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The time is the feudal era in which Japan is split up into countries (The countries of Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and lighting). In these countries are Hidden shinobi villages in which lies the greatest power of the countries.To the many countries of the continent, the existence of a Shinobi village means military power. This is how they hold and maintain advantages over each other. But it's not that the villages rule the countries.

They merely stand equal with the country's government. A small island country like the Wave country doesn't receive much interference from the larger countries and may not need a Shinobi village. Within the many shinobi villages: Leaf, Mist, Cloud, Sand and Stone are large and powerful and are thus referred to as the "Great Five Shinobi Countries" And these are the only countries who's leader receives the name "Kage". Usually the villages are a equal terms but sometimes certain things such as betrayal and murder can crush a Villages alliance in a instant.
Name: (Must have two words If you in a clan must have clan name in front {You will be called by your last name} Ex: Uzumaki Naruto will be called Naruto)

Age: (Depends On your class)

Gender: (Male or Female)

Level: (Academy Student, Genin, Chunin, Special Jonin, Jonin ,ANBU, Kage)

{There are different types of "Kages": Hokage (Fire Country), Kazekage (Wind Country), Raikage (Lightning Country), Mizukage (Water Country), and Tsuchikage (Earth Country).}

Village: (The villages are the hidden villages of, Leaf, Sand, Mist, Cloud, Rock, Waterfall, Sound, Rain, Grass, snow and star.)

Clan: (The different clans are the, Uchiha, Hyuga, Akimichi, Aburame, Kayguya and, Kamezuri clan and you can only be in a clan if you are in the leaf village, Unless you make up your own which i will have to approve of.)

Bloodline limit: (Only if there clan is given one such as the Uchiha clan [Sharingan]. Bloodline limit is a special ability given only to people that are in clans.)

Skilled Jutsu: (There Most skilled Jutsu)

Appearance: (What they usually wear)

Biography: (A short Biography of the person)
Sample Character Sheet:

Name:Uzumaki Naruto




Village: Konoha (Leaf)


Bloodline Limit:NONE

Skilled Jutsu: Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu, Sexy Jutsu, Clone Jutsu & Harem Jutsu

Appearance:Has blond messy hair.Wears a orange and blue shirt with a red Konoha symbol on the back.

Biography:Naruto Uzumaki is the main character of the series. He is a Genin level ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village, but dreams of one day becoming Hokage. Twelve years ago, during the time he was born, the Nine Tailed Demon Fox attacked the village. The skillful Forth Hokage sealed the demon fox away into a newborn baby, Naruto. As he grew up, the villagers of the Leaf Village disliked Naruto because they saw him as the Nine Tailed Demon Fox. The Fourth Hokage who sealed the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox away though, wanted the village to see Naruto as a hero, who saved the village from being destroyed. This was also carried on by the Third Hokage, so Naruto could make friends with the children his age who had no idea about the fox being inside Naruto. Naruto looks up to his sensei Iruka Umino as a father figure.