was wrong.

03-26-2007, 06:51 PM
The amber eyed angel of a sorts brought his weary frame to rest as the corner of the garden in the ToB HQ, his sword resonated softly to alert him of a nearby presence and to no surprise it was Altheena. He drew in a breath before standing up, using the corner as a brace with his long blonde hair tied in the back, he could feel a breeze come about, that breeze was that of a new world, though he had been there for a while it was still new to him, the plants and the people, the places and magics as well as energy sources where all new to him here. He found little comfort from that thought, though as he existed here he would do his duties, being the Azure blade around here was his top priority, other then defending Altheena that was.

He knew there was little to ponder, and he could feel the urge to cast himself out into the rest of the garden casually to see the one he had sworn to protect. But he kept back, jumpinh from a nearby tree up onto the top of one of the surrounding jade walls of the HQ. He let his figure stand up and look out to the sunrise as the morning still came, for him and for everybody. He could feel it, there was something ahead. But what could it be... He didn't know that.

"The dawn rises to start the new day, and here I am, staring at it's glory, yet to start mine..." He said in a low tone.

03-26-2007, 08:45 PM
An angel flew across tree tops, flying towards the HQ of the Tears of Blood. He had just recently joined the brigade, learning that it was Renshi and Altheena who had started it. The last time he saw them was 610 years ago. He let out a deep breath. He had been training through the whole time, and just finished a month ago. This would be his firs time to see the two in a long time as well as seeing the HQ.

There weren't any trees underneath him now, nothing but streets and houses. He flew faster as he grew anxious to get there. Avery neared the entrance of the HQ, seeing an angel flying around, nearby, paying no attention to the angel, he folded his black wings, diving straight down, pulling out of the dive seconds before impact. His feet tough the ground, wings folded, he walked through the doors of the HQ.

03-27-2007, 12:20 PM
Finally reaching the city he entered the city heading towards the office where he goes to get his missions. Inside the building he walks up to the front desk. The secratary tells him to go on up to see the leader of the scouts. So he heads up and picks up a mission that tells him he is suppose to locate a person named Ginko and see if he would like to join Nathinial as a scout team so cause they are worried about losing scouts now.

With a frown he heads out in the city searching block by block for a guy named Ginko.

03-27-2007, 02:59 PM
Talon jumped a little as Renshi jumped up onto the wall above him, Talon was just watching the sunrise though a small window in the wall but decided a full veiw would be preferable. he jumped up beside his friend and stared at the beautiful sunrise. a new sun but just as beautiful, he thought.
Leonie would like this but she was busy in the kitchens. Talon was worried at first, he thought he had brought Leonie into this against her wishes, but he soon realised cooking was what she was born to do. not one dish had been less than satisfactory yet, if anything they were getting better.
he didn't have to say anything to Renshi, as another fallen angel, Talon sometimes felt like he knew him better than anyone. the sun finished rising and hung softly in the distance. Talon admired its beauty and wondered what else there was to see on this new world, he doubted whether he'd seen even a percent of it, but he had a long life ahead of him. he hoped.

Aura of the Twilight
03-27-2007, 03:47 PM
Although she heard the piano music Altheena still remained in the same state for a while. She was then snapped out of her pensive state moments later when she sensed presences. She turned and looked up to see Renshi and Talon admiring the sunrise. She was about to say hello, but she felt another presence so she looked around and looked towards the main hall to see Avery.

"AVERYYYYY!" Altheena yelled as she ran towards him. She embraced him in a hug and then pulled away and smiled. "It's been way too long! I'm so happy you decided to come and join the Tears of Blood!" Altheena stated excitedly.

She then looked him up and down to see he hadn't changed much, unlike herself. She did notice one different thing about him though. "You changed swords. What did you think I cursed it or something when I used it against Lucretia? Or, did it break?" Althen asked as she lead him to the courtyard.

"Renshi, Talon, look Avery's here!" Altheena yelled to them as they came into veiw again.

03-27-2007, 04:27 PM
Alstina circled back to Neverdyne. "Go on and tell them" She said landing landing lightly beside her. She caught sight of Avery not far away but chose to ignore his presence as he had ignored hers. She smiled mischeivously at Neverdyne "Karlona and Kiotchi will be mad at me no doubt" Her impish smile grew "But givng them a heart attack is fun" She leaned against the wall. Neverdyne was always fun to mess with but then so was everyone else. Alstina was known as "the joking General" by many. She liked it after all she had made it up.

03-27-2007, 04:31 PM
Gabriel was hanging around the edge of the city. There was construction going on adding on to what was already there and Gabriel watched the men work smiling. These people just keep on going, nothing really slows them down to much I suppose, it's quite admirable, he thinks to himself remembering how his grandfather had encouraged diligent work in order to ward off the hunger. His eyes reflected a gleam of sadness for a moment as he thought of his former caretake. He looked up and reached into his rags to retreave an apple and he took a bit into it, savoring the sweet juices not taking much care to neatness.

A crash and a scream echoes through his ears and he follows the noise to a man whose leg is covered in bricks. The wall had collapsed and his leg had been buried in the debree. The others were trying there best to dig him out but not making much progress. Gabriel raised his hand and the debree and followed it's path being pulled by the earth seal, he moved the debree away and then dropped it. He bent down and began healing focusing his energy into his leg manipulating the cells into regenerating and mending the bone. When it was done the leg was pale and weak due to the freshness of some of the newly regenerated bone and blood which had not been fully replenished, but otherwise was fully healed.

Gabriel smiled at the man who just stared at him before uttering a mumble of thanks. Gabriel rose up and walked away. He looked down and said, "Hmmm I dropped my apple, oh well I'll come across some more food...eventually"

03-27-2007, 04:40 PM
He smiled as Talon came up with him, he placed a hand o his head and patted him twice before nodding. But then Altheena's voice came and it was the call of a friend, an old friend at that.

Avery... He could remember that night when he carried him off. Oh that was one heck of a night. But he had returned, or arrived, whichever way one could look at it. He smiled lightly before nodding to Talon, which after so he leaped off the top of the wall into the garden.

He made his way to the entrance and bowed slightly.

"Avery, hello."

03-27-2007, 05:19 PM
Avery was caught a little off guard by the hug, but just smiled. "Yeah it has been long. And my last one did break, although you putting a curse on it could have happened." He said jokingly as he let her lead him to the courtyard. She had called to Renshi and Talon who had been sitting on a wall. Renshi had made his way to him and then bowed slightly.

Avery bowed as well "Hey Renshi. What have you two been up to, since the last time we met?" He asked, directing the question to both of them. He remembered the night Lucretia had launched the surprise attack. He was curious since he had become unaware of what had been happening.

03-27-2007, 08:10 PM
Sanzou ended his melodius music with a flaring finale and suddenly his eyes grew pale as if he wasn't in his body, Hey Rubedo, where did you pick up that song, Sanzou thought curiously. Sorry Sanzou, but you should ask someone else, though I doubt they'll know, the song is in the tounge of the ancient seraphs and I have forgotten it. If you want to know ask Shino or Zangetsu next time you see them, Rubedo thought interacting via the mind due to their situation. So your brother and sister know the language and you don't, also, why didn't they speak it when we met them at the end of the war? Sanzou said mockingly. Don't worry I know you've been through a lot and they're just being considerate, Sanzou said in an apologizing manner.

Sanzou finally got off the chair and left his fabulously furnished room into the stone hall, passing people who gave him disdainful glances, and walked into the grounds. He saw along the sparkling green grass and beautiful stones Altheena, Renshi, Talon, and Avery talking to each other, "Hello Captain Altheena it's been awhile. Good to see you as well Renshi, have you been okay. Talon, you seem to be enjoying your stay with, was it "Leonie", have you gone on a date yet," Sanzou said chuckling before turning to Avery, "And you are... WAIT YOU'RE THAT KID THAT WAS WITH-," Sanzou said exasperated before stopping remembering not to reveal himself being Sigma to anyone who would know. Sanzou turned to face all of them, "It truly has been a long time since I have seen you all," he said happily before facing Renshi and saying in an almost serious tone, "And do you still have a habit of passing people threatening to kill you while enemy soldiers chase you like rabid beasts," he then laughed at his reference to when he was taken over by Rubedo 610 years ago, "I'm kidding, like that would ever happen," he quickly said before waiting for their responses.

Lil Menu
03-27-2007, 11:07 PM
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03-28-2007, 12:27 AM
Ginko siting with his new friends at a bare. He danks with them haveing fun and sorys. After an hour of dranking and haveing fun Ginko's friends are out cold. He gets a room and puts his friends in the room and gos out and sits on the roed. "I hope it will be a good day" He fall asleep in the street and whated for the sun to cume out!

03-28-2007, 11:04 AM
Neverdyne chuckled "you know i would not do that" she raised her brow "afteral if you don't get hurt reguraly i would not have a job" she giggled and shook her head her braid swaying. she adjusted her nurse hat for a moment and ginned at the general.

03-28-2007, 03:01 PM
Walking down the street Natahnial comes across Ginko. "Hello sir, You wouldnt happen to be Ginko Would you?" When he doesnt answer Nate sits down and waits to see if he gets up soon. He begins sharpening his sword and waits watching the people and Ginko under his almost hawk like eyes. His wings flap a few times to cool him off so that he just sits back now as there was a breeze.

Sasuke is God
03-28-2007, 03:12 PM
Haseo looked down at the man that the wall fell on and was about to react when a blue haired man came into the scene to help. This could prove interesting. Haseo thought to himself as the blue haired man lifted the bricks and went to heal the man. Soon done, the man looked up and said he lost his apple, but he was still optimistic at finding more food. Haseo sat for a moment in quite speculatction before he threw an apple at the blue haired man and jumped down from his postion. "Hello kind sir. Your acts of power and kindness are intriguing and refreshing to see. My name is Haseo." Haseo said with an out raised hand, "And by what should I call you?"

I am your stalker
03-28-2007, 03:22 PM
Ginko wakes an sees a man with a blade(Not the happiest thing he woke up to see). Ginko sits up trying not to freak out. "Umm...my I help you, sir?"

03-28-2007, 03:26 PM
Talon laughed, it was good to see everyone again. he'd been here awhile now but had rarely seen so many people. he chuckled at the mention of Leonie and set off to find her. he had grown a lot since the last war but his senses were the same and he knew something was happening... he plucked a small feather from his wing and molded it into a small charm. it was just out of habit, he used to do this when he was little. nobody around here minded though, in the old capital he was sneered at around every corner, but here he was accepted.
he turned down the corridor towards the kitchens and took a deep breath, whatever was cooking smelt good...

03-28-2007, 03:37 PM
Logos moved along the street humming... he felt another presence but knew it was not in his realm of authority to act upon what a guider of the dead might be doing here. He mission was only to carry the power of the Guardians through the worlds revolutions. He moved lithely and without direction through the city. The people turned and twisted around him but he paid them no mind and merely let himself be a leaf in the wind. He walked into a large almost military structure... he didn't know why he just found himself standing outside and decided to enter... it was a strange place called the "Tears of Blood"

03-28-2007, 04:01 PM
Alstina smiled Neverdyne wasn't the easiest to out-joke, sometimes when she was in a good mood and nothing serious took up her attention, but everyone was included with the people she joked with. She had never been on for downer moods. Alstina leaned back against the wall "Do you suppose I'd better go find them before they really blow a gasket?" She asked. She'd be in trouble but not a lot. They sort of forgave for staying in the low ranks after the war. Alstina shifted her wings so that they fell gracefully on either side of her shoulders. It allowed her to see Neverdyne better and it was the most comfortable position to be in.

03-28-2007, 04:43 PM
chuckles lightly she knew she let this out only around a few people "depends if the punishment is worth.." suddenly a yell ran through the hall "medic-sama" neverdyne turned to see a pale thin woman running her way and turned serious when she saw she was holding a child. The woman held out the child "junior got his head stuck in another jar again" the poor kid squirmed as the jar was to heavey for him to hold it up. neverdyne sighed and walked into her office and came out holding something in her hand "hold him stil" the woman held the child still and whacked the jar with a hammer. It cracked and fell to pieces, junior coughed as neverdyne looks sternly "if you get your head stuck again i wil leave the har on" the boy nodded. neverdyne watched him being dragged away by his mother "thats the second time this week"she muttered and looked at alstina.

03-28-2007, 07:41 PM
Gabriel caught the apple and looked up smiling. He bowed to the stanger replying, "Hello Haseo my name is Gabriel Voice, and thank you" He bites into the apple and begins eating while still talking. He may have gotten over his aggression issues but manners were by no means his forte. If anything living out on the streets had caused the less important courtesies, such as keeping up appearances, to deminish. "I've been trying to eat healthier, I used to just devour whatever was lying around"

Aura of the Twilight
03-28-2007, 07:49 PM
"Oh, well Renshi and I have had our hands occupied most of the time with missions since we arrived. In our spare time Renshi's given me lessons on how to use the Syncra magic." Altheena explained.Altheena then smiled until she sinced yet another prescence.

She looked around to the main hall and saw a familiar face. "...Is that Logos?" she asked aloud. Then she looked closer and confirmed that it was. She then ran up to him and gave him a hug that was even tighter than Avery's and said,"Logos, I thought you died! I never heard anyone say anything about you since the war ended!" then she let go of him and took a few steps back.

"How have you been? What happened to you?" Altheena asked. Then she got out her note pad and pencil that she always had with her and handed them to him.

03-28-2007, 08:28 PM
Logos smiled at seeing Altheena, she was after all, the only mortal he knew on any level. The only other one having died sometime ago during the war. He accepted the pen and paper graciously and thought his answer out carefully. He didn't like to lie but at the same time he could tell her everything about what had happened and what he did so he decided to tell the truths that wouldn't hurt

I've been out looking at the world. Traveling around letting the world guide me. I saw many things and I learned something about the nature of the world. It was an enlightening experience, almost a Satori if i may use the Zen Buddhist lingo. But during those journeys i have been fine and nothing of any damage happened to me. But what has happened here? I have never been to this city. Does it have a name?

Sasuke is God
03-28-2007, 09:14 PM
Haseo looked down at his belt at the small bag of apples he had and lifted the small bag off his belt and gently tossed it to Gabriel. "That should suffice your appetite." Haseo then turns to leave but stops short. "I propose an idea for you and I my talented friend. A partnership to survive these times would benifit both of us," Haseo said with his head half turned towards Gabriel. "Your thoughts?"

03-28-2007, 09:23 PM
Renshi saw Logos, though he was never really in contact with him before, not really knowing what to say he bowed lightly and went back to the garden. He sighed as he saw the plants and the energy about them and felt the flow of everything sensible.

Listening to the wind he would sigh as he sat in the grass.

"Well.. what next?"

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Aura of the Twilight
03-28-2007, 09:51 PM
Altheena took the paper and then looked up at Logos. "Yes, the city is Grandia, and this is the Tears of Blood Head Quarters other wise known as HQ. I'm the leader of the Tears of Blood and Renshi is the general. A lot of the people from the war are members here." Altheena explained as she lead Logos to the court yard as well.

"Well I'm not sure if you remember each other but, ... Logos this is Avery he was at the battle 610 years ago." Altheena stated as she motioned her head towards Avery. "Talon and others are here as well. So..." ALtheena started her sentence then she paused and sat down beside Renshi and then continued, "Besides the flow of the world is there any special reason you're here at the Tears of Blood HQ?" Altheena asked.

03-29-2007, 12:58 PM
"Your awake I see. Well would you perhaps be the man named Ginko? Because if you are I would like to talk to you about joining the Scouts. We have need of somebody with uniqe talents and they tell me i need a partner now cause its starting to get too dangerous to go on my own. Oh by the way, My name is Nathnial Wingtip." His wings flare out a bit. and than settle down beside him once more.

Lil Menu
03-29-2007, 02:11 PM
Hatsumi steched her arms out and looked up at the celing. "God how long have I been sleeping?".Hatsumi stood up half asleep and opened her door.She took a quick shower and dressed up and grabed her weapon and placed it into her pocket.She walked out her door and began strolling down the streets."So whats life god for us today?"Hatsumi said asking herself walking down the streets seeing the plane faces of the people of the city.

occ:can anyone help me tell me whats going on you know.

03-29-2007, 02:37 PM
"How does he manage to get his head stuck in a jar once let alone twice in one week?" Alstian asked watching the little boy ebiung dragged by his mother. Strange how little things like this unimportant junk could occupy a General's head or a person who suppose to be a General. Alstina sighed "I have no clue what kids these days can get into...of course to most I still am a kid." She blinked knowing Neverdyne had probably heard the last muttered comment.

03-29-2007, 03:02 PM
Talon felt the presence of logos easily, ever since he had unvoluntarily saved his life during a skirmish in the great war. Talon was about to be ripped apart by a very powerful spell and his allies had allready fled through a quick escape portal. Talon had crawled his way over to logos (who was sat uder a tree) and reached out to him. logos didn't make to help him but he didn't stop talon taking a small amount of his magic either. he used this to teleport back to the overlords castle.
Talon missed times like that... no wait. what was he saying? he'd always hated conflict, now he wanted it?
not for the first time talon felt the "other" him call out to him. the evil angel lucrieta had brought out his "other side" and hoped to use the other talon to assassinate atheleena. talon remembered how hard it had been to summon up the needed strength to cast a repel spell. it hadn't fully worked and talon was now plauged by his evil self.
a small child ran past and bumped into talon as his mother and Leonie walked round the corner. talon felt annoyed at the kid, more than he should have done. he felt like teaching him a lesson so he shot a simple fire spell in his direction. it wouldn't even scar him. but before the spell finished casting Talon added a bit extra power and then gave the spell the power to expload!
he didn't know what he was doing anymore, he just knew that the ball of swirling energy in his hands was going to hurt this kid.
he let out a short laugh, very unlike his normal happy chuckle then threw the spell down the corridor.

he came back to his senses as it hit the kid. then it blew up...
the corridor was blown in all directions and the kids mother and Leonie were blown back down the way they had came. amazingly talon had managed to quickly cast a small shielding spell over the kid, but it didn't help much.
Talon quickly grabbed the kid as parts of the base fell all around. it wasn't a big explosion and not much of the base was damaged but the part that was had been completely destroyed. Talon didn't even think he had that amount of power, but then again maybe he didn't and it was the evil him's doing.
he flew towards the medics ward as people started to arrive. he almost flew straight into neverdyne as he burst into the medics ward.
"please look after him, he's badly injured." out of breath he didn't even wait for a reply but jumped onto the windowsill, gave one last look at the base he had called home for too short a time then flew off towards... well anywhere, he just couldn't risk letting the other him out near the people he cared about.
the sun had risen fully now, he remembered watching it rise wiht renshi earlier, it felt like weeks ago... shame...

OOC: i know its long but i'm away for awhile so i had to make Talon 'disappear', until i came back. soz about the damage but i'm sure the insurance will cover it :D

03-29-2007, 03:18 PM
Logos nodded in respect toward the people he was being introduced to, flashing his normal wan and melancoly smile. He then turned his eyes, two pools of reflective ocean water, blue-green and deep, towards Altheena and looked thoughtful as she posed her question to him. He couldn't exactly say his supicion which was that something bad was going to happen and he normally was guided to places that were about to experience a tragedy- why he didn't know. So he didn't bother to think of a reason, reasons had never seen to important to him anyway and he merely shrugged in response. Why bother have a reason for what you did? It only took the fun out of doing it.

03-29-2007, 03:35 PM
neverdyne chuckled "it's quit logical if you saw the labels" she picked up two pieces and held together and it said "sugar" she raises a brow at alista's comment but said nothing "aparantly the youngest one has a sweet tooth" she dropped the pieces and moved into her office to get a sweeper and can.

03-29-2007, 03:38 PM
His amber eyes flashed as he heard the explosion. He turned to Altheena before dashing of towards the source, his hair being pulled back by the winds. He looked to the damage, and to the two women... but what happened?

"What went down here..?" He asked the two women.


His eyes widened as he heard his name and he drew Ryuk in a shining flash of white power before his wings stretched out from his back in a twisting, tight flutter. He threw out a simple sigh of a broad cross of light into the sky and the trail of Talon's flight came into plain sight.

"Talon!" He flew off on Talon's trail with a burst of speed, his wings beating longer and longer as he went.

03-29-2007, 04:17 PM
Avery nodded as he remembered Logos "Yeah I remember him...or maybe I think I do and I really don't....Wait, he was the one fighting Lucretia before the Seraph came and turned her into a white Lily....Least I think that happened, ah it was 610 years ago." He said. Avery turned to the direction the sound of an explosion came from and was about to go when Renshi went to find out what happened.

He could take care of it. Avery thought before seeing him take off into the sky. He looked back to Altheena and Logos, not sure if he saw him too. "So Altheena, mind showing us around?" He asked, smiling a little.

03-29-2007, 04:21 PM
"I suppose I could use some company", he said though he didn't like the way to offer had been worded it. He smiled and walked to Haseo, "So what does this partnership encompass?" He wanted to laugh at the apple bit knowing that if he chose he could eat them all in a few mere seconds but decided against it.

Sasuke is God
03-29-2007, 04:29 PM
Haseo smiled slightly, "We would mainly be companions traveling the world together," he said simple, with a shrug. "It can get pretty boring on the road without someone to talk to. That, and for obvious reasons, we would be able to defend ourselves better and save many more people if we simply worked together." Haseo then takes a step foward and reaches out his hand in a friendly gesture.

03-29-2007, 08:21 PM
He shakes his hand and at the same time uses the sixth elemental seal of heart to read into the other. He senses some impatience in the man but still good, not entirely liking what he saw but not hateing it either. He smiles and says, "So partners I suppose, I don't really have much room to talk but you don't seem the type to drift aimlessly. Don't you have a higher goal?"

Sasuke is God
03-29-2007, 11:15 PM
Haseo slightly raises his eyebrow as he says, "I am looking for someone, but other then that, I have no higher calling. What about you my friend?" Haseo reached into his belt and pulled out a small knife and balanced it onto his finger.

03-30-2007, 08:23 AM
neverdyne dropped the broom when someone pressed a child in her arms. at the sight she gasped "oh dear" she went into the sickbay and laid the child on a bed. he was breathing but barely, she frowned it seemed she had to use one of her more advanced technieks. Concetrating her demonic energy into her hands she pressed into the boys chest.

She felt some of the wounds close but not all. after a few minutes she stopped her if she used her energy to long there was a chance the child would turn into a half demon. She looked at him, he was breathing on his own but she was not sure if he would survive the day.

Lil Menu
03-30-2007, 01:33 PM
Hatsumi stood their wide eyes staring at a male angel by the name of Logos."Who is that??",she questioned herself.She looked around at the people around him.She wanted to walk over and find out what was going on.She began walking towards them then hesitated."Who are these people...gaurdians or angels of hell?."

I am your stalker
03-30-2007, 01:48 PM
"Your awake I see. Well would you perhaps be the man named Ginko? Because if you are I would like to talk to you about joining the Scouts. We have need of somebody with uniqe talents and they tell me i need a partner now cause its starting to get too dangerous to go on my own. Oh by the way, My name is Nathnial Wingtip." His wings flare out a bit. and than settle down beside him once more.

"Well, Hi Nathnial nice to meet you...I will get to the pont I have no wants to join the Scouts but if you want a friend to talk to than I am your man"
Ginko gets to his feet and reaches out his hand in a friendly gesture.
"One more thing if you want to talk you going to have to walk I don't fly."

03-30-2007, 02:09 PM
With a smirk, "Well afraid of heights are you? No worries i can walk but i dont like to do it." Begins to walk off, "You coming with, Ginko." And with those words he begins to hike along.

03-30-2007, 03:35 PM
"I had a purpose but it wasn't healthy, nowadays I pretty much just go around and try to help as many people I can", he says watching him balance the knife. "I hurt a lot of people, I feel like I need to make up for it" He subconsiously rubs the mask hidden at his side remembering the events connected to it. He smiles then says, "So where do you suggest we go now?"

03-30-2007, 04:14 PM
OOC: Yes the triumphant return of Karlona and Kiotchi!....Karlona and Kiotchi
Alstina let Neverdyne do her job. She heard something. Karlona rushed around the corner "There you are, Ali!" Alstina nodded "Here I am" SHe agreed. "Oh good you're alright? Did you hear the explosion? Kiotchi...I oh we thought you'd been hurt!" Alstina frowned "Mom, what explosion? I was talking to Neverdyne" Karlona was uncharacteristically blubbering frantically "Oh we have to find your dad." Karlona grabbed her daughter's wrist pulling her along after her. She was still blubbering but not as badly.
"Oh there you are, Karlona, thank goodness it was just one of Ali's tricks Neverdyne will be busy for a while not many hurt...I think" Kiotchi too was very uncharacteristically frantic.

03-30-2007, 04:32 PM
neverdyne appeared in the doorway looking tired "alista.."her voice had gotten a serious tune and it was not just because her mother was around "find the guy who did this, i am not sure if the child wil pull through.." she looks back at the kid that was now patched up "and please find his mother" she walked back in and sat at the bedside.

Aura of the Twilight
03-30-2007, 04:36 PM
Lil Menu, since you are a member of the Tears of Blood it will be common sense to have your character know Altheena, since she is the founder and leader of the Tears of Blood. Try and keep that in mind for future reference when posting.

Altheena heard the explosiong but just shrugged it off after Renshi got up and ran after the noise.

She looked at Avery and then smiled and replied,"Sure follow me." She then got up and brushed herself off and started to lead the way. As she walked they passed Hatsumi, Altheena smiled at Hatsumi but didn't stop to talk to her.

"This is the North Wing, it hold the shops, mission acceptance area, and meeting rooms. The shops are places like any other shop except they only sell wares here at the base. We have a black smith, wonderful guy named Mr. Black. We have an accesory story where you can get items like potions, herbs, belts, etc. there. We have a BP system her. You will be paid in Euro by the person who submitted the mission and when you get back you'll have a certain amount of BP's depending on the mission. You use the Bp's to purchase the items and upgrades and what not." Altheena started to explain.

"We do this because it wouldn't make any sense to use our members money for our members." Altheena joked while laughing slightly. Then she turned down corridors that were mainly empty storage rooms and meeting rooms. Then she came to another larger corridor.

"This is the East Wing. It holds all the training grounds and trainers quarters. We have many masters that can train you in different fighting styles. I myself am one of them." Altheena then lead them to the South Corridor which is where all the residentail areas for the actual members of Tears of Blood are. Then she lead them to the final corridor.

"This is the West Wing. It's where the kitchen, dinery, the medical unit area, and a number of small lobbies are." Altheena said. Then she added,"All the corridors lead to the courtyard which in turn leads to the exits, but every wing has it's exits I guess." Altheena stated.
"Avery your room,...well you'll know when you find it, your name is enscribed on a plate on the door already." Then Altheena turned to Logos,"If you care to stay I can have a room prepared for you right now that will be ready shortly.

OOC: (again)
Woah this is a long one!

Sasuke is God
03-30-2007, 05:51 PM
Haseo looks thoughtful and shrugs, "Well theres a town up ahead, we could head there and restock." Haseo then shrugs again and starts to walk off but before he goes he stops and throws the knife into the bushes. "Gabriel," Haseo said, sudenly serious, "It's time for us to depart." Haseo then starts to walk away again, leaving his knife buried deep inside a chest of an assassin.

03-30-2007, 06:10 PM
Gabriel notices the assassin and runs over to him and pulls the dagger out trying to heal him but he dies quickly not responding to the healing. "Probably something done to his body to make him less affected by magic", he says looking downcast. He puts his hands together and says, "Rest in peace", while setting the body aflame with the fire seal. He catches up to Haseo.

"I think I just found a reason to follow you", he says not looking directly at him. "For future reference I dislike violence, and I hate death"

03-30-2007, 06:21 PM
hmm....this place was certainly... something. It was large and well-equiped, that was beyond the realm of doubt. But he himself had no use for anything she had spoken of... and he had some misgivings about taking root anywhere...but then he figured he would just be going to an inn here anyway so he might as well take the offer for that night. He wrote quickly, alright... i suppose that i can stay for a night...

Aura of the Twilight
03-30-2007, 08:48 PM
Altheena read the paper and then smiled at Logos. "Alright I'll have a room prepared for you right now." she stated then she walked into the lounge where some of the workers were and told them to prepare the empty room next to hers for a guest. Then she walked out of the room back to Avery and Logos.

"You'll have the room to the left of mine, since Renshi has the one to the right. Now if you will must excuse me I have to go make some repairs on the hallway from earlier, then file some paperwork, and then go to my daily training." Altheena stated.

She then started to walk away but turned before she left and said,"Oh and Avery from now on, when we're in a meeting, infront of nobles and royalty, or infront of lower members of the Tears of Blood you will refer to me as either Lady Altheena, or Mi'lady. This is mainly to prevent jealousy between members and keep up a good face for the Tears of Blood. When we are alone or with close friends like now you can call me Altheena and drop the formalities."

"Logos when your room is ready the shift maid Mia will find you and inform you so." Altheena added to her statement. She then turned and walked off to the hallway that was damaged and started using small gravity spells to repair the hallway and clear the debris.

I am your stalker
03-30-2007, 09:22 PM
Ginko fallows Nathnial not knowing where he is going so he stay a little behind Nathnial so he dosn't get lost. Ginko as he is walking gets out pen and papper and write what little things he lernd last night with hs drunk friends(He didn't get anything good but he knows a little more about the area he is in).

03-30-2007, 11:41 PM
As they walk onward they enter the shadow of a building. As they walk Nathnial's body begins to fade out a bit and within the next few steps he disappears and than reappears in the shadow of the next building. Noticing his surrondings are different he stops and looks back noticing ginko isnt behind him. "YOU GOING TO CATCH UP GINKO."

03-31-2007, 10:05 AM
Sanzou looked at all the stuff going on around him with no interest in his eyes before he heard a sound like the ringing of some holy bells, "It's them isn't it, Rubedo, they sure pick a bad time to call..." Sanzou said as the light slowly faded away from him.

-Dream sequence-

Sanzou got up in a world of darkness, the endless haze hiding the lost souls that couldn't find peace in death like elves in a forest. Sanzou looked around, slightly disoriented, at a gate in the shape of a demon, fangs going up the sides, gleaming red eyes that gave you the feeling of looking into lakes of blood, it's mouth open showing a vortex of souls swirling down into the deepest pits of hell. Sanzou looked at the gate, not with fear like a normal person, but with a look of someone who didn't drink their coffee that morning. "Rubedo, why were we called here again, they know I hate this place," Sanzou said irritably as Rubedo's form appeared next to him, "Don't ask me, I can't believe they called us here, the gates of hell, it isn't funny that I'm here again," Rubedo murmurred as he looked around for them. Suddenly, Sanzou saw two approaching shadows, "I think that's them right now. I bet my hearts stopped beating by now Rubedo, I just hope they don't bury or cremate me until I get back." he said a little halfheartedly. As the shadows approached they took on their forms, the one on the left took onthe shape of an old man in a worn black cloak that was slightly torn, traveling boots up pants of an unknown material both black, and long black hair that was uneven and a little dirty, his face had some hair on it as if he shaved he also had deep faded black eyes that showed a deep sadness in them. On the right was a lady covered in a long flowing dress that was in the style of the seraphs, her eyes were a deep green that showed a hidden kindness, her hair was long and flowing like her dress and it had a nice blond tint to it, most people would think of her as a beautiful young woman but would know better when they saw her wings, six huge silver wings awarded to the high seraph of an angel domain that was only given to them after thousands upon thousands of years growing more beautiful every thousand years.

Rubedo looked at them with no happiness, "What is it this time, Shino. What about you, Zangetsu. Why did you summon us here, it better be important for you not to come to Marloona," he said to his brother and sister.

Shino looked at them with an almost clairvoyant expression, "I am sorry, brother, but I had no choice but to call you. War is on the horizon and you need to be ready. You may not survive this one if you are not careful. Your past will come back to haunt you in every way, be careful," she said, sadness etched into her voice.

Zangetsu didn't turn at all, "You will come to face things that never crossed your mind, if you stay in the past you will die. You will be tested to do things you never thought about, eventually you may lose yourself into the pits of despair. Your future lies hidden beneath war, camoflauged among death, be prepared, my brother," he said as six giant black wings flew up, feathers falling to the ground like a rain of darkness.

Sanzou looked at them before saying loudly, "We'll make it, we know we have friends to help us along the way, nothing can stop us."

Rubedo looked at them before wings the color of blood sprouted from his back, six in all, "I am the blood seraph, you think you can scare me that easily, ha, we'll show just how tough we are," he declared before his spirit fused with Sanzou's and they dispersed into the mist of souls.

-End dream sequence-

Sanzou woke up and looked around, his worst fears came true, he was on a stretcher with a white sheet covering him. As he listened outside he discovered he was just brought into Neverdyne's medic office.

03-31-2007, 10:36 AM
neverdyne had the new addition to the ward placed on the other bed next to the child. she checked him out but it seemed he was death. she sighed after covering him with a white sheat "rest in piece"she returned to the childs side to keep a eye on him. after a few minutes her eyes started to close and she fell asleep her head resting on her arms in the side of the bed.

Sasuke is God
03-31-2007, 12:14 PM
Haseo frown deepens, "As do I, but I would rather shed someone elses blood then have mine or my friends sheded first. I apoligize, but at the moment, it seemed the only route to take." Haseo shook his head and looked at Gabriel. "You seem to be a peaceful man, yet you have such destructive power," He then looks at the mask at Gabriel's waste, "and that mask...what is your story?"

03-31-2007, 12:41 PM
"Mom, Dad, if you'll excuse me?" "of course" "Yes" Alstina headed to the hallway hoping the mother of the child was not there. "Lady Altheena!" Alstina caught up with Altheena "I have been asked to find a child's mother. Medic-sama thinks that the child was here. Have you seen anyone?" Alstina asked. Keeping her voice respectful and using Altheena's proper title. Kiotchi and Karlona had very defintely made sure their daughter knew how to adress Altheena. THe manners had been drilled into her since they had arrived on Marloona.

03-31-2007, 03:04 PM
Gabriel sighs and says, "It's all in the past now, there's nothing to discuss" He starts looking away. "This mask is just a reminder of what's always at stake, it's an heirloom from my grandfather" He looks back up and he's smiling again, "so shall we make our way to this town you spoke of?" He didn't like the direction this conversation was taking so he was trying his best to reroute it.

03-31-2007, 03:12 PM
Renshi stopped after a long while and looked around, his body surrounded by a burning white aura, his face was etched with the light of the Marloona sun. Inside he felt himself fall, the explosion and his friend running off were so sudden and just downright surprising. There wasn't anything he could do at this point and he knew it. He set down slowly on the orange stone paved road, the stones were glowing in the light of the Marloona sun. He turned around and started back towards the city, he could feel his hair being blown back by a strong wind, his eyes narrowed as he tilted his shining wings forwards into the current.

He set off with a streak of white fire at his tail, the fires slowed as he caught the subtle waves of the air currents and he let his arms at his sides before shutting his eyes to the view.

"Over six hundred years and I'm still... learning." He noticed he still had Ryuk in his hand and the blade called out to him. He looked down at the shining steel as he opened his eyes, still gliding along the sky towards the city and the HQ.

"Renshi, hear my words. There is much we've yet to see, though within the everlasting void we feel the vibes of the oncoming future. We are not sure of what is to come but... we are prepared to fight by your side."

"Thank you, my old friend.." After many years he didn't need to be asleep to heard the sturdy words of Ryuk or any of the blades for that matter. In dreaming and in living awake he was able to hear then and communicate with them as one. He sheathed Ryuk at his side and let a hand to his front as he flew.

He sighed once on his way back.

03-31-2007, 03:41 PM
Logos nodded and sighed, he always ended up next door to her... did that mean people didn't want the room next to her? Still, he was grateful for the free place to sleep but did not feel like waiting around for the mia, the maid, to catch up with him and he let himself be pushed around by the tug of his mind, growing slightly curious about that girl from earlier. Yahweh murmured something about his being random but Logos ignored it. There was so much suffering in this world, it floated across the surface like roses across the water, and if we didn't take what pleasure we could in whatever places our minds might find it then really what was the point in living? Just to suffer? Logos did not think so, but then Logos did not think. It was Yahweh's job to be the creature of pure reason, while Logos was to be of pure intuition.

He found the girl, still standing, somewhat dazed, where she had been before. He walked up to her and handed her a note which read: You seem somewhat out of sorts... are you alright?

Aura of the Twilight
03-31-2007, 04:00 PM
Altheena had just finished making repairs on the hallway when she heard Alastina's voice. She looked over to Alastina, smiled, and said,"Hello, Alastina. If you're talking about the child that was injured here than you should look for his mother in the kitchen area. I believe Leonie-chan took here there to make some tea for her." Altheena replied.

"I must make myself scarce now. If you need anything feel free to come by my room, I'll be in there for a little while." Altheena stated. Then she walked past Alastina and walked to the South Wing and up to the second floor there and to her room.

Her room was fairly large. It had shades of purples, blues, and black decorating it. Her canopy bed was black colored wood with black sheets and dark purple pillows. Her furniture in the room was all black. She had black walls that had a large mirror with a midnight blue frame on one wall next to it was the door to her bathroom. One of the other walls had a portrait of her mother, the seraph, Renshi, and herself on it which was painted after they arrived in Marloonra next to it was the door to her closet. There was a balcony with purple curtains and next to the balcony doors was a black desk and chair. The desk had a blue vase on it which in turn had purple and blue flowers in it both of which were small gifts from the seraph and her mother. It also had some papers and small tubes containing chemicals in them on it. Next to the desk was the door that lead to the hallway. The final wall was the one with the bed against it.

Altheena closed her door and walked over to her desk. She got out her pencil from one of the drawrs of the desk and started filling out forms and paperwork conserning many things from the Tears of Blood members to her recently completed mission. After an hour or so she finished and then got up. She walked over to her closet and changed into her training outfit which was a black tube top, slightly baggy black pants and black china shoes. She of course kept on her charm necklace and three bagles and then left her room after taking her hair out of her headband and putting it into a high ponytail.

She walked down to one of the training grounds and started traing with using basic magic spells and physical excersices.

A maid walked into the courtyard and over to a man she was told was named Logos, talking with Hatsumi. "Excuse me Logos-san, you're room is ready. You go through the residential hallway to the stairs, up to the second floor and it will be the fourth door on the right. I am the shift maid Mia if you need anything else please come find me." the girl said and then scurried of to do her work.

OOC: I'll post a bio on Mia in the sign ups later, along with my lackie sheets. Mia will be an NPC of sorts not an actual character with a large part in the story.

I am your stalker
03-31-2007, 04:07 PM
As they walk onward they enter the shadow of a building. As they walk Nathnial's body begins to fade out a bit and within the next few steps he disappears and than reappears in the shadow of the next building. Noticing his surrondings are different he stops and looks back noticing ginko isnt behind him. "YOU GOING TO CATCH UP GINKO."

Ginko looks and can no longer see Nathnial he look one more time as if his eyes are playing with him.
"Now what?"
Ginko looks around him after hearing his name..."well, I don't see him so I am going to take a set" Ginko sit on a bench whating for Nathnial to find him!

03-31-2007, 06:11 PM
He sighed when she had left, looking up and down the corridor. Logos had left somewhere, leaving him to walk around to find his room. He was thinking about the formalities and how to act in front of nobles and roaylty and such. He wasn't accustomed to formalities and sighed "Damn, I'm a soldier not a well mannered kid." He muttered, turning down another corridor. At the end of it, was his room, his name enscirbed on a plate that hung in the middle of the door, chuckling to himself. "I feel so special, though probably everyones names are on the door." He said to himself, opening the door.

He found himself standing in the middle of a light blue painted room, a closet on one side and his bed in the middle of the room. He walked in, closing the door behind him as he took off his armor, letting out a satisfied breath, hanging up his chest plate in the closet. He had a white shirt underneath, jumping on the bed as he grinned. It was such a long travel, sleeping on the ground and everything. It had been so long since he laid on a bed, his head on a soft pillow. His wings were throbbing in pain, closing his eyes he fell asleep.

03-31-2007, 06:25 PM
Sanzou lay under a white sheet listening to Neverdyne's snores, "She could have at least let me out. Damn Zangetsu, thinking, just because he's the death seraph, he can call me to the gates of hell without permission. I'll show him after I get rid of THESE SHEETS!!!!" he yelled as he let forth one of his most powerful hell mage spells, the "hells pedestal".

Sanzou watched as a column of fire of all colors, red, orange, blue, white, and black, rose into the air, vaporizing the sheets as well as the ceiling of the medic's office and anything above that, "Whoops, I better...scram," Sanzou murmurred as he ran out of the medics office before anyone came to see what the pillar of flames was.

Rubedo was laughing, "Good shot me bucko, ha ha ha."

Sanzou didn't look amused, "Shut up, you damn seraph, we better leave," he said quickly as he ran past Altheena in the training grounds without thinking. Sanzou's thoughts raced as he left the base of the Tears of Blood thinking, Whatever lies in front of me waits at Marloona castle.

Lil Menu
03-31-2007, 06:38 PM
Hatsumi read the note nervously and then looked up and the angel with a puzzeled face.Iv never been this close to an angel befor..i rember my mother use to tell me stories about them..how some angels con us into thinking their good.Hatsumi closed the note and shoved it inside her pocket and nervously began to speak."He..Hello my name is Hastumi part of Tears of Blood..who are you if I may ask?" Hatsumi waited for an answer.

Aura of the Twilight
03-31-2007, 06:58 PM
Altheena has been training for a short while when Sanzou ran past her. Normally she wouldn't have thought much, if he wasn't looking so distressed. She quickly stopped training and ran after him. She followed him for a while then realized that he was heading towards the direction of the castle. She casted a small alignment spell that made her run faster and caught up with him and grabbed him.

"What are you doing Sanzou?! I demand and explanation!" Altheena ordered strenly. She didn't care for being stern but was when she thought necessary.

03-31-2007, 07:44 PM
Sanzou stopped when he was grabbed by Altheena who had run after him, "Well well, looks like the tables have turned, now your ordering me around, that's funny, ha," he said mockingly as he looked at Altheena with a funny look in his eyes. Sanzou just stood there quietly before speaking, "Sorry, but I don't feel like spouting on about things that don't, for the most part, concern you. Now I would suggest that you let me go or I'll have to get ruff with you," he said as his eyes turned a deep misty red and his hair became wild, he was ready to fight. He was Rubedo.

Aura of the Twilight
03-31-2007, 08:26 PM
Altheena was slightly taken back from Sanzou's reaction but didn't let go of him. "They DO concern me for anything you do will fall to me! I don't care what you have planned " she replied to him.

"Return to HQ at once! I will be forced to use physical force if you do not, and I don't mind getting rough with you if I must! I will not let you go any further." Altheena stated. Then she noticed the change in his appearence and knew that Sanzou wasn't himself any longer.

Altheena prepared herself for being struck at just incase, but didn't let go of him and said, "Remember, I am your superior now, I've gotten stronger since our last sparing, plus I won't be holding back. So, don't make the mistake of attacking me and making me your enemy.

03-31-2007, 10:17 PM
Rubedo looked at Altheena without flinching, "Damn, I miss being your superior, the ball was so much fun, and then yelling at you saying things like now you will all die or something, ah those were the days," he said without much thought. Rubedo looked around for a way out but without seeing any just talked, "Anyway Altheena, if you must know I need to go to the Marloonean or whatever capital. That's all I'll tell you unless you are prepared to fight a seraph, and I don't mean Lucian," he said with a bit of mockery.

03-31-2007, 10:31 PM
OOC: I promise, I'm making a Libitina sheet.

A scythe held in a bony hand lowered itself between Altheena and the other. Muerte had come. "You'll not kill her yet," He said, "Not while I have use of her." He felt affirmation from the scythe, for he had summoned Acheron for this occaision, and Acheron's red aura seemed to glow stronger.

Muerte and Libitina both had felt that any more time escorting could be time wasted, and had naturally gone for the apparently easiest way to get to the bloodshed, seeking out the leader of the Tears of Blood.

"You might care to know," He continued, "That I am a death spirit, a reaper, call me what you will. The point is, my powers and my mind are not shackled to this body or this world. If, by random chance, you incapacitate me, my dear sister," He nodded to Libitina, who was standing not far off, "Will move in and finish the job."

"Now, can I talk to the woman before you fight?"

04-01-2007, 12:52 AM
Logos sighed as soon as he heard her question... what was with living beings and their desire to have names for things? Perhaps it stemmed from the fact there main weapon was the power of definition and thus anything not being defined was a threat, and in a sense they were probably right. Natural self-preservation agaisnt unknown and undefined ideas. Still, he always found it difficult to answer that question. So he wrote another note... "Well, I'm defined in many ways... but I suppose you want the more practical definition in this area which would most likely be Logos..." but before he gave her the note he began to feel a sort of distrust coming from there... the way her eyes move to the side and went out of focus as she remembered something, the slight tilt of her head and the way her entire conciousness gave of that sour aura and her tone as well, "and don't worry... I am not here to make you think that I am good." Which was true... he transcended the definition of good having never allowed himself to take definition. save for a few isolated and skin deep exceptions which were merely a ruse to prevent humans from defining is Animaic soul.

04-01-2007, 05:13 AM
neverdyne raised her head after the pillar had dissapeared and sanzou was gone "hmm..what?" she yawned and rubbed her eyes. she looked at the child and checked him over smilling. He seemed to be recovering wel, yawning she stood and stretched and decided to go to the kitchen for a meal.

04-01-2007, 07:59 AM
Rubedo sighed at the spirit that appeared, "Not another one, I've had enough trouble with death spirits today, and I'm not even the one threatening her here, she is causing me trouble. First, it's Mr. Death Seraph killing me and now you two. I hate you annoying freaks," he yelled with anger, "And don't point that scythe at me," he said as he batted Acheron away from him with his free hand.

04-01-2007, 10:18 AM
Renshi had been close to the HQ as Sanzou's spell blew off the roof of the medical facility. He sighed before clenching a fist tightly.

"For the sake of the Moon Goddess, WILL YOU PEOPLE STOP BLOWING UP MY HEADQUARTERS~!!!!!" Renshi was not one to get angry, but the stress of rebuilding and providing the funds necessary was getting to the Syncra Angel. Two explosions in one day, and neither of them were of Neverdyne.

He could handle her explosions because they were for a productive purpose , as for the rest they just wasted funds and maybe even hurt people.

"That's IT!" Swinging his arms forwards he started to cast a Reality based Syncra spell, and black and twisted pentagram formed in front of him before opening a portal to the medical facility. He jumped through quickly sealing the portal.

"Neverdyne... who blew off the roof?" He looked to her with his amber eyes burning to a point, he could feel himself tensing a bit from the stress.

Sasuke is God
04-01-2007, 12:24 PM
Haseo smiled knowingly, having certain memories he rather not talk about as well. He bowed fluently and held his hand out towards the road in a drastic gesture. "To the tavern my finely attend friend," Haseo said with a wide smile that would make any girl weak at the knees, "My treat, of course." He then took a step foward and was halfway down the street before Gabriel could blink. "Coming?" Haseo asked slyly.

04-01-2007, 01:32 PM
Neverdyne blinked "the roof?" she looked up to see the roof missing "thats what i wannna know!" she looked at renshi and putted her hands on her hips "not even my explosions took off the roof how am i suppost to take care of patients, what if it's gonna rain" she walked back to get the dead body out and to move the child.

I am your stalker
04-01-2007, 01:53 PM
Ginko got up from the bench. "Well, I am over this" Ginko walks for a little. Ginko finds him self at the tavern "How..did I get?" Ginko walks inside the tavern and has a set with some the ppl how are haveing some fun "this round is on me!!" ginko said with a smile. He sits with them and they welcome him and his free round of dranks!!

Aura of the Twilight
04-01-2007, 06:26 PM
OOC: Menchia try to remember that the post limit is three posts a day. Not four like the previous RPG. It was just an honest mistake so I'm just making sure you know this. Next time's a warning and then banning from the RPG.BIC:"This squirt's a little full of himself" Altheena thought as she looked at Sanzou. Altheena was about to reply to Sanzou's comment when Murete appeared and she stayed quiet. She listened closely to every word the spirit said while keeping her hold on Sanzou's hand.She looked at Muerte and then stated,"You make it sound like the Tears of Blood spill innocent blood," she paused for a moment and added, "What business do you have with me death spirit?" Then she looked at Sanzou after his freak comment. "I take it you don't consider yourself a freak?" she said to him with a sarcastic tone,"Little twirp" she added under her breathe.

04-01-2007, 08:20 PM
Avery had been sleeping pretty well, but heard someone enter his room, opeing an eye, he tried to see someone, to only see shadows. There was whispering as well, until he felt something poke his right wing. He immediately jumped up, reaching to the left side of his bed to pull out one of his swords. The door closed as he heard running down the corridor. He got up, sheathing his blade and walking out of his room, in the white shirt he had on and the black pants he wore. Avery saw someone turn around the corner, and saw a girl run outside.

He followed that one, since he would bee outside and able to fly. He followed running, to find her run through the entrance of HQ. He ran after her, to see the little girl disappear in a crowd. Avery flapped his wings and flew over the crowd, seeing her looking over her shoulder every few minutes. She slowed down to a walk as she turned dopwn a street where he dove downwards, closing up his wings. He opened them up, fluttering down in front of her.

"Hello there." She yelped and was about to run when he grabbed her arm. "I aint gonna hurt you." He pulled her towards him, putting his arm around her waist and putting her on his left shoulder.

"Let me go, you dumb bird!" She yelled, banging her fists against his back. He chuckled "Bird!? Did you just call me a bird? I aint no pea-brained bird, I'm an angel, just like the other ones you probably saw." He said, grinning a little. "Let me go! I said let me go!" Avery shook his he shook his head "What were you doing in the Tears of Blod HQ?" No answer came from her though she stopped hitting his back. "I'm Avery, who are you?" "I'm Sam, thats all your getting from me." He chuckled, muttering "Fair enough..." There was silence for a few minutes when he turned a corner and saw Altheena with three others he might have never met. He saw a scythe near her and didn't trust the death spirit holding it. He ran towards them, his free hand on the hilt of his blade. The girl had resumed yelling for answers until he told her to be quiet. "Hey Altheena, hows it going?" Stopping beside her, the girl still on his left shoulder.

OOC: I'm gonna post Sam's Lackey sheet tommorow, too tired right now.

04-01-2007, 08:31 PM
Muerte gave a shallow, cackling laugh. "Ignorace. So full of humor." He said, then dropped all humor out of his tone. "Don't misunderstand me. I am an escorter of shades. Me or my sister and our dear brother Charon are the last creatures you will meet before the river. My authority and power are received from the powers that meddle in such great energies. Now then," He turned and hefted Acheron onto his shoulder. "What we want from the you and the Tears of Blood is to kill for you."

"What my brother is trying to say," Libitina said as she pushed inbetween Muerte and Altheena, her voice like silk, "Is that we want to provide you with... a one sided attrition. Actually what we want is to bring this coming war to a close quickly. It seems the best way to do that is to take away the enemy's ability to fight, am I not correct?"[

"I fought in the last war. Maybe records still exist. We excel in lopsided numbers, you can check." Muerte said, picking up right were his sister left off, "Just imagine for you little mercenary group. You could just be the biggest producers in this war..."

"...And imagine the riches that will flow into your coffers as generals clamor to have you fighting on their battlefields," Libitina said, continuing the sibling's habit of flowing dialouge, "Truly, how can you say no this? We won't demand payment. We won't need resources. And in return, results. Can you resist such an offer?"

Aura of the Twilight
04-01-2007, 10:22 PM
Altheena looked towards Avery and nodded a hello and then turned back toawrds the death spirit. "I'm not sure how it's going. Personally I could care less either" she stated with a little testiness in her voice.

She wanted to ask about the girl over his shoulder but decided to give the two spirits her answer.

Altheena looked at the two spirits for a moment. She conetemplated their offer and then came to a conclusion. She let out a sigh and started her statment,"I don't care about fame and the money is only useful to an extent. Though I suppose since you both claim to be such all powerful induviduals I'll take into account your offer." she stated.

"...But I've never personally seen either of you fight. Not to mean offense but if you want in my brigade you have to prove to me that you can hold your own in battle and work well with others ontop of that. I don't want a whole section of my brigade being desecrated because someone wasn't able to do their part." she continued to say.

"...So yes until you prove to me that you are both indeed worthy I can resist your offer. In any accord I'd have to take it up with my general first as we decide most important matters together." Altheena finished.

04-02-2007, 12:13 AM
Caught a little bit off guard Gabriel didn't respond immediately. In a moment he came to his senses. "Sure", he says following his Haseo. "I don't believe I've ever been here before...and I might as well not, I don't have any money" He smiles a little embarassed, he didn't have a trouble getting money, he was just a little to generous with it. He hadn't really seen a problem with this until then.

04-02-2007, 12:16 AM
With a frown Nathnial turns around and transports back in the shadows looking for Ginko. Noticing that there was a door to a bar he thinks to himself. "Please don't tell me hes in there." He turns and walks in just as Ginko said "This round on me." With a frown he sits down and tells the barkeep that the Scouts will be paying for all the beers for the next hour. "That should make them all happy. Nathnial thinks to himself as he walks up behind Ginko. "You coming Ginko."

04-02-2007, 03:13 PM
Sanzou regained control of his body from Rubedo giving him his bright red eyes, but his hair returned to normal, too normal, his hair had become brown and the style changed to a small spikey form similar to 610 years ago. At this point, Sanzou looked like an older version of Sigma. Sanzou looked at Altheena with a smile, "I'm sorry for the trouble but I do have to leave, bye bye," he said quickly as he forced as much magic energy as he could gather into the arm Altheena had grabbed. Sanzou's arm exploded, creating a huge smoke screen that clouded the immediate area. As the smoke cleared, all that remained of Sanzou was his, still moving, appendage in Altheena's hand.

Sanzou had actually sneaked back to the Tears of Blood HQ, and was packing all of his stuff quickly. As he finished he took the little dimensional bag he hid his stuff in and exitted the room, going into the damaged medical office. Immediately he saw Renshi talking with Neverdyne about the office and left before they could see him.

A few minutes afterwards, Sanzou was seen heading to Marloona Castle on a seperate route from Altheena.

I am your stalker
04-02-2007, 03:46 PM
Ginko look at Nathnial "Hi nice to see you." Ginko moves in his set. "Well, I would come but I just meet some new ppl." Ginko said with a smile. Ginko dranks for around 10 min. "Well, It is time for me to go my friends." Genko get up and walks with Nathnial where ever he is going. "Have a good night" he said as he left with Nathnial.

04-02-2007, 04:01 PM
Renshi sighed as Dyne went off to do her work. He shook his head as he left through the roof taking flight with his wings spread out wide. He landed in the court yard and looked to the recent repair crews who where walking from the previous job. He looked to them then nodded towards the medical facility. The crew members looked then slouched over into long sighs. Renshi smiled at the subtle silent humor before walking into the hallways beyond the courtyard, searching for anything else that would need his attention.

"I wonder what else is gonna happen to this place? I'm not sure I'll be able to take it all.." He sighed as he leaned near the main entrance on the inside of the HQ, a servant brought him a large flask of water which he hugged before nodding a thank you.

04-02-2007, 04:02 PM
Neverdyne sighed as the boy was placed in a diffrent room. She walked to the other side on the screen only to find a empty bed. she blinked for a moment and then screamed and scrambled backwards. Falling on her behind she panted as she looked at the empty.

04-02-2007, 04:17 PM
Heading back out Nathnial says frowning. "Sorry about vanishing sometimes it happens. Cant figure out why. I sometimes can control it but most of the time its like that. Anyways they wont have to worry about drinks for awhile the Scouts will pay for it." And he begins to hike out of town trying to rember where he was at last.

04-02-2007, 04:25 PM
Alstina nodded. She hurried to the kitchen. Where she found the mother just as Neverdyne had asked. "Is my child all right?" She asked worriedly. "He seemed fine to Medic-sama. Would you like to see him?" Alstina asked gently. Allo and Nivruni would blow her brains out at this point. "Oh that would be wonderful!" She looked sheepishly at the rest of her tea. "I didn't finsh this though and Leonie made me promise to finish it after she left. Someting about having to finish something" Alstina nodded "I'd say it's almost done but right now your child needs you..." Alstina waited until the lady provided a name "Meke" "Meke-san, so I'll lead you to Medic-sama soon why don't try to finish that as you promised" "Oh thank you, Alstina-san, thank you!" She said. "You are welcome" Alstina said settling beside her.

Aura of the Twilight
04-02-2007, 07:55 PM
Altheena just stood there looking at the appendage in her hand for a moment or two and the took in a deep sigh. "Darn you Sanzou!" she yelled and then she threw the appendage into the distance. She was gettins frustrated now.

She looked at the spirits and said,"Seek me out later after you've figured out how to prove to me you're worhty. I'll be going now." Altheena then chanted and activated a transportation spell and appeared outside HQ.

She let out a sigh and then looked up to see Renshi. She walked up to him and said,"Hello Renshi. We might have some new members soon. Also, I think Sanzou is going awol."

04-02-2007, 08:08 PM
Sanzou was walking along the road as he felt his missing arm hit the ground and snickered, "Fool, I put magical energy in my arm to keep it connected to my brainwaves. I better reattach it before it dies," he said as he put the arm in a dimensional spell and it reappeared in front of him. Sanzou let forth a magical wavelength that made the arm go to where it was formerly attached, "Now I better attach it now. BURN!!!" he said searing the wound shut, equipping the arm to it's rightful place. As soon as it healed he walked to a hidden aclove and passed out from the pain of burning his arm.

Sanzou woke up after a minute or two, and headed across the road to Marloona's capital, thoughts racing in his head about what might be happening at the Tears of Blood. "No matter what happens, no matter who dies, I will see this universe through...to it's end," Sanzou said as he hung his head down, a small tear falling down his cheek at what he left behind.

Sasuke is God
04-03-2007, 01:20 PM
"Worry not my friend," Haseo said with a smile, "It's all on me." He then clasped Gabriel's shoulder and walking beside him. In a few moments they were at the outscurts of a small town that housed an inn, a bar, and a few shops. As Haseo made his way towards the village, A small group of men jumped out of the surrounding underbrush and drew impudent weapons. "Leave ur money and be getten out of here." One of the men said with slurred words. Haseo looks over his shoulder at Gabriel and shrugs. "My humble friend and I are sadly low on supplies, so if you wish to keep ur lives, please step aside, before I throw you aside." The man looked around and saw he had the advantage of numbers and looked at his opponets, who both seemed to be unarmed. "Ha! I think that i'll be taken urs money unless ur willin to fight 7 armed men with no weapons urself." The man then smiled and took a step forward. Haseo looked at Gabrile with an apoligetic face and wispered under his breath, "I won't kill any of them." Haseo then dissapeared in a blur and reappeared behind the leader of the pack. "Are you sure you do not wish to run now?" Haseo asked with a wicked smile as he prodoced a gigantic chainsaw like blade from underneath his cloak. The man looked back in sheer horror and turned pure white. "Umm...I think we should all be leaving now. you fellaws have a nice day and please buy something from the local shop." The man then started to back away and then turned around to do a full on run but ran solidly into Haseo's chest. "Here," Haseo says, handing the man a small bag of coins. "Now leave us be." The man looked at the bag and ran for his life towards the village, followed closely by his cohorts. "Told you I wouldn't kill them," Haseo said with a huge grin at Gabriel. "Shall we go on?"

I am your stalker
04-03-2007, 01:36 PM
Heading back out Nathnial says frowning. "Sorry about vanishing sometimes it happens. Cant figure out why. I sometimes can control it but most of the time its like that. Anyways they wont have to worry about drinks for awhile the Scouts will pay for it." And he begins to hike out of town trying to rember where he was at last.
Ginko looks at Nathnial "Well, we will just stay in the light won't we."
Ginko walks with Nathnial, as they were leaveing Ginko stops Nathnial as 7 or 5 men run past them. "I wander what got in to them?"
Ginko walks on with Nathnial to what ever place he is going!

Lil Menu
04-03-2007, 01:40 PM
"Logos.....hmm....so what do you do..I asume you read minds as well,you said exactly what I was thinking,and I dont expect you to be good Id just like to know your purpose if thats quit alright with you seeing as your a stranger to me."Hatsumi said raising an eyebrow.

04-03-2007, 02:05 PM
Traveling along the soon come across a building. "You coming in Ginko? This is where ill pick up my next assignment." He opens the door and walks inside to see what his assignment will be this month. He heads up the main desk and with a frown he says "Nathnial Wingtip requesting next assignment."

I am your stalker
04-03-2007, 02:14 PM
Ginko looks and said "I will stay out here" Ginko find a place to sit and reads a book he had for years. "I am at the best part." Ginko said with a smile.

OOC: sorry this is so short!!

04-03-2007, 03:39 PM
He looked to the approaching Altheena and smiled lightly before going back to that stressed look. He then sighed lightly as he heard her news.

"Well, just make sure they don't destroy the building... and Sanzou... Wait... HE MIGHT BE THE ONE WHO BLEW OFF THE MEDICAL FACILITY's ROOF! Where is he Altheena? I need to talk with him about payment!"

He then stopped his rant and coughed lightly. "Eerrhhmmm Heh.." After so he nodded lightly and started down the nearby hallway scratching his head. "I need to settle down..." His voice rolled.

04-03-2007, 04:00 PM
Alstina nodded at the Meke. When she finished "Shall we go?"
"Oh most certainly if that's alright with you?" Meke said.
"I'm just fine with that, Meke-san, now follow me" Alstina stood. Allo and Nivruni were really going to kill her now. She was a hard woman to find. "Well, Meke-san, I might have to make a short detour to make sure Allo and Nivruni aren't too worried. But it won't take that long"
Meke looked nervous when she mentioned them. Nivruni was still a strange native Marloonian and Allo had been on Celestia if not in the war. Both were misfits. "That's fine" She said.
Alstina found Allo's quarters since his were slightly closer to the medical wing. "Allo? It's Ali"
"Ali?" Allo poked his head out a faint smile playing around his mouth "Nivruni's here too. A releif to know you're okay"
Alstina nodded curtly "Well I'd better escort Meke-san her to the medical wing to see her son" Alstina leaned in close so Meke couldn't hear her "Allo, I want you and Nivruni to begin finding out who caused an explosion" Alstina gave directions to the hall and both Nivruni and Allo disappeared following her instructions. "Well, Meke-san, let us continue"
Meke nodded still disconcerted from her experience with Allo.

04-03-2007, 04:10 PM
Gabriel smiled and said, "Thank you, yes lets be on our way" He then made his way into the town with Haseo. He looks around. "Not very big but I prefer it this way", he says looking for the bar which he remembered to be their destination. "So have you been here before", he asks turning to his companion.

Sasuke is God
04-03-2007, 08:05 PM
Haseo smiled as he said, "Why yes, a few times I have." He then held the door open for Gabriel and looked down the road and saw a very familiar white haired man reading and all to familiar book. Haseo gaxed for a moment then handed Gabriel a sack of money. "Order a few drinks while I go and take care of a few problems," Haseo said warmly and gently pushed Gabriel into the smoky bar. Haseo then slowly headed down the road towards the reading figure. "Still a bum, Ginko?" Haseo asked the man with a half smile and an upraised chain-blade.

I am your stalker
04-03-2007, 09:24 PM
Ginko gets to his feet. And looks "Welcome Bro." He puts his book back in his bag. "I hope you came back to be Brother and brother" Ginko said with a smile. Ginko pulled out his glasses and put them on. "So what are you here for?" Ginko get his self ready case he always knows what Haseo wants.

04-03-2007, 09:24 PM
Gabriel looked a little suspicious but walked in and ordered the drinks. He started on his. He took in all in one gulp not being affected by it's mass or content. He didn't like it when Haseo did that, he sensed something wrong with it. Finally he shook himself back into reality. "It's rude to pry", he tells himself staring forward.

Sasuke is God
04-04-2007, 04:17 PM
Haseo slung his blade up and rested on his shoulder. "Brotherly? I can't seem to recall having such a slacker of a brother. How did your training go? You seem to be just as weak and pathetic as the day you left. But what should I suspect from the younger and uglier twin? Not much, I suppose." Haseo then shined his half smiled and scratched the back of his head, absent mindedly.

I am your stalker
04-04-2007, 07:57 PM
Ginko looks at his Bro. "Well, If you would like to see my new power...come at me!" Ginko casts a spell and a shield forms around him.
"I am Ready!"

Sasuke is God
04-04-2007, 08:03 PM
Haseo raised an eyebrow and frowned slightly. "Does everything have to do with violence between me and you? Can't we just be brothers and partners?" Haseo asked with a small smile.

04-04-2007, 11:06 PM
Reciving a letter like he always does when he picks up assignments. Nathnial opens it and begins reading, "Nathnial Wingtip, Seeing as you have found Ginko. It is now time for you to be searching for The Disgaea's base on this world we have next to no idea about where it is but im sure that you will be able to find it with Ginko helping you out. Also it has come to our attetion that Ginko has a brother and maybe you could get him to help you out. That is your assignment. Its up to you to find them for us."

With a small curse under his breath, He heads back outside with the letter to let Ginko read, when he sees Ginko in a shield and some dude standing there. With a bit of a growl, Nathnial draws Ba'al and begins to move towards Haseo.

I am your stalker
04-05-2007, 02:54 PM
Ginko looks at Nathnial coming out to the street. "Stop!" Ginko said to Nathnial. "This is just between me and my Brother." Ginko steps closer to Haseo. "Now, What was I going to say...O ya, We can be partners but I know you too well, But now that I think about it.." Ginko drops his shiled "I am willing to try one more time." Ginko walks closer to his brother and reaches out his hand. "Well, what do you say Brother are we partners?"

Sasuke is God
04-06-2007, 09:33 AM
Haseo smiles shortly as he reaches his hand out. He then disappears and reappears behind the intruder in his and Ginko conversation and pulls out a knife and holds it to his throat. "I will tell you this once, and only once." Haseo growls into his ear, "Never interfer in my bussiness agian." Haseo then reappears in front of Ginko and grabs his hand. "Before we go, I must go retrieve a friend of mine from the bar. Shall we begin then?"

04-06-2007, 09:36 AM
Logos was now lying on the bed in the room that had been assigned to him. There was a lot of rushing about outside, so he had decided to lay back and relax. Logos had always been drawn to areas of peace such as this and didn't get what all the rushing about was outside. He had heard mutters about the roof of one of the buildings being blown away but really was that even important? Compared to a nice relaxing rest? He doubted it.

04-06-2007, 11:27 AM
OOC Statement: Technical issues with my internet have brought me to stay off it for the next few days until the repair people can find out our issue.

So don't interact with Renshi until I return.

I apologize on this matter.

I am your stalker
04-07-2007, 11:41 PM
Haseo smiles shortly as he reaches his hand out. He then disappears and reappears behind the intruder in his and Ginko conversation and pulls out a knife and holds it to his throat. "I will tell you this once, and only once." Haseo growls into his ear, "Never interfer in my bussiness agian." Haseo then reappears in front of Ginko and grabs his hand. "Before we go, I must go retrieve a friend of mine from the bar. Shall we begin then?"

"Ok let us find you friend." Ginko walks with Haseo and looks at Nathnial "Well, are you coming??" Ginko said with a smile and waits for his friend!!

04-08-2007, 11:54 AM
With a frown, Nathnial begins to follow Ginko and Haseo. Watching them both interact.

Sasuke is God
04-08-2007, 12:22 PM
Haseo walks down the road towards the bar and evters with Ginko and Nathnial in tow. He looks around and eventually spots Gabriel sitting alone and he approachs. "Gabriel," Haseo says with a slight bow, "This is my twin brother Ginko and his friend. They will be joining us on our journey to find new things. Do you have any problem with this?"

04-08-2007, 05:12 PM
Bursting into his room from the hallway he took in his surroundings, as simple as they were. He threw himself on the bed after letting his wings disappear into a flash of light. While staring up at the ceiling, he sighed lightly and closed his eyes to the world before slipping off into a drifting sleep.

As he dreamed, he found himself once again in that dark void, before him stood the crystal pillars of his swords all reaching out from the center pillar which was Ryuk. He sat down before the blades and looked upon them all.

"What to do...?" He asked himself in his dreams.

04-08-2007, 05:19 PM
OOC: Spring Break is so cool...srry for not being her but the Beach calls
BIC: Allo scanned the small bar. His gaze breifly rested on Haseo, Ginko, Nathnial and Gabriel.
"Allo, why are we at a bar?" Nivruni asked impatiently fending off yet another "suitor".
Allo settled at a stool. "I have contacts here they might be able to help us, Nivruni, but I'm sure you are enjoying it considering all the eligable, and wonderfully behaved young men we've met" Allo said grinning.
Nivruni rolled her eyes "And so many more yet to meet. Pray tell me, Allo, exactly who these 'contacts' are and why you even have them" She settled beside them. Knowing they were probably an oddity with Allo in black and with wings and herself a petite humaniod with bright pink hair. I'm probably the prettiest woman most of these wretches have seen in their lives.
Allo smiled as thougth he read her thoughts "Nivruni Mi, you should know by now that Ali would never chose a normal lackey. Like yourself. you came from these streets"
Nivruni sniffed "Not this village. Anyway are we hurrying or not?"
Allo smiled in his infruriating way and called the bartender over. "A drink for the lovely lady and I please"
Nivruni about slapped Allo but kept her silence with a wrathful glare.
Alstina knocked on the medical facility's door. "Medic Neverdyne should be coming soon, Meke-San. You'll see your son soon"
Meke twisted her hands together and nodded nervously "I-I can't thank you enough"
Alstina patted Meke's shoulder "I don't need thanks I'm just the messanger woman, Meke-san" Silently she wondered where Allo and Nivruni had taken their search.

04-11-2007, 01:59 AM
OOC: Sorry this took a while, I had a fun weekend away from the comp and forgot about AF for a while.

IC: "It's no problem", Gabriel replies. He then extends his hand smiling at Ginko and says, "it's a pleasure to meet you" He had been a lone for a while so he was slightly uncomfortable around lots of people but was still trying his best to be welcoming and friendly.

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Neverdyne sighed 'maybe i was..' knocking broker ker train of though and she stood. wiping the dust of her kimono. she opent the door and saw alstina and the mother of the child. she smiled "i moved your son to another room, someone idiot blew off the roof. she stepped outside the door "if you will follow me" she started to walk down the hall.

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04-11-2007, 02:31 PM
OOC: Sorry this took a while, I had a fun weekend away from the comp and forgot about AF for a while.

IC: "It's no problem", Gabriel replies. He then extends his hand smiling at Ginko and says, "it's a pleasure to meet you" He had been a lone for a while so he was slightly uncomfortable around lots of people but was still trying his best to be welcoming and friendly.

Ginko grabs Gabriel's hand with a friendly grip. "It is good to meet new people" Ginko says with a smile. He lets go and find a set and waits for his friends to find a set.

04-11-2007, 03:56 PM
Meke followed quickly after Neverdyne.
Alstina followed also. When Meke was far enough away not to hear Alstina said "I have Allo and Nivruni working on who did that." She whispered then plastered on a fake smile for Meke "Now I must be leaving you two. Excuse me"
Allo laughed. "Now, Nivruni, be patient"
Nivruni stood "I really don't want to be here" She waved away the bartender. She headed towards the women's room when an especially slimy looking man grabbed her arm.
"Dear, dear, is the young lady lost?"
Nivruni slipped her arm from his grip and punched him in the nose. He staggered back a spray of blood spilling from his nose "As you can see" Nivruni said witha sweet smile "I'm not at all lost though thank you for your consideration" THen she marched towards the bathroom.
Allo watched Nivruni's little display with amusement. HAlf the men were now looking at him to see what he would do. Most of them probably expected him to stab a lady or something of the sort. Allo helped the bleeding man up "I see you've met Nivruni the hard way. Pity she could have been nice to you"
"Oh she was strong" He muttered holding his nose.
Allo shifted his wings letting them splay around him on the ground "Now you'd probably better leave before she gets into her head to do worse than this" The man hopped up still holding his nose and staggered out the door.
Nivruni came out. She glared at the men pointedly staring at her "You'd think" Nivruni said softly to Allo "That a woman could defend herself from the scum. And now half the bar is a afriad and the other half is steaming mad"
"You did punch the man in the nose" Allo said standing back up a moving to his vacated spot ignoring the stares.
"Uh, excuse me, sir, but your lady friend just punched one of my regulars are you going to say soemthing?"
"Yes. Nivruni..." A mischeivous glint appeared in his eye "I congragulate you for fending off a slimy urchin"
The bartender glkared "That was not..."
"Sorry, sir, but I'm under the impression that your motto is 'The customer is always right" Allo pointed towards the sign. The bartender sautered off moodily. "Oh, Nivruni don't look now but here is my contact" Allo said turning towards the man entering from the door.
"Allo" the woman said seating herself "ANd this must be Nivruni"
"I am" Nivruni said eying (sp?) the woman. SHe wore all black and Nivruni coudl only see a wild bunch of black hair and large blue eyes.
Allo shrugged "Shall we get down to bussiness, ladies?"
"Umm...I suppose but do we have to do it here? Everyone's looking at me" Nivruni said glaring straight at a man who had been staring at her.
"Afraid so, Nivruni. Now, Meena, could you tell me what you know about the Tears of Blood?"
"Obligingly" Meena said with a suspicous smile.
Alstina moved to her quarters. Allo and Nivruni would be back soon. Hopefully. Alstina laid back on her bed spreading her wings out behind her. "If they don't" Alstina said "I'll go after them" She closed her eyes to get a much needed rest.

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neverdyne just nodded though her face was in a profesional look. she smiled a bit at meke "please this way"she opent a door to reveal the little boy with a nurse near him. He stretched his arms "mommy..mommy". neverdyne watched as the woman embraced the boy. Neverdyne leaned against the doorpost as her eyes clouded over for a moment, a few sad memories pushing itself forward. she looked up when the nurse waved a hand infront of her "Neverdyne-sama are you alright". she straightend and looked serious "i am fine" with that she turned on her heel and walked away.

In the hallway she stopped and leaned on the windowsill 'that life is over, here i have my craft and only the people who need to know, know my true name' she thought. she looked at the sky 'maybe i just miss jade..' she sighed as she remembered the other humaniod and faintly wondert if he was okey whereever he was.

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Haseo looks at Nathienal and extends his hand towards a chair and takes his own seat. "So now that we are all gathered in one group, what do we do now?" Haseo opened the question to the other three and waited to hear sme suggestions as he ordered a drink.

04-11-2007, 06:50 PM
With a frown Nathnial pulls out the letter and offers it to Haseo and Ginko and the final person whos name he didnt catch. "This is my next assignment. Its your choice to follow me or not but this is what I have to do."

04-11-2007, 10:06 PM
Gabriel sat there silently, not really comfortable saying anything. It had been a long time since he had been in an actual social situation and it made him feel a bit uneasy. He still sat there trying his best to look like he was comfortable.

When the letter was handed to them he looked over it questioningly.

04-12-2007, 03:59 PM
"Well exactly what did you want to know, Allo, I'm a very busy woman"
Allo had been listening to what she knew for the last ten minutes "I wanted to know specifically what you knew about an explosion earlier today namely who did it"
"I am not a Q&A service, Allo. I didn't know about this explosion"
"How about this" Nivruni leaned forward "Do you know anyone in the Tears of Blood who may have done this?"
"A few"
"Names" Allo said leaning forward his face the picture of complete attentiveness.
Meena rattled off a list of names. Allo had heard of none.
"Thank you for giving us a place to start" Nivruni said standing up Allo not to far behind.
"My pleasure" Meena said waving as they left.
Nivruni stuck close to Allo not only because the scum of the village happened to be weighing but alos because he was her ride back. Someone held a knife to her throat.
"I'm sorry, friend, but we're clear out" Allo said his hand resting lightly on Ver.
"You don' look like forgive me 'friend'"
Nivruni pretended to be the helpless airheaded female. "Please let me go. Oh please, sir"
Allo gripped Ver tightly. "I'll have to ask you to let go of my acquaintance (sp?)"
"Not till I get me money"
Nivruni dearly wanted to slap whoever was doing this.
"I warned you" Allo said lightly before flashing Ver to six different points creating the release of Nivruni.
"Hey now tha' not fair of ya'"
"Would you be so kind as to leave?"
Alstina turned over uncomfortably. She hated times like these when sleep just wouldn't come. There was a frantic pounding on her door. Alstina got up very reluctantly. She opened the door to Nivruni and Allo. "Yes?"
"We have a list"
"Not much" Allo muttered handing over a small peice of paper.
Nivruni hadn't known he'd done that "Where'd you get that?"
"From our little mugging friend"
"Mugging? Where were you?"
"Allo dragged me to a bar to meet a 'contact' of his"
"Okay as long as you weren't hurt" Alstina eased the door closer to shut "Goodbye"

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Talon watched as Renshi flew after him. after a few moments something happened and he turned away. he let hiself fall to the floor and accedentialy (i really can't spell) landed on a trader on his way towards the HQ. his anger flared up again, why had this stupid man been stood right underneath him? he was about to let off another fireball when a image flashed through his mind. a small child being blown backwards down a small corridor.
Talon let the fireball fizzle out then helped the trader up. with out saying anything he opened his wings and headed towards the capital, he needed to find help.
Talon had been searching for only an hour when he saw a small tavern he liked the look of. he asked around for a while asking if anyone knew where to find a healer of the mind. nobody did. he sat down in a dark corner a ordered a drink. thoughts rushed through his mind, how could he do this to the people he cared about. he had blown up athleena's and renshi's home and he had then ran away not accepting the consequenses. he tried to tell himself he had ran away to protect the others, but it sounded feeble to even him.

he was knocked from his train of thoughts as a man hit the floor hard. he had been punched by a woman he recognised. he couldn't place a name but he knew she was with the Tears. so was the other person she sat next to. after some time a third person joined them and Talon listened in.
only half way though the conversation he bolted out of the tavern. they had been looking for him, the person who had almost killed a child. Talon groaned aloud, he might have killed him, what did he know.
he flew out into the nearby countryside and let as much energy pour into his hands, it wasn't really any type of attack but it would hurt. he threw it at the floor at his feet and was bathed in a white light...
when he woke some time later, his mind was clear. he ached all over but he didn't care. he had to go back and find neverdyne to check whether the kid was ok. then he would try to find renshi and sort something out. he didn't think he could bare meeting athleena or leonie yet, he would ask for their forgiveness later...

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Renshi jumped from his bed and grabbed his gear, heading out the door of his room while running out side.

"What is there for me to do now? It seems as though today isn't even moving and it's not going any faster with me laying there!"

Dashing into town he looked around and sighed "Well.. any jobs?" His eyes of amber wandered as he walked around still bringing in breath by the heaves, his mind was flying around in a slight amount of confusion.

"Where am I going to start?" He grunted under his breath.