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Accepted by LadyPSerenity

Well here we go, first the boring stuff…

OCC: are in red.
To make sure every one knows what’s going on, Leo is in YELLOW and Darren is in ORANGE.
This helps you to just read the bits your character is involved in, however you might have to sift through all of my characters personal stories to get to the full picture of what’s going on, but it’s a good idea.

If there is a large conversation happening between 2 human controlled characters it is ok to PM each other and write the text out. Then one of you can post it (just put that you got permission to do this in an OCC). All of the usual rules apply…
No god moding (controlling another character without permission), no swearing. Please use standard English so none of the; U IS DA BEST EVA. Small blips will probably go unnoticed, I’m a fair moderator, but don’t make a habit of it. (Read the rest of the rules on LPS’s thread) also if fullmetalalchemist says you’ve broke the rules then you have, she holds as much power as me, so listen to her.
If you break the rules twice your out, I will give you a single post so you can either kill your character honourably or make him disappear, it adds depth.
Also remember your characters are only human (mostly) and do get hurt I don’t want to see any characters manage to scrape through an entire war without a few battle scars. You could even kill your character to alter the course of events, maybe give a friend a revenge mission or bravely save the life of others. Remember you can have more than one character, but lets not try to have more than 2 each at the same time ok.

Other filler characters include, Rubian Nile the headmaster and any others teachers you care to invent, however if you see that someone has already made a teacher for that subject I don’t want to see 200 close combat teachers running around ok. There are all of the residents of ST-04* and lots more students. The army squadron also had about 100 men so you can create some filler characters there as well.

Finally… all I can say now is enjoy the story, and kill some Diterr, whether in school, Earth or in anywhere else in the Universe, make sure you do it in style!

Leo stretched and rolled over. He caught a glance at his alarm clock, 8 o’clock, oh good the school term starts in 15 minutes… arrrhhh!!
Leo jumped up and shook the clock. Why didn’t it go off? He dressed quickly and ran down stairs, it was a good job he’d packed most of his stuff last night. He rented a small flat above the bakers in ST-04*’s market square, this was only during the school’s summer break. He lived alone but rarely stayed in anyway. He knew why he didn’t have a parent or guardian but he didn’t mind, as long as Mum back on Earth was ok. He quickly stopped brooding about it; he didn’t want to be in a mood on the first day of term.
He rounded the corner towards the school with a few spare minutes, that was the good thing about the station, it was only small. He looked at the docking bay across from the school, there were others around the station but this was the main one. He liked looking at all of the new ship types and stared for a few seconds while he unwrapped his cereal bar. A few passenger ships landed and quite a few students jumped off quickly running to the school.
Quite a few of them were aliens; he felt a stab of annoyance at this. Why did humans have to rely so strongly on their allies? He was sure they could win the war themselves. A few very attractive Venusians walked past (that wasn’t saying much, they were all stunning) and the closest one winked. All thoughts of dislike for the aliens dissipated in a blink as he waved back then stuffed the last of his cereal bar into his mouth. He was never the most charming flirter.

As he passed the school gates he noticed the usual opening poster stuck to the left hand pillar. A few students stood round looking at the usual instructions, he recognised a few and waved before looking at the poster.

Important Notice

All students will first store their valuables in their dormitories. Younger students please follow the signposts throughout the school. There are five floors in each dorm, one for each year with the youngest at the bottom. After depositing your valuables you will report to the hall for the first headcount. The rest of the information will be handed out here.

Headmaster, Mr Nile.

Hmm… it was different this year, normally an assembly would be held straight away. He shrugged and set off for the boy’s dorm…

Darren sat down on the remains of an old village library. This village was the meeting point he gave to all of the members on the army that were joining him in this damn country. All of the countries had been destroyed, England had a few cities still standing but none near Darren’s mission objective. He didn’t dare set the meeting point any closer to the mission; he’d already seen too many Diterr patrols this far away.
He noticed a few more Captains arriving. They either smiled or nodded then found a comfy spot amongst the rubble. Nobody was talking much, that was to come on the way to the mission, it would take at least 2 months on foot and although this was a top priority mission there was no money for vehicles!!!
He had Intel that there was a Black-ops member near here, hopefully he could be persuaded to join the company; he’d feel safer the more men that showed up. He wriggled and got comfy as the troops started to arrive, taking out a clip of ammo and placing it on the rock near his head, the heat of this many soldiers could be seen by a Diterr…

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The small Lifarian cruiser shaped like an arrowhead of sorts, manned by our hot shot rabbit Drifter; Ryuto was taking it's course through sector 7:A:9, the sector next to the Lifarian civilian space station 'Twengall'. Though there wasn't a station to spare when he had arrived. It was but rubble and corpses, the bodies of those Lifarians that stood on the outer decks, they were tossed easily into space by the impact of the Diterr attack. The rest were burned by the Caul'do Reactor malfunctioning from the Diterr disrupter cannons' constant barrage.

This was how Ryuto thought the attack went, boarding the station before anihilating it with full blown battle cruisers... this brought Ryuto into a silence, his two large black ears hanging over his black fur face streaked twice with white through his left eye. His eyes seemed to shake and glisten, there were so many of his kind on that station and most of them were unarmed. Even if he was there he couldn't have stopped it, but he would have taken pleasure in ever Diterr he could have slain.

Hot tears ran down into the short layer of fur of his face as he scratched his nose, his whiskers twitching slightly. He brought his hand on the throttle to the left of him and blasted off farther and faster into the silver sea, the ocean they call space.

"May the Stars Guide the lost souls, and lead the Drifters to victory..." He said to himself as he looked out into space on his counsel pane, where he hit a few buttons on the screem with his free hand.

"Cheshire... we are going full warp."

"Sir, calculating warp drive converter times, computing...."
The ship's mechanical voice sounded.
"Warp access has been adjoined, ready to follow with Hyper Warp engines... engaging..."

fox demon naruto
03-19-2007, 04:47 PM
Link was walking down the hallway as many other 3rd year students were busily getting there stuff together and dropping them off. Link didn't quite know why they had so much but he really didn't mind it. He looked down to see his room number. 310. It read, Link looked up at the room numbers, 308...309....310! Link slid the key into the lock and opened the door. The room was a plain white room with a desk and a bed with a small sorta kitchen area and a bathroom.

Sighing, Link dropped his two suitcases, one was much larger then the other. The smaller one held clothing and money he would need throughout the year. The larger one which was carring his weapon ect. He then proceded to take off his one-strap bookbag, that would hold his books and things. Though now he had his laptop in it. Link took off his hood and let his white hair fall down. Taking no time to relax he left his room locked it and proceded to the headcount area.

03-19-2007, 06:21 PM
Vorridian walked through the school with a quick pace. He projected an aura of leadership and experience, of which he had both. It wasn't in his nature to go to the headcount and year start pep rallies. He wasn't here to be a friend to these students. First and foremorst, he was to teach them to command ships.

He walked into his classroom, the familiar arena of command. On his left arm was strapped a universal command pad for the entire room. The central holoprojector, the student screens, the lights, all of it. No one else could exert that much authority in his room. Like a preadatory hawk, he waited for his prey.

CF Striker
03-19-2007, 06:36 PM
Ralphius smiled as he flew Aphla-0 toward the docking bay of ST04*. It was all about the flashy entrance, and Ralphius knew how to make a flashy entrance. Just as the hange doors opened, he quickly executed a barrel roll, solwy rotating so he was lying upside down into the hanger, then rotated agin to land gently on his designated spot. He hit a switch and the cocpit moved fowardand up toward the air loft. He relaxed as the familiar process flipped him over on his back and revolved tohave him standing as he exited his jet. He took off his helmet and threw it into the jet before he jumped of the side and turned to face it. He grinned "Not a srcatch."
he gloated to himself. He uni zipped his flight suit and threw it in the plane as well. He wore simple clothing, a designer T and scruffed jeans. He knew what the humans wore, and he liked their rough style.

He casually ignored some of the gasps of "Wow" and "Check it out."
pulling a small black cube from his pocket and fidgiting with as he walked down the hallways. He laid an arm on the information desk and asked, "You got a room for me."

The secretary barely looked up, "Well you're obviously the royal brat Ralphius. You're room 313, enjoy your stay." Ralphius frowned as he took the card key, "Welcome to you too."

He found his room and slid the card key. It was a little cramped, but it would do. He threw the cube hard onto the floor of his room. Immediately, the decor changed. The floor had a honeycomb like pattern and a light blue tint. The walls hals striped patterns in a darker blue. Teh ube also unpacked all of what he a had taken with him and stuffed it into convient vaukts and shelves. All Ralphius had to do was recline in his oversized sturdy bean-bag like bed and relax.

03-20-2007, 11:53 AM
Max looked at the screen of his PDA unemotionally through the smoke of his lit cigarette. The gee-whiz little computer that stayed strapped to his arm was showing him a lot of information, much of which didn't concern his overall mission: Assist in the Destruction of Diterr forces by providing actionable intelligence to forces on ground and by direct action if necessary.

His map was showing a growing population of human soldiers in what used to be a city. They'd most certainly need his help if they were to succeed, but was not yet time to reveal himself. That would be breaking the rules given by his handlers before they dropped him onto what used to be the burgeoning center of human society: Earth.

Now he walked this wasted planet alone, nothing but his nuclear-powered PDA to guide him. Max was always glad to remind himself that a bunch of nerds who had never seen the face of a battlefield were watching him from afar.

He would go ahead and act on his intelligence. Max was only given an overall picture of the battlefield, he chose what he would do.

"Might as well go give those grunts a hand." He said to himself, closing the screen of his PDA and then ashing out his cig. He buried the butt under the soft earth of the burned-down forest he was stopping in, then stood and adjusted his red-tinted sunglasses. A Diterr patrol would be by here within an hour, he had best be gone by then. Without a trace he left the remains of the forest, headed towards the group of human soldiers.

But they wouldn't know about his existence until they needed to know about it.

03-20-2007, 02:21 PM
Leo made his way down the corridor and only stopped breifly as he heard a funny noise from the second floor. he poked his head round the corner and saw a flash of light from 313. the same thing had happened last year but he had never found out who it was.
as he made his way out of the tower he saw 3 boys in a heap near the lake. he knew better than to get involved but it looked extremely unfair... 2 of the boys were tall and mean looking while the third boy was being repeatedly hit by them. Leo raised his pistol (it never left the small holder on his belt) and gave a quick unleathal plasma burst at the tallest meanest boy. it hit him square in the back and he let go of the other boy. now it was 2 on 2 and for some reason the pistol wouldn't fire again. the boy was now quickly striding over flexing his shoulders.
"you shouldn't have interfeared"
Leo looked around and saw Mrs Harka sat on a nearby bench. she was the schools magic teacher and usually favoured the popular kids, and it looked like these boys were the popular kids of the moment.
She smiled, "shooting from a distance like that... cowardly so i simply click my fingers and your gun is useless, now lets see how you do in a real fight! Gordan, Vaan, get him!"
At this the boy still holding the little kid punched him and threw him down and joined the other as they started there slow intimidating walk over. Leo gulped, 2 on was very unfair...

Darren stretched and checked his PDA, the Venusian was late. he needed another calm headed captain here now. he had expected at least 300 men but only 100 were to be seen on his PDA, if Karia took any longer even he would lose his cool! the younger unexperienced captains were getting restless, it would only lead them to an early grave. he stood up and scouted around, surely someone here had a flask of brandy...

Crimson Eyes
03-20-2007, 04:45 PM
Chase made his way into the docking station, watching the new and veteran recruits make there way to the school. Chase kept walking until he finally made it to the dorm building. He was given his card and he was on his way up to the third floor. "Another summer has gone and new year is beginning." He sighed. "I wonder what kind of strangers will be attending this year." Chase was now on the third floor and he looked at the number on his keycard. "Room 317." He continued to walk down the corridor that was full of students arriving and departing from their rooms to got class. He stopped at his door and shoved the keycard in.

The room was small and plain just like any regular school dorm. It had a small kitchen,a bedroom, and a bathroom. He went into the bedroom and set the two large army bags that he was carrying down. It looked like much but it was filled with small necessities. One was filled with clothes,money, and toiletries (deoderant,toothbrush,etc.). The other was filled with his laptop,a pair of boxing gloves and some stuff to make him feel at home. "Well mom, here it goes. Two more years here and I'll be ready to help earth."

Chase left his dorm and started heading for the main school building for the headcount area. He entered a room with many other students. He sighed. "Here we go again."

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OOC: heads up Kari is always in This color any other colors would be other people and srry for not making it my computer was messing with the connection I couldn't get anything posted
BIC: Karia knew she was late. Not that she cared. When she arrived she sat down in a croner near where Darren had sat. Some of the younger captians looked a little confused as to why she was here. Darren's clip was sitting beside her. "So he's here" Her white eyes quickly scanned the crowd Darren wasn't far proabably looking for something. Oh well she'd be waiting for him when he got back. To anyone else it might look like Karia was lounging but to the trained eyes she was sitting very attentive. Her hand rested near her slightly outdated pistol, it served her well, and she could reach her ammunition just as easily.

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OCC: Just thought I'd give you a heads-up in case any of you need to play teacher. I just thought about and saw that I didnt give Momo's full name. Her full name is Moniquie Korczak. ^^ Happy RPing!

Momo was restless. She had gotten up late and after reading the sigh that hung at the entrance of the school decided she needed to pick up the pace. She ran in through the gates, trunk dragging behind her, and was shocked that her first sight in school this year was that of a boy about her age getting beat up. He was outnumbered and looked rather wimpy. She was not about to let some bullies pick on some innocent man. "Hey Ya'll! Yeah, I'm talkin to you, you thugs! What do you think your doing, outnumbering some poor guy?" she shouted at them once she was within about 8 feet from them. She dropped her trunk and took her back-pack off of her shoulders as she kept walking. She realized now that she was closer that the outnumbered boy was not so small. He was about a foot taller than her. "If you wanna fight you got one!" she shouted, hoping the boy wouldnt mind her interfernce.

03-20-2007, 08:02 PM
Jake had finally made it to the meeting point, only seeing a few soldiers and the captains. He walked around, seeing how most of them were just sitting around and waiting, so he decided to sit and wait. He sat down on the ground, his back to what was left of a wall. His mechanical arm made a clanking sound as the palm of the hand hit the ground. He pulled out his triple-barrel handgun, Chaos, inspecting the chamber and polishing it off.

He was an alien, son of a race that had seized to exist, leaving him to be the last of his kind, a Ragathian. He looked human, and many believe he is, the way Jake wants to leave it at. He'll show his true form for his last resort, until then, he'll remain human.

Crimson Eyes
03-20-2007, 08:26 PM
Seeing that recruits were still collecting into the meeting room and that the teachers were going to probably make the students wait, Chase decided to find himself a place to sit. He started looking around for a chair,stool, or even a table to sit on, but every seat was taken. "Well the floor is better than nothing. Chase found a place up against the wall and sat down. He noticed a guy beside him polishing off a three-barreled gun. Chase began staring at the gun as if he was staring into space. He finally snapped back into reality and sighed as he tilted his head back against the wall. "Another year, Another set of eager fresh recruits." Chase looked around and started twiddling his thumbs with impatience. "I hope this starts soon."

03-20-2007, 08:34 PM
Kelli saw the fight that Momo was in and thought it looked like fun. she had always loved beatin the poo out of people ,mainley guys.
Kelli joined Momo in the hallway (beatin up thugs). After a while, Momo noticed Kelli fought well. Momo asked Kelli to be her friend so Kelli warned her that she might get hurt because every friend she ever had mysteriosly died. But Momo still wanted to be friends so she decided to take the risk.they later found outthey were very alike and got along well. kelli said bye to Momo and went on to see which room she was in.

CF Striker
03-20-2007, 08:37 PM
Ralphius had heard the commotion, but didn't bother to lazily exit his room until he heard a new voice enter the fray. Of coarse is was Mrs. Harka, that old hag. He hated her, he hated her ethics, he hated her attractiveness that drewin young guys like flies. Well, a lot of young guys. He waltzed over to the two bullies, ignoring the smaller kid and the girl, hoisting up the two hulks quickly with his phenominal strength. He grinned as he threw the two kids all the way down until they hit the end of the hall. He dusted his hands of and spoke loudly. "I'm happy to dish out more if you want it punks!" The two bullies ran off, as exspected, so he turned back to Mrs.Anal-prep. "I was almost certain fighting was not allowed in the building. I'll have those two guys in dentention if you want Mrs. Harka, I'm sure our esteemed principal wouldn't mind." Because he was an outsider, the principal doted on him just a little. He smiled, he knew Mrs,. Harka wouldn't risk her job. This wasn't about getting the guys exspelled, this was payback.

03-21-2007, 01:25 AM
Anjiru sat alone on a grassy plain, taking her time before the headcount. Her things were already neatly placed in her room so she had nothing to worry about. She looked around her and saw old faces and new faces in the crowd. She waved at each new face she saw and in turn, they waved at her as well. This continued until she got tired of waving at random people. Anjiru stood up and procedded to the hall but on her way there, someone bumped into her. "Ouch! Hey! You could at least say sorry!!!" she said to that person. That person stared at her and bowed down to get something from the ground and said quietly, "Yeah, my bad.. Sorry..." then quickly left her. "What's wrong with him?" she thought. "Anyway, I don't need to contemplate on that, gotta go the the hall for the headcount!!" And with that, she walked on.

03-21-2007, 01:05 PM
It hadn't been too long before Max found the humans' hideout. He had followed a female captain to it, following from a distance. It was a game he was forced to play with himself, to keep his skills sharp. It had seemed that she didn't notice him. When he saw her enter the building, he had stopped and walked away, holing up in a building fit only for condemnation.

He pulled a hammock out of his small backpack and 3 small hooks with an extremely resilient adhesive backing as well. He set up the hooks in the farthest, darkest corner of the room near the ceiling then hung the ultralight and thin, yet strong hammock from them before hoisting his bag back onto his shoulders and jumping up into his new bed and resting his back against the wall.

He unholstered his fairly outdated yet still reliable .45 caliber automatic, screwed on the silencer, and then set the pistol in his lap, loosening his grip on it as he slowly drifted off into the softest of sleep. He would grab a few hours before moving somewhere else and starting his real job. Those grunts would need whatever information he could gather for them.

03-21-2007, 02:49 PM
Warp had seemed too long as the time rolled on by in Ryuto's mind, his long ears still flopped over his face as he had rested his eyes. He was going to a new sector, though this one seemed inhabited by a human station, a school at that. He could surely find a place to refuel there and maybe a few recruits. He sighed with deep thought, lost in that deep spinning blur that was his mind. He liked to move and to be free, but this ship wasn't big enough for that. Cheshire, as he called his ship, was a Lifarian cruiser that the Drifters had picked up, it only seemed right that Ryuto took the ship, seeing as it was of his home race.

"Cheshire... approximate time for arrival?" He ordered.

Arrival in 20 earth minutes... *beep*

He looked at all the controls and all the panels, the sliding ones and the hologram panes too. He waved a hand over the throttle bringing a green translucent pad before his hand and pressed a few keys, each with a Lifarian Character inscribed. He jumped from his seat into a flip leaped back towards the small living area, and hit the panel on the right side.

"Cheshire, alarm me when we have enclosed upon the station..."

*beep* Order has been initiated.

After the green metal door opened he walked in and jumped towards the bed to the right and laid back waiting to get to his destination.

03-21-2007, 04:20 PM
OCC: texantears try not too control Momo so much and let her talk for herself ok. and crimson eyes you have got the army and the school mixed up again, you say that you see a guy with the 3 barreled gun but he's on earth in the army so just check your characters from now on ok :D thanks

oh and i'm having big trouble with my internet as you can see from my signature so if i do disappear just follow the story as best you can.

Leo smiled. he had a bust lip and his left leg was grazed but these were thing to laugh away, the prince in the year below had just given the bullies an almightly beating, but only after two girls had made them look like a pair of five year olds.
then the prince had gone on to taunt Mrs Harka! this was the best first day ever! Leo carried on walking to the hall now in extremely high spirits, he even waved at a complete stranger sat on top of a hill.
he walked into the hall and wiped a small drop of blood from his chin, he looked around for the girls that had helped him but they hadn't arrived,he walked past the chair lined in front of the stage then past the few tables but there was no where to sit, so he went and found a good spot of floor. he sat next to an eager looking fellow twiddling his thumbs, he shared some of his impatience. when was it going to start? Then the headmaster walked on stage...

Darren asked a human soilder for a drink but was completely ignored. he just sat there and polished his gun, Darren could sense something different, but it was hidden so well. he looked up and noticed that the blasted Venusian had arrived. oh well its time he shouted at a few of the younger boys for staring at her. he didn't have anything wrong with Karia herself but if you asked him she was just too damn pretty. he was only 22 but he didn't follow her around asking her if she'd like to polish his gun... he sighed. oh well shouting at newbies came with the job...

03-21-2007, 08:39 PM
The fight was over almost before it started and she barely got any action. Oh well. She had had plenty of practice over the summer break. She grabbed her trunk and back pack and hurried to her room. The head count was bound to start soon and she did not want to be late. She ran to her room, trunk dragging behind her, and quickly opened her trunk to find the stuff she usually cared in her back pack. She emptied the contents out of her back pack and then stuffed in her CD player, CD's, bag of candy, a couple of small books, her cap, and a couple of pens and pencils. She quickly closed her back pack, slung it over her shoulder, and ran to out the door, almost forgeting to lock it. She then sprinted as fast as possible to the head count. She was just in time to see the head master walk up onto the stage. She spoted the guy she had helped earlier and picked her way through the crowd till she came up behind him. "Is this seat takin?" she said in a joking voice as she sat down next to him on the floor.

03-21-2007, 11:44 PM
Anjiru entered the hall and saw the headmaster already on the stage. She looked around and to her dismay, saw almost every seat occupied by other students. She walked around, hoping to find a seat before the headmaster could say his first word.

"Come on... why aren't there any more seats?" she whispered to herself. The headmaster cleared his throat, signaling that he was going to start saying something soon. "Oh no..."

"Hey... Would you like to sit here?" A voice spoke. Anjiru turned around and saw the guy who bumped into her a while ago. "You!" she said out loud that people within the vicinity heard her and hushed her to be quiet.

The guy looked at her and whispered, "I'm making up for what happened a while ago. So just sit here or be called by the headmaster and be humiliated in front of the whole school."

"Grrr..." Anjiru thought. "Okay... okay. I'll sit there." And without waiting for anything else, she sat beside that guy.

"Oh yeah. My name's Joshua, nice to finally meet you that doesn't involve bumping."

She stared at him and said with a smile, "I'm Anjiru..."

03-22-2007, 05:33 AM
Max awoke after a few hours rest. He hopped down silently from his hammock, and pressed himself against the nearby wall as he walked silently towards the doorway. He peeked out quickly in both directions. Seeing it was clear, he holstered his pistol and returned to his corner.

He removed all traces of his existence there, packed up his few items, then checked his PDA. The human group was still in the same place, barely a kilometer away from his current position. He hoisted his pack onto his shoulders, tightened down the straps, and then once again peeked outside to make sure it was clear.

First he would go and observe the humans for a while, see how they were acting. While he was doing that, he would look for one of the more important people in the group. After all, he would need a contact inside. Once candidates were established, he would move on to start checking out the nearby bases of the Diterr.

Max closed his PDA and walked outside of the building. It was nearly nightfall, perfect time for him to begin his day.

03-22-2007, 04:28 PM
Leo smiled at the girls joke. he had seen her before but he could only place a name to her. he remembered she was called Momo but anything was forgotten. a girl shouted "You!" from the otherside of the hall then quickly took a seat. now how had he missed that one?
Leo checked the girl next to him, she was small and quite pretty but Leo had already seen she wasn't to be messed with. he was about to start talking to her when the headmaster coughed loudly.
"To the students who know me, hello. To the newcomers i am Mr Nile your headmaster." as he looked around Leo saw that he didn't look as healthy as normal. he'd always remembered Mr Nile as being the phsically healthiest in the school. he always had a healthy shine to his skin and although he was slim he somehow managed to present an aura of strength. now he had a hunched back and a pale face.
"the school year is going to start differently this year due to a small amount of Diterr on their way to Orchid."
there were gasps all around the hall, however Leo and a few others just scowled, these were the people that had lost to the aliens, important friends and even family.
the headmaster started talking again, "They will be here in aproximately a month (not real time) so for the first week of the term i am giving back to you. many of you have never seen real combat and i don't want you to go into it having regrets, for those who do not want to spend the first week meeting friends and enjoying what could be the last month of your life you are welcome to talk to your teachers and set up some private lessons, however i believe the three weeks you will have in the usual timetable will be enough."
Leo admired Mr Nile, he had a way of speaking that told you just what you had to know.
Leo had a question and raised his hand. "Sir." he called politely as he could.
the headmaster nodded.
"I just wondered how many Diterr there is heading this way?"
He smiled glumly "About five hundred..."
Leo tensed, 500 hundred against about 120 students, this wasn't good.
the assembly was over and people were filing out. if it was 120 good strong armed men he would believe it could be pulled off, but then again some of the kids in this school were VERY good at fighting. Leo turned to the girl Momo. "Well it looks like we have a week off, do you know anywhere good in town?" he tried to smile but it was hard...

Darren had to shout at three junior cadets for staring at Karia. He then walked over to talk to her. on his way he looked around and shouted, "We move in an hour! theres a city two days away from here, mark it on your PDA's and get ready!" he looked at his own PDA, the Black-ops member had moved on. oh well it looked like extra help wasn't as close as he hoped.
he sat down next to Karia and smiled, even now she wasn't calm. she was always tense.
"So how're you doing ugly?" he joked, then had to shout at a passing captain who wolfwhistled...

03-22-2007, 04:58 PM
Karia barely knew how to work her PDA. But she knew well enough to use it alright. "Ugly". Karia smiled Darren's little nickname. "Just fine" she said completely ignoring the wolfwhistle. Of course when she had first arrived she had been skeptical of the humans because on Venus many a man had taken one look and fled. Karia kept her PDA on hand of course hers was older than most to make it easier to use since Karia was "technically inadept" in other words she couldn't work any modern or new technology because she didn't understand it. "Kari!" Karia frowned she hated that nickname. "Miss me?" asked the guy squatting down beside her. Karia couldn't even remember where she had last seen him. "No" She said shortly adding a phrase in Venusian just to see the shocked look on his face. He sat back then got up "Uhhhh" didn't tell him that she had just told he was the equivalent of a rat. Sometimes it helped to be able to say things and then leave people clueless. Of course Karia had told some people about her language. They were the priviledged people. Karia sat back seemingly unaware of the cadets who were staring at her now because she had just said something totally alien to their ears. She knew. She didn't care. As long as they didn't start asking her to show them how to work their PDAs or pistols. It did get annoying when they did that.

03-22-2007, 05:33 PM
Jake couldn't help but to look up when he heard a strange language that he didn't recognize. He saw that it was a Venusian female that said it. Just like the other cadets, he couldn't look away. His mechanical arm started to tighten, taking notice, Jake flipped open a small panel underneath his forearm, a few bugs had gotten in and started eating some of the wires, and had successfully disconnected a wire. Jake charged up his arm, sending a small shock throughout it, killing all the bugs. He twined the wire around each other, looking up from left to right before muttering a word in his own language, a small light flowed through his sleeve as the wire was fixed. It was minor magic he had learned from a book he found on the asteroid he had lived on, a book that taught him many things though he was still unfamiliar with the ancient language of his race. But he learned minor spells, and his own abilities. Jake got up, holstering his triple-barrel handgun and dusting off his pants before walking towards the Venusian female and a Captain, having no idea she was a Captain. He stuck out a hand towards her and said "Hi, I'm Jakell-- Er Jake, I'm Jake." He said quickly "And what would the beautiful lady's name be?" He asked.

Crimson Eyes
03-22-2007, 07:48 PM
Chase's eyes widened a bit when he heard that five-hundred Diteer were going to invade the planet. "Judging by the number of students and how many years they have of training. I'd say we would be destroyed. But of course I may be underestimating some of them. We have a lot more help since the teachers are probably going to help." Chase began walking out of the headcount area and now stood outside and looked up at the sky. "I have to say though. This is an extremely smart move on the Diteer's part. They're trying to get rid of future military recruits. But it's very cowardly also." Chase began looking around at the other students as they walked around or as they louged about. Chase then realized that he had a question for Mr. Nile. He ran back into the headcount area but only to see students leaving and other students talking. Chase sighed. Chase then looked over at Leo. He tilted his head as if he had somehow recognized him. He started to walk over. "Excuse me." Chase tapped Leo on the shoulder.

03-22-2007, 08:36 PM
Vorridian had watched the speech via the main projector. It was short, it was blunt, it was obvious. Vorridian loved it. It wasn't much of a suprise to the retired Admiral that the enemy was sending an attack. But 500? 500 would be little more than a skeleton crew of the ships Vorridian knew. Oh well. He'd already submitted a request to be given, temporarily, complete command over the station's naval resources, on the grounds of his experience.

Speaking of experience, he wondered how many students would come to him. His race tended to stand out among other humanoids, and his position as Teacher of Naval Tactics, while somewhat new, wasn't a secret in the least. It didn't matter how many hours students put into close combat and marksmanship, those casualties could be avoided. After all, this is space. They'll have to get here somehow.

But how many students would come to him to be able to prevent those casualties with a naval battle, he wondered. That was a benefit of retirement: It sure gave him time just to think.

fox demon naruto
03-22-2007, 09:40 PM
Link sighed as the headmaster left the stage after his little speech. '500, huh? That may cause a few death but that cant be advoided. However, I think with my power I can lower the risk of death. I'll need to talk with the headmaster." Link thought getting up. I think I'll head over to that nice Mexican restraunt since I got nothing to do.' Link thought walking away. He heard someone talking about finding a place to eat and looked over to see Leo and a girl he didn't know. He knew leo because they had the same classes. Most of them anyway. Link wasn't one for social activity but what did he have to lose.

Walking over to Leo he tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey I didn't mean to listen on your conversation but I'm going to a real good Mexican restraunt I found last summer. Best you'll have. But if you don't wanna go I mean that find I was just wondering." Link said flushed not used to starting converstations.

03-23-2007, 11:06 AM
OOC: Reira is Anjiru's younger sis. That's all.. XD

Anjiru immediately left the hall after the headmaster's speech and procedded to look for Mrs. Harka, the school's magic teacher. "Well... Mr. Nile did say that we can arrange private lessons..." she told herself. Anjiru had heard of the incident that morning which seemed to have involved Mrs. Harka but she really didn't care. Mrs. Harka wasn't the most friendly teacher, heck, no one really favoured her, but she was gifted in the field of magic and that was what Anjiru needed to put an effort into.

"500 Diterr... I wonder if one of them is that Diterr who killed Reira..." she thought, all the while searching for Mrs. Harka.

Most of the students were planning to enjoy their first week without worrying too much about the Diterr invasion. Anjiru on the other hand, wanted to start as early as possible with training her magic so she can be prepared for the worst.

She kept walking and walking, hoping Mrs. Harka would poof in front of her so she could ask for early lessons at once. Time passed and it seemed Mrs. Harka was nowhere to be seen. Just as Anjiru was giving up on searching for her, Mrs. Harka walked out from a classroom.

"Mrs. Harka!!" Anjiru called to the teacher.

03-23-2007, 01:27 PM
Just as Max had found a good hiding spot from which to observe the humans' hideout, a big commotion began. It looked to him like they were gearing up to move out.

"Hmm..." He said to himself in a low voice, processing this new finding. He turned out of sight of the human group, opening his PDA up and scanning his map. There were several small enemy outposts around them with 2 medium-sized bases and one large Diterr base within a good marching distance away from their current position.

He closed his PDA and returned to observing the humans. He pulled out a small but powerful monocular from a side pocket on his backpack, bringing it up to his right eye. As he scanned the crowd of humans, he noticed that beautiful woman again. This time he could view her in greater detail. She was wearing a Captain's rank and talking to another Captain as well. Max couldn't suppress a grin as she fended off apparent mating gestures from other soldiers and her fellow captain dogged on the perpetrators. "Soldiers will always be soldiers..."

But the pair did seem to be some of the higher-ranking members of the group. He used the monocular's built-in digital camera to snap several pictures of both. With that done, he stowed the little device back into it's pocket and withdrew into the shadows some more. He would upload those photos later to his support team on Orchid. It would take some time to get the information back, even satellite messages took their time to the human's space outpost. In the meantime, he had many things to observe. And dwell on...

03-23-2007, 03:09 PM
*Beep* Arrival in five minutes, Ryuto, prepare for departure.
Repeat, Five minutes.
Ryuto, prepare for departure.*Beep*

Cheshire's voice came over the Lifarian Drifter as he raised his long ears up from over his eyes, some of his hair coming over his eyes as well, which he brushed off as he yawned. Sitting up he brought his armbands into sight and checked everything, from matter/antimatter generators to their spark off devises. He brought his arms down as he leaned back before hopping off the bed.

He geared up, drawing his two gun-blades from a hidden panel in the nearby wall, he slid them into his belt making a curved X with the blades behind his form. The red metal Rainku and the Blue metal Azuka glistened from the light of the room before he left through the sliding door towards the main control room, he hopped in the seat and took the throttle, he slowed the ship with the inverted thrusters and twisted it about before entering the docking station.

He activated the cloaking field right before the clearance scan started, and he managed to get into a far unused corner of the docking bay. Lifarian's rarely built large battleships, so things such as cloaking fields make up for their lack of size for their ships. Though they hold a powerful weapon technology called 'Creation Energy', which they use to operate the cloaking fields and creation cannons.

After docking, he dropped down the emergency escape hatch, Ordering Cheshire to only allow him access back into the ship. With that he dashed with intense speed towards the entrance of town, and when it is a Lifarian running that intense speed is very fast indeed. As the security beams scanned about he swiftly rolled under some, and jumped over some, bounding off of walls making little noise for he had taken his bots off, naturally his feet were padded like a rabbits would be.

That's what made Lifarians great assassins, they could move very fast and at that almost silently. He kept a mini cloak field for himself, but it wasn't perfect.

Eying the area he made it to the top of a tree in the living zones, keeping himself hidden.

03-23-2007, 04:01 PM
Karia looked at Jake "Hi" The other man had apparently given up. Nemeah would be jealous. Her older sister had no reason to be on Venus because Nemeah was a Venusians' description of beautiful. But here Karia had just about everyone who was male eyeing her. Yes Nemeah would be very jealous just now. Jake didn't seem to be trying to get her out on a date but at very least Karia didn't dismiss him. Many of the cadets groaned as if they had been sharply reprimanded for their antics. "I thought she said she didn't date outside Venusians"
"You know Venusians are weirdos she's never going to get a date with one fo them"
"Then she probably won't date"
Karia ignored them. She knew all this. She'd known it since she was a kid of 7. Her older brother Rik had been spiteful and mean and decided to tell her exactly why she'd never date anybody. The memory still hurt long after it happened. Karia the youngest...bad enough but Karia the freakish little girl was worse. No easy thing having to fend off Rik's comments. Karia had no clue why she was feeling morose today.
"Hey, Kari, why you talking to him?"
"That nickname..." Karia muttered for one moment showing her hate for that name. Rik's nickname. Anything to do with Rik had long been swept from her mind. But at one point a man had found out she was called Kari on Venus. He thought it was affectionate. And maybe it was if you liked being called "Freak". Which was exactly why Karia liked being called by her fullname and or "Captian Lygoust". "I don't see why it's your bussiness" Karia knew how to manuever her way around the numbskulls of the human race. Not that hard.

03-23-2007, 04:16 PM
Max ran throught the crowded streets of ST-04, dodging traffic and random pedestrians while his Great Coat flowed behind him. He jumped over a park bench and landed heavily on the wet grass with his packs slamming into his butt.
"Thats gonna leave a mark!" He charged forward, a stitch burning into his side as his luggage bounced in rythe with his feet. How could he be late?

Max made it to the Main Gate with 10 minutes to spare. Lucky Me, he thought to himself. Glancing at the notice, Max dropped his hand luggage and searched franticl for his key. He grabbed triumphantly, before shoving into his Jeans pocket and picking up his luggage. He strolled past a few familar faces and some new; trying hard not to show he was out of breathe; before passing a random brawl inder the gaze of the mega witch Mrs. Harka and decided it wasn't worth the grief he'd recieve later.

Finally making it to his room; Number 205; he smiled at a group of girls before falling into his room and crashing into a bed. His bags slipped out of his hands as his backpack pushed him forward onto the 'matress of bricks'.
"I'll just take this bed then" Looking across the room, he could see his room mate was allready here, but didn't have time to 'investigate' their luggage. Max swung his rucksack from his bag, before grabbing his revolver and placing it into it's holster.

Opening the double doors to the 'Head Count' with his feet, he wasn't surprised to see there were no seats. He walked over to Floyd, a gullable 2nd Year Student he bumped into last year before resting his hands on his desk.
"S'up Floyd? Word to the wise, that Girl over their with the Red hair has a thing for you"

Floyd's face flushed bright red as he glanced over at her. "Really?"

Max nodded and smiled "Really!"
Floyd stood up and adjusted his shirt before trying to swagger over to her. Max moved in a flash and slid into Floyd's seat, before an audable slap was heard. Tough luck buddy
Max smiled and settled down. SSDD

03-23-2007, 04:26 PM
soz toastie but even the small amount of "swearing' isn't allowed, i'm not takong any chances so could you just used damn or something, thanks :D

Leo span round at the voice and smiled, it was Link. he always seemed to stay away from the other members of the class and was a bit of a loner, but Leo had for some reason always liked the shy boy. an audiable slap was heard and Leo grinned, newbie...
he still had to go and check out the new 'naval' teacher. the old Mech teacher had died in an attack on his hometown on earth during the holidays. if this new teacher knew how to pilot a A/S Leo knew they'd get on fine.
He turned back to Momo, "are you coming? it sounds good. i haven't had a mexican in years..."
Leo was sure he knew the place Link was talking about, he'd had a part-time job there in the first year at school, but he'd never got round to trying the food, he just hoped Link had good tastebuds. they started to walk out when someone tapped him on the shoulder, seeing a boy stood behind him he asked "Hi, whats up? do you want to come too?" Leo had never known so many people wanting to talk to him...

Darren smiled, oh... how many times had he been called a rat? it was too hard to remember. he nodded at Karia as a man walked over, it was the one who had ignored him completely earlier. "make it quick, we move in about a minute" he whispered softly.
just then he noticed an extremely small glint somewhere to the right above his head. he pretended to not have noticed and gave a small look up at a diserted building. he quickly looked down and sighed with relief. it was the black-ops member, it was only his trained sniper eyes that had seen him, it looked like this guy was good. he felt better knowing that he hadn't gone yet, but these guys were unpredictable.
he saw Karia having trouble and decided to see if she wanted help, "hey Karia, shall i make these jackasses carry some extra provisions for the next couple of days?" a few of the soilders moaned and sulked away at this.
he then turned to Karia, "you feeling ok?" he asked. Darren hadn't really known her that long but already he felt like he'd made a friend, but it was probably just him being naive...

03-23-2007, 06:20 PM
Momo had seen that the guy she was talking to was well know but she had never known he had so many friends and was slightly shocked that he had asked her to go with him and his friend. "I would love to go out for some good Mexican food but I dont even know your name!" she told him, slightly embarrassed. She knew almost every single person in the school and yet she didnt know this guys name. Oh well. That was something she would find out soon enough.

Crimson Eyes
03-23-2007, 06:34 PM
Chase looked at Leo closely and then closed his eyes and sighed. "I could have sworn that I've seen you before. You look very familiar." Chase stretched out his arms and yawned. "Well, I guess if I don't know you then I guess it would make since to get to know you." Chase put out his hand for a shake. "Name's Christopher but I prefer to be called Chase. And sure, I'll go with you guys. I haven't eaten in hours, Im starving." Chase wanted to make allies fast. Seeing as he would need them for when the Diteer attacked.

03-24-2007, 05:14 PM
Leo grinned sheepishly, it was ages since he'd spoken with such a friendly tone to his voice oh spoken to this many people at once. he turned to the girl called Momo, "thanks again for earlier, you coming? my names Leo by the way..." he called over his shoulder as he made for the door. he grinned again, that felt so cool!!! he pinched himself on the arm, this was no time to be getting excited at making friends, they could all be dead by the end of the month. he clutched the little golden horse around his neck, he'd already lost to much to these monsters he wouldn't let them take his fellow students too. he looked at the trio following him, Link, Chase and Momo, he stored their faces in his memory. he then stepped outside and the sunlight hit him, it was time to enjoy himself...

Darren saw the far off look in Karias face and decided to leave her for a minute. "pack up now!!!" he shouted over the many heads. they mostly jumped up and shouldered their packs, "we move to a..." he stopped as his PDA beeped. he looked at it and saw a new location about 4 miles from here, he checked the small file attatched to the little dot and fell silent. it simply read "Small diterr camp, this is your first test." Darren clenched his metal arm, who'd sent this? was it the Black-ops member? or was it straight from HQ? Darren didn't like it, he'd heard rumours of the diterr getting smarter, what if this was somehow a trap? he walked back over to Karia, it was time to wake her from her little daydream.
he passed her the PDA, "what do you make of this?"...

CF Striker
03-24-2007, 07:48 PM
The bell rang, and Ralphius scowled, that teacher lucked out this time. He ran to hear to speech that was supposed to distrub him, but he grinned. Immediately he made a bee-line for the Alpha Zero, opening its cargo hatch. He pulled out ammunition, a few sparkplugs and connectors. He was going to baby his ship made sure it was ready for its first real fight. He knew it handle well, he knew it sparred well, but now he could actually USE its awesome capabilities. This was gonna be great. He sat ion a engine happily whisling while working with a wrench. A couple of guys came by to look at the ship with awe, most of them gear-heads like himself. He only smilied and kept at his work, but his ego was still definately inside him.

03-24-2007, 10:51 PM
Momo was more than excited to be heading out. She ran after Leo and saw him clutching a small golden horse. "Hey, whats that?" she asked, sticking her finger right in his face and pointing to it. "It's really pretty. Was it a gift from one of your family members?" She knew she was too nosey for her own good but she couldnt help it. She wanted to know who had given him such a lovely gift.

03-25-2007, 02:18 AM
Max made his way out the Head Coubt quickly; not wanting to face a rather angry Floyd; before heading up to his room. He managed to open the door without falling through it and closed it behind him. 500 eh! looks like my last year wont be so boring afterall. Might even be able to sneak of to the army afterwords... Walking over to his luggage, Max fished out his Blade before attatching it to the leftside of his belt and made sure his Revolver was fully loaded. Grabbing his Greatcoat, Max whisked himself out the door and slid into the hallway.
"HEY!" Max spun on the spot. It was Floyd.
"S'up buddy? Thats a nasty bruise on yer cheek!" *smirk*
"Don't you act all innocent! Why'd you do something like that?" Floyd sounded frustrated, but Max knew it would pass. He hoped.
"Well, I needed to accuire a seat and yours was the nearest available." Max ran a hand throgh his hair before re-adjusting his Bonnet. "Let me make it up to you. How's about Mexican as an appology?"
Floyd shook his head. "Nah, thats okay. I'm kinda busy trying to convince a certain girl I'm not a weirdo" Floyd finally smiled. All was cool.
Max gave a wave before starting down the corridor again. Looks like it's Mexican for one!

OOC: S'up folks. One does appologise about the swearing. All should be allrighty now. Just trying to interact with other Character without relying on Floyd so looks like Mexican is the big thing ;) Also, anything written in Italics are Max's thoughts rather than typing: Thinking to himself and such Seeya's

03-25-2007, 07:16 PM
OOC: Sorry for the wait, got busy plus didn't quite know how to add to the storyline.


Max had been sitting back in the shadows of a blown-out hulk of a building when he had spotted the glinting of light from a distance beyond the humans. He reacted on instinct, moving towards a nearby wall and pressing himself up against it. He had to get out of here, now, in case he had been spotted. He consulted the map on his PDA, approximating the possible enemy's position against his own. The best thing he could do now is move to a nearby area from which he could observe both the humans as well as his current hiding spot. Max picked a route that would hide his movements and started walking.

Not running, walking. The last thing he needed to do was make an errant move and give away his position. He moved from cover to cover smoothly, using no more motion than necessary. He also kept his head on a swivel, constantly scanning the world around him. It took a good while to reach his new hiding spot and found it to be just perfect. The wonderful thing about a world that had been bombed almost flat, it left plenty of places to disappear into. He crawled through the wreckage of what used to be a department store until he had settled into his new, covered vantage point. He would be on his stomach for as long as he was here, but the only way anyone could see him was to be almost directly in front of him. And he could see everything else.

Time to see what would arise of this situation.

03-26-2007, 02:18 PM
It seemed a group of student came out from nowhere, he could hear the residual vibrations from the principles speech and his eyes tilted some, an eyebrow raised.

"One month.. one month is all I have to recruit for the Drifters... or wait..." He listened as the numbers entered his ear "500... The Diterr are coming in that number?" He brought his armband up towards his face and pressed a padded finger over a panel key, opening a small screen.

"Maybe the Drifters can aid us... even in warp it will take a while. But I need to send out a message to them.. will it get by security checking? I need to cloak it. Blast!" He hit a few more buttons before recording a message and sending it out.

Zahn, this is Ryuto, Zahn please get this message. Station ST-04 is in danger, in the time of one earth month the Diterr will be launching an attack on the school... I need you guys here. Bring as many Ryunes as you can, and bring 'that' one too. We'll need everything to help these people... I know it's fast of me to ask but please. We need to save the future of our fellow life forms.

Ryuto, out.

After recording he pressed another key and the panel closed. He tracked the message and kept it out of their signals range using a over-layed message encoder. It will just look like a music signal or something like that which strayed from the dorms.

He turned to see the group of students and leaped from the tree onto the wall over them and looked down at them. Leo, Momo, Chase and Link. He didn't know there names nor did he know what was next. But for now he'd blend in. He jumped down before then and smiled, his rabbit like nose twitched once before he let out a long padded hand.

"Hello there, I heard you were going out for Mexican... May I come along?" He looked down to Leo letting his ears stand on his head, adjusting his hearing.

03-26-2007, 03:15 PM
The major sat in his chair, leaning back and rocking on two legs much like a child wood. His eyes stared at the ceiling as he let out a chuckle from his mouth. He cracked his neck, then his fist, and withdrew his blade from it's sheath, which rested on the counter in the middle of the table. He stared at the metal, before pressing his finger lightly against the blade. Withdrawing it, it would come back cut, and bleeding. He smirked, and sheathed it once again. It was just as he liked it: Sharp, and deadly.

Kakorav stood up suddenly, knocking over his chair, as he moved towards his quarters door, opened it, and looked around; No one in sight. He moved back to his desk, picked up his sword, and placed it behind him, withdrew his cloak from it's hanger, and wrapped it around himself. He decided he only needed one gun this time, so he withdrew only one of his M-G 42's. Leaving the other to rest in it's case. He plucked two magazines from their box and placed them in his pockets, as well as his black leather gloves, and glasses, which he put on at the same time.

He took off. Running over towards the combat quarters for the third years avid training course. In the middle of his speedy run, he flipped, doing a series of mid air kicks, before landing on his fist, the ground cracking beneath him. He chuckled, rather moodily, as he took off and skidded to a halt in front of his class room.

He sighed, licking his lips, and opening the door. He jogged over to his desk, and sat behind it, watching the door and waiting for his students to come in. His classroom had no Desks, it had no chalk board, but instead a mat, bamboo sticks, soft rubber sticks, and robes.

03-26-2007, 03:17 PM
OCC: just a thanks to everyone, keep it up

Leo kept walking enjoying the sunshine, he answered Momo's question politely, "this was my Mum's," he said "and this..." he turned his arm over to show the tattoo of the tiger to the girl, "is a tattoo my mother had to remember my father, so when i left earth i got one too." it had always been a sore point to talk about home and family but with these people Leo didn't mind.
suddenly a very furry man jumped in front of Leo and offered his hand, Leo shook it as the man asked if he could join them for the mexican.
"of course you can come, its just round the corner, do you mind if i ask your name?" Leo didn't know how to talk to this guy so he just put on his best formal voice, "so are you new at the school?"
Leo had never even been near to this many people before, never mind spoken to them all. the closest he'd ever come to talking this much was in his battle simulations at school, when he was the squad leader. oh well, maybe he just smelt nice, this new deodorant was working wonders, he'd have to make a mental note to buy some more...

Darren didn't have time to hear any reaction to his query as a spear shot over his head, he calmly watched it sail into a new recruits backpack. the recruit looked at his bag then jumped up shocked. he looked around and saw Darren looking at him. "Yep," he calmly said, "Diterr..." he then span around, unhosltered his pistol and shot the advancing figure of a Diterr. he then ran over to a fellow captain and snatched his PDA out of his hands... it was blank! he ran to a solider a few meters away and grabbed her PDA, again blank! what was going on? he made to run back to Karia as the sound of battle was now all around him. he saw that many people hadn't managed to get to their weapons, these were mostly the younger, less experienced ones, as most knew to keep at least a secondary weapon on them at all times.
he dived behind a rock as an extremely ugly specimen of the Diterr threw a car door his way. how did they sneak up so quietly. and even though the PDA's had shut off now, why didn't they show the Diterr earlier. Darren hit himself on the head, of course! the signal about the camp near here, it was to distract him from the oncoming attack. but that still didn't mean that nobody else could have seen it, maybe the Diterr were getting smarter, but they still weren't super smart.
Darren jumped up and shot a large Diterr running at a older captain, it looked like the captain had been reloading and he stumbled and fell as he backed away from the rushing monster. Darren hit it four times in the chest but it still ran on and viciously stamped on the cowering human. Darren cursed and aimed for the creatures head, two shots later and it hit the floor. even though he was the overall leader, he knew he'd need the other captains and he'd just lost one, this campaign wasn't going well...

03-26-2007, 03:39 PM
Jake grinned, pulling out the triple barrel hand gun, Chaos, seeing at how it might be more effective. He fire three rounds into the head of an oncoming Diterr. It still ran at him head on, so he returned the dash, firing off rounds at the heads of a few Diterrs before punching the Diterr that had been running at him, at the head with his mechanical arm, hearing a nice crack. The Diterr fell to the ground as he turned around to fire off another three rounds at a Diterr. He pulled out his other gun, Hades, one that had a special kind of bullet. He fired two rounds at a Diterr that was about to kill a young looking kid. It immediately fell dead "Looks like Hades will be the best in this fight. I'm going to have to switch the ammo for Chaos." He muttered, reaching into a pack and pulling out four clips, pocketing three as he took the clip that was now in Chaos, replacing it with the other clip. These bullets would explode on impact with any surface.

Jake fired off a round, the release of the bullet caused him to fly backwards and into a wall. Damn, these bullets sure pack a punch. It's like having a rocket launcher in my hands. He thought as the bullet traveled through the air and digging into the skull of one of the creatures, exploding the head five seconds afterwards.

03-26-2007, 03:55 PM
Karia came out of her reveries startled. Darren was asking about his PDA. There was nothing on the screen. However hers was the same. Then the spear flew by. Karia was up her gun in her hand before even the other younger recruits knew what was happening. An extremely unpleasant Diterr was coming towards her. Perhaps it thought to make easy work of her. It was in for a surprise. Karia fired a round at it killing it. Another wasn't about to make the same mistake. Her only cover had been stripped faster than she would've wanted. She scanned for Darren and oncoming Diterr unfortunately the Diterr found her first coming up behind her giving a blow. Not hard enough to make her unconscious but enough for her to fall. She rolled over and fired at the lumbering figure before vacating her spot. No famliar figure of Darren was among the shifting crowd. She saw Jake. But not Darren. She needed to find Darren. It was imperitive though not for a reason that she knew.

03-26-2007, 05:41 PM
Max could only watch the attack from afar. Even he didn't see it coming until it was too late. The only thing he could do was react. He quickly shimmied down out of his hiding spot, drawing his silenced .45 caliber pistol. He moved around the building, ensuring that the immediate area was clear. He then began to run towards the rear of the Diterr attack. There had to be one in charge, that would be his target.

It was a long run, especially when he had to stop at every corner and clear it before proceeding. But he still managed to make good time, only a minute or so into the battle. The humans were holding their own fairly well, but the Diterr did have the numbers on them. "Time to change that." Max thought as he pulled the Skull & Crossbones flap from over his head to cover his face, adjusting the piece of cloth until the elastic held it securely.

Grinning underneath the mask, he came around the corner and spotted his target, sending orders out to his subordinates. Max drew a bead on the back of the creature's head, sending 3 .45 caliber slugs to demolish it before to took cover behind the corner once again. He moved around the building he was beside, assessing the damage. Sure enough 3 of them were laying beside their fallen leader.

He flinched as a bullet whizzed by his head into the brick of the building he was next to. Obviously a stray human round. He shook his head in dismay, he couldn't have his own race trying to kill him. And with that, he retreated from the battlefield, his work completed. While probably one of the better people with a firearm on earth's scarred surface, he was not foot soldier. His attack was measured to give the humans' a better chance at victory. He couldn't risk himself any more.

He took shelter in a building a few blocks away from the fighting, sticking to the shadows inside as he resumed his observance of the battle.

03-26-2007, 07:13 PM
OOC: Just wanted to add somthing, my character now has a new weapon developed called the M-108 Eighty, it's a 1.45 caliber rifle, that peirces mech armor, and other heavily armored craft. It can peirce the walls of the space ship as well. There are three types of ammunition, Regular, Explosive, and Acid.

Kakorav stood up and wlaked out of the room, he was bored, and wandered around a bit, before moving back to his own room, that's when he saw it. It was the M-108 grand rifle, right in front of his door. Moving to it, he would lift it, and move it into his room, placing it on his bed, and un wrapping it. Within minutes he would have it into it's respective casing. He sighed, and reached for his phone, just as it rang. He quickly picked it up and placed it to his ear. "Hmm? Mhmm...I see...Intresting..." Kakorav hung up the phone, and went, grabbing his other MG, holstering it, he would walk out towards the lunch room.

He sighed, and moved into a mexican restraunt, his body heavily equipted with armor and weapons, black sunglasses covering his features as he ordered his food, and wlaked to a table. He noticed a couple of Students (Momo and the others.), walking into the restraunt, he chuckled at the green backed children, and went back to his food.

03-26-2007, 09:23 PM
Momo was so absored in Leo's beautiful tatoo that she when the strange wolf-like man jumped down in front of them she couldnt help but stumble a little. She near had a heart attack! Well, at least she was making friends. Then she got a great idea. Why not take them all to her house after dinner for dessert? Since she lived on the other side of the station, it would be a nice long walk and they could all use the exercise. Plus, she wanted to prove to her brother, Terrance, that she did to have friends. "Hey!" she said, jumping around to face them and begining to walk backwards. "Why dont we all go to my house after dinner? We could all have dessert there and plus, we could use the walk! So whatda ya say?" she said, still walking backwards but now with her best pleading look without seeming desprate.

03-27-2007, 11:40 AM
Max finally made his way through the queue to recieve his Fajitas and gave Zarah; the girl on the till; his usual wink before heading over to a table near the window. She sure is cute, but food comes first. He bit into his first Fajita and could tell it would take some skill to finish it before it fell apart. Max took a second bite, but the back unfolded and that was that. Darn! The mix of Chicken and Peppers hit the plate and he looked about in a vain and hoped no-one saw his predicament. Wiping his mouth, Max noticed a group of Students making their way down the street. He was sure it was that group he passed awhile ago. Are they heading here? Max glanced at the seating arrangments and noticed few places left. Maybe I should invite them if they turn up. Beats being bored outta my skull. He sipped his water and pondered.

03-27-2007, 01:34 PM
Kakorav finished his food, and tossed it into the garbage bin, as he turned to leave, he saw someone eating by himself. So he walked over to the student and held out his hand. A soft smile appearing on his face. "Yo'. I'm Kakorav, the Combat and Mechanics teacher here." he said to Max. "You mind if I sit in this chair? You appear to be alone so..I didn't think you would mind." He said, stretching slightly as he awaited an answer from the boy.

03-27-2007, 03:30 PM
He pondered Momo's question. "We'll see."
he pushed the door open feeling a million dollars. a few people looked at him as he headed for the counter. he spotted the new close combat teacher sitting down near a student, he looked mean. Leo was glad he'd dropped close combat.
His mobile rang as he was about to order, "hey Link can you take this" he said as hs made to step outside.
"Leo, where are you? haven't you heard, the Diterr are speeding up, Mr Nile has figured out that with there current speed they'll be here within the week!"
Leo sighed, it was Sarah, one of his old friends in year 4. "when did the headmaster tell you this?" he asked.
"about 5 minutes ago, why?"
He quickly shut the phone, he had expected 3 weeks to work on his A/S, but now he only had about 3 days!!! he didn't even say bye to his new friends but ran all the way back to school...

Darren felt the wind leave him. another hit like that and he was dead. a diterr was stood on his chest hitting him in the head. he had block most of the first blow with his metal fist but it still hurt. he pulled the pistol up and fired a full clip into the creatures head, there was no time for to be subtle. he threw it off and stood up, retreating inot cover he checked his PDA, it was back on!
he checked the surrounding area and selected a run down old block of flats near here. he sent a quick message telling all members to get there butts over there and hole up. he then felt a large something behind him, before feeling the large fist of that something in the back of his head. he fell to the floor hard. he had to find Karia? why, at this moment was he thinking about her? he wondered this for the few second it took for him to pass out.

Tim wiped the blood from his eyes, he'd just seen the captain go down hard, he had to help. he watched as Darren rolled under a car and disappeared from view. now what? a spear through the chest was all that was in store for him. he fell to his knees, as the sound of the battle got quieter around him, oh well he was soon to join the captain, he thought...

OOC: please leave Darren, as you can probably see i'm not going to be able to log on much so this is a good point to leave Darren until i come back. Kaira (FMA) in now in charge for the army, and when i leave Leo i think it would be best for either Opinionated or tetsanosuke to take charge on the station, if either of you want this job i'll pm you a short section of the plot advancement (or anybody else for that matter) kk :D

03-27-2007, 04:03 PM
Momo was looking over her menu, watching Leo out the window when she saw him take off. "Whats his damage?" she asked, still looking at him. Why would he take off like that? Did she do something wrong? Was inviting all these people to her house a bad idea? With a heavy sigh, she set her menu down and quickly waved at everyone. "I'll see all of ya'll later!!" she yelled over her shoulder as she ran out of resturant. She ran down the street till she had almost caught up with Leo. "Hey! Hey, Leo!! Wait up!" she shouted. When she finally reached him, she slowed a little and took a few gasping breaths before asking "Whats wrong? You took off so suddenly that I figured somethings wrong and dont try to tell me otherwise cause I wont believe you!"

Hehe! Sorry! Didnt read everything before I posted. Sorry! My fault!!

03-27-2007, 05:01 PM
Karia looked at the screen on her PDA. It was on! She had no time to wonder about that. The message was from Darren. A young cadet was stumbling towards her. She grabbed him swung him around fired at the Diterr following and turned towards the cadet "Look at you PDA" He obeyed "Do you..." He started "Don't question it just go now!" He looked scared but followed instructions. The Diterr seemed a little confused as if they didn't know what to do. Karia took advantage of that killing a few more Diterr while forcing her way through the crowd trying to get everyone to the redevous (sp?) point. She got to Jake "Get to the point indicated on your PDA spread it around" She lost him in the crowd.

Tul fired his gun killing the Diterr. The tall form of Captain Lygoust was headed his way. He turned "Yeah, beautiful?"
"Stop messing, Tul. Get to the point on your PDA and hurry!"
Tul smiled "I'll be waitin' for ya!" He took a few more shots before forcing his way to the door. He hadn't even noticed when his PDA was shut down.

Karia had never liked Tul. She like him even less right now. At least the soliders were getting the message. Tul moved quickly. On to the next one at least the ugly Diterr were becoming less and less. The humans seemed to be winning. Big, brutes that most of them were. Of course the Diterr were much, much bigger brutes.

Dirk looked up. Captain Lygoust was headed his way. If he'd had the time he might've started drooling. She reached him quickly.
"Get to the rendezvous now!"
Dirk flew out the door as fast as possible.

03-27-2007, 05:40 PM
Jake pulled out his PDA, still shooting with Chaos as he tried to memorize the rendezvous point, and the bearing of it. He put it away, running in the direction, shooting a few Diterr down. A young soldier, looking to be around the age of 15 fell tot he ground, a Diterr heading his way. The kid was scared out of his mind and couldn't move. Jake fired off a round from hades, the Diterr exploded as it's blood rained on the poor kid. Jake picked him up and ran, carrying him with his metal arm before setting the boy down.

He might as well help the human out "Check your PDA, the rendezvous point should be marked there, run as fast as you can. If a Diterr is chasing you, keep on shooting until it falls dead." He told him as the boy nodded and ran off. Jake looked around himself, running behind a building as he made sure no one was coming this way. He'd have to change to his real form if he planned on getting there fast. He changed, a tail growing as many spikes formed atop it, running up his own spine as he grew in height, claws forming as his head took more of a reptilian look. A low growl emanated from him as he took off on all fours, running as fast as a horse.

CF Striker
03-27-2007, 06:12 PM
Finally, Ralphie managed to install everything. However it wouldn't hurt to double check. Carbon-10 wing blades; Sharp and perfect, High Caliber Mach-guns; full ammo, cylindars excellent; Energy Net; flawless, release trigger worked; Tail-hook; same as net, fine; Plasma bombs; He still had twenty of these babes, but he'd need more after the fight, Seeker H-Rockets; had about 100 of those, nothing to worry about; computer system operational; and most important the Alpha one glowed like a lighting bug thanks to its finish. He was all ready to go.

The Ralphie realized.....now what? He really didn't have many close freinds here, more like a lot of aquaintences, so there wasn't much he new to do until he saw a younger guy running into the hanger. Now what was his rush, they still had weeks until the fight. He climbed out of the Alpha-0 and yelled, "Hey you, what's the rush?"

03-27-2007, 06:41 PM
The retired Admiral heard the news, and immediately sent a new request to the station command: Immediate liquidation of combat resources to him, based on his experience. In short, he was asking for command over the station as a weapon, and to have the students and other combat-ready people under his command.

Of course, there'd be problems. For one, Vorridian's teaching style extended to his combat commanding: Regulation. If there was one thing that Vorridian couldn't stand, it was the myth of the super person. In reality, that idea had no place in the military. You couldn't be a catch-all, good for everything, super person. You had your place. You had your job. You devoted yourself to it, you do it, and you do it damn well. You think that engineers still had the myth of the super person? What about chefs? Electricians? All of them had jobs vital to keeping a ship running. None of them beleived in the myth of the super person.

But then again, maybe strong regulation and discipline would turn these 120 nuggets* into a real fighting force.

*Nuggets is an Air Force term used to refer to inexperienced pilots. Here it refers to inexperienced soldiers.

03-27-2007, 06:42 PM
Ryuto laughed as everyone all of a sudden came in a hurry, he could hear Leo's conversation from within the restaurant and he smiled. "These people think they are fast huh? Well I'll give them fast..." He dashed out of the restaurant and did a flip onto the the nearby wall, he activated his small cloak field before dashing with silent swift speed towards Leo and Momo's position.

"At least they caught my name..." He thought to himself, he told them his name was Guyver, but they wouldn't know it was an alias. He needed to keep sharp and sleek and so he did with that cover. He made it right by them before he slowed to a stop, barely making noise by the padding of his feet.

He decided to see where they were going.

03-28-2007, 03:00 AM
Max looked at Kakorav before shaking his hand and motioning at the empty seat. So this is the new dude. Looks tough, my kinda teacher!
"Names Max Derrant. You're Kakorav right? Looks like you'll have the pleasure of my company for your first year at ST-04 'cause I'm nothing, but a Combat Student" Max smiles.
Leo rushes out of the diner, followed closley Momo. Max regards this with mild interest. "So what's your take on the Dietrr? A month just dosen't sound right to me!"

03-28-2007, 05:50 AM
The battle had become more pitched, but Max's effort had paid off. He noticed that the beautiful captain was moving around, issuing orders to her troops. He couldn't find the other high-ranking officer. It didn't involve him anyway. All that mattered was that the humans were turning the tide of this battle.

In the middle of his reverie, he almost didn't notice the three Diterr trying to sneak up on him. Just as they rushed the entrance to the building he was in, Max spun around, knocking aside a spear. He punched the beast in the stomach, retracting his arm and flexing his muscles a certain way. One of his blade-guns flew into his hand from a launcher hidden underneath his jacket, Max ramming it into his opponent's gut and slicing it out.

Just as the first enemy had fallen to his knees, bleeding profusely from his midsection, Max whirled around in a roundhouse kick that knocked the 2nd opponent back. He finished the kick, aiming his blade-gun at the third monster's throat and firing, the sharp dagger-like blade shooting into the blade at close range and penetrating up to the hilt. The beast clutched at his throat, gagging and sinking as well.

The third rushed him again, catching the side of Max's arm with his spear. Max grit his teeth against the pain as he spun around, grabbing the spear and jerking the spear with the last opponent with it. He jammed his knee into the creature's stomach, doubling it over, and then slammed his elbow into the back of it's neck, right where the skull met the spin. He finished it off by drawing his silenced pistol and shooting the enemy in the back of it's head 3 times at point-blank range. It dropped to the floor dead. He rolled the 2nd enemy over and withdrew the blade from it's throat, wiping it on the creature's clothes to clean it and replaced it into the launcher.

He quickly bandaged the small cut and sighed to himself. It was time to move out again. Max swapped out magazines in his pistol, checked outside to see that it was clear, and got away from the building quick, this time ensuring nobody could follow him.

03-28-2007, 03:45 PM
Karia had managed to get most of the people out. Of course not that many Diterr were left. But Karia didn't want to get caught with them so she sped shoving a young recruit ahead of her. He finally managed to break free and continue the run to the meeting point. Karia was alone but she kept pounding over the ground with an urgency that made her one of the best Captians. THe buldings flashed by her sight. Karia was much fleeter on foot than a human. Venusians made sure that everyone knew just how important running is to a their race. It was known to be a signal of fortune. The one thing Karia wasn't left out for was races and she usually won. Right now though be fleet on foot had more rewards than just showing she belonged right now it may be the thing that saved her life. SHe looked over her shoulder to see if anything was following. She slowed when the Diterr were out of site. Less than a human's speed now. At least everyone had gotten out.

03-28-2007, 03:50 PM
Leo had made it to the hanger, followed closely by Momo. he decided to fill her in. "the diterr are coming." he said out of breath, "i need to get my A/S ready... now." he panted. "you won't really be much help here, but you could warn the others. you don't mind do you?"
he didn't wait for an answer to this but walked quickly towards his A/S tucked away in port 7. on his way he heard a shout. he looked up and saw the prince from earlier.
"hey, you, whats the rush?" he shouted down.
Leo looked at him and sighed, "the diterr are coming even quicker, i need to get my A/S up and running, but she's a bit out of date i need's updating... quick!"
he quickly walked over to the tool bench and grabbed what he needed, he wouldn't be able to make his A/S any better, but he could get her up and running...

OOC: i'll explain about what the A/S is and what it can do next post, this will be my last post for some time so after that i think FMA is going to be looking after leo but Opinionated can take control of him during the station battle.

CF Striker
03-28-2007, 05:19 PM
"Armored suit eh?" Ralphie asked. He clapped his hands. "Sounds fun, bet I could spruce it up a tad for ya, point me to the tools and I ready to go." Hopefully, this guy was easy-going enough to trust him since he had exspertise. Of coarse if this situation had been the other way around he would have become an iron-fisted dictator, lest someone srew with Alpha one, but that wasn't how things were.

03-28-2007, 05:54 PM
Kakorav laughed and sat down, leaning back his eyes would scan the form of the boy, before placing his hands on the table. "My take on the Diterr huh? I think of them as trash, that needs to be taken out. However, This trash, is more like a stray cat. It has a fierce bite to it, but it's just an animal, with no brains, and all brawn. If you can outsmart, or Outwit a Diterr you can kill it. It does get problematic with the fact that they don't need to breathe and we do though. It gives them the advantage with the surprise attacks on space stations like this one...I just recieved an M-108 Rifle, if you know what that is." Kakorav said, his hand sliding down to his gun.

03-28-2007, 08:45 PM
Momo was stunned for a second. Coming faster? How? But there was no time for questions. Leo had alread raced off to work on his A/S and it was true that she would be no use. She stood there for a second and wondered where to start. She ran back to the resturant to warn the others. When she finally reached the resturant, she realized the rabbit man had left too. Had everyone already figured it out? She went up to where she had left the others and blurted out the news. She should have been quieter but she didnt care. When she was done telling them, she figured she should go back to the dorms and tell people she saw there. She arrived to see some random girls standing in a group. She told them about what was happening and told them to spread the word. She was so tired and her backpack felt heavier than it really was. She sat down under a tree outside the building. Her stomach growled in protest but she ignored it and soon fell fast asleep.

03-29-2007, 09:49 AM
Max smiled and regarded the question carefully.
"Well, what I've heard from my un-named; yet often reliable sources; is that the 'M-108 Rifle' was a prototype desinged especially for the use against the Diterr. Although I haven't heard anything regarding it's ammunation type or feild testing. It's supposed to be under Class C security, but there are always some form of leeks in the system."
Max was now grinning, considering the danger he might be in with even this small peice of knowledge. Was this guy part of the Special Ops? Max saw Kakorav slide his hand down and under the table, but didn't give it much thought. Before Max could continue, the girl from before burst into the restraunt and headed over to her freinds. Max listened intently and gave Kakorav a glance.
"Fun and games to come!"

03-29-2007, 11:14 AM
"Being a high ranking offiical in the military gets you ties to the weapons. Anyway, come with me to my room. I'll get you armed up, we'll be needing all the hands we can get when it comes to fighting with the beasts." Kakorav stated, as he pushed himself away from the table, and stood up, revealing that his hand was resting uncomfortably upon the butt of his MG-53 guns, his eyes turned to look around before sighing. "C'mon kid, lets go." He said motioning with his head, "We'll be under attack soon, you know how to sniper, right?" He said to Max, a soft smile coming to pass.

03-29-2007, 02:31 PM
OOC: I'm taking this post to "explain" Karia's visions
Karia stopped. She was headed in the right direction but something told her to stop. SHe turned to see to big brutes of Diterr rambling her way. She took out her pistol and fired off two rounds at both of them. THey stumbled and fell in their own blood. Karia wasn't seeing them anymore. Images flashed before her eyes gving her a cryptic (sp?) glimpse of the future. A few images that looked like Darren but weren't others of a a few other people that were destined to be involved. She blinked rapidly after a few seconds. She was about to turn and head towards the compound. A pair of arms grabbed her and dragged her to the nearest building. Karia kicked visciously at her attack just missing him by inches. "Let me go!" She hissed. Her back was to him Karia had no clue who it was. "Hello" Karia kicked visciously at him again just missing him by a hair "You rat" She added a few Venusian phrases that meant just abou the same thing for good measure. "I'm human" "I don't care what you are! Just let me go" "I will just listen to me first. Just dissapear after all this is over with, I'll be watching you" With that her strange attacker pushed her out the door and vanished. "Dirty little" Karia muttered adding more Venusian phrases along the lines of "rat" "inhuman" and "attacker". She had no clue who he was. Karia straightened and headed for the meeting again. Still muttering phrases under her breath. After her run-in though Karia was more unnerved than she let on.

03-29-2007, 03:31 PM
His eyes had widened once that piece of information drilled into his mind, they had precious little time. He hadn't enough power in his panel to cloak another signal, the Drifters would be late. He sneered down at the Prince and Leo then to the ceiling of the cargo bay. He raised a cloaked hand up before leaping to a tall metal platform. He deactivated his cloaking field and let it charge, and after so he drew both of his gun blades from his back and set them down as he sat high above the metal work below. He pulled several cartridges out from his belt and loaded them into his weapons, he knew these would come in handy later but.. what could he do now?

He turned towards the edge of the metal platform and looked down at the A/S crews and all other manner of space craft in the area. He was high above them all, and could see all the way down to the corner of the hangar where Cheshire still sat cloaked in that far side of the hanger. What did Cheshire hold that could help him in the end?

"Blast... not enought time..."

03-29-2007, 03:39 PM
Leo grinned, by the looks of this princes ship, the bear was going to be a monster by the time they were both finished with it. it was a long time since Leo had met anyone who had such a fanatical love for machines as him.
he chucked a small plasma wrench over to the prince, "right well, she's not well equiped at the minute."
he looked at his personal A/S. she was small in A/S standards and only stood at about 3 times the height of Leo himself. she was in the shape of a bear, so thats what Leo decided to call her. she was at the moment only equiped with one shoulder cannon and the 4 detonations hidden under the arms. the belly of the A/S was painted white and was the only weak spot. the rest of the body, arms and legs were covered with brick red armour that was twice as thick. at the minute she was programed to use a standard A/S assault rifle and flick-knife. it would have to stay that way along with the armour, the only extra parts Leo could see in the hanger were either too battered or too small to be much help. it all depended on what little 'extras' this prince had up his sleeve.
"So what can you do, i think i'll need some extra fire power and some better flight programs wouldn't go amiss either. lets see what we can do."
he happily turned back towards the bear, this was what he was good at and it looked like he had expert help...

Darren woke up but didn't groan. the pain he was going through was enough to make him scream, but his training kicked in and he stayed quiet. it looked like he had rolled under a car, then the back end had fallen on him. hie left leg hurt like hell but his right leg was fine but trapped. his metal arm was now useless, he could feel and see the trickle of oil running down a little slope of mud towards the feet of a dead diterr. his good arm was fine and worked. he looked out from the car and quickly stopped breathing, there were walking feet out there, Diterr feet!
he now knew he couldn't shout for help, so he felt around for his PDA, his good arm grabbed something but when he pulled it up infront of his face he knew it was useless. a dark green liquid was running down the back, the radio-active batteries. so now he couldn't call for help and nobody could fine him via his PDA now either. he just hoped a diterr couldn't smell the oil.
he wondered whether anybody else had survived or had they all perished?
oh well, he was really starting to warm to a few of the newbies as well. he suddenly froze then let out a small sigh. Karia... he was getting too close to her, or he was. now she was either dead or helping the others get to safety. he shuffled and the pressure on his legs lessened, but it still looked like he was in for a long wait...

OOC: kk everybody, this was my last post so good luck i hope you can keep it going and with the quality of writers that have joined i have no worries there, see you all later...:p

03-29-2007, 10:40 PM
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03-30-2007, 12:13 PM
OOC: First part of this is happening at the school. It's a prelude to later posts (if we get to have any...)

From the edges of the space station, a lone space probe blasted away, earthbound. It quickly burned away from the place, rocket boosters shutting off right before the one-shot warp drive engaged, sending the probe towards earth. Along with it was sent a short SatCom message.

Back on earth:

Max grinned as he replayed the scene with the woman. She was vicious, quick, and as far as he could tell, smart. That was good. Her beauty also didn't hurt, either, but that was beside the point. The only troubling point was that she had seemed like she had a lot on her mind. In a warzone, stray thoughts could be more lethal than bullets. It was important for a soldier to stay focused on the mission at hand.

He had continued to follow her from a good distance, taking measures to ensure that he wouldn't be spotted. In the middle of this, his PDA zapped him. Among the more impressing features of the little gizmo, it alerted him to new messages and updates via electric shock. No noisy vibration devices or tones to give him away. How great, his own personal shock collar. He sought temporary shelter and checked it out.

In it was a message:
"Diterr armada inbound to The Rock. Estimate 6-7 earth days. One resupply sent. Will alert when in Earthspace. You select the landing spot. GL."

It was signed "The nerds." Max sighed as he lit a cigarette and inhaled from it. His support unit had a sense of humor, that was for sure. He quickly typed in a to-the-point reply, "Understood. Have fun, Wraith." He sent off the message. It was uploaded to an orbiting satellite from which it would be sent off towards the school. With that he closed the PDA and stood with his back to the wall, smoking his cigarette.

It really didn't concern him, much. His support team had loaded into his PDA plenty of applications to give him support from remaining orbital satellites. But the care package certainly would help. He hoped they packed him plenty of cigarettes. He finished the smoke, hid the butt, and carried on his mission. He had a lot to do...

Light Wolf
03-30-2007, 03:42 PM
Byakuya stood atop on his roof and looked at the sky his black hair swayed with the wind and soon he blank face turned into a pit of rage. He drew tenro and swung it as hard as he could destroying a part of his roof and cutting down a tree or two. The force of his swing sent waves of energy throughtout the area.

03-30-2007, 03:54 PM
Karia arrived at the meeting. Tul met her outside. "Sort of late aren't we, pretty?" "Shut up, Tul" She snapped "Tell me what happened" "Well a couple of us posted gaurds on the seven floors. We realized Captain Fiest is missing...um the meeting hasn't started..." Tul seemed about to go on. Karia stared "Repeat that for me, private" "The meeting..." "No! the one about Captian Fiest!" "Oh yeah" Tul flicked his fingers as if Darren wasn't that important "He's kinda gone, gorgeous, so you don't have to worry..." Karia shut him up with a long glare. Tul's mouth snapped shut "Tell me, Tul, did you realize I wouldn't be happy with this?" He didn't reply afraid she might hurt him but he gave a weak nod. "Keep your post, private." Karia said her tone indicating that he should keep his mouth shut too. Tul saluted stiffly as Karia pushed her way past him. The vision still disturbed her. One man in particular. He wore red tinted glasses (at least appeared red tinted). Something about him made Karia be careful that and the fact that her "just dissapear" attacker was watching her. She sighed. Darren was missing "Lovely just lovely. My life has gone from bad to worse in minutes" SHe muttered passing a few more soldiers.

03-31-2007, 09:31 AM
Anjiru was very relaxed with the talk she and Mrs. Harka had. Though she was an irritating person, it seemed she got along with Anjiru well. At least Anjiru was going through with her request that Mrs. Harka train her on the first week rather than spending it in a lavish way.

"Thank god she agreed..." Anjiru thought, a smile creeping on her face. She wanted to start training as soon as possible and Mrs. Harka said she could start that very same day though a little later. She ran to her room and rested herself before her upcoming training so she wouldn't get tired fast.

03-31-2007, 03:33 PM
Max made his way into Kakorav's room, carrying his metal case with him.
"Sorry it took so long, but everyone's asking questions and running around like headless chickens. They're supposed to be the future aswell!?" Max gave a smirk as he opened the case and lifted up his gun; Lilly. He readied himself into a firing position and looked through the scope. Wonder what Kakorav will think of my handiwork?

Max then put the gun down and went back to the case. He retrieved 4 magazines and slotted one into the bottom of the Pulse Rifle with the distinguished click he loved. Max then placed the other 3 into the leather 'Pouch' on the side of his belt designed especially for this gun. There was no point in 'Arming' the Rifle so he then handed the gun to Kakorav.
"It's based on the Standard Issue 'Pulse Rifle', but I've added a few componants to it. As you can see, the barrel is longer; and with the scope attached; gives a 37% increase on range aswell as accuracy. It's not the greatest of mods, but it suits my needs." Max walked over to the window, not waiting for a reply.
"Oh! If you want a sniper, I'm your dream student!" Again the smug smirk crossed Max's face. "So wheres this big beastie?"

03-31-2007, 04:13 PM
Momo was tossed and turned under the tree. She was having a nightmare. She sat up, startled when she heard someone starting to head her way. She sat up and saw a beautiful girl from a year above her heading toward the girls dorms. She remembered the news she was supposed to be spreading and quickly ran up to the girl. "Hey!! Have you heard?" she asked, not bothering to introduce herself or anything. "The Diterr are going to be here by the end of the week, from what they say. If your going to do anything to fresh up, do it quick."

03-31-2007, 05:48 PM
Jake had been running in his alien form for a few minutes before running into a Diterr. He tackled the creature down, a clawed hand raised as he scrated the Diterr acroos it's chest before throwing him off. He landed on his back, flipping up to his feet as he growled, circling around the Diterr before running at it, his jaws opened as he bit down on it's right arm. It yelled in pain as he wripped off the arm with his teeth and claws, blodd dripping from his lower jaw as he stabbed the alien with his tail, throwing it away.

Jake resumed his running, unaware of the blood on his jaw. His eyes flashed red as he saw the heat signatures of a few soldiers and the Venusian female, Karia. He took a big leap, changing in mid air as he landed on his feet, running the rest of the way.

03-31-2007, 07:10 PM
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04-03-2007, 09:56 PM
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Anjiru stared at the girl who just came up to her. She had heard the message that girl just said. "The Diterr? Coming here by the end of the week?" Instead of being shocked by the sudden news, a sadistic smile creeped on Anjiru's face.

"Thanks." she said to the girl who told her. She turned around and headed to where she was supposed to train with Mrs. Harka, forgetting that she was going to her room.

"It's now or never..."

04-04-2007, 04:51 AM
Ray was a litte to excited about the Diterr coming.But then again who wasn't? Most of the students here were bent on getting revenge and Ray was one of them. She smirked, "Revenge is ever so sweet."
Ray disapeared into her dorm room to grab her coat. She need to go into the mechanics floor to pick up her weapon that she had be secretly upgrading on the weekends and durning lunch breaks. All of her teachers had agreed that her weapon of choice was a bit out dated and that instead of a bow and arrow she should try a sniper. Ray didn't like guns, and they really don't force her to keep her arm strength as much as a bow and arrow does.
She decided that she would design a more futureistic version of the weapon.
Ray left the dorms with wicked smille on her face only thinking one thing "Pay back time."

04-04-2007, 01:09 PM
Max had arrived outside the Army's new base just in time to see the beautiful woman chew out the soldier at the front door and then walk inside, seemingly infuriated. He had to grin, soldiers would always be soldiers. He could only imagine what the guy had said to anger his superior.

After watching the short show, he proceeded to walk around the building, keeping a few blocks of distance between himself and the humans. He couldn't allow himself to be spotted. Having his presence known by more people than absolutely necessary was about like signing your own suicide note.

He had been taking more chances than he really had to recently. Especially in that battle. Assassinating the Diterr leader probably did save the humans a few men in the battle, he could have just watched it all play out. They really didn't need the help. So what was it?

He hadn't seen combat in a while. Surving battles was like a drug. The combination of adrenaline and fear that war induced...highly addictive. Max had seen so much war now that he could effectively keep his emotions in check during a fight. Did he miss the rush? He shook the reverie out of his head, instead concentrating on not being spotted.

As he finished his circuit of the building, he had noticed only one main entrance from the building. There was an emergency exit on one side, and windows all around. He had noticed a few guards on higher floors. He was sure he had missed some. Those he had seen were in plain sight. One had been resting on a window, smoking a cigarette. That was asking to be noticed by the heat-sensitive Diterr.

In the end he placed himself within view of the main entrance and emergency exit, crawled up underneath a roof that had given way a long time ago, it's supports blown out by something explosive. He didn't know how exactly she would take his earlier message. It was about to be a long night...

04-04-2007, 03:45 PM
Karia blinked as something leapt into veiw. Vaguely familiar. She knew the Diterr weren't shape-shifters they had to keep their insultingly ugly forms. A few races were still in exsistence that could change thought many had died out. Recognision hit her. Tul had his gun up."Tul!" He half-turned wary of her. "Uh yeah?" Karia replied with a long hard stare. "Jake?" SHe said turning back to the alien. Tul dropped his gun disspirited. Gun happy idiot. Karia thought. The soldier she had saved stumbled down teh stairs behind her.
"I...It's my t-t-turn to t-take guard duty" He panted.
Karia looked at Tul. He kicked the ground in response. "You can go back" Karia said "Tul needs to stay here"
He saluted wearily and trudged back up the stairs. "Yeah that's what I ran down here for" He muttered.
Karia knew how to deal with Tul. Keep him out of fights and away from women and he behaved pretty well. Just as he was doing now.

04-05-2007, 02:36 AM
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Max braced his shoulder as he raised his Pulse Rifle; Lilly; up to eye level and peered through the Scope. He could see the target. Max's breathing slowed as he tightened his hold on the trigger. Pushing, pushing, pushing. He stopped. Max steadied his body, his hands no longer shook as if he'd turned to stone. The distractions around him melted away as his breating almost stopped. His Adrenaline eased away and only the sound of his heart pounding away, served as a reminder that he was still alive.
He was ready.
The shot was fired and cut through the air before blowing a fist sized hole through the Dummy's chest, sending bits of plastic and cotton flying in all directions. All this preperation took less than 30 seconds, but the shot itself was over instantly.

Max lowered Lilly and admired his shot. Not as centered as he hoped, but was pleased considering it was pushing the boundries of Lilly's range. He turned round and gave Karorav a smile. Gotta be good enough!?

04-05-2007, 05:49 AM
He stood in front of Karia and Tul, nodding a hello to both of them as he tried to catch his breath. He breathed in deeply, before letting out a soft breath. Jake ran his left hand down his face, wiping away the blood on his mouth, staining his hand. He looked to his hand, and saw the blood. 'Damn should have checked after I bit the Diterr's arm off' He thought before wiping his hand on his pants. "How many soldiers are here?" He asked, seeing how some died.

OOC: I apologize for this small post.

04-05-2007, 03:21 PM
After addressing the girl, Momo finally got a good idea. She should practice her archery and shooting skills. She hadnt used them all break and they were probably rusty. She ran to her room and grabbed her bow and arrows, her revolver, her small gun earplugs and her archery gloves. After she had put her gun, earplugs, and gloves in her backpack, she strapped on her arrows, slung on her backpack, grabbed her bow and ran to the practice area. She saw someone was already there but did not care.

She threw her backpack on the ground and strung her bow. She pulled on her archerey gloves and picked up her bow. She stretched the string a little and spotted a target. She took an arrow, docked it, and took aim. She pulled back the string and, re-aiming, let it go. It hit the target with a satifieing PLUNK. That was all she needed to hear. She quickly starting docking arrows, pulling back and letting go. Within the next 15 seconds, she had atleast 25 arrows on the target, almost all of them in the center, a couple stuck in each other. That was good enough. She ran to the target and pulled all her arrows back, sticking them back in her canester. After she had retrieved them all, she decided to not bother with the gun. If her archery was still top shape, then her gun hand couldnt be to bad. She packed up her stuff and decided to get something to eat. She was starved.

04-06-2007, 11:29 AM
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04-07-2007, 02:43 PM
Vorridian walked over to the entrance of his classroom, right beside the door. There was a comm system there, in the Selvadt style. A mike to fit around the gills(Selvadt don't speak through their mouths) with a little prod that hovered over the earhole(Selvadt also don't have external ears). He typed in the override code into the circular Selvadt-language keypad that also shared the panel with a human keypad.

He drummed his fingers on the mike out of habit, planning what he was going to say, then pressed the final number sequence. A loud, but gentle tone reverberated from most every speaker in the station, followed by, "Attention all personell. This is Admiral Vorridian Nool, teacher of naval tactics. The Diterr will be here in less than a Terran week. I know most of you will want to focus on marksmanship and hand to hand combat. However, I intend not to let the Diterr set foot on this station."

"Therefore, I need any and all personell with naval experience, engineering, and fighter piloting experience to report to my room immediately. There was never a battle won without a plan, and we have less than a week to prepare. Admiral Nool out.

04-07-2007, 05:31 PM
Momo heard Admiral Nool's annoucement but she knew she wasnt going to be in that crowd. She was no where near the right person to work with any kind of ship equipment. Her belly growled and she couldnt help but feel even hungrier than before. She ran to her dorm and, after quickly unlocking the door, rumaged through her trunk until she found a large bag of home-made desserts her brother had made. She pulled out a peice of lemon cake and began to stuff it in her mouth. The sweet lemon cake crumbled down her throat as she swallowed and she couldnt help but stop and savor it for a second. She pulled out another peice of cake but ate it slower this time. She walked over and closed her door. She set her goodie bag down on her bed and reached in her backpack for her CD's and CD player. She plopped down on the bed and turned on her favorite CD before she again grabbed her goodie bag and began to eat. Before she knew it she was singing out along with her favorite song between bites of cake and cookies as all was normal and she had not a care in the world and thats the way she liked it.

04-08-2007, 12:28 AM
Ray stood in front of the classroom where she kept her newly developed bow and arrow. After she heard the anoucement she was seriously debating on whether or not she should just grab her weapon anyway. She decided to go ahead and take it. It was pretty much finished anyway. Ray took her weapon and walked toward the nearest stairs thinking to herself.
'This sucks.' She cluched her bow, 'I'm sorry Jay. I'm not anywhere near that kind of perfession. And I'm only a second year.'
Ray walked back to her dorm. She decided to take a nap before classes.

When she got there she placed her bow on her desk and the container full of arrows on leaning agains the chair. Ray then calapsed on top of her bed and took a well needed nap.

CF Striker
04-08-2007, 08:10 AM
Ralphie grinned, this going to be fun. The AS was a really nice machine, not made for his kind of fighting, but a good machine none the less. "Hey, yeah this is some nice equipment...ok, so this is a heavy-duty model so armament looks ok. I'm gonna order you a little something though, pay me back only if you want to. Trust me, it'll give you that little "punch". Today, I think I can mess with some off this stuff around here and work on your speed and handling..."

Ralphie grabbed a wrench and opened the AS at it's stomach, then motioned with his wrench, "So if you wanna' help come on!"

04-08-2007, 10:13 AM
Max (amazingly) heard Admiral Nool's message over the sound of his Pulse Rifle. He stopped and disarmed his rifle before pulling the clip out. Max then places his Rifle into it's case and returned the clips into the slots at the side.
I never was that good at Naval Tactics, considering I was more interested in the ground work, but I'll go anyway. It should be interesting!

Max got to Admiral Nool's room; still carrying his Pulse Rifle; and knocked before entering. "How's it going folks?!"

04-08-2007, 04:59 PM
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04-08-2007, 09:18 PM
It wasnt until Momo woke up that she relized that she had fallen asleep. She looked at the watch on her wrist and found she had only been dozing for a minute. She got up and wondered what to do now. All her friends were bound to be terrible busy with their AS's and such but she had no skills there and now felt more alone than ever. She wanted so bad to do something but she had not a clue on what to do. She stuffed her goodie bag back into her trunk and put her CD player on her nightstand. She threw her backpack across her shoulders and walked out her door, being sure that she locked it tight before she left. Not wanting to be seen and forced into work she did not care for (as well as was not talented in), she quickly and quitely snuck off of campus grounds on her way to see her family. She padded lightly down the street, constantly checking behind her back to be sure she wasnt spotted. She snuck around corner after corner until she reached about two blocks from her house. She took the long way around, staring long and hard at each familiar place that she had lived around all her life. For all she knew, this could be her last chance and she wanted to make sure that if her dying moments were approuching then she could fill them with good memories. When she did finally reach her house, she wasnt sure she could see them now after think so much about death but she swallowed the lump in her throat and went inside. "Hello? Tyrice, are you home?" she called out. What if they werent there?

"Momo? Is that you? What, you miss me already?" came a voice from the kitchen. A moment later, a tall handsom man limped out of the room and walked up to Momo with loving but suspicious eyes. "I know I'm home early but I have some bad news, " said Momo, not wanting to break the news to him to fast. But she couldnt really tell him at all because at that moment two small kids hurtled down the stairs and jumped right on Momo.

"Momo, your here!" shouted one. "Momo, I'm so glad your back!" shouted the other. It was Rollen and Shasta and Momo couldnt help but be happy to see them. She shoved them off and held their chins and sternly told them to go to their room before turning her attention back to Tyrice. "Tyrice, they told us at school that in about a week, Diterrs are going to attack the school an-" but that was all she could get out. Tyrice had gripped her in such a big hug she couldnt breath. "You know I cant let you go into that fight, right? Its much to dangorous and your much to young," he said but Momo wouldnt listen. She pulled away from his grip and faced him with an iron stare."I have to Ty, weather or not you want me to or not. I have to help, no matter what the cost. I sorry but I have too. I just came to make sure I got to spend some time with my family before hand. I dont know whats going to happen and neither do you but I'm going to do it anyway." He smiled and said, "Your mother is showing." It was a term he often used when he thought she was acting like mom but this time it suprised her. She had never known her mom was stubborn.

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04-10-2007, 03:54 PM
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Karia sighed "I haven't had time to take attendance but it seems everyone but Captain Feist are here. The meeting will take place soon in the central part of the building we'll see just how many we lost then" She sighed then turned and took the steps two at a time but not before making sure Tul would keep his gaurd without using his gun. In the army being trigger happy was not always a good thing.
Karia went through the levels talking to each gaurd seperately making sure each was keeping adquate watch. When she arrived on a very high level she noticed the gaurd was in plain sight and smoking. Personally Karia thought smoking to be a disgusting human habit but this was just asking for a Diterr to come along. "Private!"
The man turned guilt plain on his features. "Oops"
"Oops is right" Karia said "Now put that out and don't take another on duty. Seriously I'd think most of you humans had rocks for brains!"
"Sorry, ma'am"
"Slivet*" Karia said momentarily slipping in to her home language.
Mystia hurried through the halls of the Gaurdian School. The Diterr were a worrying pain now. Mr. Nile hadn't looked happy at the first news but now he looked even less happy. Mystia glanced around nervously her large blue eyes making her look even more uncomfortable. She had to get to the A/S in time. "Hurry" SHe muttered breezing past more students.
OOC: Don't ignore my posts for a while they are going to affect the game now
as for the Venusian in my post
Slivet: a Venusian term for imbecile, idiot any derogatory name thought not a swear word many Venusians will use if say they accidentally hurt themsleves but in this instance is used to mean that she really could care less for any apologies he has.

04-10-2007, 09:02 PM
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BIC: Momo was more than suprised by her brothers statement. She couldnt help but let a small smile escape her lips. "You really think so? Well, be as that may, I'm going anyway. You cant stop me," she said. "And I'm not going to stop you. I know you want to go and I know its for a good cause so why should I? I mean, its not like I want you to get hurt but you obvoiusly have made up your mind so its not like I can stop you. Just promise me you'll be careful," he said, bringing her into a hug. She wasnt expecting this kind of reaction from him but it was ok. She liked it. She hugged him back then pulled away.

"I think I'm going to go visit the twins for a while then head back to school." She turned around to head up stairs but he quickly called her back. "Theres something I want to give you. I was going to save it for your birthday but I think you should have it now," he said, leading to her a small table in the corner. He reached inside and took out a small box with a golden locket in it. He set the box on the table and clipped the locket around her neck.

"I made it so that when you were old enough, you could look back and remember your family. I put a picture of Mom, Dad, Sarah and Micheal in there on one side and a picture of you, me and the twins on the other side." Momo was to stunned to speak. She lifted the small locket and gently opened it so she could look at the small pictures inside. She held back tears and hugged her brother. "Thank you, Tyrice. I love it." Then she ran up the stairs to go play with the twins, holding her locket all the way. When she reached to top of the stairs, she stuffed the locket under her shirt and went to her old room where she found the twins, busy playing. "So who want to play hide and seek?"

04-11-2007, 03:56 PM
Vorridian looked at the students, civilians, and teachers amassed in his room, acknowledged them. "I've been given complete authority over this station," He started, "So this doesn't represent all my available soldiers."

The holoprojector flashed into life, filling the air in the center of the room with an image of ST-04* and the planet beneath it. "This is us," He said, "This is space, and the Diterr are not marching here. Logically, it would be best to take them out before they land. Even if they don't need oxygen, radiation and intense temperatures will cook or freeze them."

"Any and all fighter craft will be pre-deployed, on grounds of a training mission." A large group of dots left ST-04* and flew far enough that the projection had to slightly adjust the zoom ratio, dropping miniscule communications bouys behind them. "We let the Diterr start burning in-system," A group of larger red dots appeared and started moving towards the station, "Then open up with ST-04*'s guns when they're about a third of the way in out total range. Then our fighters come in from an angle behind them and eat their way up the rear of the formation." Dozens of small streaks flew out from ST-04* at the red dots, while the fighter dots came from behind and to the 5 o'clock low*.

The entire holo froze then, as the battle was just starting. "I've also sent out a request to the Selvadt Admiralty** for a light-medium weight cruiser. If it gets here, it'll be in the planet's sensor shadow with a chain of bouys behind it. It'll come in on the side oppisite our line of fire and support our guns."

"Now then, any questions?" He asked the assembly, turning to face them all in turn.

* __ o'clock (high or low) is a quick, slightly accurate way of identifying an angle of attack. The o'clock comes from the target's horizontal plane. The high/low part comes from whether the attacker is above or below the horizontal plane.

**The Selvadt Admiralty is the descision making council of the Selvadt navy, made up of Admirals.

CF Striker
04-11-2007, 08:17 PM
Ralphie turnedto the kid, "I'll be back, I got say somethin'." He had heard the orders and decided he make where he stood in this staion and the battle clear. He ran to the main room as fast as he could yelled, "No sir! I'll accompany the fighter and ready araments sir!" He could barely stand it, he could order and try out new equipement. just like that he was gone again, sitting by an artificial tree and placing orders on hologram catalog for heat vents, cryo-rockets, and the perfet radioactive gas to help combat the Ditierr. He enjoyed this WAY too much, and he didn't care. To see his Alpha-0 obliteratting the competition, is would feel more wonderful than anything else he knew.

04-12-2007, 02:45 PM
Max listened intently, contimplating every possible thing he could remember from his 3rd year. That wasn't easy!
The guns at ST-04 were well spaced out for such an assault, but considering the amount of target at once and their size could reduce their effectiveness. Not only that, but having manned fighters so close could cause quite a few casaulties from freindly fire.

Max half raised his hand. "How about splitting the fighters into two squadrons? They could both attack from each side which would spread out the elimination of targets." Max scratched his head before continuing.
"Maybe have the fighters starfe the flanks instead of rolling through the back of the Dietrr in a 'Hit and Run' motion; as having that many manned craft so close to our own guns could cause freindly-fire. Just a suggestion!" Max shuffeled uneasily in his seat with everyone looking at him silently. Why they staring at me like that. Was it a stupid question or something?

04-13-2007, 03:44 PM
Karia went down the stairs quickly. How time passed the meeting was about to begin soon. She got to the central part. Everyone knew. Which was good a few of teh men took the time to notice her arrival other than that noboady interfered. THe guards would have to be updated because they shouldn't leave their spots.Kaia looked at her PDA. There were less than the last meeting not good.
Mystia looked around before quickening her step agian. But this she was coming back from her A/S and not much time had passed luckily she'd been able to do what she had too. The Diterr were coming ever closer and it could be seen around the school. Vorridian Nool had a class he was working with but Mystia knew little about ships and so did not bother to head in that direction besides his class had started.

04-13-2007, 05:18 PM
Max sighed as the hand of boredom swept over him. He was still waiting for her...it had been some time already. He had noticed her go around the building earlier. She caught the smoking sentry. The humans were lacking in a little discipline, it seemed. But she was catching up to it, making a difference. She was showing good qualities.

However, only time would truly tell. Time and battle.

He pulled out his thermal monocular again, sweeping it across the building. The walls were too thick to make out what was happening inside. Even through the windows. He would just have to wait and see.

And if things didn't happen like they should, he would take matters into his own hands.

04-13-2007, 09:38 PM
Ray woke up startled. She checked the clock, she sighed,She has to meet James soon, which is always a pain. She jumped out of bed grabed her shoulder bag and walked out of her dorm bumping into her room mate, Mia.
"Watch it Rachel." she mummbled,
"Shut up..." Ray growled. They don't get along very well.

Ray slowly walked out of the dorms making her way twoards town. Ray looked down at her watch in doing so she bumbed into someone falling onto the ground on top of the person.
"Ugh! Oh geez." she groaned. "I am soooo sorry!" She looked down at the person under her, it was James.
"You can't seem to control your urges for me can you Ray?" he smirked.
"Not now James...I'm uh..late for class." she lied.
"Class? Very funny Ray there are no classes for a while. In fact I believe you owe me your time." he said. Ray got up and dusted herself off. "Ugh. Fine where are we going?" she mummbled.
"Well, geez you don't have to look all gloomy about it. It's just a date." James said while standing up. Ray looked up at his blue eyes, "Yeah right..."
"What do you take me for?"
"A stalker."
"Ouch Rach, that kills." James put his hand over his heart and pretended to die.
"Lets just get this over with. Where are we going?" Ray said irritated.
James got up and put his hands up. "Okay okay! So I got the feeling that you would be p.o.ed about the fact that you wouldn't be able to knock the balls of a Di.."
"Yeah so what's your point?" Ray cut in.
"I found away you could help out..."
"James, I am only a 2nd year. The only thing I know how to work well is a long range weapon. I can't do anything at the momment."
"Will you stop cutting in! Well I've got someone who could teach you the basics of flying the.."
"Like I said I can't!" Ray shouted and walked back towards her dorm. James ran to her and grabed her shoulders.
"Listen to me! What's your big deal? I thought you wanted to avenge your brothers death and this is your chance to do so!"
"I'd like to do so and live to tell about it."
"If you really wanted to you would do what ever it takes!" He argued.
Ray looked down at her feet. Tears began to well up in her eyes.
"Ray?Ray I'm sorry Ray I didn't mean to.."
"I can't okay James. Space just isn't for me." Ray wiped her eyes and walked away. What a day this turned out to be. Ray decided to go back to her room grab her weapon and go to the shooting range. It always helped her clear her mind.

04-14-2007, 06:24 PM
"You have a point," Vorridian said, "But splitting up our fighters into two groups that attack the enemy increases the chance of them shooting each other with crossfire." He turned to give Max a look that he hoped would play out on his mostly featureless face as one of tolerance.

"Logically, we'd have to pull back ST-04*'s firing solutions in range to where they wouldn't pose a threat to our fighters. Also, while flanking maneuvers may be preferred on land, in space they can work less than efficently at times. Having our fighters fly through the formation makes it more difficult for them to pull a firing solution, what with our fighters flying around their ships, and it increases the chances of their friendly fire."

"In the next few days," the Admiral continued, "Flight instructors should focus on friendly fire doctrine, formation flying, and radio/sensor silence procedures. Those who are dedicated to ground combat should focus on urban warfare, seek-and-destroy, squad combat, and zone control. I'll need my mechanics and technicians keeping my guns firing, the lights on, and the holes patched."

Vorridian felt good. He was back in his element. He was a Selvadt back in water*. Command fit him like a glove, and he liked the glove. "Anyone who doesn't have a question is dismissed," He finished.

*Selvadt evolved from an amphibian ancestor. Hence gills, smooth skin, and other features.

04-15-2007, 03:34 PM
Well thats me told! He does have a point though and Aierial Combat was never my best subject. Max smiled and nodded, before leaving the classroom. Atleast I had the guts to actullay voice my opnion rather than just sit idle though.

He made his way to his dorm, thinking of what the few days left would hold. People had allready started to get worried, cramming their heads with last minute battle techniques and abilities; training like mad.
Max slid out of the packed hallway, into his room and tossed his hat onto his bed. He sat down, laying Lilly's case at his side and pondered.
My shooting is up to scratch; with my rifle and my revolver; and using cover is second nature to me. He sratched his head. Max had ment to get his haircut; as it started to droop in front of his face; but didn't really matter now.
I suppose I could boot up a Droid or 2 and practise my Melee abilities. Wouldn't exactly hurt.

The droid's internal systems clicked and clanked as they warmed up. The cooling systems whirred into life and the few remaining lights flashed on. Sevros and gears cranked into action and the droid stood upright before running it's standard checks. Max loaded in the traing commands and set the sensitivity setting before taking his greatcoat off. He grabbed a ball and threw it toward's the droid. Dust puffed into the air as a metalic hand smashed the ball down. Sensitive needs a bit of calibration, but a bit of a challenge dosen't hurt.
Max readied a 'Training Sword'. A bit smaller than his own, but it is only a practice. Lets Rock!

04-15-2007, 08:27 PM
Momo couldnt help but feel sorrow in her heart as she walked out of the front door of her house. She had spent at least two and a half hours playing and talking with her family but now leaving them, her sorrow and worry was greater than before. At least she knew that if she died, they would have good memories of her. She pulled the locket out from under her shirt and opened it, looking at the faced inside. She had seen pictures of her family but never this one. The side with her mother, father, brother and sister, they all sat around in a half circle, smiling and waving at the camera. The picture on the other side, though, she had taken herself. A picture of her brother and the twins eating cake at a picnic they had had about a year ago. She closed it again and studied the cover more closely. A picture of a heart with vines growing all intertwined with it was etched neatly and carefully on the front. It was beautiful and highly detailed but when she flipped it to the back, she was even mored amazed. The back had her name etched in beautiful, curvey, loopy letters. It was more breath taking than the picture on the front. It wasnt until then that she began to cry. It was the most precious gift anybody had ever givin her and she couldnt believe it was hers. She would cherish it for as long as she lived, however long that was.

04-16-2007, 04:54 AM
Itachi wouldn't have ever expected to find himself at the shooting range, but he knew close-combat wasn't enough to take out a Diterr, so he practiced on his aim. He was a little rusty at first, not having to use his gun, ever. He missed the mark a couple of times but he kept trying until he hit the mark. He sat down on the ground, just about ready to give up. He'd have to get better, or at least improve his fighting skills more. He would kill every single Diterr that crossed his path, stopping for nothing and for no one. He wouldn't stop until he would drop dead. He will avenge his loved ones and make the Diterr suffer as much as he did.

Itachi stood up, stretching, holstering his gun and walked out of the shooting range. He was heading to his dorm to sleep, tired from spending most of his time in the shooting range, his room mate wouldn't be there for a few minutes.

04-16-2007, 04:09 PM
OOC: I like the pace of this RP no too fast and not too slow :D The posting is magnificent as always
BIC: Karia stood waiting for the attention to move to her. It happened but not fast enough. She cleared her throat. Nothing. Karia tapped her foot waiting for the humans attention to wander to her. It took longer than it should have. "Okay" Karia said "Unfortunately we've lost many recruits"
"Remind me again why we're listening to an alien"
Karia shot a disapproving glare towards the speaker whom immediately shut his mout for fear of her. Karia was up to her ears in trouble-makers who thought her a pretty face. Growing up under the knowledge nothing you did was ever good enough made a woman able to take care of herself. With the dwadling idiots who couldn't keep their mouths shut for a minute it was no different. "As I was saying we've lost many soliders and one of them happens to be Captain Feist although we should keep with the plan" Karia swept her eyes over the group daring anybody to disagree with her.
"Dare you to disagree, Kari"
Even the thought of her brother's snarl did nothing to soften her gaze. One learned such things in the army.

04-18-2007, 09:29 AM
Max couldn't take it anymore, this woman was taking too long for his taste. He didn't know what she was doing inside, but he would find out.

Max stripped off most of his gear and stuffed it inside his backpack before hiding the bag. He had left himself with his blade-shooter and 2 extra blades for it. With that, he set up his entry. A block away he placed a small square mirror that would start moving back and forth in 1 minute, attracting the attention of the guard with the light reflections off of it. That set and ticking, he moved quickly until he was only a block from the human's building, staying behind cover. He watched the guard on his side of the building and sure enough, the little toy caught his attention. Max dashed over to the building and flattened himself up against it shortly before the guard lost interest since the device only moved for a few seconds.

He snuck over to the corner where the main entrance was. Sure enough, the soldier that had angered the beautiful woman earlier was still there. As much as Max hated wasting what could become a perfectly good soldier, this would have to be done. He sprinted around the corner and spun into a spin-kick that connected right above the man's ear, dropping him silently. Max dragged him over to the side of the doorway and propped him up against the wall to look like he was sleeping.

After that was done. Max scaled the windows to the second floor of the building. The sentry on duty was facing away from him, making it easy enough to sneak right past him and into the building. Once again he pulled the cloth covering his head down to cover his face, the dark skull and crossbones adding a fear-inspiring flare to his uniform.

It didn't take too long to find a lone soldier wandering the hallway. Max waited for him at an intersection of hallways and right before the man passed him, Max caught him in the face with a vicious backfist smash, grabbing him and spinning him into an adjacent room to slam him into the wall before elbowing him in the jaw, knocking him out. Max set to work quickly, binding and gagging the man before stripping him to his undershorts, taking the uniform for himself. After he used the man's uniform to cover up his own, and he also stowed anything that didn't belong on it, Max grabbed the man's weapon and walked right out like he belonged there.

He just felt naked, face uncovered and his sunglasses in his pocket. People could know him, now, know his face. But he knew that as long as he acted like he was doing exactly what he was supposed to be doing, nobody would question him. So he began walking around the building looking lost. Anybody could understand if he was some NCO sent to give the boss bad news, only to have to go on a search for her.

On second thought, that soldier outside would be a perfect excuse. He went back outside and made his way down to retrieve the man.

04-18-2007, 03:50 PM
OCC: i'm back and its GOOD... good jod everyone. shame about tet, but we still march on. i honestly though you would be further ahead but i'm glad your not. now i don't miss too much of my own RP. things are starting to heat up now with big battles and hopefully seamless teamwork in the art that is writing. oh and i see that there was some trouble with the authority. i take the blame myself and apologise to ladyP for not informing her. but you sorted it out and were on track for a great story. lets carry on!

Leo looked up at the bear. she was beautiful. he just had to wait until the princes little extras got here and she'd be a powerful machine. he'd heard the telecom but decided to not go. he had such a great sense of what happened around him, he knew he would follow any orders perfectly in battle.
he threw the plasma wrench down onto the used tool pile and yawned... it had only been about 4-5 hours since the revelation about the diterr but he felt like it had been days.
a solemn voice slowly spoke through the speakers. everyone in the station knew that voice, the headmaster, Mr Nile.
he started softly and with each word lowered Leo's moral.
"Students i have had a request from the army on earth. i expect 10 students at my office in an hour. the mission you are being sent on is suiside. if i held a higher ranking in the army i would choose not to send any of you but my wishes have been over-ruled. a mission breifing will be held once you have all assembled. i also express my wishes that many of you stay here. never in the history of ST-04* have we needed the guardians more. all out."
Leo shuddered, earth. should he go? he looked around and saw no one else in the hanger move. he looked out across the school grounds and saw no one moving towards the heads office. he let out a small sigh and started on what felt like the walk towards signing his death note...

Panting hard... black... back into the harsh world... switching between nightmares and diterrs. Darren span around and pulled the trigger. a shower of hot diterr blood sprayed across his battered body.
he had managed to get out from under the car and quickly disposed of the diterr near him. luckily there had only been two left.
he then checked for major wounds, his mechanical arm was useless, he had blood running into his eyes from a deep cut on his scalp and his left leg felt dead. he then followed the trail of blood after his friends and followers. quite soon three diterr picked up his heat signature and he had a race on. he could hear their cries but not see them. he remembered the office block he told the army to head for and ran in that direction. one of the diterr caught up with him and he turned around and blew its brains out. he could see the office building ahead now but the pain in his head way getting worst. he was close enough now to see a guard stationed on a higher floor balcony. he watched as the guard was pulled back into the shadows and disappeared!?! was someone infiltrating the base? he ran on in new found worry and hope. this quickly ended and he fell to his knees only meters from the door. he tried to stand up but quickly fell back down. two thoughts flashed though his mind as he lay there... the first was kaira, the second was blind fear as he heard the roar of chasing diterrs close behind...

04-18-2007, 04:04 PM
OOC: I know when I leave I don't like catching up at all...PM coming so I sort kept the RP at the same place though I did speed it up slightly
Karia very breifly ended the meeting saying that she'd sent for Guardians to come and help. After the first few disruptions though Karia had taken care of them and no one seemed to want to challenge her authority any more. Good. She then moved towards where she should find Tul.
Her jaw dropped. Tul was out cold and another man seemed to be moving him. He didn't look guilty. But a vague sense of where-have-I-seen-you-before bothered Karia for a second. "What are you doing?"
"I just got here he was out when I found him"
Karia looked around. Then with a motion to follow her she walked to a place where no one could interupt them. She didn't see anything out of order although she did take the time to look up a few floors to see if the earlier guard wasn't smoking.

04-18-2007, 10:36 PM
Momo was almost back inside the school grounds when she heard the announcement. Now there was something she could do. She wanted to help so bad she didnt care if it was sucide. She gave it a two second consideration and ran all the way to the Headmaster's office. She knocked tentivally on the door before she entered. "Mr.Nile? Its ok if I go, right? I want to help, no matter what. And I have a lot of experience as long as I dont have to pilot an AS by myself then I'm fine. I promise it would be worth wild taking me," she said. She wanted to help and was going to do whatever it took.

04-19-2007, 05:56 AM
Itachi grinned at the announcement made and sprinted towards Mr.Nile's office. He walked to the door, knocking on it once before opening the door a little "Hello? Mr.Nile?" He walked into the office to find a girl standing in the room, talking to Mr.Nile. He stood a little behind the girl, not wanting to interrupt anyone.

'Yes, finally! A chance to kill a Diterr, and I'll make sure each and every Diterr will suffer a great deal before dying.'

04-19-2007, 09:49 AM
Leo stood outside of mr Niles office, it had only been five minutes since the annoucement but he had to talk to him. he pushed open the door to find two people already in deep discussion with the headmaster. he noticed Momo and gave her a small smile. Mr Nile gestured for the three of them to sit and spoke softly. " i expected a few, but if you remember i told you all to come in an hour." he said this softly but Leo could see he was hurt. Leo quickly chipped in "Sir, please don't think i'm running away from the coming battle, it's just i'm from earth and i wish to see my homeland again."
the headmaster nodded and he seemed to sit up straighter in his chair. "we'll talk soon, please just wait for a few more people."
Leo got comfy on the hard chair and stared at the tatoo on his wrist. he was one of the few people to have acctually fought before against the diterr and he couldn't wait to add a few more to his tally...

Darren pushed hiself onto his back, if he was to die he would at least be looking at the beautiful sky. he turned his head to look at the rushing diterr and saw it suddenly stop. what he saw next sent a shiver down his battered body. a diterr stood on top of a car calling the rushing diterr back. as the diterr ran back towards what seemed to be the leader, hundereds of diterr rose over the small mound behind the car!
this was a very clever tactic, too clever for the diterr. they had left men out of the battle so as to almost let the army escape.
he then heard a shout from the building followed by more. it seemed the guards had seen the diterr, on all sides. he had told his men to walk into a trap!
Darren cursed with all the strength he had left, it was all he could do...

04-19-2007, 03:42 PM
Karia stiffened as she heard shouts. She ignored the man for second to peek around the edge. Diterr many. Too many. Karia shrank back her hands automatically checking her gun so she could fight her way to safety. Silently she looked at her companion her expression said everything. Through the sea of Diterr she couldn't see anything else that could be recognized as a leader. Her breathing quickened. Tul was dead by now there was no way the poor man could've escaped. The Diterr would very obviously note them at some point. Their body heat would give away all to soon.

04-19-2007, 04:30 PM
Jake looked around himself as he closed his eyes, opening them to have them change to pitch black. He saw the body heat of a few humans, Karia and then the oncoming Diterrs. He saw a huge mass of Diterrs coming there way, if they fought, the human army would be conquered in just minutes, even if he did change to his alien form.

Jake ran around, searching for Karia. He found her and ran up to her "What do we do? Should we fight or run?" He asked, curious as to see what her decision would be.

04-19-2007, 04:40 PM
Karia mentally forced herself to remember the Diterr. There seemed to many to fight. Karia was not one to sacrifice men in something that could be stopped. "Is it as bad as it looks?" Karia asked finally her breathing still ragged. If it were they'd have no chance and have to run. As she waited for answer Karia willed a vision on herself in desperate hope that it would be enough. Chacteristically it didn't work. She didn't have time to focus as hard as she would have liked but they'd been in one place too long. She knew that Diterr being heat sensitive would catch on to their body heat. "I suppose" Karia said "That if it's truly bad we'll have to run"

04-19-2007, 04:50 PM
Max ducked under a righthand swing then shoulder rolled to the left. He sprang to his feet; sweat dripping off him; and readied a counter strike when the announcment was called.
Max stopped what he was doing. Earth. My chance to finally get in there and fight the Diterr like I'd dreamed of as a kid. To serve beside milatary personnel and prove that I'm not just another welp fresh from the acadamy.
Lost in his own thoughts, max was barged to the ground by the droid who he managed to forget about. He skidded along the floor on his back as the droid closed in on him. Max stopped and spun onto hid stomach and pushed himself forward, luckily managing to avoid the droid's stomp. Jumping to his feet, max kicked out at the droid's torso; staggering it; ran for the control panel. His fingers trembled with adrenal as he punched in the over-ride code quickly. Motors and gears powered down and the droid's lights faded away before it toppeled with a loud clang, sending dust into the air.
"HA! I win this one!" Time for a quick wash!

Max ran through the halls; his boots clumping underneath him; as he made his way to Mr. Nile's room. He stopped outside the door, a little out of breath. His hand hovering over the handle. Should I really go? What about the complex? My father? I'm sure he'd understand, but still...
Max's fist clenched. So many factors for 2 choices.
He grabbed the handle and opened the door slowly. Never know till I find out!
Three students had allready gotten here. He was sure he's seen them before, possibly even today, but everything was happening so fast.
"Uh... Hi!" He ran his fingers throught his hair and smiled shyly.

04-20-2007, 08:23 AM
Anjiru abruptly stopped what she was doing and looked up when she heard the announcement.

"Earth?" she whispered, stealing a glance at Mrs. Harka, who was looking dead serious since the start and until the end of the announcement. Anjiru looked around and saw the expressions of the other students, a smirk escaping her mouth. "No one wants to go to Mr. Nile's office, huh?" she thought, carefully watching each student's movement, waiting if someone would walk in the direction of Mr. Nile's office. When no one did, she straightened up and fixed herself, avoiding the looks of curiosity from some students and Mrs. Harka.

"Training is over..." she heard Mrs. Harka say in a small voice.

Anjiru looked at Mrs. Harka and replied, "Yes maam." before turning around.

She walked towards the direction of the principal's office. Looking around, Anjiru noticed that most of the students didn't move and just spoke with each other in hushed voices. She quickened her pace and before she knew it, she was standing in front of Mr. Nile's office.

She slowly opened the door and entered the room. The first thing she saw was Mr. Nile, sited at his desk, looking at her. Her eyes scanned the room and there she saw 4 others, already sited in front of Mr. Nile's desk, watching her. She nodded and took a seat beside a girl whom she recognized as the one who informed her of the Diterr army coming. She flashed her a smile and waited for Mr. Nile to speak.

04-20-2007, 12:03 PM
OOC: right no one else is to try to sign up to go to earth now, we still need some people to protect the station.

Leo looked around, five people. more than he had expected, and by the looks of it more than what headmaster Nile had expected either. he slowly got up and locked his door. while he was sitting down Leo nodded to the new members. they looked mean enough but looks could be deceiving.
"I have come to believe the fact that if i waited for the full hour i'd have half of my students at my door wanting revenge on the diterr." said Mr Nile. " so i have decided you will be enough. i believe you are an accomplished A/S pilot but can you man space craft?"
this question was directed at Leo and he slowly nodded.
"good, you are to leave immediatly."
Leo looked up in astonisment. leave now! this was madness, no extra training, not even the promised mission breifing. just being packed off without a clue. Leo started to obstuct but was quickly interupted by Mr Nile, "you will be flying a new prototype ship in which we expect you to arrive on earth in about 2 hours time." Leo was speachless, 2 hours, a normal high speed flight would still take about 2-3 days.
the headmaster seemed to be in a rush. "i have had intel saying that the last remaining regiment of earths footsoldiers are about to be wiped out, you are to aid them. You." he looked at Leo. "please quickly get your A/S into the ship waiting in the hanger then collect anything you may need from your room. the rest of you may collect any personal belongings and weapons from the dormitories and battle tower respectively. meet in the hanger in five minutes. and good luck..."
leo ran all the way to his room and just grabbed some personal items. he then sprinted towards the hanger and started to start up his A/S. he started to walk it towards the new ship in the hanger. it looked all flash, made of light blue metal with some of the biggest wings Leo had ever seen.
ever since the headmaster had said 'earths last footsoldier regiment' leo knew that could be the very one his brother Darren had joined. Leo just hoped that he was still alive...

Darren watched as the diterr came to a halt. they stopped in a wobbly line about 100 meters from the office block all of the way around. Darren was shocked beyond belief! he had seen this tactic before, they were waiting for darkness to fall. this was amazing, this was way too clever for normal diterr.
the few minutes that he had been lying there had given him just enough energy to stand up. he walked inside and started to make his way upstairs. a soldier came round the corner at the top of the stairs and swung his gun towards Darren. he quickly hosltered his weapon and ran down the stairs towards Darren and caught him as he fell foward.
Darren spoke softly as the man led him into a big room full of soldiers talking about the surrounding diterr. "get captain Lygoust..." was all he could say as the man place him on an assembled camp bed, before running off to find Karia...

04-20-2007, 03:45 PM
Karia blinked the Diterr had just stopped. Something was wrong.
"Captain Lygoust..." The soldier panted "Captain Fiest (I can never spell that) needs you at the infirmary"
Karia looked at Jake. "You two stay here" She said betraying none of the confusion she felt at Darren coming up "Jake, if they start to move and there are too many run everyone else will get there." She didn't wait for a confirmation from either man before spinning and and following the soldier.
He stopped. "He seemed to put much importance on this request, ma'am" He hesitated.
Karia frowned. "He did?" The soldier nodded. "Alright would you please go back with the other two men?" He nodded obviously having anticipated this "Raise the alarm if they move forward at all"
When the soldier had gone Karia mentally prepared herself to go in. She pushed on the door. She spotted Darren immediately. "Darren?" At least it was private Karia was afraid her eyes showed just how much stress had been shoveled onto her shoulders lately.

04-20-2007, 04:07 PM
Leo stored the bear at the far side of the small cargo bay at the back of the new ship. he sat down and waited for the rest. the only person he knew was Momo. it didn't feel right that she was coming, she seemed so... innocent. oh well he'd seen what she did to those bullies. he smiled at the memories and closed his eyes, deep in thought...

Darren opened his eyes slowly, he'd tried to hide his happiness as he sat up, his metal arm still hanging useless. he looked straight at her and couldn't help smiling. he'd seen that look before, she was getting stressed. how he could find that amusing he didn't know, maybe the impending doom made him giddy.
"Captain." he nodded, now openly smiling, what was wrong with him? "So have you figured out the diterrs plan, i thought you might have by now?"
he smiled as he taunted her, he just hoped she didn't hurt him more than the diterr...

04-20-2007, 04:10 PM
Itachi left the office, sprinting to his dorm room, searching for the one thing that could keep him fighting on, the one thin that provided hope for him. It was the medallion he received from his girlfriend a day before she died. It was the last thing he had ever got from her. His room mate woke up after feeling a shoe hit his head. "Hey what the hell!?" He saw Itachi shuffle through the drawers. "What are you looking for?"

"A necklace." He replied

"Gold one? Silver medallion with a falcon on one side and a weird symbol on the other?" Alex asked.

Itachi just nodded "Seen it?" His room mate got up, stuck a hand in a pile of clothes and drew out the necklace. The symbol his room mate was talking about was the Chinese symbol for courage. "Where you going?" "Earth to fight the Diterr." With that Itachi took off with nothing. He sprinted off to the hanger.

04-20-2007, 07:58 PM
OOC: Sorry for the delay, been away from a connection for a few days

Max's head swung at all the commotion going on. "Those Diterr are always getting in the way.." he thought as he pulled a cigarette out and lit it. He walked over to the still sleeping body of the outside guard and picked up the man's weapon. It had a grenade launcher attached to it. Max ensured both the rifle and the grenade launcher were fully loaded.

He took another drag off of the cig before he raised the weapon above his head and cocked the grenade launcher, raising the attention of everyone around him. "Well are we just gonna sit here and die or are we gonna go kick some Pharoah butt?!?!" He yelled. The soldiers raised their weapons in ardor and yelled in a manner befitting the Spartans of old as Max walked over to the door of the building and kicked it open, firing off grenades into the line of aliens. Several humans followed him, firing off their weapons into the enemy lines.

Then the Diterr recovered from the initial shock of the attack and returned fire with their own ferocity. Max had dived behind another building just as a volley of spears flew through where he had once been. Several humans went down with the attack, but it didn't bother Max. He needed to get back to his gear, shed this human uniform, and then he could begin the real damage.

04-20-2007, 07:58 PM
Momo had just barely sat down before 4 other people filed in and Mr. Niles had given them their briefing. She regonized Leo and was happy that he was going to get a good chance to strut his stuff. After he was done explaining and had instructed them to get what they needed and head for the hanger, Leo and another guy she hadnt ever seen before took off. She jumped up and with a smile at the girl that she recognized as the one she had warned earlier, she said, "See ya'll at the hanger!!" and took off to her dorm room. She dug through her things and picked out a few articles of clothing along with a bag of candy (for tough times), her weapons (bow and arrow and revolver +holisters), and a few food provisions (other than candy) and stuffed them in her leather backpack. She took off the few key-chains she had attached to it and put them in her trunk. After slinging her backpack up onto her shoulder, she stuffed her hair under her hat so that only her bangs showed and began walking to the hanger. She locked her door and shoved her key in her pocket, figuring she'd give it to Mr.Nile or something later. After she had reached the hanger, she saw Leo just had just pulled his A/S in. It was amazing and now she was so excited she thought she might burst right then and there. She wanted to go so badly.....

04-21-2007, 01:21 AM
Anjiru left the room after 3 others and quickly sprinted to her room where all her things were placed. She took out a big stroller bag and opened it to reveal all the weaponry she had brought to the school. Daggers were piled together, each covered in plastic and all together binded with rope. Her favorite dagger, a venetian stiletto was stacked on top of the other daggers, also covered in plastic. Two guns were stacked on top of the other, there respective catridges piled beside each. Anjiru looked at each of her weapons and debated to herself wether or not to bring them. Being a magic-user, she really had no need for her weapons but nontheless she brought them to school.

"Ah, what the heck. I'll be needing them for close-combat anyway." she finally decided, taking out the stilleto and one of her two guns. She quickly took a pink, long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and shoes from one of her bags and procedded to dress up quickly. With what she was wearing right now, it'll be hard to hide her weapons from enemies. After finishing at last, she took out another small bag and placed there her remaining weapons and her guns cartridges, needed necessities such as some clothes and a small picture of her family. She zipped the bag and placed it on top of her bed. "Almost finished." she thought, taking a belt and slinging it around her waist. She held her gun and placed it on one side of her belt, the shirt she wore fully covering it. She took the stiletto and tied it on her left arm, making sure it wasn't seen when someone looks directly at her arm.

Slinging the bag on her back, she ran straightly to the hangar, hoping that all the others haven't left yet. She entered, some who were at Mr. Nile's office already there. "Well... nothing left to do but wait for the others to come." she thought watching the entrance of the hangar for those people.

04-21-2007, 08:47 AM
Max left Mr. Nile's room, contemplating what just happened. whole life had been changed in under 20 minutes. No turning back now. No explanation. Thrown in the deep end and little chance oh success! Max couldn't help, but smile to himself.

He made it back to his room, barely noticing the going-ons around him as people discussed the message franticly. Max grabbed his Rifle, which was still in it's case beside the chair, and packed a small rucksack with his remaining ammunition; and ofcourse, his special playing cards. The revolver and sword were still attatched to his belt, no need for anything else. Max headed for the door, turning to glance out the window. the sky was so calm, compared to his life just now and the horizon never changed. He wondered if he'd ever see ST-04 again; and if he did; what would it look like afterwards? What about his father!? He wouldn't be able to tell him what was happening.
Max thought for a moment. My father'll probablly here about this mission and know that i'd jump at the chance. He'd understand, actually no, he'd be proud of me! He smiled just thinking about what his father would say if he went home and told him.
Max straightened up his rucksack and adjusted his cap.
"Oh well! Time waits for no man!"

Jogging to the hanger, people watched Max pass with expected suspicion. His head down, jacket flowing behind him and gear bouncing on his back. They must thinking I'm quitting. Giving up whilst I still can can! He slowed as he entered the hanger, walking towards the group of people from Mr. Nile's room. Adrenal flowed through him again, but seemed more of a comfort now, than a panic. Again, Max smiled for no reason.

04-21-2007, 10:17 AM
Karia was seriously deciding whether she should hug him or slap him. "I don't suppose you're going to tell me yet" SHe said trying to peice together what she knew. Then without cerimony she plopped down in a chair asessing him and comparing that to the last time she'd seen him. He looked a little more beaten but otherwise Darren.

04-21-2007, 11:03 AM
Jake grinned at the foolishness of the human who lead the attack but his grin was wiped off when he came back to his first deduction. "We'll be conquered in minutes..." He wasn't going to run, he'll stay and fight with this human and Karia could run with the remaining army with Darren. He pulled out both guns, replacing Hades normal bullets with the explosive ones, his eyes changed to pitch black as he saw everyone's body heat. He'll have to tell Karia and Darren whats happening.

Jake found a soldier about run and help out the human with a few other humans. He grabbed the back of his shirt, dragging him in front of him. "Find Karia and Darren, tell them both to run with the remaining soldiers, a human is attacking the Diterrs." The soldier huffed "What do I look like, a messenger boy!?" Jake never did get angry but with the Diterrs about to wipe them out, he was getting impatient. He held Chaos' triple barrels to the temple of the soldier "Would you like to repeat that?" The soldier shook his head and ran off to find the two.

04-21-2007, 09:03 PM
Momo could see people who were going to be leaving with her coming but she wanted to leave now. She was ready to go and couldnt wait. To bad she didnt have a choice. She saw the girl that she had warned earlier and then seen again in Mr. Niles office as one of the people already waiting in the hanger. She walked over and introduced herself. "Hi. My name is Momo. Nice to meet you."

04-21-2007, 09:43 PM
Anjiru looked at the girl in front of her who introduced herself as Momo. "Wait... I've heard of her name before..." Anjiru thought, staring the girl's features. She racked her brains trying to remember where she had possibly heard the girl's name.

She mouthed the girl's name, "Momo..." and that's when she remembered. A smile escaped her lips and she said, "I know you! You were one of the students who beat up some bullies a couple of hours ago! Mrs. Harka is fuming mad at you and the other student after being told by the two bullies you've beaten up." She frowned at the last sentence. "Anyway, my name is Anjiru. It's nice to finally meet you." she finished, extending her hand to Momo.

04-21-2007, 09:52 PM
Momo gleefully shook the girls hand. "Wow. I didnt expect her to get that steamed up! Well anyway, its cool that I'm making new friends today. I've made more friends today than I did all last year. It weird but I like it!!" she said. And it was true. She had very few friends and was glad to be making some new ones.

04-21-2007, 10:08 PM
Max had avoided the first volley of attacks from the aliens, then had returned fire with the assault rifle he had taken. He couldn't stay here, however. His ammo for the weapon was limited. Max fired off the last grenade before sprinting across the street to the next building. His main objective was getting back to his gear. Max tossed the weapon as soon as he unloaded it into more Diterr. It was just extra weight now.

Quickly, he made his way around buildings until finally he had found where he had stashed his goods. He stripped out of the uniform and donned his battle gear, grinning as he could once again pull the skull and crossbones mask over his face and cover his eyes in the red sunglasses. He opened up his PDA and found some good news, his shipment had arrived and was awaiting landing coordinates. Using feed from overhead satellites, he pinpointed the largest concentration of alien forces and grabbed the location of it. He then uploaded it into the satellite and saw a countdown start. A Little over 3 minutes until his new toys slammed into the Diterr forces like the world's biggest artillery round.

Overhead, he saw the light of a growing streak of flame in the night sky,. With satisfaction he ashed out the cigarette he had lit earlier. This would be good.

04-22-2007, 10:52 AM
Leo watched as Momo made herself friends with the girl he now knew as Anjiru. he stayed silent, he'd been up for making friends a few hours ago but now didn't seem the time. a beep overhead signaled a new annoucment. Mr Niles voice sizzled to life on the old speakers, "all of the students heading to earth please board your ship now. Leo the ship is on auto pilot, you are only needed to land the ship on earth." there was a pause, "and good luck..."

Darren decided to tell her what he had figured out, " i believe that the diterr are waiting for dark, when they'll be able to see us with their heat vision, but we'll be stuck. by the way how you doing, your not cracking under the stre..."
a soldier burst into the room and saluted at Karia and darren. "Sir i've been told to tell you to start pulling out, a crazy human started an assult on the diterr formations."

darren pulled hiself up using his good arm and hobbled out of the room, his body screaming in protest. he ignored the pain, and burst though an abandoned room onto a balcony. he looked out at the diterrs, there was only a few men still fighting. he called out to the men, "Get inside now! pull back and they won't fight!"
most of the men ran back inside but a few gaped at him as if he was speaking venusian.
he turned back inside and collapsed on the camp bed. he grabbed the back-pack of a nearby soldier and rumaged through until he found the army's bog standard stimulants. they were mostly used when on your last legs so you could still help in a fight. the soldier whose bag he had grabbed was staring at his broken arm.
"whats wrong soldier?" asked darren.
the young lad jumped and said, "nothing sir, but i think i could help fix your arm."
darren tried not to show his surprise and lent his bad arm towards him. he watched as the lad simply attatched the fuel leads that acted as arterys and veins, and did a quick check of the bone and human fleshy parts left.
"there you go sir. you haven't got full amounts of oil in the leads so i'm afraid you won't have perfect control but otherwise at least you can now move it."
Darren thanked the lad and stood up, the stimulants were weak and wouldn't last long. he just hoped that all of his men had pulled out, he needed the time until dark to think of a suitable plan...

04-22-2007, 08:08 PM
Mr. Nile's voice echoed in Anjiru's head. "Time to leave." she said, letting go of Momo's hand. She smiled at her and procedded walked to the ship they'll be riding on. "2 hours... just 2 hours..." Anjiru thought, remembering what Mr. Nile said about the trip to Earth. "Finally."

04-22-2007, 08:22 PM
Itachi walked into the hanger, seeing people start boarding the ship they were supposed to take off in. He guessed it was time to go 'Great timing, I'll take a quick nap in the ship.' He thought, walking over to the ship.

04-22-2007, 09:02 PM
Momo felt her toes tingle at Mr. Niles words. No backing out now. She felt her feet leading her onto the ship but barely realized where she was going. She reached the inside of the ship and felt her insides start to move and spin around. She felt like she was gonna hurl but she knew she was just scared. And excited. Memories flashed through her head and she began getting dizzy. She started to fall over but quickly steaded herself against a wall. She raised her hand to her face as a single tear fell down and wiped it away. "No backing down now," she whispered to herself. She stood up straight again. She needed to be strong. She walked in and saw that Anjiru and Leo already inside. "Hey, guys," she greeted them.

04-23-2007, 10:10 AM
The president couldn't help but smile, he'd just seen a very funny scene. the head scientist he had killed years before had somehow sent a message out into the world. he had probably delayed it or something. the president shook his head, it didn't matter now the message had been intercepted and destroyed.
there was a shout from the front of the car, it was his chauffeur. "We'll be stopping in a minute sir."
the preident waved a hand and went back to his thoughts. the preident of earth was going to be sacked anyday now and they he; Orchids president would offer his services as leader of both worlds. he would state the arguement that with the new ship technology breaking through in all of the major companies he could easily be to either of the planets in just under 2 hours. he didn't really care, earth was no longer the most powerful human controlled planet, but it was his own beloved Orchid. so far his plan had worked...

Leo nodded at Momo, Itachi, Anjiru and Max. he walked past them into the cockpit and simply hit the engine button. the pre recorded flight pattern started instantly and Leo settled into a chair. the ship was perfect, Leo could feel the difference in both power and beautiful control. he just wished that it wasn't on auto-pilot then he could give the ship a real good test...

Darren held his head in his hands, what could he do? he stood up and walked to the balcony he had stood on before. he looked up to judge how long before dark when something caught his eye. he smiled, it looked like the black-ops member had not abbandoned them. his mind calmed down and a plan soon formed. he briskly walked back into the main room and called for silence.
"Men i want 5 gunners on..." he pulled a compass from under his outer shirt, "the west side of the building. in about five minutes most of the diterr on that side will be blown to bits." he pulled a sadistic grin, " and i expect the gunners to pick the rest off."
five men ran from the room, but darren didn't catch any faces.
he started talking again, " I will be on the top floor, sniping towards the eastern wave of diterr and i want the remaining supply of land mines placed there and on the north side. Captain Lygoust will oversee the northern defences." he looked around and did a quick calculation. "i want 20 men with me and 20 will go with Captain Lygoust, the other 30 or 40 will cover the southern side as that is the least defended."
he wanted to give Karia more men but he knew she would refuse them, this was the best possible stratagy but he knew there was going to be casulties...

04-23-2007, 02:54 PM
Karia watched breifly then decided it was no good to go after him and force him back to the bed.
Sunset. Darren had said they were going to attack at night...before they had been broken off by the soldier. Karia looked up men were looking at her. "Yes?"
"Uh Captain Fiest told us to come to you and you'd protect the south side"
"Alright then why are you just standing there move!" Karia smiled she had about twenty men. Darren knew her too well. Moving towards the south Karia metally reviewed what she had their to best protect that side. The casualties would still happen but Karia trusted Darren knew what he was doing. He always did.
She looked around the south side. There wasn't much cover which eliminated any thought of keeping her soldiers hidden.

04-23-2007, 03:26 PM
Mr Nile's last announcement made Max jump, bitting down on his tounge as he hummed to himself. "OOYA!" He tentivley looked to the left then the right, to see if anybody noticed his little outburst. It seemed okay. Scooping up his Rifle case Max headed towards the shuttle.
He walked in last, admiring the interior and trying to find a place to drop his gear. Leo nodded to him as he passed, before dissapearing up the front. Looks happy! A little bit dazed, but happy none the less.
Max sideld to the right, placing his gear into a handy compartment that held a small 'toolkit' which he may liberate later and fell into one of the seats. Quite comfortable, but i'll still get a numb bum. Always do!

Max sat in his chair, watching and old 'Bullet' he accuired dance back and forth across the back of hie righthand. He flipped it from knuckle to knuckle, almost hypnotised. It took him ages to learn, but just seemed so natural now it was almost scary. He looked up and around his sourroundings again before dropping the Bullet into the front pocket of his Greatcoat.
Out of all the things I can do, waiting is one I'm not good at! It reminded him of the times when he and his father used to go out camping. He loved the camping bit and being out in 'Natural' surroundings, but the 6 hours to get their seemed to last forever! He'd fidget and complain, not being able to wait and do something. Max sighed and drummed his fingers on his leg. Those were happy days. Hope I can do it again!

04-23-2007, 04:54 PM
As Momo sat around with everyone, she couldnt help but feel hungry. It had only been minutes since they had left but she alread felt the need to nibble. She took her big bag of candy out of her backpack and took a few peices out, popping them into her mouth. She chewed but stated feeling akward. She sized up her bag of candy and decided to share. "Anybody else want a peice?" she asked, holding the bag an arms length up in the air. "I have plenty. Dont be shy. I dont bite. Well. Dont bite too hard, anyway," she said with a sly smile to show she was kidding.

04-23-2007, 05:31 PM
Max was continuing to watch the beautiful tail of fire streak down from the sky. It was the delivery which his team had sent him earlier. Now he would use it like a space-borne artillery strike, hitting the Diterr in their most fortified position. And it was only a minute from striking.

Max was so caught up in watching that 5 Diterr were able to walk up on him and catch him by surprise. They started making noises in that strange alien language of theirs, causing him to turn around. Stuck, he slowly put his hands up in a sign of surrender. "Glad you guys are here...wouldn't want you to miss the show."

Again they made more noises, so he jerked his thumb at the dropping fireball in the sky. It was large now, the landing point only a kilometer or so from both the humans' base and also his position. It would shake them both pretty good, but that was about it. He still did have to waste enough time so that he could catch these aliens by surprise when it did impact. Thus, he turned around slowly to watch it land, a few dozen seconds away still. The diterr were interested as well. No doubt the heat from it catching their attention as well.

Hopefully the humans would recognize a golden opportunity when they saw one. If not, the human race was pretty doomed in his view. He looked up at the sky, thinking of the beautiful woman who was with the humans, "You better use this to your advantage, woman, otherwise I'm gonna be seriously disappointed."

(OOC: Max is not using the word "woman" as a sexually derogative sense of the word. He simply doesn't know Karia's name yet.)

04-24-2007, 10:20 AM
OCC: a small time lapse has happened here, it looks like it is now dark which means that the guardians ship will have arrived. just thought you'd all like to know.

Leo had set the ship down about a five minute walk from the large circle of diterr they had seen from the sky. he turned to the others holding the ships online PDA infront of him. "it looks like we've been sent to help this regiment complete their mission. it seems that the diterr have actually made a city on earth and the intelligence ministors hope that somewhere in there we can find some information concerning the diterr homeworld." Leo looked up, they all looked ready enough, eager even. he walked back into the hanger and started up the bear. it would be dark soon and in a city that was this damaged he would be lucky to find 3 working streetlights.
"Oh, and bring any lights you can find!" he shouted down to his companions...

Darren had took a small PDA from one of the badly injured men inside and sent out the message of his new idenity. on this PDA he was called Private Antonio Samas'. he didn't think the name suited him but at least everyone knew who to listen to now. he was on the top floor of the building with his men spread out on the floors below, he told every one to block the bottom floor doors and windows with debrie and rubble then set a few proximity mines on a few of the first floor balconys. they weren't powerful enough to bring the building down, but they could still kill or maul a diterr.
he could see that the bombs that the black-ops member had called were extremely close now. the diterr were moving now, very slowly as the darkness fell around them.
"Stay calm men!" he shouted out over the tense silense. he suddenly had an idea. he walked back into the heart of the building and found his way down the corridor until he came to the room that had the balcony on the corner. he could now shoot both ways, east and north. he heard the distinct sound of explosions then the war screams of hundereds, maybe thousands of diterr...

Leo heard the explosions and the screams.
"time to go!" he called to Momo and the others, before getting comfy in the bears cockpit. he then headed out to battle...

04-24-2007, 03:44 PM
Before the screams started Karia made a few last minute preparations. It was the best she could do under the circumstances. A small ship wasn't too far away. Karia blinked it must be the reinforcements sent for. Oh well they'd have to survive on their own. Diterr had started to stream forward. Her men had been told to stand back and wait until they could find weaknesses in the army (unless Darren gave the order to move first). Karia blinked her PDA was going off. She smiled a little wryly apparently Darren's PDA had been broken for he was now Antonio on hers. She chuckled causing her men to look up. She might have been a little tired which caused her reaction to seem strange. Her gun was at the ready. Her men were a little confused Karia let them be.

04-24-2007, 04:27 PM
Max sprang from his seat, eagerly accepting some candy with a smile.
"You sure know how to make people feel welcome you know! The name's Max by the way" he held out his hand and gave a courteous wink.

The shuttle landed in the hanger smoother than anything Max could think of. He'd allready unpacked Lilly; setting up the scope and torch; and snapped a fresh clip of ammo in. Lilly clicked as a bullet was loaded into the chamber and the safety was still on, just in case. Max checked his revolver, slotting in his 'Hellfire' rounds. His belt was adjust, raising the sword handle up for easier accessability before slipping on the Greatcoat. All belts were tightened an pockets checked. Again, adrenaline coursed through his body, his heart beat and breath quickened. Each limb became restless, ready to give the Diterr hell tenfold!

max's hand slid to the side of Lilly, flipping the Safety off as he braced the gun against his shoulder. The torch sprang to life, illuminating the walls infront of him as a bead of sweat ran down the side of his face, dropping from his chin onto the floor. Everything seemed far away and unnatural. Even Lilly seemed unnaturally heavy in his hands.
Max took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, regaing control of his emotions. The ramp seemed to descend slowly. It touched the ground and Max jumped into action. "Lets Rock!"

04-24-2007, 06:33 PM
The landing of the present had certainly shook up the Diterr behind him. With them off-guard, Max swung around and pulled both shortswords from behind his back, rushing the 5. It didn't take too much to kill them all, taking them by surprise.

The war cry of the thousands of Diterr caught his ears as he slung the blood off of his blades, sheathing them once again. He didn't have many options, and none of them appealed to him. He could stand his ground until he was more than likely overrun with Diterr, a move leading to a most certain death. Or he could try and gain entry into the humans' compound. That would negate his identity, they would all know he was around. Max didn't like being known.

He didn't have too long to ponder it. Diterr were closing in all around, they would find him shortly. Of course, the humans could probably shoot him on sight as well. His carefully maintained concealment was definitely going to work against him this time.

A diterr roared behind him. Max spun and drew his pistol, shooting it dead with a single round into the head. He cursed and started running towards the human fortress. With no means to signal them, he could only hope to not get shot by them.

"So I guess my big show comes to an end..." He told himself. "Oh well, maybe I'll make some friends." He sarcastically spat. Time to find out whether the humans' judgement was as good as their shooting.

04-24-2007, 08:31 PM
After hearing Leo's anouncement, she stuffed the bag of candy back into her backpack. She pulled out a tall pair of socks, a small blade, a leg gun holister, her gun, and her bows and arrows. She slipped on her socks and hid the blade inside, still sheathed. Then she strapped the gun holister onto the portion of her leg that was covered by her short shorts and strapped on her arrows in their canister and her bow across her chest. Then she re-stuffed her hair under its hat before stepping out of the ship. "Time to go," she whispered to herself.

04-25-2007, 05:54 AM
Itachi grinned, tightening the belt of the holster before double checking the devices on his wrists, clenching his fists as a long red energy blade came to life, pressing a button in his palm, the blade had went back into the devices. Itachi pulled out his gold necklace, kissing the medallion as he put the necklace on, grinning. He wasn't planning on using his gun, but it didn't hurt having it around in case. "Let's go!" He muttered to himself before running out of the shuttle and going into a full on sprint towards the battle field.

04-25-2007, 08:24 AM
Anjiru straightened up when she heard Leo shout at them. She stood up and slung her bag on her back, making sure that everything she needed was inside. She looked around and saw that she was the only one left in the ship. "Shoot..." she whispered, running out before she missed anythng important.

04-25-2007, 10:45 AM
Leo was bathed in a soft blue light and felt the rumble of the new engines with growing antisipation (still can't spell) and perfectly timed his jump over the small destroyed train infront of him. he landed and ejected the first of his mobile detonations into the back of the rushing diterr mass. at this about 30 diterr pulled back from the formation and attacked. they obviously planned to swarm him. he knew that he couldn't let that happen so pulled both of his arms up and pulled the bear into a perfect backflip. he loved this machine, this was what he had been born to do. he hated the thought of killing but at the same time he enjoyed it?!? oh well, no ones perfect... Leo grinned and grabbed the A/S pistol magnetically attatched to the bears left arm. he hit the first 4 diterr with headshots then the next 5 in the chest. he didn't have time to reload so he placed the gun back on the bears arm, then deployed the flick-knife built in to the right arm. the diterr were in a semi circle in front of him all holding their spears up high. Leo reacted too late and tried to hide the softer body-plate of the bear. only a single spear connected and plummeted though the armour. the spear slid to a holt barely 10cm from his face. he grabbed the spear from the outside and pulled it out. something had dissconected and now the two headlights had failed. leo swung wildly, if he could get to the roof of the building he could add his fire power to the armies, he pulled back to the edge of the diterr for a small run-up. this was going to be a world class jump, just as long as he aimed above the flash of the gunfire, he didn't want to hit the side of the building in the darkness, he grinned sickly, here goes nothing...

Darren slotted the thermal goggles over his eyes. there had only been about 50 pairs with them, some of the men were blind. he picked off ten with his first clip. he reloaded then turned to Karias side, he only missed one shot out of his clip before turning back to his side and reloading. soon he was deep in his own world as he got into his rhythm. all was going well... then his PDA bleeped...

Light Wolf
04-25-2007, 02:01 PM
Byakuya slowly walked down the hallway as the sounds of gunfire and fight surronded him. He looked at the two door infornt of him and slowly pushed them open. He walked outside and his eyes narrowed. He saw the fighting the was going on. He grinned and drew Tenro killing one of the ceatures behind him. He ran into the battle field and quickly cut down all the Diterr infornt of him. He grinned and continued to cut them down when a big one fell from the sky and crashed into the ground infornt of Byakuya. Byakuya was sent flying backward intel he hit the ship again. He looked at the Diterr and looked over at the girl that was beside him. He noticed that she had a bag on her back and seemed to be in a rush to get to the battle. he looked back at the Diterr and quickly cut three more down before kneeling to the ground and hold his hand to the ground.

04-25-2007, 02:13 PM
Charging down the ramp then side stepping to the left, Max picked out atleast 50 or so Diterr circling the shuttle at this side. He pulled Lilly's trigger,the gun-but hammered into his shoulder. The nearest Dietrr was cut in half with the first three rounds before those behind noticed he was there. Max fired again, bracing his shoulder this time giving better accuracy. His heartbeat seemed to go in rythm with Lilly as another 3 Diterr fell to the ground.

Torchlight picked out more Diterr rushing forward. Max emptied the first clip into them, taking 4 out and slowing the pack down. The empty clip clattered on the dusty ground as a sweaty hand grasped at the pouch containg the other clips. Nimble fingers grasped the cold metal, flipping it round and slamming it into the rifle. Max fumbled the latch that loaded the first bullet into the chamber as the Diterr gained speed and closed in on him, spears lowered.

Max spun Lilly onto his back by the strap, drawing his revolver with his lefthand whilst reaching for his sword with the right. Fear gripped him for a moment then he fired the revolver, catching one of the Diterr in the shoulder with a flash of flame bathing several others in fire. Max parried a spearhead and smashed another to the side before being caught offguard. A spearhead sliced at his left shoulder as he swung his blade, cutting the Diterr's throat. The pain shook Max out of his panic and adrenal rushed through him again. He darted foward ready for anything.

04-25-2007, 03:47 PM
Karia fired off two quick rounds in sucession of each other. The Diterr staggered backwards flailing before hitting the two behind it. Karia didn't waste time congratulating herself. "Alright" she muttered something caught her eye. It was someone she'd never laid eyes on before. She fired off three more rounds. He seemed hurt. She kept her eyes on him and moved closer he must've been a gaurdian. Her attention was then claimed by another Diterr as it brought it's ugly fists down to her. She noted the spear in one brutelike hand before shooting it. She miscalculated the spear came flying from his hand and glanced her arm. Karia mentally kicked herself for being so stupid. She was closer to him now.

She saw something jumping to the roof. Before she could follow up on any thought something hit her with blinding force causing her to stagger forward.She tightened her grip on the pistol then as she hit the ground rolled and shot at whatever had just hit that hard. as her vision cleared she found herself having to move again becuase the Diterr's body was falling forward. Again she was closer to whomever this was. Her clip was almost empty. Great. Karia moved for the roof. Fighting her way through with hands and gun.

Minutes later she was on the roof. Darren wasn't too far. He'd be aware of her soon enough. Karia was painfully aware of the cut on her arm as it throbbed in time with her heart.

04-25-2007, 04:38 PM
Jake grinned as he fired off another explosive bullet, killing about five Diterrs. He had loaded Hades with the explosives and had been using the bullets from Hades in Chaos, saving up in ammo. He fired two more rounds of the explosives, taking out a few more, his eyes pitch black to see everyone. Just when he was about to kill a few more, he heard an empty click from his gun and cursed, holstering his gun as he fired off rounds from Chaos, killing some Diterrs. But because he was only concentrating on the battle in front of him, he didn't notice the Diterr behind him until he felt something hard hit across the back of his head, instantly causing to fall unconscious.

CF Striker
04-25-2007, 05:19 PM
Ralphie was all buisness.
"Alpha 0, status report."
"Nothing abnormal to report Ralph."
"Alright, take off. Let's kill some crap."
"Engines ignited. Don't forget to drop the supplies off in the bear."
"Yeah-yeah, come on lets just go!"
With that he was off, cruising throught the beutiful space, well besides those ugly thing trying to surround the school. Ralphie flipped a cacth to realease his wing blades an pushed hard on the throttle. He bolted ahead as his blades glowed and hacked through a couple dietierr. He grinned, "Yeeee-haw humans, its show time!"

04-25-2007, 08:13 PM
Momo was almost instantly hit as a spear come flying at her. She quickly took her bow off and docked an arrow. Her first shot was a little off from where she wanted it but it still did its job. She docked another arrow, just in case, and peered through the darkness to try to find where the Diterr's were. She spotted one almost instantly and shot off another arrow. The arrow hit it square in the forehead and it almost fell over with a loud thud. She docked another arrow and, pointing it down and holding the string perched, she began to sneak through the dark to move closer.

It was so dark Momo almost ran right into the Diterr. It turned around and started to say something in its grumble language but Momo was to fast. She quickly let loose the arrow, hitting the Diterr in the chest. She pulled the arrows out of the Diterr she had shot down and slipped them back into her canister. She stalked foward, eyes open for Diterrs. The wall was but a foot from her face when she saw it. She straighted up and pushed her back against it. She immeadately saw a Diterr and shot it down.

As she saw more coming, she moved away from the wall to get a better shot. She had missed one and taken down two when she felt a sharp pain in her leg. She almost screamed but knew that would give her away. Instead, she squated in the grass, her bad leg extended and shot at the Diterr who had hit her with a spear. When she knew he was down, she looked down at her wounded leg and almost threw up. The spear had missed her bone but had gone all the way through her leg. Pain seered through her and her vision blurred. She remembered the building an began to drag herself inside, bad leg trailing her. She took her gun and carried it in her mouth just in case she was attacked but she made it all the way to the building by crawling with almost no problem. She was safe. For now. She tried to pull the spear out put soon saw the glich in that. She saw a solider passing by in a hurry and flagged him down.

He insisted on taking her to the infirmary but she refused to let him. Instead, she had him take her to the roof so she could shoot with less chance of being trappled because she could not get out of the way. So he let her and she sat on the roof and shot down Diterr. This was much easier but the pain from her leg constanly distracted her and made her shot just accurate. She was almost out of arrows when she looked down to see her leg bleeding more than badly. And that was all it took. She was out like a light and completely unconsious.

OOC: Sorry for the epic length post I just couldnt help myself. It had to happen. *shrugs* Happy posting!

04-26-2007, 06:46 AM
Anjiru watched as the others waged war against the incoming Diterr force, seemingly enjoying themselves as they killed off one Diterr at a time. "It's my turn!" she grinned. She levitated herself off the ground bringing her body on top of their ship using her magic and saw that more swarms of the Diterr were coming from behind them. She stared at the masses forwarding, about 45-50 and a couple more at the back. She raised her right hand, snapped and without warning, fire surrounded the nearest of the Diterrs. She smiled as they got burned with her flames. "This is too easy." Anjiru smirked, unaware of a single spear headed her way. It was too late though when she saw the spear. She tried to evade it, without thinking that she could've used her magic to block the spear.


A solitary shout was heard from Anjiru. The spear had dug deep on her left arm, crimson red blood splattering everywhere. She stared the spear and sliced the wood that was sticking out to balance the weight of her arm. Anjiru turned back to the Diterr force slowly advancing. A frown appeared on her face as she raised her right hand and whispered, “Payback…”

With another snap, anything the Diterr were holding exploded, making them weaponless. Anjiru took out one of her guns from her belt and began to shoot wildly at the Diterr using only her right hand, most of her bullets hitting the head area of the aliens. She ran out of bullets soon after, but not before she saw majority of the Diterr laying on the ground.

“Yeah!” she shouted cheerfully, surveying if there were more Diterr forces coming. From the horizon, she saw more advancing towards them. “Oh shoot!” she whispered, seeing that the fight was far from over.

Anjiru winced in pain as she removed the spear lodged on her left arm. She hastily healed it afterward using very little amounts of her magic. “This isn’t the best way but at least my arm’s all patched up.” Anjiru thought, still wincing because of the wound. Her gazed turned back towards the incoming Diterr forces.

04-26-2007, 09:49 AM
Leo braced, took a few deep breaths then leaped at the roof. his viewing panel was now all dark blues and orange. he had turned his heat vision on, he didn't like it as much as the headlights but he didn't have much choice. he seemed to slow down as he flew through the air the colour making him fell calm. this is surreal... he grinned then the building materialised on the heat view and he almost screamed. then he was over the edge of the roof and he kept going!!! he landed on the roof with about a meter to spare from the other side. Leo ran from each side of the roof to acess the damage, there was intense fighting on three of the sides but on the east side there was almost no diterr, Leo's heat vision picked out a few diterr hidden, he zoomed in to try and see what was happening, thay were all holding long cold objects? Leo zoomed in further and took his heat vision off. he grabbed the bears pistol and aimed at the nearest diterr, a single shot took him down but what Leo saw next changed everything. the diterr stood next to the one Leo had shot jumped up and blew up!!! Leo now understood what they were holding, rocket launchers! Leo managed to shoot another 2 before the rest jumped out from hiding and fired! 3 shots missed while 2 more hit near the roof, but it was the single shot that hit the bottom floor that did the damage. the building tilted towards Leo as he ran at it. he set the boosters to full power and flew at the top floor, he didn't waste time grabbing the building with his hands but instead flew in the the full force of the bear. the building stopped tilting but Leo was now stuck. oh well at least he'd saved everyone...

Darren couldn't stay here, both sides were stable but the south side was weakening. he stood up as the building rocked, he was thrown into the bathroom of the room he was in and hit the tiled wall breaking a few of the tiles. he got back up and ran out into the corridor. running around he found what the problem was, a A/S was lodged in the wall, hopefully holding the building up. Darren checked his PDA, he sent out a message. "Any sides have a route clear?"
the return messages were quick enough, No from the south, No from the west and No from the north. he waited for the last message, but it didn't come. he realised he was on the east side and he ran to the nearest balcony. he saw only a few diterr so sent out a new message, escape to the east. the building is about to collapse. Darren ran back to the A/S and shouted at it. "in a few minutes take off and let the building fall, we should be clear by then." he then moved on.
Leo was speachless, that was Darren...

04-26-2007, 03:49 PM
Karia nimbly stretched the cloth around her arm and tied her sixth fingers staying out of the way. She was breathing hard. something caught her eye. Her heart jumped into her throat. This wasn't good. She reached for her PDA with numb fingers then wrote a simple message to everyone "ROCKET LAUNCHERS" Then she switched her clip and struggled off the roof her right arm throbbing in agony. SHe couldn't answer Darren's message for the pain. She dropped to the ground and tied her makeshift bandage tighter to help stem the flow of her blood. Her feet touched the ground. She stopped another vision hitting her full-force.

More faces in quick succesion Karia couldn't get a fix on any of them. Two faces went by slow enoughf or Karia to recognize them. Leo and Darren. Suddenly the faces stopped Karia was dropped into the middle of another battle. The figures were blurry but one was obviously losing. SHe blinked just in time to see a Diterr aiming a rocket launcher at her. Karia stumbled out of the way as the rocket explode just inches from her knocking her off her feet.

Her eyes were tightly closed. Pain excentuated every movement. Karia pushed the pain aside it hurt to even breathe. She forced her feet into movement the only thing on her mind was survival at the moment. She heard her gun go off shooting at a Diterr who was in her way. All of this had a slightly muffled sense as if she was wrapped in cotton. But the pain wasn't muffled Karia felt as if she'd just been flung through the air full force. Her bandage had come loose her blood was flowing freely again and it hurt badly.

04-26-2007, 05:23 PM
Jake's eyes shot open, the pupils shrunk down as they lost the shape of the circle and formed into slits. His hands began to shape into claws as he was in his alien form. He roared as he flipped a Diterr from his back. His tail wrapped around the neck of another Diterr, lifting it off the ground as he strangled the life out of him. His claws dug into the necks of two Diterrs, picking them up fro the ground and throwing them into another with a rocket launcher. He threw the one he had in his tail, off to the distance, His eyes scanned where he was and figured he was on the south.

He slashed furiously at another Diterr, it's blood splashing onto him. He turned around, his tail whipping around, tripping a few Diterrs. A soldier spotted him and opened fire, thinking he was the enemy. Jake roared one last time before dodging some of the bullets. He ran on all fours towards the soldier, his tail wrapped around the barrel of the gun before pulling it away. He picked up the soldier with one clawed hand, raising him towards his face, growling at him. He dropped the scared soldier, turned around and attacked more of the Diterrs.

Light Wolf
04-26-2007, 05:31 PM
Byakuya quickly held his hand into the air and with a grin he quickly opened so the energy from his palm could rlease itself and fry the advancing Diterr. Byakuya threw Tenro into the chest of one of the Diterr and used his hand and feet to fight his way toward it. He punched and kicked his way througth intel his was struck from behind with three spears. Two in his left shoulder and one in his back. He swung his bodt causeing the spear to fall from his back. he slowly picked up Tenro and watched the pink light that began to shine from it.

The light shined brightly cause some of the other Diterr to come toward it. He drew in every Diterr closeto him and let the alien DNA inside of the sword and him be released. He closed his eyes and the swords blade broke down an scatter into millions of tiny pink blades that looked like Sakura tree petals. Byakuya shelath the handle and held his right hand out toward the Diterr that were losing in on him. The petals spread out ad swirl around the Diterr cutting them down easliy. Byakuya turned and used both hands to direct the millions of blades. The blades swirled around Byakuya and his arm beatifullly cutting down the diterr left and right. Byakuya started to run toward some of the Diterr trying to escape and quickly killed them. Spears flew past his head and landed on the ground besie him. Byakuya contnued to ran and used the petals as a shield. He jumpped into the air and covered his body with the blades. The blades cirlced around his whole body in the air. Byakuya opened his hands and sent the blades ranning down ontop of the Diterr. Bykuya smiled as he landed and drew Tenro's handle. The petals formed a blade again and Byakuya shelathed it looking at the dead Diterr.

He turned around and noiticed a girl on ground bleeding badly. He quickly called his petals again and they wrapped around the girls body. The pain of his sholder had just now came into play. He grabbed it and felt his own blood. he closed his eyes and tryed not to remember his past. He looked down as his petals slowly covered the girls body. he watched closly and didnt turn away intle he felt three huge pians in his back. he turned around and his eye widened.

04-26-2007, 07:03 PM
The building shook, causing Momo to come into slight unconsiousness but it also threw her off the roof. She knew she was falling but couldnt make herself completely awake. The next thing she knew, she was bouncing ontop of something very large and metal. She let out a shreik of pain before coming to a stop and laying there, spear sticking straight up in the air. Momo was in so much pain and couldnt do anything about it. She was to weak to move and to unconsious to think of a plan. She layed there hoping her landing place was safe enough for her body to survive, even if she didnt. And with her last shroud of strength, she reached up and grabbed her locket before once again passing into unconsiousness.

04-27-2007, 02:58 PM
The keen edge of Max's sword cleaved through the chest of an advancing Diterr, spraying it's thick blood onto his Greatcoat. The blade darted right, stripping another Diterr of it's hands before Max leapt backwards. Am I on my own? Where's everyone else? No! Stay focused. 2 left, then I'll worry about the others.
Max's revolver let out another ear shattering crack. He wasn't dissapointed when the flame discharge caught the last 2 Diterr sending them to the ground as burning, flayling masses.

Max reholstered his revolver and blade, grabbing Lilly from his back. He winced at the pain in his left shoulder, blood trickling down his arm.
"I'll see to that later"
He scanned the surrounding area for any immediate threats. Seems okay. I suppose... Max advanced cautiously, Lilly raised at eye level. His heartbeat finally slowed to a 'more normal' rythm as the innitial shock of battle drained from him. He jogged forward a bit before stopping and dropping into a crouch. Lilly sounded once again, taking down a small group of Diterr that were heading towards the right flank. Pain shot through his left arm again. Where are the others? Gotta find someone and fast. Max looked around. A building! If I can get into cover it might give me some time to check out this arm!

04-27-2007, 03:49 PM
Karia was in a headlong rush. She didn't know where she was running too she was just running. It almost scared her to think she wasn't in control. She tripped over something. Momo. Karia was still dazed from pain and couldn't really wrap her mind around the fact she'd just tripped over a human. Momo had a locket in her hands. Again that fact didn't really click inside her mind. What did click was the fact that this girl might be trampled. Karia blinked then in flash had approiated herself in front of the girl protecting her from any Diterr. Although the last part of Karia's mind which wasn't dulled by pain thought that she had chosen a nice place since most of the attack was farther away although that didn't save her from everything.

Karia's arm was beginning to throb again. She felt slightly dizzy. Not a good sign she'd lost too much blood. Karia shifted and tore off a part of cloth on her uniform. Hopefully this one didn't fall off like old skin. Her arm still hurt and the makeshift bandage didn't help the dizziness either but it needed to be bound or Karia would end up fainting. And it wasn't on top of Karia's "Need-To-Do" list. Nothing had come by in a good long while. "At least this is slightly sheltered" Karia mumured.
OOC:1. the phrase in bold is an old Venusian saying. It referrs to a certain type of animal called a Gringgh which sloughs off its skin like a snake only more frequently it means that she hopes it won't fall off again as if it were skin shed from a Gringgh

04-28-2007, 09:00 AM
Leo didn't really have much to do, he just sat there and twiddled his thumbs. every so often he moved the A/S so as to shift the tilt and slide of the building. he kept thinking about darren, so close and alive! it was amazing he could finally get some news about his mother.
he watched as a girl fell from the roof and hit the floor hard, he looked again and realised he knew that girl. it was Momo! she reached up and grabbed a locket, it was a lot like the one he wore for his mother. he made to get out of the A/S but the building gave a warning shake. he hit the wall of the cockpit in fustration, she needed help. then a soldier ran and almost tripped over on Momo. he watched as she dragged Momo to a safe spot. she looked injured but again Leo could only look on helplessly...

Darren had been running for only a few seconds short of a minute when he spotted the ideal place to shelter. it was the alleyway between two buildings, they both looked like they had been important buildings. one was possibly an factory and the other one looked like it had been a theatre. the alleyway could easily hold all of the army personel and even the A/S. he made for the alleyway and sent a quick message over the PDA. "make for my position." he ran behind a dustbin and crouched. he didn't really want to be seen by any diterr, but their heat vision might make him seen soon anyway...

Light Wolf
04-28-2007, 09:17 AM
Kyoshiro was strunk in the back by two swords and a spear. He quickly turned around and again his weapons moved on their own. They covered the Diterr and quickly killed them. He covered himself with the petals and tryeed to heal h8imself as much as he could. He swung his arm out and the petals covered his feet lifting himself into the air. He flew past the Diterr looking for others to help. He then noticed an Alleyway between to buildings. He quickly called the petals back to a blade and fell down toward thw building sliding down the side of it. He jumpped and flipped down the to buildings intel he was behind someone he had never met.

" Who are you? " He said as he shealthed his sword not wanting someone that could be the enemy know about his weapon.

04-28-2007, 11:57 AM
Anjiru watched as the Diterr began to decrease in number. "Thank god." she whispered, shaking her hands furiously. She felt tired from using almost all of her magic on battling the Diterr but even though she wanted to take a break, she couldn't. That would give the Diterr the opportunity to kill her. The wound on her left arm was throbbing badly but she had to ignore it. Her hands ached to the point that Anjiru wanted to cut them off, but in doing so, making her useless.

She looked around and scanned the area for anyone. "Where are they?" Anjiru thought, seeing no one. Her gaze turned to a building near where she was standing right now, remembering that that was the building Leo had jumped on just a while back. It was tilting to one side and it was sure to collapse if any explosions occured near it.

"What could've happened to the others..." Anjiru thought, thinking of Leo, Momo, Max and Itachi, wondering where each of them was and hoping that they were safe from any kind of danger. She turned back to another force of Diterr nearing her. She sighed and whispered, "I have to end this..."

Wanting to end it fast, Anjiru snapped her fingers and suddenly, all of Diterr within Anjiru's vicinity exploded, leaving nothing but their prints on the ground. Anjiru smirked but had fallen on her knees, using too much of her magic. She felt woozy but shook it off, wishing she wouldn't faint there and be an easy target to the Diterr. "Not now..." she thought, taking one of her guns from her belt and hurriedly reloading it.

04-30-2007, 09:50 AM
OCC: ok light wolf i think your talking to darren in your last post however your character says hes a school guardian??? this doesn't work. if this doesn't sort out i'll have to give you a warning, soz. i didn't want to give any warnings in the whole RPG but i will if i have to.

Leo was caught between helping Momo or holding the building up. he decided to leave it for a minute more then he'd move out. the diterr were being picked off now and had even less men than the army. he check on Momo first and then he'd find darren. maybe the soldier that had Momo would be able to help him find darren, he'd ask her in a minute...

darren watched as the little space filled around him, there were more men than he thought left. he could still complete the mission. with a large amount of men at his disposal he had many different plans but, now that he had less men some different stealthy plans came into focus.
he stationed two gunners at each end of the alleyway then told two men to be on alert in the middle incase the diterr came through the buildings. he sat down and waited, where was the A/S pilot? that kid deserved a medal. and thinking about missing people, where was karia? he got up and started pacing, suddenly worried...

04-30-2007, 01:25 PM
Max skidded along the rocky ground, ripping his jeans at the knees as he dived into cover. There was a large wall to his right and back, with shattered remenants enclosing the area. More blood trickled down his arm. Lilly was dropped onto the ground as the left side of the greatcoat was slid over the wound, revealing the red gash in his arm. Max ripped at his shirt, tying the cloth round his arm in an attempt to stop the bleeding.
Man that hurts! There were no signs of any immediate threats around him, although he could just makeout Diterr like shapes to his right. Scope time!

Max scooped Lilly up, resting the gun-butt against his right shoulder as he peered through the scope. The dimly light shapes were definatly Diterr, heading towards the Militaries position. There was a minor sway to the scope's projection as Max pulled the trigger, blowing a neat hole throught he chest of a Diterr. Another shot strayed wide, hitting the beasts shoulder, but the second hit home. More shots signaled the demise of the Diterr until Lilly gave a metallic click.
No more ammo? I was having fun aswell. Max slowly reloaded Lilly, beleiving the worst of his first encounter was over. Still wonder where the others are though! Hope none of them... A shadow engulfed Max. His eyes widened and his heartbeat raced. He tried spinning round to face whatever it was, but something struck his left shoulder again, snapping his collarbone. The blow sent Max through the remains of the wall, debris raining down him as he looked up.

A large Diterr loomed in the shadows, carrying a sword like blade. It crouched down; roaring in triumph; ready to pounce. Max tried drawing his Revolver, but his shattered bones grinded against each other sending pain through his entire body. He felt faint, but couldn't stop yet. It pounced, blade pointing forward growling in it's hideous, guttaral tone. Max gritted his teeth, lashing out with his feet sending the Diterr of balance. It's blade embedded itself in the ground inches from his head as it's body fell upon Max. With the last of his willpower, Max forced his own sword through the chest of the Diterr, spilling it's blood onto his face. The weight of his dead assailant sent more pain through his body. He lay there, trying to spit the creatures bitter blood from his mouth as the extra weight made it hard to breathe, let alone speak.

OOC: Sorry for the long posts, but I've got too many ideas in my head.

04-30-2007, 07:21 PM
Momo was barely awear of the fact that someone was around her. She kept getting small images of a person: a picture of an arm, a outline of a leg and such but she couldnt place them together through the pain in her leg. She could feel the blood spill out and drip down her leg and the weight of spear pushed down by gravity, tearing her leg up more. She could feel the outline of her locket. She wanted to scream out in pain but all she could manage was a hiss. She faded in and out of consicoiness, trying to find a way to get up but couldnt manage.

05-02-2007, 11:39 AM
(OOC: Sorry for the delay in posting, got stuck without an internet connection for a good while again. I'll do my best to fit into the storyline)

Max cursed as he arrived outside the human building to find it rapidly being deserted again. He was in bad shape. Several Diterr had been able to get their hands on him and put him in a fight for his life. He was now out of pistol ammo and also very beat up with several cuts and bruises adorning his body.

More Diterr weren't too far behind him and Max wasn't too sure he could hide from them effectively. He was even less sure about his ability to fight them head-on. So he began running again, just in time to disappear from view. He kept running in between buildings until a muffled sound caught his attention, sliding to a stop.

He unsheathed a shortsword as he popped one of his blade-shooters into his right hand. He put his back up against the doorway before swinging inside with his bladeshooter leading the way, shortsword ready to be drawn. In his eyes was that same beautiful woman from before. She was near another woman, badly hurt it looked like. But the Venusian wasn't doing too good either. He grinned, pocketing his blade-shooter and grinning. He didn't know if she would know him or not, if she would shoot him or not.

"So...we meet again..." He spoke softly to her. "Are you hurt?"

05-02-2007, 03:44 PM
Karia stiffened when she heard the soft voice. It was familiar. Her lips tightened slightly "I'm just fine" She lied. She was still dizzy from loss of blood and her side was throbbing. Her little souveiner from her earlier flight. He was darn lucky she hadn't shot him before she recognized him. Karia didn't feel the least bit sorry that she'd lied to him. So far no bones of hers had been broken. Karia counted herself lucky. SHe still couldn't place whomever it was. Even thought she was completely facing him. But his voice was very familiar. It wasn't his appearance so much as the voice. SHe blinked. He looked almost exactly like the man from her vision. The gears of her mind were turning comparing him to the other man. "There's no doubt" she mumbled under her breath. It was definately him.

05-03-2007, 11:19 AM
Leo decided it was time to let the building fall. he was running out of fuel and the strain of having to keep the building up didn't help much either. he grabbed both of the directional sticks and pulled backwards. the building came with him, but it didn't fall as fast. he pulled back and watched it fall. he looked around and remembered the people he had seen hidden, including Momo. he quickly walked the A/S over to their position and stood outside, guarding the entrance from any far falling chunks. he didn't even take any noticed to the people in the little cave, that could wait untill the building had fully fallen. which it had almost done...

Darren stopped pacing. he was extremely worried, more so than he should have been. he walked to the end of the alleyway, past the gunners so he was fully out in the open. there was no diterr attacks, no spears flying through the air. it looked like they had won.
he turned back to the gunners, "wait for me to come back then signal the all clear."
he walked for a short while untill he found a building about 2 houses down from the entrance to the alleyway. he climbed the rubble piled outside until he reached the top floor window. he climbed in and found his way to the back of the building. once there he found the fire escape and crawled up to the roof.
he looked around and sure enough the diterr were all running away from the enclosed men. there was only about 20 left anyway.
he scouted the floor around him and saw the body of a dead diterr move. he looked closer and saw an arm and then a pair of legs. both human. he scambled down and made to lift the body off, he noticed that the human was a guardian. just great, a guardian dying on his mission.
"hey kid, are you ok. can you speak"...

05-03-2007, 03:18 PM
Momo didnt realize what was going on. She heard something very loud but couldnt place what it was. 'Maybe I'm dead,' she thought but soon realized that she had a fever and was still bleeding and to do both of these she would to be alive. She let out another moan of pain, still floating in half-conciousness, still clinging to her locket.... and her life.

05-04-2007, 10:48 AM
Max nodded as the Venusian told him that she was okay. He stole a look outside to see a few scant diterr running away from the humans' new position. It seemed they would be alone. He walked back inside near the two women to check on their status. The venusian was not near as good of shape as she had suggested. The other was unconscious and having small fits. Not good. Of course Max himself wasn't unscathed either.

He faced the venusian again, crouching down beside her. "It seems we've put them on the run...and your group either can't or won't chase them down. I doubt this will last...the pharohs are bound to return soon and in even greater numbers. I have a feeling that if humanity doesn't make itself scarce in this part of the world it will be on the Endangered Species list before too long."

He held out his hand to her in greeting, "My name...you can call me Wraith."

05-04-2007, 11:32 AM
Anjiru clutched her gun and prepared herself to jump. It was no use staying on top of their ship. The Diterr were slowly decreasing so there was not much threat anymore. And yet, Anjiru felt a twinge of fear with what was happening.

"Where are they?" she asked herself, feeling worried at whatever condition the others were into.

She jump down, wobbly landing on her feet. Anjiru straightened herself and held her gun with her right hand. She was too tired to use any of her magic, and pushing herself would result in her immediate death. She walked on forward, hoping to see someone, anyone excluding the Diterr. She was losing energy fast, and if this continued, she might just faint on the spot.

05-04-2007, 04:01 PM
Wraith? What type of the name was that? Karia sat. The dizziness was getting to be too much for her. She didn't voice her doubt about his name. Well he wasn't going to give her his true name but Karia could give him the truth. Her conscience was pricking her for lying earlier. "Alright" Her voice was serene not giving away a thought. Karia had long ago perfected that. "Wraith, I am Captian Karia Lygoust of Venus. You may call me Karia" Her charge was continuing to moan and groan every few minutes. There was nothing Karia could do for her thought she desperately wanted to. She shifted uncomfortably.

05-04-2007, 04:19 PM
Leo jumped down from his A/S and ran behind into the little cave. "Momo!"
he slid to a holt naxt to the two women and took hold of Momo's hand, it was holding something. he looked at the man and saw blood, he then looked back at the army captain, also bloodied.
"Do you want a medi-pack i have a few in the A/S, but there only simple. i'll get em." he jumped up and ran to the front of the A/S, climbing up he grabbed the small packs. he threw one softly to the man and took the others to the captain and Momo.
"i'm Leo, brother of Captain Feist. once i get you patched up can we try and find the rest of them? i want to try and find him. but first too see to you."
he knew he couldn't really help that much, but he talked alot when he got nervous...

Darren heaved the diterr off and picked the boy up. his shoulder was badly damaged. he placed the kid on the bonnet of a nearby car and took out a small needle from the inside of his jacket. in the needle was a special foam that rapidly filled the inside of a small section of a body and hardened. it didn't restrict the flow of blood but it helped when a bone was broken away from a medic station. he stuck the needle in and waited. this was going to hurt, and who knew, it might wake the kid up...

05-04-2007, 09:07 PM
Momo heard a third voice. A familiar voice. It was Leo. Her eyes fluttered open and she tilted her head to see Leo coming with a med kit. "Leo...." she whispered. There was a shooting pain in her leg and she grimaced, her face contorting in the pain she was feeling. "My leg..... the spear....... in my leg....." was all she could get out. She had to stop. She was started to have trouble breathing. She needed help and fast.

Light Wolf
05-04-2007, 09:16 PM
Byakuya had set around long enough. He remember finding in the ship so he could fight the diterr but he never knew that this would be what he wanted. He quickly jumpped form his finding place and cut a few diterr down. His wounds still being healed from his minimual training. He ignored that pain and quickly dispatched of a few more Diterr.

Suddenly his back was strunk by three more spears. He turned around and let his blood release itself fomr his back as he cut the three diterr in half. His arms were now covered in the blood of the dead Diterr he killed. He swung Tenro outward and let the blood fly off of it. He lifted up his shirt and used his petals cover his body. He loved alien technilogy and was happy the he could use it to heal himself a little bit but he knew he would get into trouble if he dead or if he was discovered by anyone else.

05-05-2007, 09:03 AM
Max drifted in and out of conciousness, only remembering random sounds now and again. The Diterr's blood had dried his mouth and throat quickly, making it even harder to breath while his shoulder had went numb and immobile. He'd tried opening his eyes a few times, but there wasn't much to see except the ugly mug of the Diterr on top of him. Lilly was still grasped in his righthand. Just knowing the rifle was still there was comforting.

He awoke with a cry. Sharp pain filled his left shoulder almost as if broken glass had been rubbed in it. Tears streemed down his cheeks. Max grinded his teeth; eyes scrunshed shut; waiting for the pain to subside.
It finally dulled to a throbing pain, but his lefthand was still numb. Max slowly opened his eyes, glancing around. There some guy from the military looking at him.
He does not look happy. Seems kinda familiar though!
Max's righthand twitched, checking Lilly was still at his side. He took a swig of water before looking at the soldier again.
"Looks like I owe you a hell'va lot of thanks buddy!" Max extended his righthand towards the soldier, wincing at some minor pain in his shoulders. "What's the plan boss?" He forced a smile.

05-05-2007, 09:44 AM
OCC: soz about the short posts people, but were at abit of a lag stage in between big parts of the story. just keep it up, thanks

Leo smiled, she was alive. "hey." he looked at the man. "do you mind helping the captain so i can concentrate on her?"
he took Momo from the captain and set her down on the floor. that spear looked painful... he ran to the A/S and took out a small plasma cutter. it wasn't a very safe makeshift tool, but it would do. he started to cut away at the spear, so he could hopefully slide it out of the leg. then he would have to use a hell of a lot of bandages to keep the girl from dying of bloodloss. then there were her other wounds, but they weren't as servere...

Darren shook his hand firmly, this kid was tough.
in answer to the kids question he simply said, "i need to find another captain then get back to my men. if you can keep up you can tag along, otherwise get back to your ship and heal.
he didn't wait for a responce, but this kid didn't seem like the type to be offended anyway...

Light Wolf
05-05-2007, 12:01 PM
Byakuya continued to kill Diterr after diterr was more and more stopped their attacks on everyone else and came towards him. The pain in his back was now only a memory,as he fought what seemed to be an endlessw field on enemies. He quickly cut down three more Diterr and called the swords power forward. "Shatter" he called as the blade once again split into thousands on tiny blades. The power held in them cause them to appear pink and like Sakura petal but he knew better. He rushed into the line of attack the Diterr had made. He used the blades to cut a hole right down their line and sent the blades crashing into theed Diterrr that surronded him. He jumpped into the air and used the buildings to push himself higher. The petals swirls around him and created a Beatiful pink line of swirling petals in the air.

Byakuya knew that he had been seen by everyone and he would most likely get into truble for finding and then fighting with out anyone knowning where he was. He held his hands into the air and the petals formed a ball. He then placed his hand into the ball and threw it toward the Diterr that had followed him. The petals swallowed them and crashed into the ground senidng the petals outward,killing the diterr that was in its range. As he landed back onto the ground,he looked at the pink petals that had covered the ground and the many dead Diterr that layed around him. With a grin he slowly fell backward onto one of the building and past out. His body finnlly gave into the pain that Byakuya's maind held back.

05-05-2007, 03:52 PM
This pilot had gotten Max pretty mad by showing up. 'Leave it to these kids to interrupt something important.' He thought. Lately, things had always been getting in his way. Fortunately he could control his emotions, so he adjusted his focus back to Karia.

He offered her his arm, smiling softly to disarm any feelings of mistrust she might have against him. "May I help you, Karia?" Maybe this way he could get her alone. He had much to tell her.

05-05-2007, 07:27 PM
The pain in Momo's leg was so unbearable that she almost screamed but she bit her lip and held it back, trying to be strong. At least she wouldnt have the spear in her leg anymore and that was a good thing. But what would they do about the wound? And what about the person who had protected her? Would that person be alright? She couldnt even help them if anything happened. She felt so useless and she hated it! But there was nothing she could do. She lay there in pain, waiting for something, anything, to happen.

05-07-2007, 03:45 PM
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Karia had been surprised that Leo was here. It was strange two men from her vision showing up now...very strange. Usually they showed up in the order they appeared in the vision but this was all messed up. Karia wanted to help Momo until she looked at Wraith who was now offering help. THata was disarming smile he wore. Very disarming. "Okay" She still felt wary but that came with years of being scorned and have people say they were your friends.

05-09-2007, 09:54 AM
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"Great!" Max thought. "About time this war does something right for me!" His exterior remained the same, but inside he was...giddy. But it was time to put that aside and focus on helping Karia. She took his arm and he helped her up to her feet. He noticed her wince in pain as she moved...not good.

"You going to be alright?" He asked her. She nodded in the affirmative, but Max wasn't so sure. But the humans should have medics that could assist her much better than he could. But his mission, to himself and her, came first.

Slowly they made their way towards the new base being occupied by the Army. They made small talk along the way, highlighting their latest victory against the Diterr. Then he came to a building that was just perfect for his needs.

"Why don't we stop here and take a break, you're in some serious pain." He told her.
"I'm fine...we're not too far anyways."
"Okay, I'll quit the act." She expressed a combination of surprise and a small amount of fear as he finished his sentence. "I have things to tell you. Now let's go inside." He was afraid his tug on her might have been too forceful, but she complied and allowed him to lead her into the building. He set her against the wall near the door and he leaned against a wall on the other side of the doorway, facing her at an angle.

"I'm a spy sent to assist human forces on Earth, mostly by gathering in-depth intelligence on enemy forces but I can also do most forms of dirty work. Do I have your attention, now?"

Karia nodded in understanding. "But why are you telling me this?"
"Because based on your history and my own observations, you would make a prime candidate for being my contact within the Army. You are fairly high-ranking, intelligent, and quick to act. You're also slightly outcast due to your beauty, thus you are somewhat reserved and keep to yourself more than the average soldier."

He paused for a moment to let his words sink in before continuing, "In short, I am offering my services to you. I will be your Army's eyes and ears in the field, but I report directly to you. I am not a part of the Army and should not be considered as such, you must never reveal me to your comrades. That man and woman in the room with us, for example, you tell them anything but the truth about me. By being an unknown factor, I can do my best work. You tell me where you want to go and I scout it. You want to hit some place, I'll tell you how you can. Once again, I will be your eyes and ears."

Max waited as she considered what she would say next. She had the right to say No, but he didn't tell her that there would be consequences. Besides, as far as he could tell, their force had no scouts or spies, so who was he going to replace? In his mind, in reality, he was only adding to the effectiveness of human forces on earth. He would allow her to consider this, and ask any questions of her own.

(Your turn, FMA!!)

05-09-2007, 02:32 PM
Leo finished cutting the spear away and started to bandage, he was in a hurry so he could catch up to the captain and that man. he didn't fully trust that man, and he didn't seem to like him anyway.
"Ok Momo this is going to hurt but it will be all ok soon." he put on his best smile as he threw a tracking device down near the floor of the A/S. he'd be able to find it later after he had helped Momo.
He picked her up in the classical firemans carry. if the wound wasn't so serious he might start to feel cool. he shook this from his mind and looked at Momo's stark white face, she was in bad shape.
"Hey, you know if we get back to earth, i'll definatly come round to yours for that icecream you offered me."
he swore he could see a small weak smile. how amazing it was that it hadn't even been 24 hours since that meal in the mexican diner.
he started to follow after the others...

Darren made it back to the base expecting to be able to pick out Karia instantly. he panically hurried into the middle of the alleyway but still couldn't see her. this was getting sad, she was only a soldier. he sat down on an erected camp bed and checked his PDA, just some stupid battle notes and such. he noticed a new signal on the PDA, a tracker?
he lay down and shouted at a rookie to wake him up in ten. then he'd go and check that signal...

soz my pcs sort of crashed and it won't let me change the colours??? i know weird. anyway just to let you know.

05-09-2007, 03:28 PM
Karia tilted her head to the side in thought. This could be very useful...even if he insisted on using some nickname he picked up somewhere. Karia hated nicknames as a rule. The whole "Kari" thing got on her nerves and sort of ruled out any use of nicknames for her. Karia snapped her thoughts back in order. "Yes" She said finally.

The look of Wraith's face was hard to identify. Relief? Maybe and something else. Karia couldn't put her finger on it. That annoyed her. She didn't like the unknown...he was right this could benefit her though. Karia knew there might be consequences but right now she was focused on the good.

OOC: DaSOCOM has my permission to use Karia again in his next post

05-09-2007, 06:09 PM
Rikita looked around and saw that the ENTIRE station was in panic mode. Gosh...I take a vacation and it's like the whole place went wacko!, she thought as she looked around carefully. "Where is everyone?" she thought as she walked around. She called Leo. "Where are you?" she asked worriedly.


05-10-2007, 12:42 PM
Max smiled slightly as she answered Yes to his proposal. Only slightly.
"Okay, good."

He paused for a moment, seeming to mull this over. As he did so, he pulled something small out of his pocket. "Lean over."

As Karia warily did so, Max moved over and placed a necklace around her neck. As he backed away, she looked at it. "Looks like an ordinary set of soldier's dog tags."

Max nodded, "Yes, it does. But it's real purpose is a tracking beacon. I can keep track of you anywhere in the world. And if you need to speak with me or are in trouble, place your thumb on the black tag and press it against the silver one. You'll feel it get warm quick. That lets you know it's working. It will send a signal to my PDA and I'll get to you as soon as I can."

Karia surveyed the item for a moment. "Is that it?" He nodded. "Just don't expect me to walk right into a human outpost just to see you. I'd highly advise getting away from your group so we can talk in peace. Like I said, I prefer to be an unknown."

She nodded in understanding, "I think I can manage that. Darren will ask questions, but I think I can skate it past him."

Max nodded again. "In that case, let's get you home. They will be worried about you, especially if that other guy and the girl get there before we do."

He helped her up and once again they started walking towards the human outpost. When they were only a block away but still hidden, he stopped and turned toward her. "I'm sorry, but as I'm sure you can figure, I can't walk out there."

She looked at him and nodded, "I understand. I'll let you know as soon as I need you. But where will you go from here?"

"I've got something requiring my attention at the moment, but I won't be too far. Once again, the moment you require any of my services, signal me and get alone. "

She turned and slowly walked towards the human outpost. After a few steps she turned to look back at him, but he had already dissappeared.

05-10-2007, 03:42 PM
OOC: Kename, Leo is on Earth right now...sorry you might want to edit

Karia looked at her dogtags. Despite her cofidnet words to Wraith she had no idea how to get this past Darren. He sometimes was too smart for his own good. But now she had to deal with Leo and Momo. THey'd ask too. Well maybe not Momo but Leo certainly would if he was anything like his older brother.

She ran into Leo not far from the post. She summoned an energetic smile. "I'm alright" Darren didn't know that...the thought made her feel guilty. Seh glanced at Momo. "Well she's feeling better. Nice to see" Karia had no clue where she was getting this act from but for right now it should work. Although Darren would certainly question it. She wasn't sure about Leo.
Very silently she offered a prayer to the Hilvern* it should help.

OOC: *=Hilvern--the Goddess of Venus (lol I didn't want to use Venus she's an earth godess) she offers forgivevess and Venusians rarely call upon her for help unless its desperately needed...heh I know she might be lame but she's mine ^^

05-11-2007, 06:37 AM
Max sighed, questioning his judgement as he lit a cigarette. He was now a good distance away from the humans, it was safe to smoke. It was the right thing to do, getting Karia involved. But just because it was right didn't mean he was going to be overjoyed about it. He stood inside the building for several thoughts, puffing his cigarette every few moments.

"In the end, what's done is done." He told himself before ashing out his cigarette and hiding the butt. He checked his PDA for his package's location and status. It was in good shape, but a good walk away. He sighed, once again checking the empty magazine to his pistol. He hoped they had plenty of ammo in that pod.

He surveyed the area before stepping outside and beginning his march towards the landed capsule.

05-11-2007, 11:36 PM
Pain. Again. It shot up her leg before subsiding some. The spear must be gone. But more pain quickly followed as she was.... She was what? Was she being picked up? Sure enough, she opened her eyes just a slit to see Leo carring her away. He mentioned the offer she had mentioned earlier and couldnt help but smile. She reached up and wrapped her arms around Leo's neck. "Thanks, Leo. You saved me," she whispered before fading back into unconciousness, a smile still on her face.

05-12-2007, 02:12 PM
Lana was working on some mechanical armor in the metal shop on the station. "Gosh, they really did badly need repairs!" she said aloud to herself. She looked at the badly scratched paint over the dented metal, and felt like she was about to cry. Intstead, she just took another puff at her cigarette and kept working. "Ya know," she said to herself while she was holding up her cigarette," one day this is gonna kill me...but I'm not dead yet, so I'm good." She smiled and just kept working. I had forgotten how much I amuse myself, she thought.

05-12-2007, 03:05 PM
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Leo smiled at Karia, she seemed better already. then he got a surprise, Momo reached up and gave him a sort of half-awake hug before passing out again. he looked up at Karia but she had already turned away and was heading for the base. he was happy about this, he could feel his face going red. he waited a few seconds before asking,
"Hey captain, wheres the other guy?" he tried to remember the other mans features but already he was forgeting. Leo wasn't an idiot and he knew there was something going on, but what?...

Darren had checked for a final time if he could see Karia coming then shouted at a rookie to infore Captain Lygoust where he was when she turned up... if she turned up.
he hadn't moved far out from the base when he saw two people moving for the alleyway. he dived behind a nearby burnt out car and drew his pistol. it didn't take them long to reach his position. he didn't dare look incase they saw him, so he simply crawled around the back of the car as they passed it on the other side. when he was behind them he looked out and regonised the army suit. the smaller person was carrying another and had just asked the army member a question.
thats when he regonised the army member, Karia!!!
he waited a few moments then took a slightly longer route back to base, the signal could wait...

05-13-2007, 02:16 PM
"Oh you mean Wraith? He had something to do" Karia said not slowing up her pace. Where was Darren? Karia needed a familiar pace. She stopped not far from the base. "Have you seen your older brother yet? I'm worried" She asked casually. But Karia detected a hint of vunerablility in her own voice. It was more than worry. She messed with the tags that Wriath had given her. She was nervous but even so she made sure not to activate it. SHe didn't need him. At least not yet. She grabbed one of the soldiers that ran by. "Yes, ma'am?"
"HAve you seen Captain Fiest yet?"
"Nope not after we figured out wher he went an' stuff..."
Karia cut him off with a terse reply "Keep your eyes open, soldier" He nodded and Karia let him go. Was it her imangination or was he moving a little faster?

05-14-2007, 02:45 PM
Leo looked up at the woman infront of him. Momo's arms fell from his shoulders as he surveyed her face. he managed to hide the shock from the mention of his brother quicker then Karia did, which surprised him. the Darren he remembered didn't make many friends, but that was a teenage Darren from years ago. he could even be going out with this beautiful woman, Leo realised he didn't know a thing about his own brother.
A medic ran over, "do you want me to take her?" he asked.
Leo nodded, "but only if i can stay with her."
the medic nodded and motioned towards a camp bed in a small tent near the middle of the alleyway.
Leo decided to make sure whether Momo was ok and then try to find the others. he hadn't seen Max and the others since the start of the fight...

Darren pulled a small flask from under his battle vest. he drank deeply, the whisky burning his throat. he didn't even care if anyone saw. he was back in base but he didn't dare go up to Karia or Leo, both held deep emotions within him, which he couldn't afford to come out with the rest of the troop around.
he still had to break the news about mothers death.
he watched as two women spoke to another man, the man nodded and walked off, it looked like Karia had asked to find him... damn...

05-15-2007, 04:01 AM
Max slowly made his way into eyesight of the capsule. He was still several hundred meters away, and the capsule had not reported any recent threats...but something out of place like this always garnered attention. Slowly he crept through the rubble of buildings and around the few dead Diterr bodies that had been around the impact area. His present sure had slammed the surrounding area hard. He had to grin at the shock it had to have given the Diterr.

After scanning the surrounding area with his thermal scope, he was reasonably sure the area was clear. He quickly made his way into the crate that the pod had left in it's impact. The capsule was taller than he was, and several feet wide at the middle of it. It was shaped like two cones placed end to end of each other. He connected his PDA to the slot on the access cover, then ungloved his hand and placed his thumb on the scanner. If this machine didn't recognize him, he would get blow away by every piece of heatshield on the ship as they would get blown off by small explosive charges behind them. And that was only the first defense this little guy had.

But sure enough, the machine recognized him and the lock disengaged with a large metallic 'clunk'. Max grabbed the latch and pulled the access hatch open, stepping in after he did so and closing the door. The small pod had just enough room for one person inside. Everything else as storage. This was Santa's big bag for a man like him. On a small screen, a video came up. It was one of his handlers letting him know what he had been given. Max poored through the small capsule while listening to the video. This was too good...

05-15-2007, 03:48 PM
Karia glanced at Leo. "If you don't mind I'll head that way myself" She was feeling guilty about Tul's death. If he was dead. The young man had defied death so many times Karia wanted to strangle him for her worries.
"Ma'am" A breathless medic cuaght her arm "some soldier sad he wanted to see you. Tul I think it was"
Karia glanced at the medic then at Leo "I need to see someone, Leo" She carefully revealing little emotion "I'll find her later." Karia had no idea who she was. "I want to make sure she's alright" Then Karia wnet after the medic who led her to Tul's room.

05-15-2007, 08:18 PM
Momo could feel herself being passed around but didnt care. She was to tired to care. She was sure she wasnt in danger so what was the point of waking up? She wanted give Leo proper thanks but how? She planned in her sleep. How she could repay him. She would definetly have to take him to meet her brother. He would love her brothers baking. So much she could do for him.....

05-16-2007, 02:34 PM
OOC: after my next post there will be a small time lapse. this is to bring the next part of the story into play and to let some of the characters heal and such. thanks :D

Leo watched as Momo stirred. he was too tired to go and search for the others, but he had too. he stretched and stood up.
"Err, Mr medic, this is my A/S's signal, if she wakes up could you send a message to me, please."
the medic smiled, "ofcourse son, the moment she stirrs you'll know."
Leo thanked the kind man and set off out of the base. he saw Karia again being led by another medic. then came a shock. he saw Darren!...

Darren put the flask away. he was going to find Kaira, get the easiest of the two jobs out of the way first. but what was he going to say to her? he was still pondering over this whan he felt a small hand on his back. he slowly span around until his eyes came to rest on his very own brother.

Leo took his hand from Darrens shoulder and smiled akwardly, "So Daz, hows Mum?"

Darrens smile went as fast as it came. "Its been a long time, i have so much to tell you."
he led him to a spot of the base behind a destroyed bill-board. "where to begin..."

05-16-2007, 03:59 PM
Tul grinned from his place in bed. "Hey, beauty, how's it going?"
"Tul, shut up" Karia said. "The medic said you wanted to talk so talk"
"Hey" Tul pasted a hurt expression over his features "But he was right" Tul effortlessly changed to serious. "Captain, something's wrong"
"Something you know?"
"I sort of just 'feel' it. I don't know"
Karia's gaze hardened slightly "Just a feeling? Tul, I can't do anything on your word"
"I know but I thought that either you or Darren should..." Tul trailed off his gaze landing on Karia's newly acquired dogtags. "Now, lovely, I don't remember seeing those on you before"
Karia felt like slapping him. But she restrained herself.
"Who'd you get them from?"
"My brother they just arrived today" Karia foudn herself thanking Hilvern that Tul didn't know about her familial relationships.

05-17-2007, 08:51 AM
Momo felt but didnt move. They were probing around in her wound but she wasnt about to stop them, no matter how much it hurt. She had to get better one way or another. They were poring now. First hot liquid poured over the wound, stinging and tingling through the open crevices. They let it sit and wiped it off and poured some more and repeated several times. She wanted to scream but.... no. She couldnt. She tried not to concentrate on it, instead opting for focus on the small weight of her locket on her chest; barely noticable but all the harder to focus on. Now they were wrapping it up. Well, atleast nothing was broken. And finally to rest. That she needed more than anything.

05-17-2007, 02:34 PM
Max walked out of the pod feeling like a kid after Christmas morning. His support team had really hooked him up. He was now wearing a new set of web-gear, a new rucksack that could hold more, and some new toys as well. The most appreciated of them was a new blade-shooter. Unlike the small dagger type that he kept up his sleeve, this was the size of a very small sword and had greater range than the smaller one. It could also be used as a fighting weapon, whereas the smaller units were too small.

And it didn't hurt that his boys had customized it, either. They had engraved the word Thunder in silver script on the blade. He was already thinking of one-liners for it. He checked his PDA, newly updated with cool programs that he would have to figure out later, and found the humans (or at least Karia's dogtags) still where they had been before. Good.

Max turned around, closing the door to the pod and arming the security system. He could only hope that a large swarm of Diterr walked right by it and tried to get in. But in the meantime, he must move on. He began his walk to find his own hidey-hole near the humans and get some sleep. Food could wait until later, he was tired.

05-19-2007, 05:30 AM
Rikita didn't get a reply earlier when she called Leo, so she decided to try again. "Leo, do you need any help down there?" she said, desperately waiting for a reply. While she was waiting, she decided to see how Lana was doing. She ran down to the shop. "How's my baby?"
Lana was outraged. "So," she took off her gloves and wiped her hands," you're the one who trashed this perfectly piece of machinery?! I oughtta have your head for this!" she yelled angrily. She paused for a second. "This is why you don't let close combat majors anywhere near mech-fighter suits!"
"Chill, it's not like I did it on purpose!" Rikita yelled. She got in Lana's face to show that she wasn't scared.
"But you could've been more careful!" Lana said as she pushed Rikita away.
Rikita took her pistol out of its case on her thigh and pointed right in Lana's face.
"Get that out of my face..." Lana said calmly.
Rikita didn't budge, and neither did the gun.
"I said...GET THAT GUN OUT OF MY FACE!" Lana yelled. She kicked the gun out of Rikita's hand and picked it up. "You see Rikita, I don't like having guns pointed at me that much. It makes me 'jumpy', you know. Especially if the person pointing the gun at me is a no-talent freak!"
Rikita shrugged her shoulders. She had been called worse before, and she knew it. She snatched her gun from Lana's hands and walked out of the shop to go wait for a reply from Leo.
"That's what I thought!" Lana yelled as Rikita left, but Lana knew that she would've lost if it had come down to it.
Rikita sat down by the radio and waited.

05-23-2007, 10:32 AM
Leo stood up, he wanted to cry but he knew he wouldn't. one they were in the middle of a war, grief would come later and two he had suspected Mum was dead for a while now, earth was just to dangerous.
Mum was dead, Dad was dead. it looked like they were going to die. Darren had told him everything, up until the start of this campaign they were on now. Just as he was about to start explaining a rookie officer ran behind the billboard and asked if Darren would follow.
they both did and as they walked past the medic area Leo saw Darrens face light up as he saw Karia, but then go down as he saw the masses of injured.
he cursed loudly, which called for a woman medic to look at him sharply. he thought his plan would leave less injured and more alive. he knew deep down that this was the best case senario, any other stragegy involved a lot more dead, but he couldn't help but blame himself.
the rookie entered a small tent with the communications technology in and sat down next to a tech. "we've had a message from HQ."

Darren picked up the sombre tone straight away, he stayed silent.
the tech carried on, "we have about 40 healthy troops with about 10 more with minor injures and 20 more with possibly life threatening wounds. Also HQ has stopped my request of 100 more troops and also asked that your major captaincy get passed on to captain Lygoust... they aren't happy at the fact that you haven't made it to the Diterr base yet."
Darren sank onto a small camp chair. it wasn't that he didn't believe in Karia's ability, but without the tactics he had planned in his mind he couldn't see a way out of this alive.

Leo stood up his sorrow now anger. "from what i've seen here its the moral and captains that have kept you all still alive. if you rid the men of there commanding captain the moral will drop and thats to important to lose at a point like this.

Darren looked at Leo surprised. he was grateful for his support but he knew it was useless. "Go get Karia will you. i need to talk to her." he watched as Leo stalked out, then held his head in his hands...

05-23-2007, 03:49 PM
Tul noticed Leo first. "Who's he, pretty?"
Karia repressed the urge to slap him (again). "He's a friend" She said through gritted teeth.
Tul smiled "You're not off the hook yet, lovely, tell me one more thing..."
"Yes?" Karia forced herself to stay neutral.
"Would you give me a kiss to make it all better?"
Karia couldn't stop herself this time she jumped up but managed to keep herself from hitting him. "Tul, go hit on someone else for once" She said in a steely tone then left her spot by the hospital bed.
Tul was smiling on the outside, but on the inside he cringed. He'd been meaning to be serious and out popped the most ridiculous question you could think of. But, Karia could do that to a man, Tul sighed and turned on his side not in the least comoforted by the fact she knew his suspicions.
"Hi," Karia said to Leo refusing to look back at Tul.

05-24-2007, 10:20 AM
Max had finally found a structure worth sleeping in. He shied away from the nicer ones around, instead picking one that was half-blasted away and pockmarked from bullet holes, shrapnel, and everything else that comes along with war. It was perfect.

He found a room that was more or less intact and set his hammock up in the corner near the ceiling once again. He was on the same wall as the only window into the room, and far enough back that no creature in passing would notice him. He laid back against the wall and checked his PDA. Karia was still inside the human compound. That was good.

He pulled up a list of all the new programs his PDA update had given him. Several caught his eye, judging from the small statements explaining their purpose. He would have to check into them later. But for now, he shut the lid on his PDA and leaned against the wall, closing his eyes. Hopefully he could get a few hours of sleep before something required his attention.

05-24-2007, 10:21 AM
May i enter this RP?

Hollow Ichigo
05-24-2007, 12:06 PM
OCC: Light wolf was banned so ive been taking control of ALL his characters he has left behind,i hope its ok with you for me to take over his character in here as well.

Byakuya slowly awoke with a pain in his left arm,and hand. He looked over at it and to his dismay Hajeo was released and was charging up power.

"How long was i out.............why has it released itself,and his chargeing power?" Byakuya slowly stood up and felt its power heal some of his smaller wounds. He held the large seven barraled gun into the air and released it power into the sky. Seven beams of light spread into the air and with a beautful display seemed to singal any and everyone that could see it.

Byakuya growled as Diterr began to cover the roof of the build he was between. He had signaled his allies but the Diterr was well. Byakuya used his powerful legs to jump up the sides of the bulding intel he soared above the diterr attack force."So you are all ready to die,then SO BE IT!!!!!!!!!!"
Byakuya draw Tenro from his side and slashed a few Diterr with its blade. It then turned and went back on his oath to never use his horrible weapon,he fired the gun and sent seven shots in seven different directions. Diterr slowly faded away from the power of the shots while others lost Limbs and large chunks of flesh,and bones. Byakuya continued to fight as the Diterr surronded him. He growled and jumpped into the air and charged the gun to half,he wouldnt go any higher in fear of distroying everyone and everything around him. He fired the shot in one beam of light and distroyed the building in a 500 yards raidus,around him.

The light shined brightly in the sky,and formed a cross,of pure energy in the sky. Byakuya laned on the ground and looked over his distrution,and the dwath he caused using this forbinnden weapon. The gun began to vibrate and energy began to relesed itself into Bykuya's body. Bykuya growled at a small crather under him,became a large crather. The energy flashed once or twice and slowly died down. Bykuya looked over his body and noticed that the gun was gone. It had sealed itself back inside Bykuya's body.

05-24-2007, 12:07 PM
OOC: Im wanting to know if i can enter this Rp

05-24-2007, 03:26 PM
OOC: right firstly, hollow ichigo, on you go take his character i've seen your writing in other rpgs so i'm ok with it :D
secondly, armageddon you really need to learn the rules of this site. you go onto the sign up thread to join an rpg ok, read how to make a character and if hes good enough you can join :D

Leo couldn't help himself, despite the circumstances he smiled. he loved it when big heads got put in their place. he watched as the man rolled over and saw a flicker of something on his face? being quick to notice things wasn't always good, feeling down and guilty again he beckoned to Karia.
"you've got to see Darren, i think he needs you, we all need you..."
he left his cryptic message there and started to walk back. "oh and before the scene gets too morbid, is there anything going on between you a Daz? its been awhile since i've seen him, i don't even know if he has a girlfriend."
it didn't seem like the time to talk about boyfriends and girlfriends but yet again he was getting nervous, and when he got nervous he spoke alot...

Darren didn't lift his head from his hands, so many possiblities ran through his mind, he just needed control of the men until they got to the objective. if they got to the base of the diterr he knew he'd be able to get his own stratagy used. it all depended on the HQ's decision, intel was being sent to him as he sat there waiting.
another plan came into his mind but he dissmissed it quick. he might be able to get Karia to listen to his plans on the sly, but he didn't want to put Karias captiancy on the line.
his last good plan involved the black ops member. if he could find him and talk he knew that he would be able to influence the direction of the group, these black-ops, they could do anything these days. he heard Leos voice and cringed, that was a personal question. he chuckled darkly and made the tech member jump...

05-24-2007, 03:46 PM
Karia felt herslef beginning to stare at Leo. Me and Darren?!? She laughed. "You really must've been out of touch...Darren and I are nothing more than good friends." She smiled. She added in her mind If I dated I almost certainly would date a Venusian but since I'm ugly I'll probably die single. No problem with that. Except she did have a problem with that. "I don't think he's dating either" She left it off at that. She was feeling the ridculous urge to laugh again. There didn't seem to be too much to laugh about right now. Karia wondered about Leo's cryptic message it sounded like he too had premonitions. Karia wanted to laugh at that thought as far as anyone knew not many humans got it the ability after all was said to have started on Venus. I must be giddy. Under normal circumstances none of this would even occur to me.
Tul glanced at the nurse. He still had an inkling that something was wrong. Way wrong. Maybe Darren could help Karia. If she even told him. Tul wanted to smack himself. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Think, Tul, be level-headed.
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05-28-2007, 02:25 PM
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Leo glanced at Darren as he stepped in, it was weird to think that the popular handsom boy Leo remembered his brother to be would still be single. by the sounds of it, even he'd out classed his brother. if he didn't catch the look on both of Darrens and Karias faces he would have probably laughed.
"shall i leave you to it?" he asked Darren hoping to catch his eye...

Darren didn't look up, "you can stay if you want but you probably wont understand it..."

Leo shrugged and sat down on a crate at the back of the tent. he caught a look from the tech member and looked at what he had sat on. he saw the sticker from under his shorts... Fragile, computer parts, etc...
he jumped up, "ha, well. i think i'll just stand." he said as he tried to pull his cheesyist grin...

Darren only looked up when he felt Karias stare drilling a hole in the top of his head. "Well, where should i start..."

05-29-2007, 11:49 PM
Momo's dreams were all mixed up. She kept getting things in flashes. Bits of the past and snips of her dreams for the future. She fliiped through all the thoughts and memories in her mind as if she were sorting through files. One 'file' seemed to keep coming up again and agian. Leo. Were was he? Was he ok? Was he still close by? Question after question poped into her head. He was all she could think about. Sure there were a few snips of her favorite memories of her family and such but the vast majority of everything she saw invovled Leo. 'Why am I so obssesed?' she asked herself.

Her head was so buzzed with these thoughts she hardly noticed that she was awake. And hungry. She took a deep breath and forced herself to sit up. Pain shocked her every nerve and she almost fell back onto the bed. She hunched over until the rush of blood in her head subsided before she looked around for someone she could ask for lunch. Or dinner. Or breakfast. Or whatever meal was next. As she looked around, she saw all the people who had been injured. Most of them were asleep or unconcious but there were a few like herself. Awake. One inparticular looked like he was about to hop out of bed and beat himself up. 'Wonder what his problem is.' she thought. She pried her eyes off the man and looked around for a nurse or doctor who could give her some food. When she finally spotted one, she waved her arm (painfully) at her until she was noticed. When the nurse got around to coming over to see what she needed, Momo asked "Could I get some food?" and the nurse obliged. 'Finally!' she thought, 'Some food!'

05-31-2007, 01:44 PM
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Max couldn't sleep. Dead tired as he was, rest would not come to him. What could it be, nerves maybe? He didn't quite know. He checked on Karia's signal once again, she was still in the compound. She had been moving around quite a bit inside the building. It left him to wonder what was going on. He didn't imagine her to be the type just to wander around aimlessly. Something was going on in there.

Max allowed himself a grin of dark delight as he lit up another cigarette. He could always sneak inside. Again, he corrected himself, even if the first time wasn't as delicate as he could be. The humans had steadily been bumping up their security with each attack by the Diterr, they were learning. But were they ready for Max? He shook his head, he shouldn't entertain thoughts like that. Allies, after all, didn't need to be looked at like that, like toys to play with.

But Max had the feeling that the human army just wasn't prepared, mentally at least, as he had hoped they would be. Getting sucker-punched twice by the enemy? They were lucky to be alive. Whoever was in charge sure hadn't seen much real war. Max, while no gray-haired veteran himself, had seen warfare when it had still been humans fighting humans. His instructors throughout life had always been counted among the top in their fields. And Max had been an excellent student.

Max's mind was wandering again, this time focusing on Karia. He quite know what had attracted him to her, what made him choose her as his insider? He had another dark thought. Her getting into trouble, the kind of trouble that only Max could get her out of. Or at least, the kind of trouble she trusted only Max to get her out of. He hoped that she could trust him. The duties he owed his insider were great. Max was her eyes, ears, and if necessary, arms as well. To each other they were both highly valuable, did she realize that? That he needed her as much as she needed him? More unknowns...Max hated unknowns. It was his business to bring the unknowns to light.

More of his mind wandering, this sucked. He flipped open his PDA, determined to focus on something. But he was too tired to focus. He began reading the instructions to one program in particular, it had caught his eye as potentially useful. It was some sort of satellite takeover program. It was already running in the background, it was programmed like that. And it had found several satellites and hacked them using one satellite already under control. His geeks sure had hooked him up. Max kept reading instructions on several programs until finally, much later, he was dead tired and slowly pulled himself into his hammock and drifted off to sleep

05-31-2007, 02:15 PM
Tul signalled a nurse. He was hungry beyond words.
"Yes?" The nurse asked. She looked upbeat and peppy.
Tul sighed, "Could I get some food? I'm hungry" Nurse Peppy nodded and bounced off to find a doctor. Tul still wanted to smack himself. Darren will help because Karia will tell him. She trusts him.
Karia knew she should tell someone about Tul's warning. But she just couldn't get herself to tell Darren. Maybe Wraith? Karia wasn't sure what exactly what he meant by giving her the tags and she was equally unsure what either man could do about Tul's suspicions. She waited for Darren to go on. She had a cold feeling in the pit of her stomach. Things just weren't going well. After the brief spell where she could laugh at nothing Karia was beginning to wish she could laugh.
Tul leaned back on his pillow with a big sigh. He felt someone watching him briefly. Something bad was coming...he just knew it. Karia could maybe tell him after having one of those visions of hers. Maybe. She just couldn't tell him until she had one and she might not be able to tell him then. Visions were annoying.
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05-31-2007, 07:32 PM
As Momo shoveled in her food, she heard someone else ask for food. 'So I'm not the only one,' she thought. She looked up from her food and searched for the person who had asked for food too. Her eyes rested on the man she had been looking at earlier. He plopped back on his pillow and sighed. 'He looks like he could use someone to talk to.' She blinked a few times and wiped her mouth with the back of her sleeve and smiled at him. "Hi. My names Momo. Nice to see I'm not the only hungry one! Is something wrong?" she asked him. If something was wrong, maybe she could help. She kept smiling and made her eyes as trustful as she could make them.

06-02-2007, 10:28 AM
Tul glanced over where the voice was coming from. "Hi, Momo" He'd never laid eyes on her before. She must be one of the Gaurdians or something. "I''m Tul and as for soemthing being wrong..." He trailed off. Oh lots of things, Momo, Karia thinks I'm pig-headed I'm pretty sure something's wrong along with that I'm not sure what Karia's going to do... Tul didn't say that he said; "Things just haven't been going my way lately" How about forever? He settled back on his pillows waiting for the nurse to come back.
Nurse Peppy came back with a tray. "There you go, sir!" She said and hurried off to another patient.
He glanced at the food. It was beckoning him to eat and forget. However, Tul managed to eat with some remnents of grace.
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06-02-2007, 11:32 PM
Momo couldnt help but feel slightly dejected. Tul hadnt even tried to make a conversation! She let out soft sigh and dug back into her food though slightly slower now and with less urgency. He had ruined her appitiate with his sad mood and his no talking. When she had finished her food and given one of the nurses had taken her dishes, she took her hat off and looked around for her bag. She hung over the side of the to see it stashed under her cot. She reached out to get it and fell head first off her cot into the ground. Its didnt hurt that bad until her leg smacked into the ground. "AH!" She cried out in a mixture of pain and shock before jerking her knee up her her chest and hugging it.

Nurse after nurse rushed over to see what had happened and doctor after doctor tried to decided if it would be ok to pick her up. She finally stopped moving, passed out from loss of blood, and the doctors quickly picked her up and re-wrapped her wound. They washed the blood that had soaked through the old bandages off of her and put blankets on her. They washed down her sweaty forehead and injected some pain killers directly into her blood stream, hopefully helping her sleep.

06-03-2007, 07:49 AM
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Leo watched as Darren looked up. he saw him inhale as he made to start talking. Leo decided he didn't want to here this. he stood up and walked out quickly. he knew what he wanted to do. if he could find a guardians member he could use their PDA to get in touch with school.
he had lost his and he couldn't be bothered with going back to the A/S to get another.
he found Momo being carried back into bed by some medics. he sat down on a small fold out chair next to her and waited. he lent back and closed his eyes. phew, battle was like it had always been, but something was different this time. he had been on missions with the school before, where he was greatly out-numbered, so it wasn't that. it wasn't that he was overly worried about his friends and family. he had been in fights with friends before, and had even seen some die.
he began to think, and something hit him. what exactly were the diterr? he tried to remember if they had ever been told where they had come from, or why they attacked, but no memories resurfaced. damn. he looked up and took the same pose as Darren before, resting his head in his hands...

Darren was glad Leo was gone, now he definatly wouldn't have to explain anything too slowly. "Well, firstly i suppose i should congratulate you, on becoming the Captain of this troop, the leading captain..." he looked away from her, "you now have full control of the tactics used and you now also have complete control over me and the other captains. good luck."

only now did he fully look her in the eye...

06-04-2007, 09:16 PM
The pale, shallow-breathed Momo awoke from unconsiousness. She looked over to the side of her bed and saw none other than the guy she had done nothing but think about while she was resting, Leo. She gave a small, weak smile and managed to give a small "Hey." She was still tired beyond belief but she was not about to leave him alone. He had obviously come here for something and had obvoiusly been waiting. She gathered up enough strength to struggle herself into a sitting position. She looked back at Leo. "So did you need something or are you really just that lonely?" she asked him with just enough emotion to make it sound like she was teasing, not being mean. She may have lost of lot of blood but that didnt mean that she had lost her sense of humor!

06-05-2007, 03:46 PM
Karia stared back at Darren. Her? Leading Captain? Yeah, right that would most defintely create more problems for her. She didn't want to be head captain that was Darren's spot, and it would only attract more attention from unwanted men like Tul. Maybe, she should tell him about Tul's fears...no, Wraith might be able to help more there. What was she going to tell Darren? Thanks but no thanks? She fidgeted as indescion (sp?) overtook her, yes it would create more problems but she would be able to fix more too. Again she wished she had something to laugh about, not even the fact that Leo might've thought she was Darren's girlfriend could cheer her up. She wished she could say "I don't know it's been your spot" But she couldn't really explain all the beliefs that had been planted in her since birth, even if she was an outsider.
Even as Karia was finding herself tongue tied, Tul was deep in the realms of sleep. After he'd made sure the woman from earlier was okay he'd drifted off into dream world. Things floated by with unnatural speed, despite that Tul knew exactly what was happening. One word repeated over and over again...Diterr. Something was wrong concerning them, but Tul couldn't get a fix on them. His eyes snapped open he was staring at the boringly white hospital ceiling. He'd been asleep for a few minutes but it felt like eternity and tul knew it was worthless trying to go back to sleep. "Great." He muttered and flounced on hi side trying to reclaim it but it was lost.
Darren was waiting. Karia had no answer...yet. "Why?" SHe finally managed after what seemed an aeon of silence. "I mean why would they want me..." she trailed off still thinking of the absurdness of this whole thing. After another aeon she shook her head silently "I guess...I mean..." She softly added under her breath, hopefully Darren wouldn't hear "I wish they'd let you keep it. I can't do this" She looked at the ground "If there's no other way then I suppose the answer is yes" She didn't know how to feel about this whole thing. She kept her eyes trained on the ground as if it had something interesting to offer. This was all wrong, she didn't want the job, but it looked like she had it.

06-07-2007, 11:37 AM
Leo couldn't help but laugh, he knew Darren would be able to sort something out. and with the brains of the venusian woman aswell... he looked over at Momo, more at ease than he had been all day, no diterr could get here past the men on watch, Momo looked ok and he had full support in both Darren and Karias plans, whatever they are...

"So, how long till you're up and ready to go?" he knew the wound was quite bad but he hoped to cheer her up. he'd ask about the PDA later.
"Coz you see, i'm not sending you home on counts that i need some moral support. so even if you have to ride in the A/S with me you're staying, ok."
he made his voice as light and happy as he could, but he was never good at things like socialising...

"good luck." he said again with a mock smile. he held out his hand to shake as the tech member called over.
"Sir, HQ have asked for a report, who do i say is in charge?"
"Captain Lygoust is now in full comand...now go and write your report..."
the little tech member shuffled off as he turned back to Karia.
"Karia, all i ask of you now is give these people the best shot at surviving as you can." he looked around at the soldiers, "and to do that you need to find the black ops member." he paused, "just remember, i'll always be here."
he winced, he'd let out too much emotion, oh well.
"i'm just doing a round in the medical, check all of the patients and that, we need them up as soon as we can."
he turned to walk off, feeling like every step towards the dying people of the injured made him more and more like them...

06-07-2007, 10:25 PM
Moral support, huh? She couldnt help but let out a small chuckle. "I'll be fine soon from what the doctors told me earlier," she said before she finally sensed the unease in his voice. She reached her hand out and placed it on his own. "And dont worry. I wouldnt have left anyway. They couldnt pry me away from here if they had a giant spactula!" she said with a big smile. It was true, too. She wasnt about to leave Leo and the others, even if she died staying behind. She chuckled and smiled again, letting her hand remain rested on his.

06-10-2007, 03:53 PM
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The President almost laughed. "Outrageous! you have no proof!"
He looked around at the other leaders. "And even if what you accuse is true, how? How the hell am i suppose to control the Diterr?!? This is stupidity!"
He sat down as the other leaders started talking.
Step two of his plan was working perfectly. First they suppect him, then they see how truely powerful he is and give him Earth.
The leader of Gemina had just tried to prove that it was him, Orchids President who had made the Diterr attack Earth. He had danced around the accusations and now he would just let it all blow over. Then he would link up with his tech team on the Diterr home planet and send a few more towards Orchid.
Then he would easily make HIS Guardians kill the Diterr off and he would be praised and named dual President of Orchid and Earth.
"There is still hope in the small force that are on earth at the moment."
The president grinned, the man speaking now was the general of Earths corps.
They only had less than 100 men left, the Diterr base he had his creatures set up there couldn't fall to so few, even with the infamous young Mr Fiest and a few of his own Guardians there.
In a few months he would be able to self-distruct the Diterr home world and be named a hero... and ruler...

Leo looked at the hand on his. He could feel himself blushing, and was glad of the falling darkness, even though lights were being set up every few yards. He watched as Darren passed and went further into the maze of the injured.
He looked back at Momo, "Do you mind if i stay here tonight? i'll go and get my A/S in the morning." He broke contact with her as he grabbed a bigger fold out chair, it would be better to sleep in than the little camp-chair.
He sat back down, now in a slouchier position and smiled at Momo, she was amazing, even now with pratically a hole in her leg and she was still beaming happily at him. "yeah, i'll stay here tonight." he added happily under his breath...

Darren passed Leo without even looking at him, he was happy enough looking after his friend, while he had just given power, that he didn't want to give, to his best friend here. He thought about Karia as he counted the injured. She was a good friend and he didn't want to put her in a position where she could be fired, however he fully believed that with only him in command could these men and women survive this ordeal. He walked back to the front of the beds of injured. Now was time for a speach, he decided to leave out that he wasn't in control and started to talk.
"Men this is the last command you will recieve from me as your full commanding officer. we are to move out an hour after first light, which i judge to be about 8:00am tommorow morning. I have calculated that there is enough men to carry the severly wounded and those with walking difficulties. We will be setting off towards a large Diterr base that possibly holds the key to finding the Diterr home world, we should reach the outskirts of the base in about 3-4 days. Many of you will have healed by then, others will be used as stationary guards and such. Remember this is one of the only hopes we have left, thank you."
He left it there and walked back towards his personal little tent. He sat down on a little camping chair and rumaged though his bag. finally he found it, a small note pad. It was time to do somthing he hadn't done in years, write a dairy. It felt slightly childish but he knew he wouldn't be able to sleep, so writing for a few hours might help, and he had a LOT to write about...

06-11-2007, 12:26 AM
Momo had seen Leo's blush which wasnt a big suprise. The surprise came next when he asked if he could stay there. 'Why would he want to stay here when there must be better sleeping places than a fold up chair in the medic tent?' she thought and was about to voice this when a commander began addressing the camp. Momo was slightly shocked but happy she would be able to walk and maybe help some one more injuried than her. She quickly forgot about asking Leo why he was staying and instead asked a different question.

"Leo, could you reach under my cot and get my bag? My hat's probably still on the ground and if it is, could you pick that up too? I hate to ask favors but I've already had.... problems with trying to get my bag today and I would rather not repeat them," she said as a small blush crept over her pale cheeks. What had happened earlier was pure stupidity and she prayed Leo never found out.

Hollow Ichigo
06-11-2007, 01:29 PM
Byakuya walked into his allies camp and fall in front of the medical tent. His wounds had reopened his blood slowly dripped from his hands and his sides. He was to weak to speak but could see the medics rush to him to heal him and fix his broken body.

06-12-2007, 09:25 AM
Leo reached under the bed and scrambled round, he pulled himself back up with a small bag in his hand, "here you go." he said placing it down next to her on the bed.
he looked around for the hat, but couldn't find it. he went to sit back down when he saw it, under the leg of the camp chair. he quickly pulled it out and patted the dust off. whoops, at least it was only slightly dirty...

Darren had only just put pen to paper when he heard someone shouting for Karia. wow he thought, already the men had moved on and adapted to their change in leader. he stepped outside the tent and saw a youngish looking boy being carried towards the medical section. was he another guardian? he looked quite badly hurt.
Darren decided to go and find Leo, he really should know about this...

06-12-2007, 02:43 PM
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Karia heard soemone calling for her. She'd just stood where Darren had left her for a while, she looked up then hurried off to where her name was being called.
The young medic looked at her anxiously. "He seems to be hurt badly"
Karia shifted her attention to the young man. It was too much, Darren should be in her place here. She felt so lost.

Hollow Ichigo
06-12-2007, 03:37 PM
Byakuya slowly up ed his eyes only to see a doctor treating his body. Byakuya exhales deeply,and again his eyes slowly closed. A few words fell from their unclosed cage as Byakuya fell into a fighters sleep,as he called it.

"Tenro.........Sleep" As those words released themselves Byakuya's weapon slowly glowed a white light before fading away leaving nothing in its place.

06-12-2007, 10:07 PM
Momo blinked at Leo's attempt to clean up her hat and couldnt stop herself from laughing a loud, hardy laugh. She laughed until she lost her breath and was still chuckling afterwards. "You dont need to worry about that old thing. I've dropped in the mud and dragged it in the dirt so much I'm suprised it seemed dust-off worthy," she said as she reached out for the hat. She stuffed it in her bag and pulled out her bag of candy. She popped two gummy bears into her mouth before she offered the bag to Leo.

"You can have some, if you want," she said as the bag filled with a large variety of gummy, chocolate, sour, sweet, hard and soft candies hung in the air between them. "Candy makes me feel happier," she semi-mumbled as her cheecks began to reddin ever so slightly. Then she go an idea. Candy made her feel better so why not share it with the all the injured? It was bound to help raise spirits!

She swung her good leg off of the cot she had been laying on and started tugging at her other one. "Leo, help we walk around. I'm gonna share my candy with everyone in this tent!" she stated with enthusiasm and determenation as she tugged at her bad leg again. This was just something she needed to do.

06-14-2007, 03:29 PM
Leo didn't know what to do. Most of the men and women in this troop were all battle hardened warriors, not people who would take a lemon bon-bon from a pair of wandering teens. he helped her up and let her lean on his shoulder. "Ok, but were not going far, cause i need some sleep. and by the looks of it you do to."
she looked pale and tired apart from a sparkle in her eyes and a flush of bright red on her cheeks. she was passionate, he'd at least give her that...

Darren followed the medics as they mended the kid. he didn't go near them since Karia was there, he just watched from afar. taking a slightly longer route around he finally got to the girl guardians bed, where Leo was last. he just caught them as they were starting to hobble off.
"Hey! Leo!" he shouted at his retreating brother...

Leo span around a little too quickly and almost dropped Momo. "Hi. What you want?" he asked as they slowly walked (or hobbled) towards each other.

"Another guardian has turned up, you should see him." Darren gave Momo a sideways glance, "After you've finished your important business here, ofcourse."

Leo almost dropped Momo again, but this time in anger. How come Darren was allowed to get all starry eyed at the other captain, Karia, yet he couldn't even help a friend with a job without getting sarcastic comments thrown at him.
he placed Momo back on her bed, "Soz, i'm going to go and check on this guy. it could be Max. after that i'm gona come here and we're going to give everyone candy, whether they like it or not!"

he turned back to Darren, "Lead the way; Captain..."

06-15-2007, 11:46 AM
After almost being dropped twice and sat back on her bed, Momo couldnt help but feel a little down trodden[sp?]. Leo could have at least asked if maybe she wanted to come to see the maybe other guardian. She would have said no, of course, but still it would have been nice to have been offered the chance. She let out a large sigh and pulled a piece of red licorice out of her bag. She chewed it slowly, savoring its soft but hard properties as it moved about in her mouth. She layed back on her bed and stared at the ceiling of the tent. She let out another sigh before her eyes started growing heavy. She wanted to stay awake. She wanted to help cheer up the other injuried but she couldnt make her eyes stay open, so she floated off into a sweet dream made of memories.

06-15-2007, 02:12 PM
Karia listened to the medic but part of her mind wandered along the fact that most of the power was now in her hands. She studied the boy for a moment, her brain was working sluggishly. I can't do this, I can't I shouldn't be here. Karia nodded yet again, if the medic thought that she had something on her mind he didn't show it he kept chattering at her. Karia wanted to be alone so she could cry, but she knew it wasn't possible, everyone would vy (sp? vie?) for her attention now.

Hollow Ichigo
06-15-2007, 03:19 PM
"Byakuya.................Byakuya............Run Byakuya." His mother called to him telling him to run away and find bykuya was afraid and called to his mother. "Mother....Mother..........Where are you Mother?"

Byakuya ran thought his fathers dojo looking for his mother,her voice echoed through its grand halls as Byakuya's small 5 year old body dashed around its eternal halls. Byakuya slowly came upon the last room in the dojo. His father room. byakuya had forgotten that his home was under attack by the Diterr but the only thing on his mind was his beloved mother.

Byakuya pushed open the door just as a large diterr brought his spear down into his mother's chest. His mother looked at Byakuya and with a small passed out. Bykuya yelled at the top of his lungs as his father shot into the room behind him. Hajeo was on his arm and Tenro was in his hand. His father cut through the Diterr arm as it was about to pull the spear from his wife's chest.

Byakuya ran to his mother's side and placed her head on his lap. His tears flooded on top of his mothers cheeks. her blood stained his hands and his clothes. He try ed to stop her from going to sleep and begged her to hang on. She looked into Byakuya eyes and kissed his cheek before he spoke her final words.

"Oh Byakuya my son...you are just like your father,never be afraid of death or losing those you love ,because death is the next step in evolution." His mother place her bloody hand on Byakuya's cheek and died. Her hand fall to the grouped as byakuya yelled and screamed in sorrow and pain.

Byakuya's father was knocked back into the wall beside Byakuya and his mother. His blood covered the area around him as he stood up. His white hair sway back and forth with power as he fled Hajeo up toward the charging Diterr. Byakuya yelled out to his father as a Large Diterr ran its hand thought his father back into his chest and then out into the night air. Byakuya screamed as his father blood leaked to the ground and his father dropped. Byakuya cryed as the Diterr slowly closed in on him. More Diterr had closed in on him and each one longing to be the first one to eat the small boy.

One Diterr toke the first chance and rushed toward byakuya. His claws hung air into the air as it brought its full force down on top of Byakuya. byakuya held his mother close as his death drew near,but before he knew it the Diterr yelled and fell to the ground. His father fell to his knees in front of Byakuya and his head turned toward him.

"Byakuya......You are the last of are noble family......take this sword and his weapon of destruction and stick down those that have done you wrong....Do not let my death and your mother's death be for nothing."

A small light flashed as both Tenro and Hajeo appeared one and in Byakuya's hand. Byakuya yelled as the energy from both combined and the Diterr vanished in a bright light.

Byakuya awoke with a yell and grabbed the doctors hand,the medic dropped to the ground and quickly ran from the room. Only Byakuya and the female doctor remained byakuya had grabbed a needle from the top next to him and had to close to the girls neck. He growled at her before noticing he was still in the medical office. He still had the girls arm in his hand and the needle to her neck but he didn't understand way he had done this.

06-21-2007, 03:27 PM
They had been walking for about a minute in complete silence. They turned round a large tent and Leo saw two things. First that there was no medics around and secondly that Karia was in a strange position inside the tent?
Leo spotted the needle faster than Darren and calmly pulled him off to the side.

"What the hell are you doing!" shouted Darren as Leo pulled him behind a medic tent. Leos jibe earlier had hurt. he was still in a mood.

"Calm down, look in the tent with the guardian, but don't let him see you..."

Darren took Leos advice and slowly pulled his head out from behind the tent. he saw the boy holding the needle, then his insides went cold as he saw whose (sp) neck it was against. "Karia..." he whispered.

Leo took out the small pistol he carried everywhere. it was an old fashioned model, still firing the classic steel bullets, pathetic agianst ditter unless you were about a foot away.
"I was always useless at long range fighting," he passed the gun to Darren, "you better shoot. hit his arm."

Darren took the gun and aimed, but he couldn't keep his arm still, all he could think about was what would happen if he hit Karia instead or even missed and she got stabbed.
"I can't..." he wasn't saying it because he was overly scared, he just knew it would be stupid too shoot like he was now.

Leo didn't think about it for long, they had wasted alot of time, he didn't know what was going on in there. he grabbed the gun, aimed, and fired...

Hollow Ichigo
06-21-2007, 08:33 PM
Byakuya didnt understand way he had attacked the girl. His mind was out of place and he was acting out of character. As he was about to lower his arms from her he heard the click of a gun. Byakuya had only a split second to react. Byakuya pushed the girl back and tryed to lay backward to dodge the bullet but his side ingury cause him to stop and freeze in pain. The bullet connected with it target and travel into Byakuya's arm and then out of his shoulder. Byakuya growled and held his wound as he pin pointed the location of the shot. Byakuya held his hand out and Hajeo formed around his right arm the was seemingly ok. Byakuya held it up toward the location of the shooter and growled before looking over at the medic girls face. She was in shock and it was Byakuya's fault. he lowered the weapon and listened to it vanish away.

06-23-2007, 09:15 AM
Max awoke slowly, shaking off his early-rising light-headedness. He surveyed his area for several moments before moving, in case someone was watching him. Assured that nobody was around, he consulted his PDA to see if the humans had moved positions. They were still holding tight. He reasoned through his next course of actions. He hadn't been signaled yet, but Max was sure that something was going on. He felt it in his gut.

Rummaging through his pack, he found the uniform he had stolen during his earlier trip into the humans' base. He donned the uniform and concealed a few of his smaller weapons on his body. He also carried a small flashbang grenade with him, it would aid in his entrance. Slowly he made his way the few blocks to viewing distance of the humans' base. Surveying it, he found his entrance point and planned it out. He traveled away from the base at an angle and set the flashbang grenade on a wall, using a small piece of very strong tape to hold it in place. He then pulled the pin and began running at top speed towards the human base. Several seconds later the grenade went off, emitting a large flash and a bang that was soft at the distance it was from the base. But it got the guard's attention long enough for Max to sprint right up next to the building undetected.

After climbing up to the second story and slipping past the gaurd through a window, Max began walking around looking for Karia. He was stopped by a soldier who asked if he had seen what went down in the med tent.

"No, something big?" Max asked the soldier, putting on an air of uncertainty.

"Yeah, some injured Guardian spazzed out and took Captain Lygoust hostage. It ended with one of the other captains shooting the Guardian in the arm. That's some wierd stuff, eh?"

Max nodded, "Yeah, sure is. Thanks for the info, buddy." Max waved as they parted ways.

He eventually found the med tent, where Karia was still. Spotting a nearby coffeemaker, he poured a cup to complete his act, and made sure that his red sunglasses were slightly visible in his front pocket. He was sure he didn't look too different from any other soldier in the unit, from what he had seen. He then walked up to Karia and softly handed the cup of coffee to her with a greeting. "Captain Lygoust, thought you could use this. We just got a message from High Command marked for your eyes only. It's waiting for you in your room."

06-25-2007, 03:06 PM
It had all happened so fast Karia almost didn't have to to process it. The young medic had fled, first then Karia had felt the needle and next a gunshot. She blinked a few times. Oh, yes it really payed off the be higher ranking than Darren. Next thing she knew a coffee cup was put in her hand and she was looking at Wraith. Well now, he obviously wanted to talk to her but her brain hadn't quite gotten past the fact that she'd almost been killed by a Gaurdian. She was silent for a moment before finding her voice; "Alright" Her voice sounded quieter than she would have liked.
Tul grabbed a passing medic, he'd heard the gunshot. "What was that?" He demanded.
"You really should be resting..."
Tul was impatient. "I know"
The medic told the information in a matter-of-fact tone.

06-27-2007, 05:29 PM
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The President couldn't help but grin. it had only been 5 minutes and the council were already calling him back in. they had no proof he was in control of the diterr and when he stopped the diterr assault with his guardians in about, he looked at his wristwatch, 10 minutes he would become a hero.
And anyways, he had insructed his men to place the diterr bait on useless parts of the station. so even if the station got roughed up a little it wouldn't cause massive lasting damage anyway.
he pushed open the doors to the meeting hall and walked up to the podium. he didn't mind if everyone was watching, that was how he liked it.

Earths president stood up and adressed the crowd, "Due to the vote we have undertaken just a few moments before i have been forced to give overall comands and powers of the planet Earth to the President of Orchid, who the council have decided is the man for the job..." he looked tired and defeated, Orchids President had to resist the urge to laugh.
At that moment a man burst into the hall and ran up to Orchids President he lent over to whisper in his ear, "Sir, we have a problem with the diterr attacking ST-04*, they aren't attacking the specified points, already the residencial area and the school has been heavily damaged, we're going to lose the station!"

at the same time more messengers had ran in and were informing the rest of the council. they all seemed to look at him at the same time, "so what is the plan, President?" asked the elder counciler.

"I would think that that is obvious, self-distruct..."
the hall exploded in noise, all shouting about how only one escape pod had left or how the hopes of all life depended on the school. none of it mattered, he was in control...

The guardian had only gone a short way when Leo walked up behind him. "Who are you and why the hell are you on earth, cos you wern't in my squad?"
he felt angry at having to shoot at an other human, the diterrs were bad enough...

Darren ran straight towards Karia, however someone had beat him there, and so quickly aswell. he waited outside the tent as they spoke. Darren could see straight away that the man wasn't one of his men. the uniform was too clean, compared to those around him and he couldn't remember seeing that face before. there weren't that many faces left to remember anyway.
he listened as he asked her to follow him, then decided to show himself, "Do you want me to come?" he asked, finding it harder than ever to keep his emotions down...

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Hollow Ichigo
06-27-2007, 08:01 PM
Byakuya turned around and quickly punched Leo sending him into the wall closet to them. Byakuya looked down on him with shame and anger. His wounds healed faster then other due to the fact that. it wasnt the time to think about his past. Byakuya opened his mouth and a dark calming voice spread around them.

"I dont answer to you got me. I came down on my own to handle my things. I have my own mission and that mission is to kill every diterr i see. IF you get in my way again or shot at me again i will not stop and punch you i will kill you." Byakuya turned around and walked toward the exit. His shoulder healed faster the he thought. With a flash and a few afterimages byakuya was gone.

06-28-2007, 02:16 PM
Max looked at the man who had acosted him and Karia with the question. There couldn't be any listeners to the conversation he planned to hold with Karia. Max decided in a split-second to stop him.

"I'm sorry, sir. The message is marked specifically Captain Lygoust's Eyes Only. Nobody else can see it."

As he did so, Max's mind went through the possibilities of what could happen, and what he would have to do if this guy wouldn't back off. Max hoped that Karia would back him up soon, his cover wouldn't hold up well if this guy started probing.

06-28-2007, 02:41 PM
Karia's mind was a whirr of activity. Neither man knew the other and niether looked to happy. "I'm fine, Darren" The words sounded mechanical even to her ears. Shock. What else could she tell him? Nothing else would ring true, not even the words she had chosen sounded right. She had to either support what Wraith was saying or imediately deny it. Right now none of her options looked to promising. "I'll tallk to you in a while, Darren, I promise" She said, the words sounded just as mechanical as the first ones. Karia was finding it harder and harder to keep up.

06-29-2007, 11:31 PM
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BIC: Momo was shoved out of sleep at the sound of a close-by gunshot. 'Leo!' she thought and quickly jumped out of her bed. 'Where did that shot come from?' she wondered as she looked around. She spotted a disturbance nearby and began to drag herself that way. "Leo!" she cried as she kept going. She needed to make sure he was ok. 'Please be ok, Leo, please!' she thought as she desperatley worked her way toward the comotion.

06-30-2007, 04:29 PM
Leo chuckled as he sat up and wiped away the blood from his mouth. that hurt, and was very unexpected. it seemed like that guy was just another hell bent on revenge for something the diterr has obviously destroyed. he stood up, damn, his head hurt. he heard a shout, was that Momo? She shouldn't be up shouting, not if she wanted to help out in the morning. he made sure he wasn't too much of a mess and set off in the direction of the shouting...

Darren looked from Karia to the man. He saw the man tense, almost as if he was ready for a scrap.
Darren was angry and he didn't know why. Karia was definately keeping something from him, he'd never seen her so... well emotional. he looked back at the man and smiled, he was in the mood for a fight. it wasn't really what should be done in this situation but he wecomed it. he was about to ask the man whether anything was wrong when he caught sight of Karias face.
all anger dissovled to let room for human emotions.
"Ok, but remember. i'm always here..." he walked outside, "Always..."

he walked until out of sight of those two then sprinted to his tent. rumaging through his bag he found the small tape player. even tough so much time had passed since better recording devices had been invented he still trusted a tape player better, it was a quirk he picked up from his Dad.

he ran outside and stopped a soldier, "Private, which way os it to Captain Lygousts tent?"
"It's over that way Sir, the smallish blue one."
Darren simply nodded and set off running, he knew he had made it to the tent before them but could he plant the tape player?
he stood outside and switched it on, lifting the side of the tent he pushed it under. it wouldn't be a brilliant recording but it would have to do.

he set off slowly the opposite way to which Karia would be coming, he could do with a long walk to his tent. he'd get the tape in the morning...

07-01-2007, 01:38 PM
Momo quickly spotted Leo and couldnt help but gasp. She ran up to him and grabbed his face in her hands. She gave him a quick once over and then wrapped him in a hug, making sure not to squeeze to tight. "What happened to you? You look like you just got in a fight with the ground and lost!" she sputtered. A tear of releif slid down her cheeck as she was reassured that he was not dead. It took her a moment to realize what she was doing before her cheecks turned a deep crimson red and she quickly let go. "Sorry. I just..." and she didnt know what else to say. What could she say? She didnt even know why she had done it so how would she explain it to him?

07-01-2007, 04:14 PM
Leo laughed then realised how mean this must look. after all she was almost crying. it had only been about 3 days since they really got to know each other and already she was on the verge of tears over him. it was like she was worried over a little brother or something... no.
Leo's insides froze, what if, she liked him? as in like-like him?!? he felt himself starting to turn red. he didn't know what to do. he hadn't been in a relationship for ages... he'd almost forgot what it was like.
"Err, well, lets... err, go back to sleep." he put on a fake grin and steered Momo around, facing the way she came. he let out a small sigh. Now he was embarassed, nervous and confused.
Wow, what a day...

"Young idiots..." Darren whispered to himself. he gave Leo one last look as he passed and smiled slightly. he knew he was only jealous. he just wanted to be able to think about trivial stuff such as girls. instead he was stuck spying on one of his best friends and being depressed.
he got back into his tent and looked at the clock. 1:30am. he yawned, he had planned getting all of the men out at dawn, but this was out of the picture... he layed down and was drifting off to sleep when he heard a call.
"Captain Feist, a comlink has been set up with the planet Orchid. Earths Former President wants to speak with you. its urgent."
Darren sat up and called back. he got out of the tent and followed the soldier back to the tech members tent he was in earlier. pulling back the tent flap he saw the old mans face on a screen.
"Hello mr president..." said Darren before he was interupted.

"Please, call me Mr Nile, i'm no longer the president."
Darren pondered over the name, "aren't you the leader of the guardians school?"
the face on the screen went shallow and drawn. "That Nile was my son, he is now dead, as of 20 minutes ago. I have something very important to tell you. i believe you are no longer the ruling captain?"

Darren nodded as the old man carried on "Shame, however you see, i believe that you are the man for the job. since now you are our only hope."
This confused him, "What do you mean?" he asked.

"I mean that the new president has just blown up ST-04*, along with about 2 thirds of the population onboard. at most only 10 guardians made it off. if your mission to find the diterr homeplanet fails, intelligent life in this universe will be destroyed. i hope you have influence over the new captain, or else i fear for the human race..."

the com-link shut off and left Darren with his head spinning. this was too much. 70 soldiers, 2 guardians and a crazy kid aren't enough. this had got out of hand.
and did he really have influence over Karia? with the other man in the way he didn't know. he'd have to wait and see what the tape came up with, then sort it out tomorow...

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Hollow Ichigo
07-01-2007, 04:50 PM
Byakuya was still in the camo but no one seemed to noticed him. He was sitting still thinking about everything around him. This was getting out of hand and for some reason he didnt feel the connectioon he had with ST-04 like he used to. He was able to feel everything that lived their and everything that breathed,but know with was quiet,died almost.

Byakuya growled under his breath as he watched the troops swing around. Most f them would die before they night was over.

07-01-2007, 06:13 PM
Momo didnt object to being steered to her bed. She was tired, weak and her leg was throbbing. She let herself be moved along, almost as if she was a puppet being moved around with no permission but with no objection either. She wasnt even slightly paying attention to her footing and after a few steps, stumbled. She caught herself but quickly snapped back into her thoughts. 'Why do I feel so strongly about Leo?' she thought. She couldnt figure it out. She had never felt this way about some one and didnt understand what it was.

07-02-2007, 05:56 AM
Leo was glad when they finally reached the little camp bed. He carefully placed Momo down on the bed, thinking back to how he had flung her around earlier. he blushed again and sat down in his chair. They were only a days walk away from the Diterr base, with the injured maybe two. he made the decision to go and get his A/S first thing in the morning and quickly fell asleep, his last act being to whisper a goodnight to Momo...

Darren ripped a page out of his little dairy and wrote a small message. "anyone who wakes me up before dawn will be shot in the foot and left to hobble behind..." he pinned it to the outside of his tent on the door flap and slowly walked back inside.
That should do it, even if he wasn't the ruling captain he could still hold a amount of authority...